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Britney Spears: Birthday Party with Sean Preston!

Britney Spears: Birthday Party with Sean Preston!

Britney Spears helps her son, Sean, out of the car as they hit up a birthday party at Bright Child on Saturday (January 8) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old pop princess dressed Sean, 5, in a hoodie with a sportscoat – too cute!

Tuesday is a big day for Britney - her highly anticipated new single, “Hold It Against Me,” will be released! Check out the cover art if you haven’t seen it yet.

10+ pictures inside of Britney Spears and Sean Preston going to a birthday party…

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britney spears birthday party sean preston 02
britney spears birthday party sean preston 03
britney spears birthday party sean preston 04
britney spears birthday party sean preston 05
britney spears birthday party sean preston 06
britney spears birthday party sean preston 07
britney spears birthday party sean preston 08
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  • Maria

    Soooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!

  • anna

    She needs to stop doing her own makeup. She makes herself look like she just got out of bed and didn’t wash her face with makeup from the night before.

  • marq

    Off topic, but so the alleged shooter in Arizona is also named Jared?

    Time for that truth commission yet, People?

  • blah

    looks more like 50 not 29 :?

  • Pi

    Sean looking so handsome

  • Lol!

    Sean so cute

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Why she bald and tired

  • http://@Brit_on_2011VMA Megan

    She always dresses her boys so cute……and I can’t not wait until Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Penny

    lookn’ good in her William Rast jeans! Sean P. looks adorable in the blazer. can’t wait to hear her song on Tuesday!

  • Bitc*h

    Bad mother poor son

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Beautiful sean!

  • pigenfrafyn

    She’s not aging well at all!
    Her forehead is getting bigger and bigger from all the hair extensions.

  • Anne

    Brit kids the most handsome boy ever

  • sean

    I love sean is my favourite baby one importan child

  • Lov

    sean the Cutest boy in hollywood

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    I love keri russel son name river

  • kenny
  • ???

    Kaz u better to choose sean and jayden coz most handsome boy in hollywood how’s care keri russel son

  • ???

    Britney s.l.u.t mother

  • Barbara

    I never see joy in her when she is with Sean. I believe she bonded with the other child and is distant with Sean because he favors his dad in looks.

  • yo sista

    Those are just bad pictures. She’s a good mom and she seems to be ready to take over the music scene again.

  • yo sista
  • Gaga

    Brit dont love her kids in fact.

  • she will never learn

    She feeds her kids and herself very unhealthy. Like the star bucks drinks which are pure sugar and not healthy at all, that’s why she always is fat and Sean looks like he has some weight to much for his age as well.

  • aka

    She and Kevin Federline are the most disgusting parents on this planet! They will always be more busy with their sex lifes and cheating on their partners or having sex with disgusting people as they will ever be good parents. That’s why this kids will move out as soon as they get older.

  • miley

    Sean is best baby ever!

    So cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Pinkrose

    Britney looks disgusting. Her short ponytail is sticking out on top of the weave. Her hairline is receding. Too many Starbuicks coffee showing around her middle and in her face. Her clothes is sloppy-looking and her boy (cute as he looks) is still feasting on fast food. Soon she will be taking them to have their teeth bleached again.

  • rich white trash

    You can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl.

  • Julie R.

    Poor boy.She’s carrying him by force,only to have a photo taken.It’s clear he doesn’t want to be with her,and that she doesn’t want to be with him,but for the photo op of the month,she goes out with them, once a month,to pretend to the media she cares about them.I clearly see she’s unconfortable holding him(looks pissed off,as always),and that he’s eager to be away from her.There’s no affinity between them.I wonder if he calls her mom.They seem to be strangers interacting very bad with each other.Sad.
    And poor boy…i feel for him.

  • abailey

    Look at Britney wearing Justin Timberlake’s William Rast jeans

  • Masoud

    Queen of Pop!!!!


    Britney Spears looks terrible. Her new album will be photoshoped to the fullest. Why do her fans pay money to see her live when she lipsyncs the entire show and she can barely dance like she use to. I’m going to call it like it is. Britney is being forced to do this by her managers and record company. I don’t think she has the drive to be a mega pop star anymore. Britney Spears is just a puppet being pulled by strings. A few years back it was reported that Britney Spears is bi-polar and taking heavy medications. If so, she needs to be taking care of herself more better. Someone on another site called her PIGNEY. SHE LOOKS LIKE IT. THERE’S NO WAY SHE CAN COMPETE WITH GAGA, LOOKING LIKE A HOT MESS AND NOT SINGING LIVE. GAGA IS OUT TO PROVE ONCE AND FOR ALL SHE IS THE TRUE QUEEN. BOW DOWN.

