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Hayden Panettiere: 'Amanda Knox' Panel at TCA Tour

Hayden Panettiere: 'Amanda Knox' Panel at TCA Tour

Hayden Panettiere appears on a panel to talk about her film Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy at the Television Critics Association Press Tour on Friday (January 7) in Pasadena, Calif.

The pic is the true story of an American college student serving a 26-year jail sentence in Italy. Authorities have accused Amanda of killing her British roommate in 2007 while they were studying abroad.

Also pictured inside: Hayden‘s co-star Marcia Gay Harden.

Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy premieres on Lifetime on February 21st.

FYI: Hayden is wearing Kara Ackerman Design‘s Old Hollywood Pave Diamond Stud Earrings. She wore HUDSON Collin Double Button skinny jeans in Blue Boar while arriving to the TCA’s.

10+ pictures inside of Hayden Panettiere talking to the critics…

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Credit: Frederick M. Brown; Photos: Getty
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  • fardous

    wooow she lookng good here

  • Abbey

    Looove Hayden she looks really great but I don’t like her hair that length, Marcia is a great actress hopefully the movie is good.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Flat face

  • StarJacker

    Please bring back Hereos just so Hayden can be on prime time again!

  • jenn

    Love her! Her hair is starting to grow back and the only reason why she cut it is because of a bad hair dye job she did. She mentioned it in a past interview

  • moss

    her neck is too wide or big.

  • Lalalove

    My beautiful Hayden! I love her. She’s gorge!

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    She’s smiling to see because they don’t have anything to say

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Is he dead?

  • Brightside

    Oh great…another film giving a murderer free bloody publicity and, no doubt, making her a figure of sympathy! Amanda Knox killed another human being…she is locked up for a very good reason and, no, she is not innocent…she is guilty.

  • Muggli

    who is she???

  • Shirleyavent Avent

    Wow She’s looking so cute. i want to meet her.

  • Mandie

    im surprised this movie is being made.. and so soon.

    i was living in milan when this was going on and its crazy how they tried to make out she wasn’t guilty. it was sort of a well known thing that she was… And it was poorly covered up.

  • It’s Hayden Fansite

    Hayden looks amazing. Too bad they couldn’t get more pics of her:) She has had a busy year.She has really showed her depth as ana actress and I believe the movie will be amazing! Only a few months until Scream 4, I can’t wait!!

  • nora

    @Brightside: THANK YOU!!!!!!! I’m so happy Italians weren’t intimidated by american media, as media hoped! Cause you know what, there’s this thing in Europe called JUSTICE!!!

  • nora

    @Mandie: @Mandie: at least she’s behind bars…although she should’ve been charged with a much longer sentence :/

  • lexy hates bilson

    Can’t wait to watch the movie! Hayden is so talented and pretty! I like her hair this length.

  • OTH fan

    Anybody have a video link for this?

  • Mia

    Love you Hayden!!!! Wish she could go back to long hair but this suits her too!!
    Wish we could see more of her on this page!!

  • deke

    She looks stunning.

  • Voice of Reason

    Meredith Kercher’s murder was a very high profile case and police were under a ridiculous amount of pressure to charge someone with the murder. Now I don’t know whether Amanda Knox is guilty or innocent, and no one on here really does either so, unlike all the media coverage, both European and American, of this case, I’m going to be unbiased, just like Hayden Panettiere is. Personally, I think Hayden is a great actress, and whether this movie depicts Amanda Knox as innocent or guilty does not affect her acting ability. I’d appreciate it if people would stop being so unnecessarily hateful.

  • ace11

    Hayden oozes sexiness

    she isn’t even her prime yet

    wait a few more years..she will be a total knockout

  • Gabby

    She’s gorgeous! She totally stands out from other young starlets with her short hair. She appears confident and sexy, not girlish. Smart move with the haircut.

  • Alessandra

    A dumb American slut that Amanda cock sucker is. Stop coming to our country and acting like the law doesn’t exist, and no a stupid movie and stupid actress ISN’T NEEDED. Don’t come to our country you Americunts.

