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Alexander Skarsgard Repeats Sweater at Golden Globes Party!

Alexander Skarsgard Repeats Sweater at Golden Globes Party!

Alexander Skarsgard attends Audi and designer J. Mendel‘s party to kick off the Golden Globes week at Cecconi’s on Sunday (January 9) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old True Blood actor wore the same sweater that he had just worn a few days earlier!

On Thursday (January 6), Alex wore his fave blue sweater to go grocery shopping after a workout session at the gym.. At least he puts his clothes to good use!

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197 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard Repeats Sweater at Golden Globes Party!”

  1. 1
    OT Says:

    He wore the same sweater?! Oh the HORROR!

  2. 2
    OH the real......HORROR Says:

    nah…the HORROR is that there are reports that he plans to propose to that ska*k Kate Bowsorth….What an Idiot….setting himself up for divorce, if Kate did not want to leave LA for her ex James Ruesseu who wanted to be in NYC and England, what makes Alex think she’ll settle down and leave LA for Sweden. No way in hell will Kate leave LA or the paps lol

  3. 3
    sunbears Says:

    He looks tired.

  4. 4
    Sanne Says:

    I don’t get the appeal.

  5. 5
    Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!! Says:

    No one cares

  6. 6
    Jamie Says:

    I think he’s cute, but he looks tired.

  7. 7
    GG Says:

    Why does he look so tired? I wish he was as vain as Eric Northman.

  8. 8
    troll Says:

    Hopefully he washes that sweater sometimes…
    I guess he´ll wear it A LOT.

  9. 9
    damn askars Says:

    WOw he does look tired and THIN and a bit untidy, looks like he is taking a leaf out of his womans book, looking casual and unkept now we just need to see bosWh**** peeking her head around the corner

  10. 10
    fuzzie Says:

    Who cares if he’s wearing the same sweater, it’s up to him what he wears! Makes me sick that celebs get hounded by the paps constantly wherever they go, get a life instead of spying on other people’s!

  11. 11
    Tanter Says:

    He looks good in blue. But yeah – tired.. Maybe they’re shooting TB at night at the moment?

  12. 12
    Nicole Says:

    He looks like complete crap! Drugs? Disgusting now! What the hell happened to him in a year? Someone should stage an intervention soon.

  13. 13
    Nicole Says:

    BTW Why is he even attending the Golden Globes stuff since TB didn’t get even one nomination this year? Taking a play out of Kate’s play book. Even if your not nominated or working(in her case) still attend the parties and pretend like you are supposed to be there. At least he could look like he took a shower and washed his clothes if he attends a function. Zac Efron looks like he tried and he is much younger than Skars! Does he pay a publicist? Cause if he does then he should get his money back. Things have not looked good for Alex for over a year. So much bad press and bad choices and looking like crap!! So sad…..

  14. 14
    Scruffy Says:

    I love scruffy Askars

  15. 15
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:

    Tak tak tak

  16. 16
    Martha Fowler Says:

    I agree scruffy….I love how he looks….especially SMILING Askars!

  17. 17
    The Vet Girl Says:


    ahah indeed. Shame on you!

    He looks nice anyway.

  18. 18

    Holy SH*T !!…..If T-H-I-S ^ is what the ” Wonderful World of Hollywood ” does to a person, maybe that career choice of his in desiring to be in the public spot light, needs some SERIOUS re-examination !!!!

    FOR GOD’S SAKE !…..Alex, what has become of you???
    I’m sorry to say this, but….
    He looks like some drunken bum pulled out from under a bridge, allowed to dry out just a bit and thrown into some soup kitchen’s charity clothing!!!!
    How very, very sad it has become to witness the continual compiling evidence of this once charismatic, sexy man, being progressively EATEN ALIVE by FAME AND FORTUNE AND SO CALLED FRIENDS!!!
    And No, It’s NOT just simply a matter of an occasional poor clothing choice problem, ….IT’S EVERYTHING…( and all you have to do is just compare his early pics, videos and attitude to who he is now to realize!)

  19. 19
    *~*+*~* Says:


  20. 20
    Ainni gonswal Says:

    He is very smart and nice body builder..

  21. 21
    JustJoanie Says:

    He looks tired but as gorgeous as ever. Come home with me ASkars, I’ll let you get some sleep … eventually. ; P

  22. 22
    Who? Says:

    Trash. Manwhore.
    And his body isn’t amazing, have you seen his legs? he just build the “Fans – muscles” = upper body for shots.

  23. 23
    Annie Says:

    Wow, he used to be gorgeous, but his looks went fast. He went from Nordic God to Bar Brawler.

  24. 24
    Tina Says:

    I get the appeal

  25. 25
    fuzzie Says:

    Personally I don’t care what he wears , he always looks good to me! Agree with Scruffy & Martha in that he looks good scruffy! In fact, I prefer scruffy looking men, must do seeing as I married one,lol!

  26. 26
    Mia Says:

    You know he is a friend of your beloved Joel?

  27. 27
    Lena Says:

    I feel really sorry for you, Nicole. Stop all the hating and get a life.

  28. 28
    cecile Says:

    IMO he went from a potential Matt Damon style to Kellan Lutz style. Not because Kate Bosworth, she showed us his true colors.
    I don’t see the appeal anymore.

  29. 29
    Chloe Says:

    Who cares what he wears!! And he does not look awful at all! True Blood cast is filming season 4 now, and he probably is just exhausted.

  30. 30
    Working hard Says:

    They’ve doing many night shoots since they’re back from the holidays.
    The scruff is obviously because of his character. The guy’s been working hard.

  31. 31
    lil Says:

    Tweets from the party are all about how gorgeous he is in person, so the camera just caught him looking tired. I think he looks good, just tired. Night shoots most likely, for True Blood and that makes me really happy!

  32. 32
    ewwwww Says:

    Ugly sweater, fug guy.

  33. 33
    Kathy Says:

    He and Kate are getting married. To the haters ha ha you need a life. He does not care what you think, he’s marrying the woman he loves.

  34. 34
    Mickee Says:


    He looks amazing as always.

  35. 35
    Gina Says:

    He does look a little tired but it is nice to see him smiling. I also really don’t care if he’s wearing the same sweater. There is WAY to much made out of what celebrities wear. Most normal people don’t have a closet full of clothes that they only wear once. I think he dresses like everyone else on the planet and I give him credit for not playing into the Hollywood must be dressed by a stylist BS.
    Unfortunately that is the only Hollywood BS he doesn’t play into. I’ve heard the rumors of them doing the whole marriage for the publicity thing. Hopefully they are just rumors and he won’t further ruin his reputation with even a fake marriage to her.

  36. 36
    WieGets Says:

    Beared = ugly drug addict? lol

    Anyways, Golden Globes? really?

  37. 37
    Mjforever Says:

    Under dressed is an understatement but he can looks good he is not my piece of cake (I love his father and that is as far as me and Alex go LOL) but I do think he can do better than this.

  38. 38
    what NO kate Says:

    what no kate at the party hiding in the corner and in and out of cars? or maybe she was working that night LOL. I thought alex was very serious about kate his SUPPOSED GF so alex did not want to bring her because according to winnie he cannot take the public backlash LOL or are they trying for another break up rumor? I bet kate was there clinging onto alex for dear life! stroking his back and neck or they met up after the party WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. 39
    RayJ Says:

    He looks like he doesn’t even care. Seems like a nice enough guy, but would a shower and clean clothes that actually FIT have killed him? Don’t find him attractive at all. He looks sloppy and like he smells of day old beer and cigarettes.

