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David & Victoria Beckham: Expecting 4th Child!

David & Victoria Beckham: Expecting 4th Child!

David and Victoria Beckham are expecting their fourth child together!

The 35-year-old soccer star confirmed the happy news earlier today on his official Facebook page.

“I’ve got some great news to tell you all,” David wrote. “Victoria and I are expecting our fourth child this summer. The boys are very excited about the arrival of a new brother or sister.”

The newborn will join big brothers Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 5.

Congratulations to David and Victoria!!

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  • Casey

    Loads/most women arent showing at 4 months, Its sort of how women can keep it a secret it until theyre sure the pregnancy is into the second trimester. A small bump develops in second and then bump is left behind for big ole beach ball.
    Im suprised she weighs enough to have periods (much like i was with N. Richie) but evidently shes not that undernurished (too skinny sure but not dangerously so if she menstrates) so shut up abot what you evidently have no knowledge of

  • Mary

    Oh :) I hope for them (especially her) that it’s gonna be a girl. my fingers are crossed :)

  • ihateph

    @purple: your an idiot

  • ann

    i’m so excited :) Congrats to them <3

  • the2faces

    Do you think Victoria would ruin even more her body if the kid wasnt a girl??? HA HA HA. She’s always been desperate for that perfect silly girl.

  • hmm

    well she needed to do something to keep david’s attention because he was looking elsewhere for his fun.
    these people hardly are on the same continent together. the bond was breaking

  • katrina

    I love Victoria Beckham. She’s so funny, honest, and self-deprecating. So different from what people perceive her to be. I really love her style. And who knew she had such talent in design?

  • Keeley

    Notice that whenever the cheating rumors get really going, they have another baby. They had a nice long 5 year reprieve and then they started up and now she’s pregnant. How interesting. Whatever, I hope the baby is healthy considering his or her mother does not eat on a regular basis. That is all that is important.

  • jessemosslover

    Why are most of the ppl on here hoping she has a girl? Why, so she can teach her daughter to be an anorexic stick figure like she is? I feel sorry for the girls that are going to date her sons when they get older. The boys are going to expect that the girls be anorexic just like their mom.

  • chaos

    hmm… so the rumours of his infidelity are true!

    Designer baby from surrogate mother is my guess.

  • to chaos

    oh don’t so stupid!! Victoria has made no secret of the fact that she has always wanted to have a 4th child. there is no surrogate involved in this.. as for the rumors, that’s all they were. if you notice, idiot, all the tabloids pulled back from those stories a long time ago. see, unlike you, the tabloids are smart enough to know that they have to have the facts behind them; the lawyers proved the rumors to be false.

  • Laura

    YAY!!!!!!!!! I hope its a gorgeous girl like Victoria :) Good news!!!!

  • weetabix

    She’s a lovely lady who often get harsh criticisms by the British public. Fingers crossed that her wish to have a baby girl will come true. Even if it’s not, he’ll definitely be well loved like his other siblings. If I’m not wrong, she suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

    Love this clip of hers on UK tv.

  • http://Hotmail Gal x

    Aww bless them! Hope it girl!

  • Jokergurl

    Congratulations, I hope it’s a girl so Victoria can have a little lady to pass her fashion sense on to, plus she won’t be the only estrogen in that household! HAHA! If it’s a boy again though, they will eventually known as the Beckham fab four! All of the boys are just cuties, they seem grounded and happy, which says a lot for their parents. It’s always nice to see happy families no matter how much they make :)

  • Christina

    Congrats to them! I think 4 boys would be amazing, but I know she’s said she wants a girl so I hope that for her. Either way they are blessed.

  • Elisha

    It kinda explains her softer gaze when they photograph her.
    Also, I noticed she’s been wearing bulkier attires as well.

    So excited! I can’t wait to hear that the baby will be a girl HOPEFULLY

  • ewwwww

    Oh wow! PR stunt for sure. All these people posting here how happy they are for them is pretty wonky. David complained recently that his infidelity had affected his career in a bad way, so I guess they’ve got people pretending to be excited about their PR baby. These people are so plastic and waxy it’s shameless.

  • lynx

    that’s great! i like them=)

  • Karly

    Miranda kerr and Orlanda had their baby on sat, a boy!

  • bimoli

    HOORAAYYYY……I’m so happy for this lovely family.

  • predictable

    @the2faces: Yep It is a ready made baby girl to deflect the cheating alegations and to apear strong family.

  • Janie


    There are many Hollywood couples who are dedicated to their children, and family.

  • Janie


    Why do you have to say he’s gay? What does that have to do with what he did?

  • um

    Since when are the Beckhams “Hollywood?” He’s a footballer and she’s a footballer’s wife who used to be a “singer”. Sports.