  • Natalia

    I’m sick of this arrogant American attitude that if you leave America you can do whatever you want in these “foreign” countries. Guess what, Europe existed way before America, and we are much more sophisticated, educated, and protected by law than you are. Same is true with Asian and African countries that you often regard as “third world” without a slight idea who those people are, or any knowledge of human civilization. Please go educate yourselves, your educational system is very poor, and your people are limited to what they are taught in schools. Most of the stuff you learn in school is pure lies! Just because “freedom of speech” etc is written in your constitution doesn’t mean it exists. Your freedom hasn’t been around for years now because you’re a corporate slave. Your standard of living is much lesser than that of many Asian and European countries. USA had potential at one point, but your lords messed it up for you, and you have fallen behind the rest of the world. Wake up and stop being so arrogant. The only good thing you make nowadays is attention and spotlight for immoral people. Only in America does a murderer like Amanda Knox get to seem innocent, and slutty woman like Kim Kardashian to cover the headlines every day. I believe in Karma, and believe that what you did to Native Americans is coming back to haunt you in many ways. Your country is pathetic, and your people are immoral and uncivilized.

  • http://katie katie

    “Authorities have accused Amanda of killing her British roommate in 2007 while they were studying abroad.”
    Uh, no. The authorities *charged* and *sentenced* her with murder. Remember when she was snogging her boyfriend and doing cartwheels the day after Meredith’s body was discovered? OH BUT WAIT, THAT’S COMMON BEHAVIOUR FOR AN INNOCENT VICTIM. What a joke.

  • Rasputin

    The 400 page judge Massei report said that Amanda and Raffaele took Meredith’s phones a great distance from the apartment and threw them away because they were worried someone might hear the phones ring and discover the body. The Italian phone was off so there was no need to take it a great distance to throw it away. I guess the ju…dge didn’t think of this. He wrote about 1000 words about this conjured up stupid idea. Surely he was making a joke. He could not be serious about something this dumb, or could he?
    See More

  • Rasputin

    @Natalia: LOL

  • Rasputin

    The 400 page Massei report says Amanda was not home the evening Meredith was murdered because her phone connected with a cell tower that does not service Raffaele’s flat. Later in the report four calls are listed that were made from Raffaele’s flat that connected with the same cell tower. See MASSEI REPORT PAGE 322-323.

  • Rasputin

    In the 400 pages of rubbish it’s said that Amanda accused Patrick to protect Guede. Later in the report it says Amanda did not clean away the evidence at the crime scene left by Guede because she wanted Guede to be accused of the crime. Make up your mind.

  • Rasputin

    Judge Michale’s report (2008) includes statements from the first state’s coroner’s report that indicated Meredith was killed no later than approximately 9 pm. Later the time and everything else was manipulated to include Amanda & Raffaele in the crime at 11:30 pm. The prosecutor even manipulated the time a witness (wine-o) said he last saw Amanda & Raffaele at the park. He said he last saw them around midnight over and over. They coached him into saying he last saw them at 11 pm. The wine-o based the time on the bus leaving the park for the disco at 11 pm. The disco bus did not run the night Meredith was murdered. The wine-o testified for the prosecution during two or three previous trials. Anything for a drink, except work.

    Sitting on a park bench
    Eying up little girls with bad intent
    Snots running down his nose
    Greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes, hey, Aqualung

  • Rasputin

    The motion activated CCTV cam only captured the image of two people arriving at the apartment the evening Meredith was murdered then raped. Meredith and Rudy Guede. Rudy Guede admitted that this was him captured by the cam arriving at the apartment. The authorities do not want to admit this is Meredith arriving at 8:54 pm after Guede’s arrival because the don’t want you to know what actually happened that night. Guede alone killed Meredith around 9 pm. I have no doubt about it. Guede is the only person that left credible evidence that he was there. His DNA was found in her female thing. There was what appears to be semen found on a pillow under her bottom, but the authorities did not analyze it (they said) but they did analyze the poop in the toilet and it belonged to Rudy Guede. Great detective work, now we know that Guede did in-fact take a dump. He admitted he was on the toilet when someone came in the apartment and murdered Meredith. When Guede was arrested he said he did not know Amanda, however in his third alibi he said he saw her walking out the driveway gate approximately 75 yards away, in the dark.

  • Rasputin

    Hyden is looking good as always. Be still my foolish heart.