  40. 40
    Oh well!! Says:

    @Kathy: Girl who cares? No one’s hating on him. R u from one of those crazy fansites.? Last time I checked no one really gave a hot damn. Alex has shot himself in the foot. Good luck to him.

  41. 41
    Really? Says:

    They’re getting married? How about be open about dating first? Marriage seems like a bit of leap..

  42. 42
    Snicker Says:

    @fuzzie: Hey, genius, he’s walking a red carpet, so he’s getting papped on purpose, dufus.

  43. 43
    Ashley Says:

    He’s very good looing this pic doesn’t do him justice…he’s probably tired from shooting TB constantly…and who cares what he wears? I like when celebrities aren’t so obsessed with their looks.

  44. 44
    Jessica @Tina Mia Lena Says:

    (Where is my post?)
    At this point, the crazies are the diehard fans…
    He is wearing something? I thought he was always NAKED.
    OH! Alex I see your suffering (J.J. only post the “better” pics), still going to this kind of events, poor thing trying to smile. I see in your face U know you screwed up.

  45. 45
    Susan Says:

    Not his best pics but he still looks good.

  46. 46
    Seriously Says:

    Really like this shot and Alexander’s sense of humor. A little poke at KB and all her fashionista shots. Glad to see he’s completely himself.

  47. 47
    HW insider Says:

    where is our hollyweird insider winnie?

    so what’s kate’s excuse for not showing up oh yes according to the national enquirer artical kate is staying at home to prove a point she is prepared to give up the HW party lifestyle for alex to settle down and have kids well played PR! let the rumors begin!

  48. 48
    fuzzie Says:

    @Snicker WELL EXCUSE ME! OBVIOUSLY I KNOW THAT! I’M NOT THAT STUPID!! Just mentioned about the paps in general of course he was posing for these shots!

  49. 49
    fda Says:


    oh shut up already

  50. 50
    British Latin American Says:

    Such a hot man!

  51. 51
    1001 Says:

    I love scruffy Alex and I kinda like that jumper… He wears whatever he wants, doesnt care what people think and 4 me that attitude is very attractive !

  52. 52
    Raine Says:

    I wish I could look at an Alex post without all the hate on him crap about K.B esp when she’s not even metioned in the actual post !

  53. 53
    Rê with Fangs Says:

    Poor thing! It looks so tired! Should ta working hard! About clothes, I think this is a sign of personality, he really does not care about this nonsense, all to be very tidy all the time. He is beautiful, clean and charismatic METROSEXUAL need not be a snob. I love this Alex, with real personality! Long live the real men!

  54. 54
    Buttercups Says:

    Why the sad smile? Getty images still tags him as “Peter Sarsgaard” ****!
    I saw other pictures from this event and Alex looks like he didn’t want to be there. The one with the car is so sad, Kate did the cheap-model-next-to-a-car when she was like 20.
    Why?! He was so promising >:(

  55. 55
    Buttercups Says:

    Now he’s not “EVEN NICE TO THE PAPARAZZI”:

  56. 56


  57. 57
    HW insider Says:

    well winnie where are you why have you stopped posting what are you waiting for????. can you explain kates absence PLEASE!!! its not like the wannabe ACTRESS to miss a red carpet party with her sweetheart alexander. why did he not bring his girlfriend????? there is also a video of alex from the party it looks like alex brought that surfer dude (green jacket) and some other guy.(white jacket) I think they were waiting for him! alex looks better in the video he smiled for a bit

  58. 58
    charisma Says:

    he gets better when aging. A REAL man is no too vain. and i’m sure his clothes are clean. his fans say he smell good. of coz he’s tired’ theyr’re shooting tb by nights and sometimes he has to do little networking.

  59. 59
    charisma Says:

    Though I like his new teeths, much better than the real ones. And also his awesome leathery skin, he’s looking more like his dad. Love it.
    These are my favorites:

  60. 60
    Awwww come on!!!! Says:

    I love me some Alex but he looks like he can be a bit of a slob!!

  61. 61
    dayglowjoe Says:

    What a complete non-story! So what? Maybe he is not concerned with a superficial ass hole who feels pressured to play up to the ridiculously materialistic soulless world of paparazzi “journalism”.
    It’s not like he even wore it to two separate events either, there is simply photographic evidence to suggest that, indeed, he owns the sweater! What are you saying? Celebrities should burn everything after they’ve worn it once?! What a waste of everyone’s time this story is!

  62. 62
    Rayray Says:

    who cares if he wore the same sweater twice in one week?!!! It just proves that he’s not obsessed with designer names and looking like a “movie star”. He’s being true to himself and should be commended for that. Obviously, KB’s values haven’t rubbed off on him as much as some people think! Also, I don’t think he’s at the event because it’s a Golden Globes party- he likes Audi’s, so that’s why he went…

  63. 63
    burnt bacon Says:

    Who let the homeless guy in?

  64. 64
    Jane Says:


    I think you’re the one needing help, dear.

  65. 65
    Jane Says:

    He looks hot. I want to touch his sweater.

  66. 66
    closet freaks Says:

    #61 and 62 – since you’re probably the same person – I think we’re all judging him by normal standards. It’s a little off to wear the same sweater on Thursday, Friday and then to an event on Sunday where he’s unshaven and under-dressed. He’s still hot as hell but if you think the average Joe wears clothes three out of four days (and WTF, he probably had it on Saturday too), not sure where you might come from on that. Not criticizing, it’s a free country, he can wear what he wants but it’s sure going to get noticed and talked about. Looong leap between wearing outfits only once and every day of the week.

  67. 67
    caroline Says:

    i adore him (:

  68. 68
    knackered giraffe Says:

    @63 Somebody left a trail of bread crumbs from the cardboard boxes out in the alley.

  69. 69
    Swedish Functional Alcoholic Says:

    though I like his new teeths, much better that the real ones. And @Jane:

    Why would you want to touch that sweater? just imagine how gross is the smell: beers wine and liquors, smoke of whatever, sweat, KB/others *****… ew.

  70. 70
    Swedish Functional Alcoholic Says:

    “though I like his new teeths, much better that the real ones. And”
    Why would you want to touch that sweater?
    Just imagine the gross smell: beers, wine and liquors, smoke of whatever he smokes, sweat from days, KB/others *****… ew.

  71. 71
    Pepper Says:

    I’d take him home in any sweater. Then rip it off…

  72. 72
    Swedish Functional Alcoholic Says:


    woa, the nasty face 0:10 to 0:15 OMG. 5 seconds of real Swedish Functional Alcoholic

  73. 73
    L Says:

    Fair skinned people age very fast…i should know

  74. 74
    Just Kidding Says:

    Just curious, are AS and KB living together now? Cos E! said the following, “So what’s the latest on the duo? Still together, and still very happy we hear from sources. Apparently Skarsgård and Bosworth have been shacking up here in LA, attempting to keep their romance still on the down low.”

  75. 75
    Emily Says:

    @Just Kidding:

    lol I love how the article says that the two of them are trying to keep their romance “low key”. If you base this couple off of their candids it always looks like he’s more or less embarrassed to be seen with her. Then again, I don’t know them so I could be way off.

  76. 76
    P Says:

    He was so promising when Generation Kill came out and hotter than ever in TB season 1 & 2. What the hell happened!? (Not just judging by this photos). But whoever pair him and KB together should get fired. They really need to call off that PR stunt. And if the relationship is for real, their agent should get fired(too!) or someone should tell them to cool it off or take it underground. These two cannot be seen together in the public!!! NOT doing him any good.

