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Lindsay Lohan: Gifted with a Range Rover?

Lindsay Lohan: Gifted with a Range Rover?

Lindsay Lohan heads into her brand new Range Rover after having lunch at a sushi restaurant on Friday (January 7) in Los Angeles.

It seems like someone was being very generous to the 24-year-old actress who is fresh out of rehab.

Lindsay tweeted, “Thanks @Trevkgimotors and Amber at for the ONYX range rover”

Earlier in the week, Lindsay used a magazine to shield herself from photographers after going for a workout at the gym.

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  • Josie

    Will Lindsay every give the fake hair a rest.

  • The Other Woman

    I hope she wont blow out this LAST chance we are giving her to… she needs a comeback.. I hope she could manage that

  • enjoy it, lindz

    somewhere, perhaps not too far from a home near you, there may be children going to bed hungry tonight. and who gets a free car? an attention and substance addict who is more famous for her shenanigans than anythng else. what a world we live in.

  • boots

    bad behavior gets rewarded, that will teach her

  • vexer

    @enjoy it, lindz: Oh yeah, it’s totally Lindsay’s fault that there are starving children in the world, ugh! man people like you are completely f*cking brain-dead! so Lindsay gets a free car, what does it amtter to you? If someone gave me a free car like that i’d sure as hell take it.

  • Goawaylindsay

    Who in there right mind would give her a car? What a waste of space!

  • Jan

    it’s a waste of space that she’s still featured on this website….

  • Dieter

    She deserve’s it: she has been working hard her entire life while the others’ were sitting on they fat asses and talking !!!

  • ann1075


  • Allie

    The necklace she’s wearing is also a gift — a 10 karat necklace worth 25,000 from a jeweler friend of her’s who is glad she is on the right path. I’m near the top of my class in law school, can I get a gift for that?

  • ann1075

    Thought the little attention whore was trying to stay out of sight… she’s letting everyone know where she lives, drives and wears….where’s the so called stalker and photographer that she’s hiding from….such a liar….

  • ann1075

    #9 was response to #5 not #3…..

  • ann1075

    @ann1075: Response # 9 was for 5 not 3…..

  • Gaia

    And when she runs someone over with her new car on drugs – hopefully the guy will be suid too.
    Why should she become sober and responsable for her life?

  • Iffy Miffy

    This is quite typical – you get more publicity by donating a car to a drug-addict with a criminal history than you would by organizing a soup kitchen or funding a scholarship so that is what they do – they give LiLo a f.cking car that she can use when she gets drunk again to maybe even kill someone this time. Lovely world we live in.

  • xx

    She still looks like crap. And the enablers are spoiling her.

  • jillyro

    I don’t see her ever making a big comeback as a serious actress. The paying public can no longer seperate all her drama when she’s playing a part, she can’t disapear into a role without all her personal shit coming into it. So many of her peers are getting the good award winning roles but nobody knocking down their doors to hire LL. She thinks she’s still Alist, but she’s not. Think her best days in Hollywood have come and gone, she’s in Tara Reid territory now, only making money from promos, pics, ect. She should have just quietly laid low for a couple of years.

  • Frida

    Oh, isn’t that great?! Reward the addict by giving her a new car!

  • MIA

    She should have dissappeared complety for a year and come out with a series of tv movies..that is if enayone wants to spend money on her at all….dont know what they mean by free..but is she sure she is not paying in kind!

  • Mar

    Who gave her a car? Wonder is she a prostitute? Lets see what happens when she run over someone in it. Hope the person who brought it for her gets sued by the Lohans.

  • Debbtrue

    Hmmm, now days these “so called stars lmao” crank out sex tapes (gross) do drugs (gross) pimp themselves out to rich ppl parties for $$$$ and we are suppose to LOOK UP TO THEM?!? Come on ppl of the world….Real stars are what Hollywood is suppose to be about, not these fly by nite, fame ho’s that have no talent….I can give one last chance kudos to this girl, stay off the drugs, clean yourself up…you have SOME acting ablility so work on that…stop the partying 24/7 and EARN what you get for free now…one day you won’t have all the looks..and will have to rely on actual talent