  • Rasputin

    The 400 page judge’s report says Meredith arrived home after 9 pm. Meredith left her friends home at 8:45 pm. Average walking speeds for young individuals puts her in front of the CCTV cam at 8:53 pm. What the judge doesn’t want you to know is that it is highly likely the call Meredeth placed to her mom at 8:56 pm was made from her bedroom and it was Guede’s attack that interrupted the call before her mom could answer the call.

  • Rasputin

    During 2007 the authorities released to the media that they had CCTV cam photos of Amanda arriving at the apartment at 8:53 pm. Later it was learned that Amanda had an alibi because she answered the door at Raffaele’s flat around this time so the photos disappeared for over a year. The photo was actually Meredith arriving at her apartment driveway a short time after Rudy Guede was captured by CCTV arriving at the apartment

    In the fall of 2008 an officer was assigned to find the missing CCTV photos of Meredith arriving at 8:54 pm. When the photos were released to the media someone had removed the time stamp from photos of both Meredith’s and Guede’s arrival and it was said the two were arriving together, however in the photo’s they are both arriving from different directions. You can see the photo’s / video’s on youtube. Search for ” Amanda Knox: The missing Video Original “. If the time stamps had not been removed it would be in the lower left hand corner of the video.

  • Rasputin

    Apparently the authorities lied in court on numerous occasions. An officer said he arrived at the apartment before Raffaele called the police. FALSE. See web site injusticeinperugia for the truth about this. He was caught on a CCTV cam arriving after at the apartment Raffaele called the police. In 2007 the authorities released statements to OGGI magazine that said the CCTV cam timer was 10 minutes slow. Later when it was necessary to support the officer arriving before Raffaele called the police they changed their previous statement to the cam timer being 10 minutes fast. Absolutely brilliant.

    Raffaele’s lawyer made a presentation in court that based on CCTV photos of police cars arriving at the apartment combined with Amanda’s cell phone records proved the CCTV cam timer was 11 minutes, + or – 1 minute slow. This is not mentioned in the marvelous 400 pages of speculation. For many good reasons the report does not mention the CCTV cam photos at all. One of the best reasons is the CCTV cam caught the authorities in their lies.

  • Rasputin

    He was caught on a CCTV cam arriving at the apartment Raffaele after called the police.

  • Rasputin

    And now the greatest lie of all, tada!!!! If there were bloody footprints compatible with Amanda and Raffaele found in the apartment I would think they are guilty for certain, however this is not true. After my previous post, should that surprise anyone? I don’t think so.

    SEE INJUSTICEINPERUGIA: “During the trial, assistant prosecutor Manuela Comodi, presented the footprint evidence to the court. As expected, her job was to defend the police work of police forensic biologist Patrizia Stefanoni. She claimed that Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito’s bare footprints, made in blood were found throughout the apartment. These bare footprints were not visible to the human eye. These footprints were detected with a chemical called luminol. Luminol is an investigative tool that can help investigators find blood that has been cleaned up. When applied, luminol glows for a few seconds when it reacts with blood. Luminol also reacts with many other things. Luminol reacts with various household cleaners, different types of soil, rust in tap water, and many other substances. When luminol glows, investigators can pinpoint the area and then test to see if the stain does indeed consist of blood. Stefanoni claimed these stains were never tested for blood, however in July 2009, Stefanoni’s notes confirmed the stains were tested with tetramethylbenzidine which is extremely sensitive for blood. All of the stains detected with luminol tested negative for blood. Patrizia Stefanoni and Manuela Comodi chose to ignore the test results during the trail.

    During the trial, Comodi had this to say: “At the scene of the crime there is a footprint made in blood on the bathmat and Knox and Sollecito’s footprints made in blood on the floor,” Comodi said. “and these were supposedly made at some different time because they stepped in bleach or rust or fruit juice? It’s up to you to decide.”

    Massei report page 256-257: With respect to the Luminol-positive traces found in Romanelli’s room, in Knox’s room and in the corridor, she stated that by analysing the SAL cards “we learn, in contradiction to what was presented in the technical report deposited by the Scientific Police, and also to what was said in Court, that not only was the Luminol test performed on these traces, but also the generic diagnosis for the presence of blood, using tetramethylbenzidine, and this test, gave a negative result on all the items of evidence from which it was possible to obtain a genetic profile” (page 64 hearing Sept. 26, 2009).