  77. 77
    Sasha Says:

    According to Eonline, he’s still with Kate. They’re supposedly keeping it on the down low. Who knows. I do know I wouldn’t want a relationship that had to be kept underground for so long. Then again I’m not a celebrity so I don’t get the things they do.

  78. 78
    Eyes wide Shut Says:


    I agree with you, before …when TB just started and before he messed ith Evan Rachel Wood and Kate Bosho he was linked to Christina Ochoa Lopez ..grand daughter of a nobel prize winner..she is GORGEOUS ..intelligent, down to earth actress ..and has a good reputation…more his type I thought he was into Exotic brunnettes..So I don’t get why he would break things up with her and move on with the likes of Kate Bosho…unless he is just like her and is trying to further his career in hollywood…everything seems to indicate that he is not what his fans thought he was!

  79. 79
    omg Says:

    @ eyes wide shut

    Wow, Christina chick is BEAUTIFUL! Saw the pics on her imd profile, why would he dump her for Evan or Kate..and your right I thought his type were brunettes too. People are saying that Alex is interested in making MONEY more the better and faster before he leaves for Sweden permantly..I quess he see Kate Bosworth as his meal ticket which is ridiculous since she has a non existent career. He is too caught up in the hollywood lifestyle now!

  80. 80
    Silly Says:

    He’s lovely and so is Kate. Jealous fan girls are embarrassing and silly.

  81. 81
    Hans is! Says:

    now, Hans/Jam….no need to be jealous of other fans of Alex…he doesn’t want to bang you dude. lol

  82. 82
    @Silly Says:

    Nah sounds more ie Kate
    Kate…it’s obvious that Alex cares because he now has your relationship on the down low now that’s embarrasing…chick I woud respect you more it you had a back bone. Every relationship you had you morph yourself into a totally different person..with Orlly you became a vegan buddist..then with James you became a wannabe model with anorexic issues, letting your career dwindle! Now with Alex you are changing yourself yet again we all know your a pap lover. Do you even know who you are? PATHETIC

  83. 83
    Jamie Says:

    you can tell 78, 79 & 82 are the same person just by the way the ellipses are used and the overall style of the post. if you are going pretend to be different people, change the STYLE of your WRITING..a bit! lol.

  84. 84
    Eyes wide shut Says:

    Lots of people use ellipses you’ll be saying that everyone that uses ! or lol is the same person! Nice try Hans the psycho!!! I’ve only posted as Eyes wide shut and as @Silly in response to Silly lol but nice try though LMAO

  85. 85
    Eyes wide shut Says:

    Oh, and by the way aren’t you that supposed Jaime insider that knows Alex, whateve? Tell us now what is Alex planning on doing, another PR stunt in the future lol

  86. 86
    Cupcake Says:

    Don’t believe any of these insiders. I saw on tumblr that WoS has been making up lies about Alex and his friends and posting them on JJ and other places. The story about Kate making a pass at Bjorne and losing Lisa as a friend is a LIE. They admitted it evidently.

  87. 87
    The real Jaime Says:

    Like you would know @Jaime, I would appreciate it if you would stop using my post name. I have made it an effort not to comment about Alex’s life anymore . People do not want to open their eyes! Ever since my comment about them around Coachella people have been attacking me eventhough I was right. Alexander is not in a good place right now and that is all I say at the present time. So please charlatans leave my name out of it. I have also notice countless other people that have ceased posting, whats the point Alex is too stubborn to admit he needs to leave her yet he realizes backlash of being with her. So he resorts with hiding their relationship now. He thinks he can change her. As everyone knows as friends there is only soo much we can do . Situation is sad esp when we see a relationship is toxic. I am ending my rant so please stop tyring to post as me.

  88. 88
    Really Says:

    Whose WoS??????

  89. 89
    Cupcake Says:


    World of Skarsgard. A fansite-although why fans would lie about Alex I dont know.

  90. 90
    Really Says:

    Thanks for clearing that up but don’t you find it strange that Alex and Kate where seen every where like at Chateu Marmont and dough boys and then suddenly just like that! , they are no longer seen together for weeks. Why is Alex wanting them to keep a low profile the damage has been done. I quess what people were saying that what his fans opinions did not bother him was a false because he either read something or someone informed him how his relatinship with Kate was being portayed. They were actually able to stay away from the paps, proving that when one wants anonymity one can have it. He must of gave Kate an ultimatium to stop calling the paps, but can she really change? I think not. Makes me sad that he allowed her to manipulate him for soo long or was he in on it?

  91. 91
    Hmmmm Says:

  92. 92
    Hmmmm Says:


    Where’s she lurking?
    Alexander Skarsgard showed up at the Audi and J Mendel Golden Globe Week kick-off party last night at Cecconi in West Hollywood. His clinger Kate Bosworth, I can’t find any photos of her there. And you know, if she was there, she would have gotten herself photographed. Subtlety isn’t her game. They were still together as of last week – click here to see – so what could possibly have kept her away?

    Maybe she didn’t want to answer any questions about her ex-boyfriend Orlando Bloom welcoming his first child with supermodel Miranda Kerr. If I were working that press line, I would totally have asked her about that and watched her squirm and stress. Then I would also ask her how she copes with stress, although the chances of her being forthcoming about her favourite stress-reducing substances are slim to none.

    As for those recent reports that he’s about to propose – my favourite thing about this is that the story was published on the last week of December, buried in holiday and New Year celebration without getting any traction. Which means that her people would have fed it to any tabloid takers a few weeks before, and instead the tabloids sat on it until they needed a filler, and threw it in there to use up an inch or two on a page before packing it in and going on break themselves. That’s about how important Kate Bosworth is to …anyone.

    And that only makes HIM look like sh-t. After all, he’s the one f-cking it.

  93. 93
    closet freaks Says:

    @The real Jaime: Really? You’re the real Jaime? Because back then you were Jamie. So I guess the name spelling change doesn’t matter. Re these reports about them being so freakin’ happy, etc – consider who their “sources” are – obviously their PR people. so not exactly gonna tell the whole truth, huh? I think at this point no one really cares. Maybe that’s sadder than him still being stuck with her.

  94. 94
    ******$######## Says:

    @Cupcake: You were dumb enough to print it on your site Thespi, so STFU and leave WOS out of it, especially when you ans your minions lurk on WOS and take information back and even post it. This is a gossip site, deal with it!!!

  95. 95
    ******$######## Says:

    @Cupcake: One person admitted it to it on WOS not everyone. Get your stories straight. You are mad because you were dumb enough to fall for it. Of course it can’t be worse than you gals posting Alex’s tax informrtion. How desperate and rabid is that. YOu praise him like Jim Jones, so I guess you all have drank the kool aid. Dumb azzes. LOL

  96. 96
    ******$######## Says:

    @Cupcake: It was not about Alex, dummy ,it was about Kate. Reading is fundamental.

  97. 97
    ******$######## Says:

    @Cupcake: She did not lie about Alex, dummy, it was about Kate. Reading is so….fundamental.

  98. 98
    Confusingforanoutsider Says:

    But I wonder where Björne and Lisa are? They were always with him (well, them) and now it has been a long time since they’ve been seen. Have they gone back to Sweden?

    Also concerning Kate – where are her own friends? We always see her with his friends and with co-workes (who somehow always seem to have become her close friends) but where are all her old freinds? She used to hang out with Liv Tyler, Stella McCartney, Helena Christensen and Gwyneth of course – they are all gone or what? Strange huh. Well, at least Alex has not exchanged his friends for her friends – there’s something.

