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Jake Gyllenhaal: Livestrong Workout!

Jake Gyllenhaal: Livestrong Workout!

Jake Gyllenhaal wears a Livestrong wind breaker while going for a morning run on Saturday (January 8) in Hollywood, Calif.

Later that evening, Jake attended the Palm Springs International Film Festival where he presented an award to his ex (and Brothers co-star) Natalie Portman.

Jake just arrived back in Los Angeles on Friday after spending time in New York City, where he was spotted on the subway taking the Q train!

10+ pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal on his morning workout…

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jake gyllenhaal livestrong workout 01
jake gyllenhaal livestrong workout 02
jake gyllenhaal livestrong workout 03
jake gyllenhaal livestrong workout 04
jake gyllenhaal livestrong workout 05
jake gyllenhaal livestrong workout 06
jake gyllenhaal livestrong workout 07
jake gyllenhaal livestrong workout 08
jake gyllenhaal livestrong workout 09
jake gyllenhaal livestrong workout 10
jake gyllenhaal livestrong workout 11
jake gyllenhaal livestrong workout 12

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Yuck

    Getting in shape for his next beard errrr gf

  • Marie

    His legs look weird

  • ollie

    nice thunder thighs!

  • haha

    I can’t wait to see his next beard

  • Rob

    Jake claimed he didn’t like all the attention with Taylor but doesn’t mind the paps snapping him jogging? He LOVES attention.

  • Frito

    He would have to run pretty damn fast if i saw him jogging in my neighborhood. Damn!

  • Chris

    @Rob: Are you effing serious? he’s a super star. How can he help it? what’s he’s gonna do? run in doors? run in his room? you should be really proud, hating on another guy on a public forum. Yikes.

  • Chris

    Legs for days. Nom.

  • BEAN

    Funny how him and Taylor started “dating” just when they both had something to promote then fizzled out when that was over. I knew other celebrities did that and I don’t know why I put it past him but i really did like him until that showmance. It’s completely put me off him.

  • BEAN

    @BEAN: That said he is still gorgeous.

  • Rob

    @Chris: I’m just pointing out the reason he claimed to break up with Taylor was he didn’t like all the attention from being with her and I think that was a pretty LAME excuse or reason. I know he’s an actor and should expect it and to use that as a reason for a break up is dumb.

  • Crissy

    Jake you lost all credibilty with me by that fake whatever it was supposed to be with TS. You are a big phony just like alot of these celebs.

  • Nate


  • Jake’s a cutie

    Crissy, I’m sure Jake is losing sleep over you about as much sleep he is losing over Taylor Swift. And he actually knows who Taylor Swift is.

  • Lisa

    Who will the next beard victim be?

    I can’t wait to see!

  • Crissy

    @Jake’s a cutie: Well Duh like I don’t know that. I’m just expressing my opinion like you or anyone else on this board. I used to like him now I don’t and I can state that just like you can state you would probably kiss his butt.

  • Elvin

    I would do him no problem.

  • Merri

    Jake looks really good. But I can’t take him seriously anymore. During his Reese days, always thought that of the billions of photo ops he did, 85% were staged and the rest real pap shots. But after the whole fake Taylor thing, it’s like everything he does and says is scripted and pre-arranged. I mean Taylor Swift? Really?

  • jilli

    phony gay faker
    how do you live with yourself

  • Chilly

    Is Jake going back to his bearded depressed look like he did this summer?

  • Elaine

    He has fat girl “thunder thighs”, needs to work out more instead of being in showmances to sell his movie. I lost all respect for him when he staged that thanksgiving photoshoot with Taylor Swift and his niece. That little girl looked straight at the camera and gave them away as fake. Shame on him for using his family for publicity.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    I hate beard , His legs wried and fat

  • EJ

    MyGod Jake what happened to you? All that bulking up and then losing fast is wrecking your once beautiful bod. I loved how it looked in BBM not all muscled up but healthy.

  • Ashley

    He’s not aging very well is he? Sure looks bad to have just turned 30.

  • Jenny

    What’s up with the fatty legs????

  • lizzy

    jake please ditch the beard, i mean the old man one on your face. i know you already ditched the other one.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Haa ha ha haa ha hee he

  • marian

    Jake go ahead! You are doing everything right!
    Run, baby, run from these boring and no brain blondies!
    You are young and can do better.

  • gilmorocks

    If Jakey is looking for another beard; Blakey-Fakey Liveless (Blake Lively) is very much willing & available for any HW hook-up as long as it will upgrade her being just a TV (h)actress.

  • Robin

    I don’t like his legs.

  • Elaine

    Just saw a picture of Reese Witherspoon. When Jake was dating her, there were pictures of them daily so we all know his statement about breaking up with Taylor because of too much press is a lie. We all know they had an arrangement to “date” AND get press for her album and his movie. Her album sold and his movie wasn’t a total failure. So the deadline for the “relationship” was over. That’s all she wrote.

  • babybump

    i think he’s got baby tile under there somewhere lol

  • teletori

    He hasn’t looked heartbroken at all. He’s no doubt hoping she writes a song about him when he has a movie coming out.

  • cici

    @teletori: there’s something kind of weird about him he can’t keep a woman or a girl for whatever reason. he might just be a person who should be single and have friends.

  • the truth

    Should go and try and get back with rachel bilson since that it was rumor anyway about them dating. I’m sure that she is home from her vacation. less than a day she when she went or didn’t go at all.That’s the girl he should have been with anyway. Don’t like him using natalie that way either.When she’s your ex you should stay away. Like hayden is doing right now.

  • VBfan4lyfe

    I have the same VIVOBAREFOOT Evo running shoes as Jake! Barefoot running wooooo! He was talking about barefoot running and minimalist shoes when he was on David Letterman! check em out here!!!

  • Jonah

    I hope Jake concentrates on his career now instead of wasting time with these silly fake romances.

  • hal

    Looking at Jake’s legs shows me he’s doing that classic thing a lot of men does when working out. We focus so much on our upper body, we often forget about our lower half. His legs are not skinny but they have no shape or definition to them at all.

  • millie

    i used to think he was cute when he was a lot younger. now he looks all out of proportion and old. cant believe he just only turned 30. my dad looks younger and hes like 15 years older.

  • http://@asdasd SJP

    Are you Americans really THAT fat and stupid? His ‘”thighs” as you call them, aren’t fat. He has well developed QUAD muscles. If you saw he had a big bicep, would you say “he has a fat farm”. Complete morons.

  • se

    Jake Gyllenhaal….. don’t make more these films about sex or betray brothers with his women….
    He is a good actor and he haven’t to acting with films with this themes…..
    I would like that Jack Gyllenhaal make a movie set to Antient Egypt of a french book called “La Reina Hatasu” by Vera Ivanovna Kryzhonoviskaia (watch Wikipedia).
    The Earl of Rochester guided Vera Ivanovna to write this book.

  • se

    I would liake that Jake Gyllwnhaal make a film about Antient Egypt of a french book called “La Reina Hatazu” by Vera Krzhonoviskaia ( watch tis name Wikipedia)

  • rebecca

    he’s a very well developed gay man and he should be proud. i love a guy i feel like could pick me up and twirl me around over his head.

  • kiki jake

    I love Kirsten. I wish she was still with Jake.

  • lobo

    @kiki jake: there’s no way she would ever get back with that tool

  • Rick

    Nice barefoot shoes! Terra Plana’s EVO