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Kate Gosselin: En Route to New Zealand!

Kate Gosselin: En Route to New Zealand!

Kate Gosselin walks through the Sydney Airport with her children to catch a flight to New Zealand on Saturday (January 8) in Sydney, Australia.

The family has been spending time in the Australian city of Brisbane over the past week filming their reality show Kate Plus 8.

Kate and the kids watched Terri Irwin perform a show with her own kids Bindi and Robert earlier in the week at Australia Zoo.

Kate took advantage of the warm weather and relaxed in a bikini on the balcony of her hotel during the trip.

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  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    She have more kids good

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    But where other kids

  • flip flop platforms!

    she looks good! Except for the horrid high platform flop flops, ugh! Love flip flops, but not these, remind me of the ones Britney lived in..

  • jack

    did she get another new face?

  • G.C

    come on people how can you comment on Kate Gosselin?? She’s low class!!! How people like her?

  • Eric Gibson Cartman

    Awful woman. Mixed with trash.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Maybe the Australians will keep her!!

  • LadyB

    Have you noticed something about K Gosselin. When she’s in a bikini, or her jugging attire, she looks great. You can tell her body is hot. But when she’s wearing clothes, she looks like an average size 12. I noticed this during Dancing with the Stars. When she was wearing all those gowns, she looked big. You can never tell she has a toned physique unless she’s weaing little.

  • lala

    Kate looks really pretty here! I know most people think her show should be cancelled but I think she is giving her children an excellent opportunity!!!! Not only do they get to take free trips all the time (huge learning experience and fun) but they also have savings accounts full of money for college. So what if there’s a camera there while they’re going on a really fun vacation?
    However, I think it would be really nice to see fewer nannies. It would be cool to see Kate handle the children all alone.

  • justsaying

    new face on her. lots of pl surgery?

  • Go Ask Alice

    Lightening crew, ready.
    Move set to location-New Zealand.

    Kate and 8 Take 18!

    Poor kids. Working , workingworking.

  • rhonda

    a woman with 8 kids that has that much time to dote on herself, well something is wrong with that picture. She made such a fool of herself on Sarah Palins Alazka, I really don’t know why TLC bothers with her.

  • Lobo698

    Lala time to give those kids some privacy. They are getting older, and it has to be hard on them to be so exposed. Since you say they have plenty for college, and Kate made over 4 million just in 2010 alone, Time to stop and NOT film for once on a “vacation”. Let them really enjoy the vaca, instead of a camera in their little faces every single time they go on one. Time to retired the children, they have made enough money. Let Kate do it on her own if she wants to. Not sure about you, but with all the millions she has made filming these kids, they can retire. Sad that the kids can’t enjoy a single trip without the cameras.

  • Delaney L.

    Can these kids do anything without a camera following them around? What a nightmare of a life. Does every trip, birthday, event ,have to be shown on national television? They can never get these years back and even simple rights of passage that we all go through in private have been filmed for everyone to see. I cannot imagine that this will bode well for them in the future. They will all end up as attention whores like their mother or recluses, desperate to be left alone.

  • Steve&Katesellpics

    @Delaney L.:

    It doesn’t help when Mommy’s bodyguard is taking and selling the pictures.

  • Lobo698

    Last year, when the show was cancelled, the kids were disappointed they didn’t go the Statue of Liberty, TLC planned episode. Kate never took them until they started filming again, and TLC paid. Come on, to NYC, she couldn’t have taken the kids without the cameras?? She can’t do a dang thing FOR the kids, unless it is FILMED. Makes me ill.

  • dawne

    FameHO go the eff away….please.


    New Zealand is beautiful, what a great trip for her family!

  • Jon is Missing Out

    Lobo, the NY trip was planned before Jon through his blackmailing temper tantrum the first time and had filming stopped until TLC would pay him money, the kids are fortunate to have so many great opportunities, trips, fun and financial security.

    There are 8 of them, Jon and Kate would never see their children with the hours they would have to work if they did not have this show.

    Are you willing to provide for them, or pay their expenses into their college years so they can quit their show?

  • Jack

    Kate looks good, she really has trimmed down and toned up, even her face looks slimmer.

  • TNT


    Refreshing post lala!

  • Love Kate Plus 8

    Lobo, LaLa can watch their show if she wants to, don’t like it, CHANGE THE CHANNEL!

  • KC

    When she smiles she looks like the donkey from Shrek. When she doesn’t smile she scowls like the grinch. She needs to quit those flip flops!!!

