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Alexander Skarsgard Repeats Sweater at Golden Globes Party!

Alexander Skarsgard Repeats Sweater at Golden Globes Party!

Alexander Skarsgard attends Audi and designer J. Mendel‘s party to kick off the Golden Globes week at Cecconi’s on Sunday (January 9) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old True Blood actor wore the same sweater that he had just worn a few days earlier!

On Thursday (January 6), Alex wore his fave blue sweater to go grocery shopping after a workout session at the gym.. At least he puts his clothes to good use!

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alexander skarsgard audi golden globe party 01
alexander skarsgard audi golden globe party 02
alexander skarsgard audi golden globe party 03
alexander skarsgard audi golden globe party 04
alexander skarsgard audi golden globe party 05
alexander skarsgard audi golden globe party 06
alexander skarsgard audi golden globe party 07

Credit: Jen Lowery; Photos: Splashnewsonline, Patrick McMullan
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  • OT

    He wore the same sweater?! Oh the HORROR!

  • OH the real……HORROR

    nah…the HORROR is that there are reports that he plans to propose to that ska*k Kate Bowsorth….What an Idiot….setting himself up for divorce, if Kate did not want to leave LA for her ex James Ruesseu who wanted to be in NYC and England, what makes Alex think she’ll settle down and leave LA for Sweden. No way in hell will Kate leave LA or the paps lol

  • sunbears

    He looks tired.

  • Sanne

    I don’t get the appeal.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    No one cares

  • Jamie

    I think he’s cute, but he looks tired.

  • GG

    Why does he look so tired? I wish he was as vain as Eric Northman.

  • troll

    Hopefully he washes that sweater sometimes…
    I guess heĀ“ll wear it A LOT.

  • damn askars

    WOw he does look tired and THIN and a bit untidy, looks like he is taking a leaf out of his womans book, looking casual and unkept now we just need to see bosWh**** peeking her head around the corner

  • fuzzie

    Who cares if he’s wearing the same sweater, it’s up to him what he wears! Makes me sick that celebs get hounded by the paps constantly wherever they go, get a life instead of spying on other people’s!

  • Tanter

    He looks good in blue. But yeah – tired.. Maybe they’re shooting TB at night at the moment?

  • Nicole

    He looks like complete crap! Drugs? Disgusting now! What the hell happened to him in a year? Someone should stage an intervention soon.

  • Nicole

    BTW Why is he even attending the Golden Globes stuff since TB didn’t get even one nomination this year? Taking a play out of Kate’s play book. Even if your not nominated or working(in her case) still attend the parties and pretend like you are supposed to be there. At least he could look like he took a shower and washed his clothes if he attends a function. Zac Efron looks like he tried and he is much younger than Skars! Does he pay a publicist? Cause if he does then he should get his money back. Things have not looked good for Alex for over a year. So much bad press and bad choices and looking like crap!! So sad…..

  • Scruffy

    I love scruffy Askars

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Tak tak tak

  • Martha Fowler

    I agree scruffy….I love how he looks….especially SMILING Askars!

  • The Vet Girl


    ahah indeed. Shame on you!

    He looks nice anyway.


    Holy SH*T !!…..If T-H-I-S ^ is what the ” Wonderful World of Hollywood ” does to a person, maybe that career choice of his in desiring to be in the public spot light, needs some SERIOUS re-examination !!!!

    FOR GOD’S SAKE !…..Alex, what has become of you???
    I’m sorry to say this, but….
    He looks like some drunken bum pulled out from under a bridge, allowed to dry out just a bit and thrown into some soup kitchen’s charity clothing!!!!
    How very, very sad it has become to witness the continual compiling evidence of this once charismatic, sexy man, being progressively EATEN ALIVE by FAME AND FORTUNE AND SO CALLED FRIENDS!!!
    And No, It’s NOT just simply a matter of an occasional poor clothing choice problem, ….IT’S EVERYTHING…( and all you have to do is just compare his early pics, videos and attitude to who he is now to realize!)

  • *~*+*~*


  • Ainni gonswal

    He is very smart and nice body builder..

  • JustJoanie

    He looks tired but as gorgeous as ever. Come home with me ASkars, I’ll let you get some sleep … eventually. ; P

  • Who?

    Trash. Manwhore.
    And his body isn’t amazing, have you seen his legs? he just build the “Fans – muscles” = upper body for shots.

  • Annie

    Wow, he used to be gorgeous, but his looks went fast. He went from Nordic God to Bar Brawler.