  • Jamie

    @VICTORIA: yeah and gaga never looks bad :eyeroll: “a few years back” yeah exactly a FEW YEARS BACK and btw who reported that? a gossip site? perez hitlon? those aren’t reliable sources. “barely dance like she used to” go and watch her “mannequin” rehearsal in 08 she can DANCE. btw Britney HATES photoshop she disapproves of it, thats why she makes the photographers/magazine leak the un-retouched photos to show that she is not some retouched hollywood bitch.

  • Jamie

    Its really a shame that you are judging a few pictures and you automatically know that she is a “bad mom” and he “doesn’t want to be with her” I’m not a really a fan, but give her a chance she is just like you and me. She actually is looking good, she hasn’t in a while and he looks good with his ‘jacket’ she certainly dresses him better than his father.

    Hes drinking whatever he is drinking b/c he was at a party, don’t tell me your kids or you didn’t drink sugar/soda at birthday parties?

    btw shes not wearing make-up, well a little but at least she doesn’t wear it like Katy or Beyonce who slap layers on.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …that’s what the real britney looks like. she looks bad even with makeup on. ahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Evelyn

    Britney should wait a bit longer to try to come back. She doesn’t seem like she’s still prepared. I want her to slay Sir Gag and her dumbass fans. Gag is the ugliest woman in show business I wouldn’t be talking about Britney’s looks. On her worst day, she still looks better than that tranny Gag.

  • Lucy

    She looks sad and worn out. Not her age at all.

  • truthhurtshaha

    she has the shortest legs eva, shes wearing high heels and her jeans are still touching the gorund lol

  • Wow

    Wow, some of you are idiots… 1, would you want your kid walking around with paparazzi everywhere? I don’t think so, probably why she carries her kids a lot. Maybe Sean and Britney look uncomfortable because he’s getting heavy and it’s hard to carry him? 2, she’s got a good body You’re kidding me, fat, slob? Please. Youtube some of her Circus tour videos and TV show appearances. 3, Saying she feeds her kids Starbucks and fat food all the time is bull. What about Kevin, eh? See how fat he is? He’s with them most of the time. And do you know how many people drink coffee? She’s not the only one, assholes. You don’t know what goes on in their private lives, how about we keep it that way and you guys stop being such nosy little bitches.

  • Eyes tells the story

    What is up with her eyes ? they are dead. Good to see her actually spenting time with her sean and holding him.

  • Kenndy

    Sean the most handsome kids in hollywood

  • Helen

    Britney doesn’t look good at all. It’s physical and mental with her now. She should just retire from music.

  • Letisha Malcolm

    I Happy to see that Britney Spears getting herself together

  • Cleo

    Brit is a sweetie. Glad she came back and showed everybnody she could.
    Her kids are loved and well taken care of.

    Brit is rarely in the opublic eye like before.
    No more smiles NOT onless she means to smile.
    I love her demeanor now.

    Doing Great Brit! Keep Up The GOOD WORK!!!!


  • piercy

    Why would anyone get excited about one lousy photo of her and her son? Where are/were her photos of her news with them at Christmas and where has she been all this time? Trying to pretend that she is in a loving relationship with Jason Trawick and jet-setting all over tropical places all of the time without her kids. She is in the same category as Christina Aguleira just abandoning their children because they care more about their washed up careers than their kids. Their kids don’t really know them at all and they could care less. Look at the other mothers out there with their children in tow…Jessica Alba, Jen Gardner, Nicole Richie, Katie Holmes, even Angelina Jolie who has more kids than Britney has and also look at Jamie-Lynn Spears. There’s Tori Spelling, Ashley Simpson, the good list goes on…Why doesn’t she do something else with her life, she’s 30 already and was once a pop star but that was a very long time ago! And for the people who still call her sons babies, they aren’t even toddlers anymore, they also have grown up without her in their lives.

  • Radio Gaga

    I heard the new song this morning. It sounds terrible. It’s going to flop.

  • Paige

    I dont think she gives a sh!t about her make-up,or hair.
    I think she just wants to be a normal mummy.
    I think she doesnt care about pleasing people like you by looking perfect for the paparazzi everyday.
    I think shes amazing.