    (page 64 hearing Sept. 26, 2009). “Dr. Stefanoni confirmed that to prove that blood is present, you have to test for it. Dr. Stefanoni claimed that no testing was done. In July 2009 the test records revealed otherwise. The luminol findings were tested using tetramethylbenzidine, and the tests were negative for all tracks. The luminol findings tested negative for blood.”

    In some courts this is considered with-holding evidence and perjury which is sometimes a serious offense, however in Perugia this is considered nap time.

  • Rasputin

    ” And that’s the way it is” Good day

  • Patrick King


  • Rasputin

    oops again,
    He (the officer) was caught on a CCTV cam arriving at the apartment after Raffaele after called the police.

    I need more coffee.

  • Rasputin

    The following has to do with what time the officer arrived at the apartment. He said he got there at 12:30 pm / afternoon. When he arrived he was asking about TWO phones that had been found. Nobody suspected Meredith had been murdered at that time.
    SUMMARY: This excerpt from Massei’s report is a perfect example of cherry picking and attempting to conceal the truth by intentionally confusing the issues by scattering the pertinent information helter skelter throughout the report. If you will read the 400 pages of BS closely you will see that Elisabetta Lana’s daughter, Elisabetta Biscarini, found Meredith’s UK phone at 12:07 pm and not between 11:45 am and 12:00 noon, as Massei’s word smithing would lead one to believe. Also you will see that Mrs Lana did not deliver the UK phone (2nd phone found) until 12:46 pm (which is in agreement with the postal police post logbook entry, the altered logbook Judge Micheli said he did not see, and apparently did not want to see ) and not around 12:15-12:20 pm as Massei’s word smithing attempts to lead the less attentive to believe .
    SEE JUDGE MASSIE’S REPORT PAGE 26, 27, 90, 315, 323

  • Rasputin

    In judge Micheli’s report it is said the postal police knew of the second phone found at 11:50 am. As you can see in my last post the phone was not found until 12:07 pm when the girl heard it ringing in the garden. It was ringing because Amanda was calling Meredith at 12:07 pm. The phone records prove that the phone was found at 12:07 pm. Just a little white lie but it’s OK because if a judge says day is night and night is day then so be it.

  • Rasputin

    I’m surprised they did not throw Amanda in the lake to see if she sank or floated.

  • Rasputin


    SUMMARY: The authorities want to pretend Amanda and Raffaele were not concerned about Meredith and they were hiding something, however during Raffaele’s 112 call at 12:54 PM he told the police that one of Amanda’s room mates is missing, they had tried to call her but she did not answer, and her door is locked, so they were not trying to hide anything from the police, and they are concerned about Meredith. Officers Battistelli and Marzi did not arrive at the apartment until after 1 pm and the other young people arrived immediately after the police. so if Amanda or Raffaele did not mentioned Meredith’s locked door then it’s because there wasn’t time for them to get to that, however I think they did tell them about the locked door.

    I think Battistelli lied on many occasions: time of his arrival, entering the crime scene, and the evidence indicating the window was busted from inside the apartment. We have ample proof that Raffaele called the police before the postal police officers arrived, and the window was busted from outside the building, so all this rambling about the locked door is meaningless overly exaggerated trivia.

    TRANSCRIPT: Raffaele Sollecito’s 112 police call, 12:54 PM, Nov 2, 2007:

    Sollecito: Pronto buongiorno, qualcuno e entrato in casa sfondando la finestra e ha messo molto disordine, c’e una porta chiusa. La via e: via della Pergola 7 a Perugia
    (Hello, someone entered the house and smashed the window and created a lot of disorder, there is a locked door. The address is: via della Pergola 7 in Perugia.)

    Operator: Hanno rotto un vetro e come sa che sono entrati?
    (They broke glass and entered?)

    Sollecito: Si vede dal segni, ci sono anche macchie di sangue in bagno. Non hanno portato via nulla. Il problema e che c’e la porta chiusa di una delle coinquiline che non c’e e non sappiamo dove sia.
    (You see the signs, there are blood stains in the bathroom. They have not taken away anything. The problem is that the door of one of the occupants is closed and we don’t know where she is.)