  • Cece

    Congrats to them. There will be a July baby. People usually announce the baby news after first trimenter. When did we see her last actually whether there’s a bump or not. You guys should see Britain Got Talent judge Amanda Holden who is said to be 6 months pregnant and you can’t see a thing!!

    Victoria is very smart; the best celebrity wife or footballer WAG (that’s how they say in UK). She knows what she’s getting into and she will keep the marriage and family intact.


    nothing is as it seems…this is a GLUE BABY!

  • firefly

    I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS FAMILY! If the baby is due in the summer, then maybe SHE should be called: Summer Beckham, OR, I think the name, Princess Victoria Elizabeth Beckham is MAJOR! One thing I know for sure is that, if it is a girl, Victoria will NOT, I repeat, will NOT, dress her like Angelina did Shiloh on the pages of People magazine. (I’m still reeling from that one) Ohh, I cannot wait to see David & Victoria and the boys with their little brother/sister or BOTH on the covers of magazines EVERYWHERE! GOD BLESS THE PRECIOUS BABY BECKHAM IN THE WOMB!

  • http://deleted Sela

    A little will just be such a princess in that family with so many boys. Victoria will probably be completely beside herself with a girl to dress and preen. I hope they get their wish. Nice family.

  • maria

    Summer Beckham ….. that’s a very cute name. It will denifiely be a unique one based on the boys’ name (Cruz, Romeo and Brooklyn). May be it’s going to be a double name – Summer Ray Beakham. he he ………..

  • Go Ask Alice

    Good for them.A boy would fun to be with the other 3 boys.
    A girls would be great adn so so spolied by the 3 big brothers , David and Victoria would ahrdley get to hold the ababy girl, LOL!!
    I hope they have a girl.
    They really seem like a real couple, like Heidie and Seal,always with their kids, really being parents even if they are celebs and have maids, nannies, and stuff.

  • oooooooooooooooooooooooohheee

    “David and Victoria Beckham are expecting their fourth child together!”
    “….expecting their fourth child together!”
    Who in craaap’s sake wrote this? Its insinuating that David or Victoria are not together in the sense of being married or they are having children from different people. Are they? Surrogates?

  • Anastasia

    that’s the most wonderful news i’ve heard lately!I can’t even begin to describe how happy i am for David and Victoria!
    I wish them all the best,everything to go well during the pregnancy!
    And maybe this time wait for a little girl?
    my best wishes to the family!

  • Rosy

    Woo congratulations! A girl maybe :)

  • putry

    congrats ! cant wait to see the new baby, hope its a girl :)

  • Lalalove

    Aww, congrats! Love these two!

  • Phoebe

    I love Victoria and David.. So happy for them!

  • kyle

    I hope they have a baby girl this time.

  • WhoCares!!!!!!!

    Another Beckham BRAT born into the world… Lovely— (NOT!)

  • Cleo

    Hope It’s a girl. If not try again. This is a happy couple who can afford 10 kids if they wanted to.


  • hmmm

    Wonder what idiotic name this one will be saddled with.
    Hmm. This must be why they’ve decided to move back to blighty.
    Can’t stand this family- pretencious, selfish, snotty and completely over-rated!

  • yep

    congrats! hopefully a girl!

  • tena54

    Aww concrats to the them both, they do seem really happy and i hope that last for a very long time

  • Atrium

    Wow, Glad 4 Them
    If It’s Gonna Be a Girl
    It Will Be Even More Perfect that They Are

  • ihateph

    @Janie: I didn’t say that there aren’t any other couples like them in hollywood. It’s def not the norm in hollywood thank you very much > >

  • saywhat?

    aww, those little boys need a little sister to keep em in check. A girl with older bros are tough little things, they know how to hold their own and every family needs a little girl.

  • Gustav

    Boring family they do not have nothing on the head just to pretend to belong to a social status. I do not know if they still know -remember where they come from…From the lower class from UK. Poor Children with this mother..

  • ewww

    Some of the comments here sound orgasmic. Do you expect us to believe the Beckhams aren’t on a PR binge to battle the bad press Dave brought on his family? He’s another disgusting celebutard wanting everyone to LOOOOOOOOOVE him. Vikki needs them to be a power couple so she can be the most successful Spice Girl. They are as fake as canned snow.

  • ewww

    I think the Becks PR enlisted helpers to come here and voice their ecstasy at the Beckhams “happy” news.

  • Miriam

    It’s baby number four for the Beckhams, the new member of the family was revealed via David’s Facebook account announcing Victoria Beckham pregnant, and we have some interesting details to tell you about that exciting news, Keep reading to know about that plus check out some photos of the lovely Beckham family, videos
    Victoria Beckham Pregnant, Expecting Fourth Child