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David Cook: New Album Teaser!

David Cook: New Album Teaser!

Check out this behind-the-scenes look at David Cook hard at work on his new album!

The American Idol champ, who turned 28 late last month, will release his sophomore album soon. Can’t wait to hear the latest music!!

“Cleaning, Packing, Sleeping, Waking, Driving, Hugging, Crying, Waving, Flying, Landing, RECORDING, Smiling,” David tweeted earlier today.

FYI: American Idol will return to TV on January 19 on FOX!

David Cook – New Album Teaser
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  • *~*+*~*

    David Cock! hahahahaha

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

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  • marina

    can’t wait for David new album

  • Timely

    Oh finally. I haven’t heard anything about him in awhile. What I can hear of the music sounds really good. And he looks good too. Love the glasses.

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Not good

  • hdftyhdt

    :P :P :P I lov e this , i lov e my b oyfriend, he is a nice guy !.

    i met him via —– Bla c kw h it eF li rts. C” 0- M—-

    The most successful interra cial da t ing c lub. If you are still waiting for your sweet “milk” or “chocolate”, don’t hesitate to check it !! Don’t let your babies wait too long for you !!

  • Dan

    Can not wait for this album. It’s been a long time coming but since he is a real Artist/Musician/Song Writer with a stellar kick arce Voice I am sure this album will remind everyone of who he is! Bring It!

  • The Other Woman

    guess no one cares….

  • moonmono

    Wow! David Cook coming out with new album would make sure that 2011 is a awesome year!

  • KellyB

    This sounds REALLY good. I can’t wait to hear the whole thing!

  • sylvanaire

    Pretty cool B&W video, love the snippets of 2 new songs! Bring on the new album and new tour, I can hardly wait!

  • Jason

    Dude rocks live, for sure. Kick-a$$ band. Hope they get it all on the record, and I’ll buy.

  • diane

    The teaser music sounds incredible. Can’t wait for the album!

  • NEMO

    I’m SO ready for new music from Mr. Cook. Bring it on!

  • Jas

    Sounds excellent!! This is the album I am most excited to hear in 2011. They are also an excellent live band – heard them perform one of the new songs on the teaser, “Paper Heart” at Busch Gardens this summer.

  • Nico

    Sounds great! I can’t wait…

  • Sugar

    Can’t wait for the new music to come rolling in. The snippets in the video make me very excited for the whole thing. David and his band kick some major a$$ live.

  • Robert

    Looking forward very much for ths album to be released.

  • Bay

    Keep hearing that he is a song-writer but he hasn’t written a hit yet. Keep hearing that he is rock star but he just seems like another midwestern good-boy. Keep hearing how many albums he sold and can sell so we better expect a huge opening with platinum in a few months. Will be interesting to see if the media and public will be intersted. If they are not, wonder who his fans will blame it on this time.

  • Cole


  • karen

    Wow, sounds amazing. I’m looking forward to David Cook’s new album. I jut love his music.

  • Coffeebeans

    Great news to start 2011, cannot wait for the new single & CD.

  • Rose

    I like most of the songs from David Cook so far. I haven’t been listening to music for years but his music brought back my passion for music. Can’t wait to hear his next album.

  • tersil

    Had forgotten about this dude. Thought he was hot and was gonna be a major star. Hope he can come up with a unique sound that distinguishes him. His got like a classy rocker voice sorta. This wasn’t much of a big deal. Yea nice voice I lusted over his lips a while back.

  • KA

    He doesn’t have the looks, talent or charisma of Kris Allen. He is so ugly and all he attracts are old ladies.




    BWAH HA HA!!!!!!!!!! UGLY……….with glasses. He looks like he’s 50 years old. All the grannies out there should love him!!

  • Timely

    Okay. people are Weird. I can’t get that guitar riff out of my head. I want to hear the whole song.

  • Saywhat!

    “… If you aren’t pleasing or pissing somebody off, you’re doing something wrong”

    Wise words from Mr. Cook himself.

    Just FYI. KA aka Krissy, who has been spamming all the Cook news and blog postings is not a Kris Allen fan. She is a pathetic troll and Adam Lambert fan who is trying to kill two birds with one stone. Slam David Cook and make Kris Allen fans look bad in the process. Adam Lambert is a very talented dude, he doesn’t need his fans to resort to such disgusting measures.

    BTW. It sounds awesome David. The instrumentation and riffs
    sound so much more complex and compelling than on your first Post AI album already. I am glad that you are realizing that you don’t have to sacrifice your beautiful vocals and strong melodic sense to prove that you are a “real” rocker. Hope you are going to lose the wall of sound approach and generic melodies that you adopted (were forced to adopt) for DCTR. Oh, and some accoustic too please.