    Operator: (not transcribed)

    Sollecito: Si si abbiamo cercato di chiamarla ma non risponde da nessuna parte.
    (We tried to call her but got no answer.)

    Operator: Va bene mando una pattuglia cosi verifichiamo la situazione.
    (OK, we will send a patrol to verify the situation.)

    RAFFAELES 112 CALLS: “ Part calls into Word, where the s. (Raffaele Sollecito) says that it has not been content stolen anything, while there was a closed door with the occupant sought “

  • Rasputin

    FOR THE LOCKED DOOR BS SEE MASSEI REPORT PAGE 31 – 33, 91 – 94, 388 – 389.

  • Rasputin


    SUMMARY: The evidence indicates Meredith was murdered around 9 pm, however the judge contends that at 10:10 pm, when a call to Meredith bank was initiated from her cell phone, it was “merely moments of relaxation during which Meredith Kercher, still alone in the house and probably just lying on her own bed, was absent-mindedly playing with the mobile phone in her hand” resulting in her bank’s number being dialed from the phone memory.

    At 10:13 pm Meredith’s UK phone received a text message and the call connected with cell tower 30064. To prove their point (Meredith was alive at 10 pm) the police investigators measured the signal strength for cell tower 30064 OUTSIDE Meredith’s apartment. What a clever move. The strange thing about this is Meredith made five call from her apartment on the day she was murdered and none of the calls connected with cell tower 30064. As a matter of fact there were numerous calls made by amanda and Raffaele from Meredith’s apartment and none of them connected with cell tower 30064. The text message at 10:13 pm was the only call in Massei’s report that connected with 30064. This indicates the phone was likely not in her apartment when the call to her bank was made and Meredith was likely murdered around 9 pm as indicated by the evidence.

  • Rasputin

    ALSO TO CONSIDER: It’s likely Guede forced Meredith’s ATM pin number from her prior to killing her and was trying to call her bank to transfer funds so he could withdraw more of her money from an ATM.
    The director of a local bank, Paolo Fazi, testified that 20 euros ($28) had been withdrawn from Meredith Kercher’s account Nov. 2 — the day her body was found. But he also said that the bank accounting date does not necessarily reflect the actual date of the ATM withdrawal, and that only Kercher’s British bank would have that date. Someone from the British bank is expected to testify in upcoming hearings. Fazi also said that the person making the withdrawal had used Kercher’s pin code to get into her account.
    Knox and Sollecito are also accused of stealing Kercher’s credit cards, her cell phones and 300 euros ($420) in cash that were missing after she was killed.
    Ann Wise, July 3, 2009

    If the authorities disclosed when the money was took from Meredith’s bank account by ATM I don’t know about it. It remains a mystery.

  • Rasputin

    I think Meredith was killed around 9 pm. Guede went home and changed then made it to an ATM before 10 pm. Withdrew all the money he could then tried to transfer more money to an account so he could use Meredith’s ATM card to withdraw more money.

    BTW, Guede’s DNA was found on Meredith’s purse so they accused Amanda and Raffaele of stealing her money, credit cards and phones.

    There were plenty of knives in the apartment where Meredith was murdered but they accused Amanda of carrying a 16 inch kitchen knife in her purse and sentenced her to 6 months in prison for carrying the knife. There is no evidence that the knife was ever in her purse. NONE

  • Rasputin

    Run this through your head. The police said the crime scene was staged and that Amanda threw a rock through the window from inside the room. The police have a 9 pound rock bouncing off a closed shutter mounted outside the window without making a dent in it, then striking a shutter mounted on the inside of the window making a large gouge in it. The gouge is embedded with small pieces of glass. They say the glass bounced off the outside shutter back into the room. Some of the glass landed near the wall opposite the window. There are pieces of glass stuck in the inside shutter but there isn’t any glass stuck in the outside shutter. There isn’t a scratch on the outside shutter that the 9 pound rock bounced off of. Do you believe this? It sounds reasonable to people living in the twilight zone. This is stupid. The entire case is stupid. Do these fools think they are going to get away with this? I don’t think they will.