  99. 99
    Winnie may not be right Says:

    @ cupcake I’m the one who came up with an experiment to start one rumor. It was not about Alex. It concerned KB and The Larson’s. I only posted about it 3 times with in the last 3 weeks. In three weeks it hit 3 of the Alex forums and KET twitter. I did this to show people how much bullshit is being said on the gossip sites and how easily they become a sort of fact and to educate them to question what’s being said and not take it blindly. I always planned to come clean with this info. Unfortunately Aksars Swedish Meatballs tumblr was told a partial truth about the experiment and put something on her site that is untrue and started to attack people. She never fact checked what she was told and after I contacted her, she was too much of a coward to put up my response and a retraction. She proved my point, that anyone can say anything on the internet and people believe them. This experiment has been talked about at length at World of Skarsgard forum. If you have any questions sign up there and read the whole thing. This experiment was done by an Askars fan who was sick of all the lies and misinformation being handed to his fans and how angry everyone was getting because of it. It was meant to help not hurt.

  100. 100
    Kinda backfired though Says:

    Didn’t it?

    Strange way of trying to help Alex by spreading false rumours about his girlfriend IMO.

  101. 101
    Annabella Says:

    @knackered giraffe: “@63 Somebody left a trail of bread crumbs from the cardboard boxes out in the alley.”
    ———- ———- ———-
    Somebody left a trail of beers and movie scripts from the cardboard boxes out in the alley.
    FIXED! lol

  102. 102
    Annabella Says:

    By reading the comments, I would say 24,26,27,34,78,79,81,82, 84,85,94,95,96,97 are the same person.
    And Oh yes!, I did write the numbers, because I find it hilarious and the office is quite rn.
    Someone is really trying to defend ASkars in A JJ POST!!! LMAO.

  103. 103
    Sadsadsad Says:

    @Winnie may not be right:

    Not meant to hurt? the Larsons have kids. Low, ladies, low.

  104. 104
    welcome back REAL jaime Says:

    @The real Jaime:

    I wish you keep posting I followed every single post last year you was spot on with coachella, sweden, trueblood! why did you stop? I don’t know weather to feel sorry for alex but sometimes he is to blaim for his stubborness and alex can see his relationship with kate is not healthy why does his family keep allowing it???

    and no to everybody I am not a fat jealous fan girl!!!!!!!!!! and I am not jealous of kate!

  105. 105
    gosling Says:


    Someone hit a nerve.

  106. 106
    I don't think so Says:

    The false rumor didn’t show the Larsons in a negative light. I think it really showed just how much of this BS we need to take with a grain of salt. There are some serious allegations posted here – drugs, sexuality, etc. This false rumor only proves (to me anyway) how easy it is to spread hateful and hurtful things. Too many people believe that if it’s in print of any kind, it must be true regardless of how ridiculous the accusation or questionable the source may be. “source” my azz.

  107. 107
    Anna Says:

    The negativity about this man has gotten really out of hand. The experiment with the false story about KB and Bjorn shows how toxic the internet can be, although I think it did more harm than good. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t believe anthing written about either of them on these forums- innocent until proven guilty in this country, right? What do we really know about Alex?- he has many lifelong friends, so he’s probably a genuine, loyal person. He turned down lots of “boyfriend” roles in Sweden to come here and try to make serious movies, so probably not a money hungry famewhore. He doesn’t dress in expensive designer clothes, so doesn’t seem to care about his looks/image as much as most people in hollywood. Is he making some mistakes now, with his personal relationship?- it sure seems like it, but give him a break- we’ve all been there and it’s none of our business…..

  108. 108
    that is very low Says:

    @Winnie may not be right:

    that is pretty low in my opinion! ……… make up rumors of her flirting with alex best friend for an experiment TO SEE HOW FAR THE RUMOR WILL SPREAD OMG you call yourself a FAN

    how may more false rumors is out there on KB ?………… wonder alex is hiding the relationship with KB…… i am beginning to feel sorry for her

  109. 109
    Aley Says:

    @that is very low:

    no wonder alex is hiding the relationship with KB……

    Exactly. She went through it with the Bloombots too.

  110. 110
    ???????????? Says:

    Geeze it used to be fun to be an Alex fan. Now we’ve stooped to lying to get rid of the GF? What the….

  111. 111
    Too bad.. Says:

    That the story about her affair with Chris Martin was not made up by fans. Too bad that all those irrelevant stories in the press and all the papshots are mostly likely planted and paid for by her own pr in desperate attempts to make her relevant still. Her carrer is dead, so that’s all that’s left for her to do – papshots and being known for who she’s dating. I wonder – if Alex went back home to Sweden to live – how long they would last. If she can’t give up the papsshots and pr-crap after a year of dating him, when can she?
    I feel sorry for Alex but not the least bit for her. She is OBVIOUSLY in on the pr game herself and this is just how it rolls.

  112. 112
    Rumor Says:

    I went back and read the rumor. It’s nothing compared to the crap the Winnie and others like her put out there. Nothing bad was really said about the Larsons. Worse things have been said about Kate and Chris Martin. Reading through most of these posts, I can see the point that was being made. Most of this stuff is bullshit. I can’t see much harm coming from this. More damage was done long ago.

  113. 113
    itistoobad Says:

    @Too bad..:

    when folks are willing to be ok with any of the lies just because they dislike who a celeb is dating. if she does plant stuff about her self, that is her choice. crap shouldn’t land on alex because of who he is dating.

    maybe this whole thing will make him move home. well done ‘fans’.

  114. 114
    Can't we stop the gossip Says:

    This is no different than what Ted C at E! does for a living. According him their shacked up. True? NO! The only difference is he gets paid the big bucks. Come on people, stop being hypocrits and think.

  115. 115
    Luce Says:

    @Can’t we stop the gossip:

    Grasping at straws much?

  116. 116
    Sorry Diehards Fans Says:

    FAME comes at a price.
    And your boy Alex intentionally stuck himself out there, wanting the public to notice so He could make the big bucks in Hollywood.
    What’s that old saying?-
    Be careful what you wish for-Cause that’s exactly what you might get.
    And suddenly EVERYTHING you do is now examined by that very same public you wished would take interest.

    A very savvy public and also a very fickle one.

    You’d have to be living in a dream world if you think it’s always going to be sunshine and roses with people just continuing to love you regardless of your actions!
    That very same public can ALSO figure out when they’re being PLAYED!
    Sorry, but you can’t have both ways!

    You want to play-you got to pay

  117. 117
    @itistoobad Says:

    I’m not ok with telling lies. I’m not ok with creating stories about Alex. I feel sorry for him and the Larsons for getting dragged into this Hollywood-pr-crapfest. I don’t feel sorry for Kate though. She is without a doubt a willing part of that whole circus world and thus part of the problem. She and her pr create stories and make up things too. What would happen the day these two broke up? We’d get lies about Alex from her side. We might even get them now, we don’t know. It’s too bad that his fanbase seems to be dwindling but I quite honestly think she is part of the reason and that’s a bit hard to look past.

  118. 118
    I didn't realize Says:

    Alex was being held captive against his will!

  119. 119
    PR, Lies and all that jazz Says:

    Making up lies is always stupid and indefensible. Period.

    That said, it’s true on both sides of the fence and doesn’t cancel out all the pr stupidity going on from Alex and Kate. Planted stories in the tabs about engagements, ridiculously overpapped sets, pap shots at the vets and the doctors (after a co-worker suddenly babbles about babies despite Alex’s silence on everything), linking pap photos where KB is coincidentally wearing Jewelmint to the Jewelmint site (how exactly is the pap invading anyone’s privacy if you use the photos??)–the list goes on. Their shared publicity agent earns her considerable salary.