  • Tina

    I get the appeal

  • fuzzie

    Personally I don’t care what he wears , he always looks good to me! Agree with Scruffy & Martha in that he looks good scruffy! In fact, I prefer scruffy looking men, must do seeing as I married one,lol!

  • Mia

    You know he is a friend of your beloved Joel?

  • Lena

    I feel really sorry for you, Nicole. Stop all the hating and get a life.

  • cecile

    IMO he went from a potential Matt Damon style to Kellan Lutz style. Not because Kate Bosworth, she showed us his true colors.
    I don’t see the appeal anymore.

  • Chloe

    Who cares what he wears!! And he does not look awful at all! True Blood cast is filming season 4 now, and he probably is just exhausted.

  • Working hard

    They’ve doing many night shoots since they’re back from the holidays.
    The scruff is obviously because of his character. The guy’s been working hard.

  • lil

    Tweets from the party are all about how gorgeous he is in person, so the camera just caught him looking tired. I think he looks good, just tired. Night shoots most likely, for True Blood and that makes me really happy!

  • ewwwww

    Ugly sweater, fug guy.

  • Kathy

    He and Kate are getting married. To the haters ha ha you need a life. He does not care what you think, he’s marrying the woman he loves.

  • Mickee


    He looks amazing as always.

  • Gina

    He does look a little tired but it is nice to see him smiling. I also really don’t care if he’s wearing the same sweater. There is WAY to much made out of what celebrities wear. Most normal people don’t have a closet full of clothes that they only wear once. I think he dresses like everyone else on the planet and I give him credit for not playing into the Hollywood must be dressed by a stylist BS.
    Unfortunately that is the only Hollywood BS he doesn’t play into. I’ve heard the rumors of them doing the whole marriage for the publicity thing. Hopefully they are just rumors and he won’t further ruin his reputation with even a fake marriage to her.

  • WieGets

    Beared = ugly drug addict? lol

    Anyways, Golden Globes? really?

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    Under dressed is an understatement but he can looks good he is not my piece of cake (I love his father and that is as far as me and Alex go LOL) but I do think he can do better than this.

  • what NO kate

    what no kate at the party hiding in the corner and in and out of cars? or maybe she was working that night LOL. I thought alex was very serious about kate his SUPPOSED GF so alex did not want to bring her because according to winnie he cannot take the public backlash LOL or are they trying for another break up rumor? I bet kate was there clinging onto alex for dear life! stroking his back and neck or they met up after the party WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RayJ

    He looks like he doesn’t even care. Seems like a nice enough guy, but would a shower and clean clothes that actually FIT have killed him? Don’t find him attractive at all. He looks sloppy and like he smells of day old beer and cigarettes.

  • Oh well!!

    @Kathy: Girl who cares? No one’s hating on him. R u from one of those crazy fansites.? Last time I checked no one really gave a hot damn. Alex has shot himself in the foot. Good luck to him.

  • Really?

    They’re getting married? How about be open about dating first? Marriage seems like a bit of leap..

  • Snicker

    @fuzzie: Hey, genius, he’s walking a red carpet, so he’s getting papped on purpose, dufus.

  • Ashley

    He’s very good looing this pic doesn’t do him justice…he’s probably tired from shooting TB constantly…and who cares what he wears? I like when celebrities aren’t so obsessed with their looks.

  • Jessica @Tina Mia Lena

    (Where is my post?)
    At this point, the crazies are the diehard fans…
    He is wearing something? I thought he was always NAKED.
    OH! Alex I see your suffering (J.J. only post the “better” pics), still going to this kind of events, poor thing trying to smile. I see in your face U know you screwed up.

  • Susan

    Not his best pics but he still looks good.

  • Seriously

    Really like this shot and Alexander’s sense of humor. A little poke at KB and all her fashionista shots. Glad to see he’s completely himself.

  • HW insider

    where is our hollyweird insider winnie?

    so what’s kate’s excuse for not showing up oh yes according to the national enquirer artical kate is staying at home to prove a point she is prepared to give up the HW party lifestyle for alex to settle down and have kids well played PR! let the rumors begin!

  • fuzzie

    @Snicker WELL EXCUSE ME! OBVIOUSLY I KNOW THAT! I’M NOT THAT STUPID!! Just mentioned about the paps in general of course he was posing for these shots!

  • fda


    oh shut up already

  • British Latin American

    Such a hot man!