  • Juliet

    @Jon is Missing Out:
    and Lala

    By a quick math total I estimate Mz. G has made about ten million dollars since the show began. Where is it? If she were half way thrifty, she could stay home, not film, and raise those kids. They are having behavorial problems in school which she has denied although word is the two kids hit students or teachers. That is not just being sassy–that is being violent. They should know better. Kate spends a small fortune on her hair, her clothes, her body. If she were to save that money and not get thousand (or was it two thousand) dollar hair cuts, extensions and the like–the kids would have her there for them. And by now each child should have plenty of money for college.

    I didn’t make a fraction as much money as Kate did, yet we managed to travel all over the US, to Cabo once a year, and every other year to Europe. How? By a little sacrifice. Working a part-time job, saving by not buying junk food, surfing the Internet to look for best deals on air, hotel and the like. But oh wait, my kids are deprived–I didn’t take them to New Zealand and Australia!

    Kate can certainly get by on a lot less than she does. And sigh, that would mean giving up plastic surgery, hair extensions, fake tans, and the like–all that time could be spent with the kids! But Kate is a fame-ho. Her kids give her fame, money and exposure and without the show she would be Kate Gosselin, mom. Guess we can tell which job is more important—being a mom or being a fame-ho.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I remember when the Kateminions would be out in full force saying she has 8 kids. Work for TLC,or welfare? Working,she wouldnever see them? Blah, bs.

    Times have changed. More people post who can see this mess for it it is and that is a E! The True Story of The Gosselin 8 in a few years.

  • Hope

    hope she gets cancer

  • wretch

    Still has the ugly caveman feet on display.

  • Corey

    I hate it when people say “She looks good”. or “the kids are cute”. or “what a great experience for them”. Who cares what she looks like, she is a selfish mother who is sacrificing her kids childhoods for her own benefit. Of course the children are cute, they are little children but they were not born for our entertainment. They have the right to normal childhood’s and to not be put on display like a freak show every time they leave their house. Why does every “great experience” they have need to be filmed for public viewing?I can’t believe the denial that some people live in. I guess it eases the guilt of watching them being exploited if you candy coat what is obviously a very dis-functional way to grow up.

  • StarJacker

    wow.. those kids have no chance

  • adriana

    She annoys me. Her kids are getting spoiled and are selfish now too. One day, when the kids get older – when they are not cute anymore. The show will stop filming. Then, what? Kate thinks she will always get rich from opportunities handed to her. She spends money like a celebrity. Sorry, honey, you have kids to feed. Don’t put that on Jon. I laughed my head off when she wanted to take Jon to court for child support and said “I have to feed my kids.”

    BTW, her kids should be in school.

  • frankie

    I would be so ashamed if Kate was my daughter, sister, friend whatever. She is the most vile woman I can think of. Lies come pouring out of her mouth constantly and she has no shame. Renewed her vows while separated for Ratings, ” she has a pocketful of bills she cant pay”, her mantra, ” i need to do this to provide for my children and put food on the table”,” i didn’t get a boob job, just a good bra, wink , wink”, and says she waits by the phone when the kids are with Jon but is off in Mexico. She is DISGUSTING with her lie after lie. She does not deserve the money she has earned, her kids do, but not her. Feel so sorry for the kids. I would hate to have a mom like her. Can you imagine her behind closed doors. ugh I wish someone would knock her flat on her butt.

  • Eli

    They are not on vacation. They are working. The TLC camera crew is with them. Plus the bodyguard and two nannies/babysitters. Kate had to get permission for them to miss school. It was okayed by the judge as they will be working. The KIDS will be working. Have you ever seen behind scenes of reality tv shows? They are told what to do, what to say, etc most of the time. Take after take. I hope they do get to have some fun without cameras on them. And it appears the bodyguard could be taking the pictures and sending/selling them back to the US. No Australian paps are doing this. How sad they are going to the bodyguard’s homeland of New Zealand. They should be going on a trip with their dad to Korea as he had at one time wanted to take them there. Why go to the bodyguard’s homeland. Will they meet his family? Where is his wife and kids?

  • Kristy

    Even though I don’t agree with HER and the way she “parents” her children, we can’t judge her on her boob job, working out, excessive tanning, mani/pedis and extensions. Have you BEEN to California? That’s every other woman where I live!!! There’s plenty of time while the kids are at school for her to indulge in these things. Like I said, drive through Southern Cali….were surrounded by Kate Gosselins.

  • Janie

    It’s a shame she Xed those childrens father out of their lives.

  • Lindsey

    It’s early January…why aren’t these children in school? Most kids just finished Christmas vacation. Please tell me she did not take her children out of school so that she could have them filmed on an overseas vacation.