  120. 120
    no harm in rumor Says:

    yeah i don’t think that person mean’t any harm in planting a rumor. I think the point the person was trying to make don’t take things to serious and as fact on the internet and what TC or gossip sites put out.
    HW is a money making buisness magazines need to sell, websites needs hits like JJ/ TC/ pop sugar etc stories need to be created annoymous sources/ PR like breakup/marriages/babys/engagement moving in together this is exactly what is happening with kate and alex and people get payed big $$$$ for it!
    it’s also people’s choice weather they chose to believe kate and alex have a PR fauxmance /showmance,FWB /real/ best friends relationship/. the only people who now which type of relationship they have is kate and alex

  121. 121
    Who Dat Says:

    @Winnie May Not be Right

    That is fundamentally the dumbest thing I have ever heard anyone do. The man is already losing fans based on his association. Now, because of you, he is losing fans based on his “supposed continued association with someone despite being life long friends with the person KB supposedly wronged. On top of that, you created an even greater rift in the fandom and caused undue people to be attacked for something that they did not even understand they were being attacked for. And these people are just fans of Alex who happen to be at tPF, WoS or whatever other sites they belong to. I am curious, what was your thinking, really? I get that people should not believe everything they read, and since I am reading your comments and you are reading mine, we are included in this negation of stories. But did you really serve a purpose, or did you do more harm? Especially to the innocent fans caught up in the fandom drama who just want to be fans of Alex. Even those who hate Alex and KB, you gave them more ammunition. Furthermore, KB does not need your help being disliked, but you added fuel to the fire and created more drama surrounding her that, by association, falls on Alex. So what real purpose did you serve? Disgusting, Immature, and Childish. I don’t have a problem with Alex and who he dates, but I do have a problem with his fandom and the people who call themselves fans and post on sites dedicated to him. Especially if this is the kind of stuff they do. I am at a complete lose. And, by the way, you have no right to call whoever that is on the SwedishMeatballs tumblr a coward until you have bothered to look at yourself in the mirror.

  122. 122
    ******$######## Says:

    @Annabella: what did you base that on Annabella, I can assure you that the ones with the screen name are the same, the others are not posted by the same person. I assure you. So assure yourself of nothing, but being stupid. I honestly do not know who posted the others, but since you pride yourself on being so assured, maybe you can figure that one out. I find it hialrious that you try to figure who’s posting what on an anonymous board.

  123. 123
    ******$######## Says:

    @gosling: apparently you hit stupid. You retort does not make any sense. It poroves my theory, that the Kool Aid is really sweet. Whatever, Swedish Delish and Thespi, whatever.

  124. 124
    Save your energy Says:

    Whether or not they are together has become a moot point now anyways.
    The rush of excitement about Alex for a huge portion of fans is clearly over.
    True Blood will get canceled and fade away after another agonizing Alan Ball ego trip season .
    Kate’s career has been over with for years and Alex’s isn’t far behind.

  125. 125
    ******$######## Says:

    @Who Dat: /what flavor Kool Aid have you drank? Its not that serious. Okay, calm it down!!! I have watched you Kat along with the others at Yuku, srat fights, say mean things about other people, come to this site on JJ, start fights, and now you want to sit on your soapbox and condemn her for starting an innocent rumor? Alex and his firends should be aware that they are fair game. They (the Larsons)have paraded their kids and made sure their faces were in photos with Alex. Maybe the rumor should not have started the way it did, she has owned up to it. Maybe if you ladies from the SwedishMeatballs tumbler would fess as to how you have started things purposely on TPF and WOS, and you have caused people to be banned and started lies and fights, remember the false twitters? Then maybe everything can get back to order. Yes, I agree it has gotten out of hand, but some of you have steered it that way, purposely. and have added your share of fuel to the fire.

  126. 126
    okay Says:

    remember when we used to look forward to seeing an Askars pic……..ah the good ole days

  127. 127
    Who Dat Says:


    Hey, how are ya? I don’t post at Yuku. But I do post at tPF. And I am constantly ripped by those chicks at Yuku and the SwedishMeatballs tumblr girl all the time. It seems they like to link us all by association. So, really I did not steer anything in any direction. The reason why I responded the way I did is because now I understand why that chick from the SwedishMeatball tumblr went of the way she did at tPF, when before I did not. I was angry at her, but it seems now that my anger was misplaced. I am just a casual fan. I did not do anything wrong. That’s all. I just needed this person to understand that what she did was get a whole bunch of women who don’t want anything to do with these so called “wars” between the sites ripped and called a bunch of names unjustly. That is my only beef with what she did. The askarsswedishmeatball chick bears some responsibility because she should have made a correction and retracted her response. Nevertheless, this “Winnie May Not be Right” person involved innocent people in things that they did not understand. If someone is going to attack me like that person on the SwedishMeatball tumblr did, simply because of where I post, I means, she does not know me personally, I think I have a right to know why. Now that I do, I think it is stupid. You want to know why I don’t really care for Alex that much anymore? Because of the fans and this “war” between the sites. I am just a causal fan that likes to look at pics. I don’t want anything to do with that other crap. That’s all.

  128. 128
    Just to make it clear Says:

    @Who Dat. Just to make it clear. Swedish Meatballs tumblr girl
    was given false information of what was released on a CLOSED, PRIVATE forum and posted it without checking the validity of what she posted and then preceded to slam another site without any provaction. She was told in writing within the hour that her information was wrong and was given a run down of the correct info. This was a very mild experiment that actually takes place in many colleges across the country. No one was hurt by this info. It didn’t go very far and would never have been an issue if a certain tumblr site owner would have been more responsible with what she posted and not started the name calling and harassment. She posted false information which is the cause for these problems because then that same false information was posted here. I agree that the fighting between the forums is stupid and nonproductive . Very few people on the forums are apart of any of this. However when one is attacked, others will come to their defense. I for one am a very loyal Alex fan and only wish him happiness and a successful career.

  129. 129
    Jammie Says:

    I just dont get why people can’t be fans of someone without wanting to know, analyse every part of the actors personal life ?!?

    I like Alex, I think he’s hot and I enjoy watching whatever he’s in but I have no interest in who he’s sticking it too (unless its me lol) ! No interest in K.B whatsoever, and whatever they are or aren’t to each other doesnt effect the way I see Alex, and I know alot of fans feel the same… All this hate for him because of her just makes all his fans by association look like rabid, unstable teens!!!

  130. 130
    Marty Says:

    The real issue is that nobody, NOBODY questioned whether or not KB hit on her friends’ husband!! That’s because that kind of behaviour is right up KB’s alley..isn;t that the saddest part of all of this? Plus she probably already has…it was just a matter of time..something about that “band of gold” just makes her hot as a firecracker!!!!!

  131. 131
    Winnie Says:

    @87″The Real Jaime”:HE thinks he can change her,no no it is the other way around.It is Her that thinks she can change him.

  132. 132
    Alexander Skarsgard Says:

    Am I an A-lister now?

  133. 133
    Brilliant Says:


    Why do you need to continue the ugliness. It’s comments like this that started this whole thing.

    In a way this experiment was brilliant – now, whenever there is something about Alex and Kate that irks those that hate them, they will be able to say, “Rumor – don’t believe it.” Smart of them actually.