    All in alll I am very excited for you to prove what you can do. Stand your ground!

  • Sam

    Apparently some don’t have anything better to do than troll sites and spew cr$p. I’m talking about KA aka Krissy who gets off trolling every Cook blog and slamming Cook. Get a life. You must be some 12 year old that needs to be in school.

    Bay, someone can be a songwriter and not yet have a “hit”. Cook has been writing for years. His time will come for a hit. As to being a rocker, you must not have been to any live show on the never-ending, heal-lining Declaration tour (150 plus shows with a 90% sellout rate, most shows by any AI ever on their initial tour). He also had a song he co-wrote appear on TV in the spring for every sports event promo for CBS namely “Heroes”. He wrote his Analog Heart album (the one he independently made before idol, so yes I would consider him a songwriter. Funny how some like to diminish what someone has done. I think a platinum album, 2 platinum singles and a gold single from a major label debut album is pretty darn good, but that is me.

    I personally am eagerly awaiting what Cook will bring. Love what I’ve heard so far.

  • April


    KA you really need to get over yourself and quit spamming all Cook blogs. It’s really making you look like a fool.

  • Lori

    Finally, new David Cook music on the way! Can’t wait.

  • tersil

    Wow. Came back to see if anyone had made more comments. Who is Kris Allen?

  • Mayet

    Wow! Excited to hear he has new music coming out soon.

  • http://@RosLip Rosemary

    David will always be my favorite AI. He is a talented singer, musician and song writer. Still love his first album and after hearing that small snippet; cannot wait for the new music!

  • Blaine

    @tersil: Kris is the guy who won idol the year after David. He opened with 80,000 sold to David’s 280,000 sold the first week. He also started the wgwg are boring crap that dragged David into it and reinforced it with Lee.

  • theloneranger

    Was hoping he dropped off the face of the earth..Can’t stand him or his so called music…..YUCK….and he is ugly to boot…

  • kristie

    @theloneranger: what and you’re not? you must be very ugly to say stuff like that. you’re nothing but a douche.

  • kristie

    love, love, LOVE the new teaser! i can’t wait for new music from the amazing david cook, & i can’t wait to see him in concert again. :)

  • John

    I really like David. I really liked him on Idol and loved his first album. Excited for some new music. There’s not much out there right now.

  • Lauren

    Have lots of songs/artists on my ipod including anything I can get my hands on that David Cook has sung including idol covers, most Axium songs, Analog Heart and David Cook. His voice has almost spoiled me from wanting to listen to anyone else. The minute his sophmore album is released, it will be purchased by me, can hardly wait!! He is also a very sexy, smart and well spoken guy. Love him!

  • Lee

    Not sure what your gripe is with fans — but here are the Billboard stats, if you’re interested.
    Billboard Charts for 2009:
    David Cook (the artist)
    #03 Top Rock Album Artist
    #06 Hot Adult Contemporary Artists
    #08 Hot Adult Pop Songs Artist
    #14 Billboard 200 Artists
    #33 Top Artist
    #66 Hot 100 Artist
    #08 Top Internet Album Artists

    David Cook – the Album
    #04 Top Rock Albums
    #13 The Billboard 200 Top Selling Albums
    #14 Comprehensive Album Charts\
    #09 Top Internet Albums

  • Peggy

    This teaser makes me even more excited than I already was for new music from David Cook.

  • TK

    I liked David Cook’s first CD a lot but forgot he had a new one coming out. Sounds good so far. When will it be out?

  • Liza

    God, David Cook is so hot. Nothing sexier than a man so intensely passionate and in control of his work. Love the glasses too. It’s like the male equivalent of the sexy-librarian. Can’t wait for the new album.

  • madge

    Oh yeah! Sounds like this album’s gonna be great! Can’t wait!

  • Kev

    Not an idol fan but David’s great! Caught a show of his a while back. The guitar riff at the end sounds pretty sick; interested in seeing what 2011 brings for this dude.

  • Kellie D.

    @KA: Instead of saying something negative about David, why don’t you just go to an article about Kris and post something positive? It’s better for both of them, and they’re both talented in their own right. I like David better than Kris, but it doesn’t mean I post awful things about Kris. Think about it.

  • Kellie D.

    I cannot wait for David’s new album!! I was already excited about it since his first one is so great (love every song on it!), but after watching/listening to the album teaser video, I’m even more excited! The song snippets sound fantastic! Hope it’s coming out REAL SOON!!

  • Kellie D.

    @Bay: Bay, you say he hasn’t written a hit yet….two of his songs went Platinum and one gold….I would say those 3 are certainly hits! And I would also say what my grandmother used to say….”if you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all”. Just sayin’ ;)