  • anyone

    what kind of life is this for 8 young kiddies – taking them overseas for extended periods of time so they can make as many quick bucks as they can.. I can’t imagine any family taking their kids out of school so they can go overseas and be bored to death – greedy greedy. Too bad they can’t just live a normal life like other kids do. The bodyguard is supposedly married but spends more time with Kate and her 8 than he does his own family – what kind of life is that.

  • Mindy

    Her ‘bodyguard’ is either selling pictures to the tabloids for $$ or he is so bad at his job that he allows paparazzi or random people close enough to the horse-faced, wrinkly Kate to get pictures wherever they go. Why is he even there, except to collect a paycheck for babysitting this moron?? If he is involved with her romantically, he is crazier than she is.

  • saywhat?

    Steve Neild is Kate’s paparazzi, they are busted…they are probably splitting the profits off selling her bikini shots and pics of her kids, why she denounces paps and scares her kids about the P People. Kate Gosselin is one sick, sick woman! Where’s Steve’s wife, isn’t she from NZ too?
    Stop pimping your kids out, you have millions in the bank Kate. Steve Neild now leeching off the G kids. At least Jon is trying to stop the filming and keep the kids in school/counseling.

  • saywhat?

    Btw, what the hell is wrong with PA’s Judges? Who is the Judge on the G case? Is TLC greasing his dirty palms under the bench? That Judge should be thrown off the bench!

  • saywhat?
  • http://kategosselin;enroutetonrwzealand!celebri.. judi

    Kate has millions she has earned off the kids’ backs in the last couple of years! The kids have earned enough, they aren’t supposed to be the bread earners in the family.Shame on you, Kate.You will never be a star, give the kids their childhood back, they are exhausted.Try being their Mother…………………………………………………………………………………..

  • Melanie

    It is a relief to see that people are finally seeing the light in regards to this woman. Formerly, she had so many “champions” who would claim that her only choices were between welfare or a reality show. They would always slag Jon and defend any and all of her behavior, no matter how heinous. Something that is so ridiculous to me that I can’t even grasp it. There are a lot of large families that do just fine. You do not have to live in the lap of luxury and neither do the children. A regular middle class life would be good enough for most people. She has 8 kids, not 30. My aunt and uncle have 11 and they are all happy, healthy and well educated, without constant world travel and living in a mansion. I guess it just depends on what your priorities are. Hopefully, she will finally fade into the sunset and the kids can get back to being kids instead of little breadwinners who are responsible for keeping enough money flowing so that Mommy doesn’t have to miss a manicure or tanning session. Also, what the heck is with the bodyguard. When does this man see his own wife and children ? Most major movie stars do not even have around the clock, live in security. I guess Kate is “special”.

  • B

    Every time I open an article about her I don’t bother reading it – I could care less about her, I only wanna see how the kids are doing. Aaden has always been my favorite!

  • mindy

    Wow. Finally a guy big enough to make Kate look small! Usually she looks like a lumberjack, except for the face…which reminds me of Secretariat’s. She’s not so hot when she’s not lying down with her arm stretched over her head, sucking in her wrinkled belly, and posing for her personal paparazzi/bodyguard, huh? Too bad for the ugly biyatch that she has to stand upright and breathe.

  • dessertgirl


    How will the kids go to college when they have been EXPELLED from KINDERGARTEN?

  • mindy

    Lala, yes the kids get to go on free trips, but they are NOT vacations. The kids are dragged all over the place and rush thru whatever they do with cameras inches from their faces. They also have to go on these trips with their mother, who can suck the fun out of anything. She constantly scolds them, orders them around, complains, whines, dresses like a whore, screeches and acts like an idiot. After she’s done embarrassing them, she ditches them to hang with the nannies whenever the cameras are off. These trips are also not learning experiences as Kate is uninterested in learning anything about the places they go to. She is so ignorant. Also, I doubt that the little ones will even remember these trips when they get older. And finally, wherever they to, they do the same thing: swim/go to the beach, cringe as their mom parades her wrinkled ass in a bikini and
    go to a zoo or animal park. Sorry, these trips do NOT sound like fun at all. Maybe if they got to actually experience things without the cameras and their mom, they would be fun. But as it stands, i’d bet the kids would rather be in school or better yet, with their dad.

  • lad

    Why aren’t her kids in school or did they all get expelled???? A decent mother would not keep her kids out of school just to promote herself….but again, it’s Kate!!!!

  • Donna

    @Jack: She may look good on the outside thanks to her kids, but she is the ugliest person on the inside I have ever come across.