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Britney Spears Runs Errands with Jayden James

Britney Spears Runs Errands with Jayden James

Britney Spears runs errands with her son Jayden James on Sunday (January 9) in Woodland Hills, Calif.

The day before, the 29-year-old pop princess brought her other son Sean to a birthday party in Los Angeles. Earlier in the weekend, Brit went for a pampering session after a day at the recording studio.

Britney‘s new single “Hold It Against Me” will be released at midnight on Tuesday. Are you getting excited yet??? Check out the cover art for the single!

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britney spears runs errands with jayden james 01
britney spears runs errands with jayden james 02
britney spears runs errands with jayden james 03
britney spears runs errands with jayden james 04
britney spears runs errands with jayden james 05
britney spears runs errands with jayden james 06
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  • j

    aww he’s getting so cute :) looks just like her!

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …`is she bald?! …ahahahahahahah

  • kls

    awe brit brit looks cute! she dresses craaaazy i love it!

  • Elle

    Britney looks really bad. She just can’t seem to get her her clothes and hair together.

  • miley

    Britney is funny!!!!!!!

    I love!

    JJ is cuteeeeeeee!!!!

  • Christina

    Britney’s hairline has receded, poor girl. Maybe she should try hair replacement. A lot of women do it.

  • ladysdsandiego

    JJ is looking more like his mama everytime i see him!

  • is she pregnant

    Britney need retire. she is dunzo. she looks so bad and sad. Look at her hair and the clothes that she is wearing?

  • Gurl From Da Hood…

    Queen of Pop!

  • Eyes tells the story

    She looks daze and confuse like usual. What is up with her hair with her weave showing. shethe example that money can’tbuy class or happiness.

  • Sam

    You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but not the trailer park out of the girl.

  • M-

    they just have to give her what she wants as she is a cash cow.and that is all she has ever been…she lost her mind along time ago when she figured out that she is a controlled entity and her life could never be her own…that’s why she married Keven she wanted people to stop controlling her and unfortunately that’s what she got.

  • judithschuler

    She’s undoubtily the most famous person in the world…she’ll calm down someday…She’s just too famous right now! it’s kinda scary!

  • Jackie

    Britney looks terrible.

  • mars

    She is one mother who never looks happy to be with her kids. she always look miserable when she is seen with them like someone is forcing her to interact with them. She knew fully well that she was not prepare to be a mother , she had kids thinking like most women that it will keep kevin. Not every one who has kids are mother. sean looks like kevin and jayden looks like her.

  • tallntan

    I have 3 words for britney….HIRE A STYLIST

  • BEN

    Little Monsters next Target.

  • aBcDeFgHiJkLmNoPqRsTuVwXyZ

    OMG with all the money she has she can’t even get hair extensions right and non-trashy! Coz extensions do take some maintenance and discipline to look nice not to mention she is ruining her real hair. But with that zombie stare of hers on the first pic oh dear…

  • itstrueagain

    As usual, she looks like the sick person she is.

  • DarkEmpress

    Britney looks fine. She looks like a lot of other moms you would see on the street. She can’t be bothered to wake up in the morning and have a team of people prepare her for the paparazzi and I think that is a much healthier choice than always being obsessed with being camera ready.

  • Dubya Bush

    Oh Britney. I love you so much but it is so hard for me to see you looking such a mess. Please stop with the bad weaves. How hard is it to find someone to do your hair properly?

  • sad

    oh please her hair extensions bonds are showing like stiches on her hairline. There’s a right balance between being obsessed and looking like she does basically everyday. And those eyes have nothing to do with pampering :(

  • Alice

    It irritates me beyond belief that she runs around looking like such a ragamuffin all the time. Seriously, she’s got to have enough money to buy clothing made from something other than polyester and fake leather. And her extensions are a hot mess. WHO DOES THEM??? And why would you walk out of the house with your hair in a pony tail to show off the hot mess on your scalp??? I don’t understand it. You don’t have to get all dolled up or wear high-end designers…just clean yourself up!

  • lewis

    @DarkEmpress: excuses, she has nannies and the kids do not live with her. Her nannies are in the pic with her unlike most mom who actually take care of their kids alone and are full time mothers. Britney is just nasty, she has all teh cash in the world to dress decent but money can’t buy class.

  • anon2

    I wonder if Britney would consider playing Marilyn Monroe. She looks just like her. I do NOT want to start rumors because I am just guessing….but could she be pregnant? She has a glow and her belly looks a little bigger in one of these pics. It might explain why she looks a little sleepy in pics recently.

  • Ryan

    I honestly think she is damaged way beyond repair, she suffers from something, whether it be mental or physical, girl looks downwright lost. All the crap she been through carries throughout your life whether you want it to or not. I honestly do not see her taking over Gaga success. She may have a few hits but she is not and will never be the Britney from 2001. She is so young but she looks beyond her years from all the stress, smoking, drugs, tanning, unhealthy eating and stuff, Britney please wake up.

  • Wow

    @Alice: I think she just has really tacky taste.

  • sadaaaaaan


  • Caitlyn

    yeah she was dancing her ass off today so sorry If she doesn’t look like a million bucks

  • elO

    Much has been said about her hair. I think if she has so little hair left, she should just drop the extensions and get a wig. Not to mention they require much less work and care than extensions so they’re perfect for a slob like her
    But what pisses me the most about her are the eyebrows. Seriously, if she does her make-up, she should not leave out the eyebrows and make them more visible. With her high forehead and too bright eyebrows she looks more like Marylin Manson. Eyebrows shape the face and people really look different when they change the shape of their eyebrows.

  • Marcus

    Bag lady alert and as you can tell by the comments,nobody gives a rats a$$ about her dismal music.

  • Michelle


  • Noticias de Famosos

    Britney would have arranged something else .. but the truth is that you have a beautiful child.

  • @anon2

    wow, i would not call that a glow. honestly, i think she looks like she’s barely functioning. i feel sorry for her. i very much hope she is not pregnant. she doesn’t seem well. not happy at all. more like a walking shell.

  • anon2


    Having a glow and looking tired are two different things. Her skin looks more clear than it has in years and it does have a glow. However, she does look very tired/out of it in recent pics. Look at a few of the pics from oct/nov/dec and see the difference. We don’t know what is going on in her life; I just hope she is ok.

  • Paige

    The comments made me…BARF!!!!!
    WHY should she look perfect for u b!tches and the paps on her down time??
    she doesnt want a stylist to style her every single ruddy day like some attention seeking fake slutty celebs.
    she just wants to live.
    she looks good in her videos/interviews. isnt that enough?? geeeeeeeeeeeeze.

  • uh

    She is Never going to recover is she? Poor girl looks like such a wreck ALL the time, even when she looks like she made an attempt to be decent. I feel bad for her hair, looks like she has the same problem my nana did, her hairline started receding when she had kids. But WHY does she seem to insist on those Awful weaves??? does she not own a mirror??