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Natalie Portman: Pregnancy Changed My Dressing Habits

Natalie Portman: Pregnancy Changed My Dressing Habits

Natalie Portman is fed some soup by co-star Ashton Kutcher in this still from their upcoming flick No Strings Attached, in theaters everywhere on January 21st.

The co-stars recently sat down with USA Today at the film’s junket, where Natalie shared how pregnancy has changed the way she dresses.

“I was gonna wear a belly shirt today, for example. That option was eliminated,” the 29-year-old actress joked, to which Ashton replied “I suggested a bikini.” Ha!

Natalie, who is already through her first trimester, said that her choice pair of shoes are now flats.

“I have no idea what (motherhood) is going to be like so I’ll feel it out,” she added.

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  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s so lovely! Can’t wait for the new movie!!


    If there’s one person who must be devastated by the news of Natalie’s pregnancy and engagement, it must be Zach Braff.
    I’m a big fan of him and I’m convinced he is madly in love with her.
    His movie Garden State was literally a love declaration to her.
    Some people say they even dated at the time but I never knew if this is true or not.
    Yesterday, he wrote on Facebook that he can’t wait to have children and to be an awesome dad. Usually he never writes things so personal on his page. However, I really hope he won’t have his kids with the blonde bimbo he’s been dating for 2 years now.

  • Eric Gibson Cartman

    JJ= Just Jew media


    @Eric Gibson Cartman:

    It’s not JUST JARED’s decision : it’s Hollywood.
    It’s run by the Jewish community : actors, directors, studios, agents.
    Being Jewish is almost required if you consider working in the industry.

  • pippa

    Her real name is Natalie Hershlag and she supports apartheid.

  • kablamo

    I have the feeling that she will make a terrible mother.

  • Alias

    The movie is gonna suk big time like 99% of Kutcher’s crummy movies!!

    And the only thing that pregnancy changed in Natalie other than the obvious is her belief in marriage and a license. For a person who didn’t believe in marriage 3 short yrs ago, it’s funny how now she is willing to let the state legalize hers! What a hypocrite, in fact she’s a hypocrite on a lot of things!!


    Natalie is an only child and of course the apple of her parents’ eyes.
    She’s been celebrated in Hollywood since the age of 12 as the prodigy child-actress the world was waiting for.
    As a result, she has a very self-centered personality since people have always praised her precocity.
    She’s now pushing 30 and this pregnancy will do the best to her ego because within 6 months, her world will not revolve around her precious little navel anymore

  • xx

    Such a talented actress! Screw the haters!

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Low low low

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Hate them both ,so i don’t care

  • *~*+*~*

    @ZACH BRAFF: I thought he was dating SHiri Appelby?

  • Dexter

    @✡ JEWLYWOOD ✡: that’s why it’s so f*cked up and full of evil people

  • @alias #7

    Please go back to your Rachel Bilson board you always come over here and slam Natalie and she is actually a working actress not some slum princess who is chasing some C listed actor in hopes he will marry her someday. Natalie isn’t the perfect person in the world know one is but at least Natalie isn’t a media ho who has done nothing with herself.

  • @alias #7

    Please go back to your Rachel Bilson board you always come over here and slam Natalie and she is actually a working actress not some slum princess who is chasing some C listed actor in hopes he will marry her someday. Natalie isn’t the perfect person in the world know one is but at least Natalie isn’t a media ho who has done nothing with herself.

  • Amy

    Through the first trimester– that does more for my theory that she dropped out of playing Elisabeth in Pride & Prejudice & Zombies because of the pregnancy. Perfect timing.

  • jillyro

    I like her, But wish she hadn’t done a movie with Ashton K., yuck he’s a douche and all his movies are terrible,he’s just such a bad actor.

  • Garden State

    No Zach Braff is dating a blonde model called Taylor Bagley.
    But his true love is Natalie.

  • Alias

    C’mon, don’t hide behind ANOTHER username you coward, I know who you are, still pathetic as usual I see. Did I touch a nerve, the truth hurts, Nat contradicts herself with almost everything she says like I’ll never marry, I hate the legal aspect of it, what does the state have to do with it, I try hard to take care of my image, but I smoked weed and got drunk in college, I freely share this never before revealed info with a mag.. to name a few
    And can’t wait for the reviews on the Kutcher movie, I wonder how the Nat fans will react when it inevitably tanks, I can see it now, “Well, Nat was good in it, but Kutch suked or the script suked. Really pathetic they are!!



    Not only does she support the crimes committed by her home country of Israel but she also signed the petition to free the paedophile movie director Roman Polanski only because he is Jewish.
    Communitarianism at its dumbest.

  • boston61

    This is nothing new. People breed like rats if you haven’t noticed.

  • Annie

    I do think she has plenty of talent as an actress and if this pregnancy was accidental I respect her for having the baby rather than getting an abortion to keep up with her “good girl” image. I like that she isn’t trashy like much of Hollywood of her generation is. However, she does strike me as a person who desires to be *seen* as intelligent and progressive rather than a person who *actually* thinks things through and thinks outside the box of the establishment – I mean, supporting Polanski? What the hell was that all about?

  • *~*+*~*

    @Garden State: evryone wonts to marry a nice and smort jewish girl. but it’s so rarre nawadays. only the best of the best chosen ones will get them (like her ballerina husband) hehe

  • Eric Gibson Cartman

    @✡ JEWLYWOOD ✡:
    Well, that’s true.
    I grew up watching movies about the jewish holocaust and believing that germans were evil.
    Now I can see that Jewlywood finances, promotes and awards those movies.
    How many holocaust movies have we seen? How many movies about other genocides have we seen?
    And I think those holocaust movies are exagerated and brainwashers.

  • Ruth

    I see that antisemiticism is alive and well on this thread.

    Natalie is an excellent actress and one of the few of her generation who wasn’t on drugs, staggering out of nightclubs and in and out of rehab. She is quiet, educated and talented and I imagine that annoys a lot of people. Yes, she was born in Jerusalem and has family in Israel but she doesn’t talk politics at all.

    Btw, there isn’t any apartheid in Israel and Israeli minorities, whether Moslem, Christian, Circassian or others, enjoy complete political and social freedom. You cannot say the same about Arab countries.

    In short, I wish Natalie a good and safe pregnancy and birth and hope she will enjoy a great partnership with her talented fiance.

  • Key word


    Key word: antisemiticism. Some groups just love to victimize themselves…
    Learn about the suffering of palestinian kids and cry for something that won’t be on the movies! You know why.
    Natalie Portman is the poster jewish girl. There are pics of her smoking pot, I don’t care about that though.



    Don’t get me wrong Ruth, I have absolutely nothing against Jews
    and saying that Hollywood is run by the Jewish community is a fact
    and has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. Absolutely nothing.
    About Israel, it is History that it was previously called Palestine.
    Once again, this is a fact and doesn’t imply rejection towards Jews.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …who’s ready for another kutcher bomb?!? ahahahahahaha

  • Allie

    @TRUTH BE TOLD: agreed!!!!!

  • Sam

    I think so too. She seems like a nice person in front of the camera…but no one knows what she is like in her private life. I have this gut feeling that she is a total bitch.