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Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Dancing the Night Away!

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Dancing the Night Away!

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were spotted dancing the night away at Eden Nightclub along with pal Brittany Snow on Friday (January 7).

“They were inseparable throughout the night seen dancing, drinking Belvedere and canoodling,” a source told E!. “[Vanessa] only broke from [Zac]‘s side to dance with Brittany on the couches at their table.”

Another eyewitness added, “They were directly next to our table and were all over each other, dirty dancing and making out.”

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • Kelly

    Happy Dance!!!

  • k

    Breaking up is hard to do…

  • Sol


  • yets

    so its true love them so much.

  • joan

    Is Obviously they Never Break up =D

  • pippa

    When will the bearding end?

  • Lu

    Hell yes!!!!!!!!
    I love them so much!!
    Zanessa is forever!

  • Lu

    Hell yes!!!!!!!!
    I love them so much!!
    Zanessa is forever!

  • Dr.

    Now we know why they broke up and got back. More publicity!!
    Keep on living the lie people. The same happens to Twilight stars etc etc ETC. Live the reality and not the tv.

  • niha

    told you sooo :p

  • http://thaina_oliv thainá


  • Proudofzacnessa

    eyy DR
    GET A LIFE silly person!

    happy dance
    yay ay ay!!



  • Miranda

    They never broke up in the first place, this pretty much proves it, but I already knew it :)

  • kASSIE

    WHOOOO CARES?????????????

  • Fauve

    No matter what the media says and does they will never be able to tear Zanessa apart at least Just Jared had the common sense to back away from the break up rumors and just enjoy Zanessa as a happy loving and real couple more Hollywood couples should be like that.

  • Bree

    Did they ever officially confirm that they broke up? If not, then it was all media speculation. If yes, then it was a publicity ploy because if they made it that official, then they must have both very much hated each other and would never reconcile that quickly.

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan

    OMG This is best news ever.

  • isabela

    @bree they never confirmed it!

  • suzy

    as long as they r happy.

  • http://j ivanka

    i knew it zf!

  • Zac efron’s wife


  • babygurl

    they never confirmed their break-ups. I think that was just another stupid rumor. Happy for them!
    Ps: I like zac better off without his facial hair.

  • jazmin

    As long as they’re happy especially V then I’m good.

  • hahhys
  • lauren

    so was this whole ”break up” a publicity stunt then?

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan

    Yes yes This is a great news ever they are so meant to be together.

  • roxana

    im so happy for them!!!! their break-up was never confirmed and most fans followed the ‘truthisstronger’ thing to stop media from speculating false things………..oh this is so great news, 5 years is hard to break apart–that is simply LOVE :)

  • Haters Suck!

    I’m not gonna say anything right now, I will latter . I’m just gonna sit back relax and watch the people who say they aren’t together explain this one. This should be fun.

  • Ahslee

    Zac and Vanessa never “announced” anything about a break up. E! was the one who said they broke up “according to a source.” Their source was probably some anti Zac/Vanessa forum. If E! reads a comment posted by someone on those sites, that comment becomes their inside source.

  • annie

    I may be a fan of them but I’m gonna say what a lot of people think about them at this moment: they are attention wh*res!
    They didn’t say anything about this “break up” rumors so people will talk about them again and again. Bravo! For poeple who don’t like attention they prove me the contrary! And don’t tell me they didn’t know about it, I’m sure they heard about this big rumor around them…
    But if they’re happy then it’s ok! =)

  • Hannah

    @Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan:
    Never knew Zac Efron had MALE fans (except for gay men, i.e Perez). People (mainly guys) see it as uncool. How old are you?? You can’t possibly be over 12/13?

    On a side note, loooking forward to watching Beastly & Sucker punch :-)

  • Zanessa/Vanessa Freak

    umm….when did they even broke up?

  • kgg


    What are you basing your statements on? Heresay? We don’t live their lives and don’t know what goes on in private. If you know this couple at all, they are not about the publicity and are very private people who would never stoop to the level you are implying. Chances are they did have a disagreement and were on a “break” to figure things out.

  • CrazyOldie

    She is too fine!

  • Zanessa/Vanessa Freak

    @Dr.: now did they told you they broke up? evidently they told you only because they wouldn’t be hiding from the public if they were broken up and back together again we would see pics by now if that was the case, here they were in a public setting and where are the pics to gain publicity? NOWHERE this isn’t a publicity stunt this is plain and downright privacy.

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan


    I’m 28 years old.

  • Hannah

    @Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan:
    Really? Erm… ok… cool. Loool :-)

    @ topic, I don’t really care if they’re together or not, either way I still love Vanessa. She’s sweet & has a great sense of style! I don’t concern myself with her personal life. As far as she’s happy, it’s all good :-D

  • e

    To some of you to say that you believe that they broke up from some unknown “sources” which were never confirmed but not from this and the people on twitter who does not work for anyone and who aren’t even fans of Z or V said the same thing these articles are saying.

    I’m believeing these, I believe that they never broke up but it’s not impossible that they went through a bit of a bumby road but it may have never been more then something they just needed to sit down together to work out. I bet that if this “source” hadn’t said anything we wouldn’t have even known about any of this and this whole are they/aren’t they wouldn’t even be in question. Vanessa is now on her way to NC to get back to work and with this they seem to be back on track with how they want things to be and at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

  • Zac efron’s wife

    maybe some of the stuff they put on here isn’t true

  • Alissa

    Well, the beard-merkin arrangement is on again!

  • carla

    everyone knew this would happen

  • Abby

    Good for them. Their great role models and seemed to really love eachother.

    I wish them all the best,

  • Louise

    They never confirmed the split, everyone was saying sources and they didnt talk about anything, infact they never talk about each other because they want it to be private.

    It could very well have been a publicity ploy due to films coming out but hey in their defense, as I mentioned before they never actually confirmed

    They are both busy people and they both are filming right now so it hard but after 5 yrs they know each other by now. If they had officially split, their reps would have acknowledged it at least.

  • Zac efron’s wife

    this was like when Miley broke up w/her bf & they got back together. Plz break up again Zac & Vanessa.

  • Zac efron’s wife

    this story right here could be a rumor

  • Abby

    @Zac efron’s wife: Why so you can have him? When will girls realized you’ll NEVER have a chance. Just get over it, he’s not going to marry/date you and he doesn’t even know you are alive. Go find yourself a REAL boyfriend, one who isn’t a celeb and isn’t already taken.

    Ok thanks haha.

  • ????

    They were never broken up to begin with. Just because E!news stated they were splitsville or “taking a break” and was the first to throw it out to the hungry masses does not make it true. I will reiterate….. Professional “reps” (emphasis on the word professional) would NEVER go to a “blog site moderator” to publicise this kind of “personal” information about their client. It’s unprofessional and most likely cost them their job. Zac and Vanessa continue to prove these “break up rumors” wrong at some point, and it looks like they’ve done it again.

  • BOJI

    This time I am so happy to say ” I told you so”. Exactly, they took a Break and it was misquoted or mis-interpreted if you like. Zac and Vanessa were just mum about it. Why bother denying anything, when the media were only too willing to believe whatever they wanted to and make a mountain out of a molehill as in the case of Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox. I stand firmly by them as individuals and as a couple. In your faces, Naysayers! Their last candid video together showed anything but a break-up.

  • Sarah

    i don’t think they even confirmed a breakup. so maybe they didnt break up at all and ignored the rumors.