  134. 134
    I don't think so Says:

    @Winnie: Change him into what? Any more damage and she’ll have to find another one anyway …

  135. 135
    Toots Says:

    It truly doesn’t matter which one of them is trying to change the other, in the long run, it will never work. That is an endeavor destined to fail. Whatever he is doing, either personal or professional, it’s taking a toll on him obviously as he appears to be a shell of his former self. It’s my impression from the last two JJ articles of AS that he’s deliberately being painted poorly by showing a photo of him adjusting himself and pointing out that he’s wearing the same sweater again. There had to be something more flattering to post. To me it seems like he was being ridiculed on purpose and I think that is seriously in poor taste. I wonder whose idea it was to frame the articles the way they were posted…

  136. 136
    I don't think so Says:

    @Toots: Good point Toots. At the end of the day, the guy was great in GK and TB, and is super nice to his fans and that’s all that matters. Work and kindness.

  137. 137
    Hmmmm Says:


    ITA. Seems like people have a vested interest in making him be seen in a poor light. Noticeable absent is JJ’s usual reference to the leech. I guess JJ will now be posting more unflattering pictures/ articles of AS and the leech will become Saint Kate that had to endure the unwashed,itchy bad bf . It will probably segue into more break up rumors/drama. Blah, blah, blah. …

  138. 138
    Larissa Says:


    With Joel Kinnaman

  139. 139
    Kory Says:



    ultimately , people believe what they want ..and It has nothing to do with hating anyone…the best indicator of the future is past behaviour..and Kate’s is AWFUL..period..she did it to herself and AS is in bad company

  140. 140
    chelle Says:

    R@Jammie: THANK YOU!!!!

  141. 141
    bottom line Says:

    All told, rumor starting is a weird thing. There isn’t any such thing as a closed, private forum. Once upon a time, WoS wasn’t closed so there is no sense of who has access to it, so that stuff could travel, easily. And why experiment like that? We all know that more than half the stuff on here is lies. Winnie is a fraud and not an insider. An educated guess or a dart on a board could hit most of those speculations. Many people here lick that up with a spoon. the posters here are eager to figure out the myterious Skars as he doesn’t put much out there (unlike Kate who seems willing to drop as many hints and info through her publicists as possible as evidenced by the National Enquirer piece and the feed to Ted C today). It serves her, not him to be linked. What is real between both of them, who knows. But to trash him for something other people concocted isn’t very reasonable. I like his work, I think he’s hot (by himself), I wish her away at every turn because she’s an opportunist, but it is what it is. No need to embellish or make up stories.

  142. 142
    porquenon Says:

    Wearing the same sweater is old school – the idea that the paps won’t want the picture because they’ve already got the “picture”. On the other hand, it is a lovely sweater and plenty of people grow up wearing sweaters as outer garments and wear the same one until the weather changes. Who knows?

    Obviously enough of “fandom’s” feline roar was heard and a new strategy was launched for 2011. So far, minimal KB and we get AS playing nice alone with the paps. Whether some of the photos are unflattering is a matter of opinion, however, they show a person going about their day which is how it seems he’d like to be treated. Nothing special unless the lights are on and he’s doing his job.

    AS’s biggest obstacle right now may not be his relationship with KB but with Alan Ball’s treatment of Eric Northman and where he’s going in Season 4. Surely AS didn’t sign on to True Blood to be eff’ing the likes of Yvetta and Talbot when he’s supposed be the anti-hero/ love/lust interest of Sookie Stackhouse, especially, if as reported, he read the first 4 books when he was cast.

    It must have been dispiriting last season to have spent so little time in pursuit of the heroine, especially as AS seems to be such a methody actor. Aside from the Straw Dog’s dynamic w/ KB, perhaps there’s a little Sookie Stackhouse in KB, but here, if he wants to, he gets to keep the petite spirited blonde who’s treated as a pariah in town because people just don’t realize how “special” she is….

  143. 143
    Here's the bottom line. Says:

    WoS is a private and closed forum and has been for quite some time.
    This rumor was never but on an Alex thread at JJ. There where only three different postings under KB. One with her in the ugly green skirt and 2 during the Barney’s shopping spree. The original post clearly stated “Rumor has it”. None of this would be affecting Alex’s fans if Cupcake, who’s a minion of Swedish Meatballs, didn’t come over here and start trouble. Read it for yourself. It’s not a big deal.

  144. 144
    Another bottom line Says:

    There is no such thing as a closed private forum, especially when the forum has already been open. And bviously, JJ is a very public forum indeed, so putting a lie here means it was never intended to stay private. Experimenting with rumours is stupid and most likely to backfire and hurt Alex as much as anyone else and man, does it send a horrible message about his fans. Very embarrassing, all round.

  145. 145
    kb and alex at cinema Says:

    2 tweets of alex at landmark theatre jan11th same girl who tweeted twice never mentions kate. but then ONE person said they saw kate with him and they were low key and happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1st tweet
    Just saw Alexander Skarsgaard! Still Shaking!!!

    2nd tweet
    Yes Alexander Skarsgard IS that HOT in person!!! *MEOW*

    From AT comments:

    Black Swan Tue, Jan 11, 2011, 5:13 PM
    Funny, my code word was blood. Anyway, I was at the Landmark on Pico in L.A. Monday night seeing Black Swan when surprise, surprise, Alexander and Kate walked in to enjoy the flick as well. They seemed to be a very low key/nice couple and perfectly happy. In and out without notice by anyone, except me of course.

  146. 146
    alex at gym Says:

    Tuesday, January 11, 2011: We spotted Alexander Skarsgard leaving Equinox gym in West Hollywood, CA, and he stayed mum when we asked him if he and Kate Bosworth are still an item.

  147. 147
    @145 Says:

    skarsgard…… went to c some chick flick movie black swan really? pr **** or some nut case starting **** again

  148. 148
    Seriously Says:

    Oh the rumor mill. It will never satisfy and always leaves poor Hollywood Stars chained to their past. It’s the internet that’s the guilty one–anyone can start a rumor now and be completely anonymous–as in the Chris Martin rumors, which he strongly denied. Don’t believe anything you read or hear. Or the rumors that 2 or 3 tilted minds on twitter or fb work together on and then decide to feed to the web. I think I’ll go get my lobotomy and then I’ll feel a lot better.

  149. 149
    KB @ ASKARS @ dinner Says:

    another tweet from a NY designer kate FAMEWHORE alex TWAT, jim sturgess at dinner
    God grant me the courage to approach Alexander Skarsgard for a picture, and the serenity to accept that he will never love me.
    about 13 hours ago via ÜberTwitter
    Oh, OK, and Jim Sturgess just walked in. So I’m obviously still dreaming and these lame, namedroppy tweets are meaningless. (I’m dying.)
    about 13 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

    That was 13 hours ago but there’s this tweet by a designer stuck in LA after a vacation from NY due to the snow on the East coast:

    Kate bosworth is sitting across from me!
    about 7 hours ago via ÜberTwitter
    @michjchoi she is soooo pretttyyyyy. I’m facing her direction so I’m trying to look at her as much as possible w/o being creepy hahahaha
    about 7 hours ago via ÜberTwitter in reply to michjchoi
    @michjchoi haha she’s with the main guy from their movie “21″ and a couple other ppl
    about 7 hours ago via ÜberTwitter in reply to michjchoi

  150. 150
    sorry! Says:

    sorry the title should say KB & ASKARS @dinner

  151. 151
    Hmmmm Says:


    The Chris Martin/ Kate Bosworth thing was a story reported in Star Magazine. CM/KB both said they would sue. They never did. STAR NEVER RETRACTED THE STORY.+ THEY NEVER SUED= STAR HAS PROOF.
    David Beckham is suing the magazine and hooker that said he cheated on his wife. DAVID BECKHAM MUST HAVE PROOF AND TRUTH ON HIS SIDE.

    Nice try starting you own internet rumor that CM/KB was only an internet rumor and not actually printed in a magazine.

  152. 152
    Winnie Says:

    All of my comments from the past and as of now are the truth.It seems that you folks are having a very hard time dealing with the truth.AS and KB are not what they appear to be.They think this is a joke and they fuel the fire by getting their people like Arlene to stir trouble.Arlene Moon is Kate’s lapdog.Another one of Kate’s lapdogs is her assistant…she comments a lot on this site.
    Unfortunately in H-Wood,they are considered a joke.They are not taken seriously and reporting on them is a waste of paper.They can not even get auditions.They will stay together even after their movie is released.The reason is that there is a very salacious story going around about AS.It is a story that AS wants buried.KB is his cover.As long as they are “together”the story stays buried.

  153. 153
    Kory Says:


    winnie, please you have to give us a Kate involved ? she at least knows the story..’cause that’s how she is keeping AS around right?

  154. 154
    Hmmmm Says:

    Any salacious story at this point is more welcome than Kate. If it’s the Nelly Fang rumors, so what? Being associated with KB has been far more damaging to him.I don’t see how they can think this is a joke if they can’t get auditions. The only joke then would be on them. HW insiders seem to think that AS is a joke and his remaining fans are holding on by a pinkie.

  155. 155
    I don't think so Says:

    Unless he was making farm animals happy, who cares? If what Winnie says is true, I can’t believe this charade is going to work in his favor in any way at all. Maybe her’s, but his … nope. You’re right Hmmmm, the joke is on them. She could barely get any work before and after TWW … well good luck with that. Now him, that’s a shame. He had so much potential.

  156. 156
    Are You All THAT Blind ? Says:

    WAKE UP-There is only ONE possible salacious story a man needs to hide by having to resort to a pretend relationship with a last resort bloodsucker like KB!!!!

  157. 157
    I don't think so Says:

    @Are You All THAT Blind ?: Another man? Who cares. He wouldn’t be the first flakey actor to do a dude. More than one dude? Again, who cares. Better than this ….

  158. 158
    Hollywood Casting would care Says:

    It would be even tougher to compete for leading man roles against the multitude of YOUNGER less box-office risky actors with no PUBLICLY KNOWN indiscretions.

  159. 159
    so winnie Says:

    kirsten tweeted from TB she is having a golden globe dress fitting!!

    so winnie if you claim to be REAL (I am not being rude or calling you a liar) and have inside HW info what is your perdiction of the GOLDEN GLOBES will alex and kate make a spectical of themselves! just like COACHELLA or will they be all low key and loved up all over each other at the after party or are they not going???????????????????????? I find there whole relationship a joke but but intresting

  160. 160
    what story, oh please? Says:

    what story is this winnie that alex want’s buried? gay, bi, secert son or daughter he his hiding. just the same old same old!! nothing new then! god I hope it is nothing to serious for alex to want it buried?. and alex ain’t gettin audtions oh please pull the other one winnie!!!! give us some credible info that is actually going to happen and not just re-visiting his past interviews and old rumors from TC!!

  161. 161
    Which is it Winnie Says:

    @Winnie: I thought she “hooked him on the drugs”. Now it’s a salacious story. Are they one in the same? I also thought he wasn’t happy with how things were going and he wasn’t playing her game. Now, they’ll be together long after SD. It’s not adding up, sorry.

  162. 162
    Riddle me this Says:

    If it’s all just more of the same “Fandom Follies” at play,
    So then why ISN’T Alex getting good or really ANY notable movie roles at all for that matter????
    Why Is he laughed at in Hollywood circles?
    Regardless of whether there’s rumors or not
    None of Alex’s MO adds up

  163. 163
    Riddling Says:

    Alex has to work around his True Blood schedule, which makes a hard process of getting roles even harder. He hasn’t opened a large US movie yet, so he’s not A list and that has nothing to do with salacious stories.

    He actually had a busy hiatus this year and his picks made sense. A smaller indie with a respected director that may go to Cannes and a big blockbuster which the studio will push big time–it’s their summer tentpole movie. I even think it was smart for Alex to accept a supporting role in Battleship. If it’s successful, he gets a hit show for his resume and if it’s a bomb, Taylor will take more of the brunt of it than Alex. It’s hard to go from a successful TV show to the movies. It’s taken Jon Hamm years and he’s part of a critically lauded show.

    I doubt very much Alex is being laughed at in Hollywood circles. Even if he is part of a PR showmance or has salacious stories in his past, that’s far from unusual in Hollywood. The bottom line will be whether he can sell tickets in his upcoming films.

    And yeah, Winnie, I thought Alex was sick of KB’s stunts and pulling away in your last post. You even said “trust.” What’s up with that?

  164. 164
    Hope it pays well Says:

    Give it up babe, no amount of Alex PR hype is going to work anymore

  165. 165
    Kim Says:

    I love this mans eyes.

  166. 166
    no wonder Says:

    No wonder tPF is trying distance itself from WoS if those kind of pranks are going on. If your deluded minds thought that was going to be beneficial in any way, you ladies have way too much time on your hands. Did you think the fandom would praise you for exposing the machinations we already know exists? Poorly played ladies, poorly played indeed.

  167. 167
    @How about this? Says:

    @Winnie You might want to QC for consistency before you post just to be on the safe side. So how about this? They think this is a joke? So do we. AS has become a joke. KB always was a joke. This “relationship” is a joke. Their mutual careers are a joke. Whoever greenlighted this little project is a joke. That about got everything covered? Yeah? Thought so.

    @burnt bacon, @knackered giraffe, @Annabella roflmao!

  168. 168
    MadAboutTheBoy Says:

    The annoying part of this is that all this infighting takes the focus off the fact that he looks great. Ok, he’s wearing the same sweater, but its a NICE sweater and makes his eyes look really blue. Instead of focusing on that, we’ve got comments again about that one slice of the idiot wedge, that is WoS. And the dweeb that posted that rumour didn’t have the cojones to use even their “real” online tag, eh KitKath70? You can turn it inside out, but it boils down to the fact you aren’t real fans at all.

  169. 169
    liarlairpantsonfire Says:


    And Winnie, wo the hell are you? Insider my azzzz. You are just some fan wo is way too invested. so now they will be together beyond SD? Why change your tune? Is it becoming too obviouse tat they could be living together? You change your tune to fit the ongoing story.

    I would bet you are a WoS person too. You just won’t own up to your lies.

  170. 170
    Great Post Says:


    My thoughts exactly!

  171. 171
    KB papped again Says:

    kb has been papped once again GUESS WHAT alex’s friend and GUESS where they were shopping pap hangout bristol farms market! oh and JJ had to through in kate and alex were living together from the E-online artical this is def a PR stunt

    it looks like this guy is her personal shopping assistant carrying her bags because I doubt he can afford to shop there WHERE IS LISA LARRSSON!!!!!!!!!!!

  172. 172
    Hey brainiac! Says:

    @KB papped again:

    It’s throw, “throw in” – not through. “Through” is about as accurate as your post.

  173. 173
    Vanessa Says:

    I like him better in True Blood .. i don’t see the attraction either.
    He looks tired, maybe he needs to get away from Kate Boswh0re? she seems to drag every man down to her level .. a level of looking like a crack hoe.
    (that’s if they’re actually dating? ..haven’t seen JJ post anything on them in awhile..)


  174. 174
    @ Mad About The Boy Says:

    Who the hell are you… Thespi? The psycho Swedish meathead? or are you the spy who lurks on WOS forums only to post things out of context. You have no right to post someones name on another forum which, by the way, is a CLOSED forum. You can only view or post after you’ve registered.

    As for your claim Alex looks great, Honey you need your eyes checked.

    This is Alex last year:

    This is Alex today:

    He’s aged a lot over the past 12 months and his eyes have lost their twinkle. But, if you still want to look through the beer colored glasses (Alex prefers Heinekin but you already knew that) go ahead. At this point, I hope he marries her & takes her back to Sweden along with the rest of the Swedish Posse PERMANENTLY! Then we wouldn’t have to suffer through endless beige smirks & Swedish permascowls.

  175. 175
    Golden Globes Says:

    Word is he’s not going.

    But of course there is the lovely photo of them in Mexico in the tabs *sigh*

  176. 176
    Angie Says:

    UGHHH!!! I don’t get it,awesome body,but ugly face.

  177. 177
    Seriously Says:

    since when is Star Magazine the epitome of check-your-facts journalism? I don’t think so. LOL. They have no proof. Believe everything you hear much?

  178. 178
    porquenon Says:

    @Golden Globes:

    The show isn’t nominated.

  179. 179
    READ: Alexander was Drunk Says:
    It was reported that he smelled heavily of booze and his speech was slurred.

  180. 180
    Carla Nelson Says:

    H elooks better being photograph at a distance. He is not that handsome looking at a close up. Make up does wonders for people when they take them covers for the magazines. His looks has gone down.

  181. 181
    Sweet Annie Says:

    He wore that for a GG event? Who the hell he think he is?!

  182. 182
    Frenchy99 Says:

    I think you guys should be ashamed of yourselves slamming Kate and Alex this way, you’d think she was some sort of evil b***h the way you go on and on, about something you have no idea of. How would you know whether she’d go live in Sweden or not? You people should stop hating on anyone that dates AS. I met Kate in Hawaii when she was filming Blue Crush and she’s a very down-to-earth and funny girl, just the type AS says he likes. As for what Alex looks like these days, you must not be watching the internet, he just posed for the Wall St Journal for a pictorial by ANNIE LIEBOWITZ, the most famous photog of all time, and looked amazing.
    Plus he’s filming all night episodes of True Blood right now, remember? Geez already.
    What a bunch of losers.

  183. 183
    Not so much Says:


    Blue Crush was a looong time ago. That innocence is long gone. I’m all for giving him a break, but her – not so much.

  184. 184
    @@Frenchy Says:


    Blue Crush was so long ago and far away for KBos it may as well be a different person. In reputation, and looks she has changed, and not for the better. Most people will not hate on anyone AS dates, they don’t like her simply because it brings comments like these to HIS reputation. He’s a grown man and who he dates is his business, but when he makes as poor a choice as this, well….mud sticks. While acknowledging AS would photograph well in a potato sack, Annie L is bankrupt and would photograph ANYONE right now for a buck.

  185. 185
    Frenchy99 Says:

    Wow, what a crock. You folks have no idea of what you’re talking about. Who are any of you to determine if he’s making a ‘bad choice’ or not? Are YOU perfect? Has it not escaped you that she hasn’t given in to the H’Wood pressure of getting bigger boobs and Botox? And other than places like this, I haven’t heard ANYTHING about her so-called ‘bad reputation’, I think it’s just stuff you guys are making up to justify your own vicious behaviour. So much for all of your opinions on her ‘character’. I’d like someone to grill all of you up here.
    And you ARE right, who the guy dates is his business and not up for criticism by anyone here. They re both still hotter than anyone any of you will ever get.
    All of you are just jealous because you all know that if you ever met him in person and you made a pass, he wouldn’t give ANY of you the time of day.
    And if Liebowitz is so-called bankrupt, does that make her a crappy photographer too? Geez. Hickey-Freeman hired her, so does that make them crappy as well?
    Try going out and volunteering at the local children’s hospital or women’s shelter and do something constructive instead of your hobbies of character assassination. I still say, what a bunch of losers, and let them date who they want, it’s not anyone’s place here to make judgements.
    I for one, hope they are VERY happy together.

  186. 186
    Sorry Says:

    @Frenchy, Kate Bosworth’s poor reputation is YEARS old, not something that just cropped up. She was thought to call paps when she dated Orlando, she got very very skinny shortly before the break up which sparked cocaine rumours, the Chris Martin rumours were before dating Alex and all of those were and are discussed on way more sites than JJ. Who knows how much is true, but it has followed her a long time and there’s always something new, like the Martin goss, to add to the list.

    If Alex is happy, great. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if this relationship doesn’t shake out well in the long run. One thing that I personally am sure of is that she does call the paps. She’s very transparent about that.

  187. 187
    Same old story Says:

    @Sorry: @Sorry: The comments are always the same about KB and AS. She is dragging him to hell, and he is following her down there. They are living together, they are not living together, She is worthless as an actress and cannot get work, and he apparently chooses her over other actresses, and there must be something wrong with him for choosing her. His PR team needs to be fired if the drunk comments are made when he does appear in public. He is not well known enough to survive such publicity. I dont think he gives a crap what people think and she is just along for the ride, because since hanging on to him she is being talked about. Same oh, same oh crap. Nothing new about these two. They are both quite boring, and she is not much of a partner when he is seen with the same sweater three times in a row in the same week. Maybe they need to hire a maid or somethig to help them do laundry.

  188. 188
    not @ elysuim gala Says:

    looks like alex and kb were a no show at the art of elysuim gala. strange kate attended last yr and this year as alex does not show up nither does kb. maybe kb is trying to cut down on her party lifestyle to prove to alex she wants to setttle down. what a joke! isn’t her buddy there ryan kavanagh!!! did he not want her there!

    if there were pics of these to then they skipped the red carpet!

  189. 189
    Nice Says:

    @READ: Alexander was Drunk:

    Nice. A troll from worldofskarsgard. did you girls send in another ‘experiment’ to laragmag? some fans.

  190. 190
    Tanter Says:

    Alexander went to the Scandinavian Film Festival in Los Angeles instead. He supported his younger brother Bill for his movie “Simple Simon”, and his dad Stellan for “A Somewhat Gentle Man.” Apparently Alexander, Bill, and brother Gustaf were all there. “Simple Simon” is in the Oscar race (Sweden’s bid) for this year and so is “A Somewhat Gentle Man” (Norway’s bid).

  191. 191
    NomNomNom Says:


    He was at the film fest with his family AND Kate Bosworth. There are tweets about her being there too.

  192. 192
    KB @ film festival with askars Says:

    Yes one person said they seen kate with his brothers and another person who posted in her wall said she only seen alexander and bill. maybe kate was not actually around when the girl spotted alex and bill? I believe kate was there with alex and family. she never attended last nights gala if she did then she skipped the red carpet. I am very surprised!!

    Scandinavian film festival in LA this weeked (
    A swedish girl, who lives in LA, went to the festival and posted in facebook 6 h ago ” met with Bill and Gustav Skarsgård and Kate Bosworth or however you spell it haha …” Someone else posted in her wall “What? Did you see Kate Bosworth too? I just saw Alexander Skarsgard and Bill Skarsgard! LOL”.

  193. 193
    Frenchy99 Says:

    Some of you folks are so delusional about what is real information and what is gossip and rumour that it is just ridiculous. OMG, someone called the Paps to report they’re appearing someplace, wow, let’s all just burn her at the stake, why don’t you? Did it ever occur to you clueless people that the way people promote their films is publicity? Did it ever occur that LOTS of stars have a PR person give info about events they were attending? Why not haunt the Brangelina boards and vilify them for selling pics of their own darn kids to the tabloids? THAT’S what’s disgusting, not two people out to enjoy their own company. And all this supposed ‘bad’ reputation nonsense is only in the minds of those who are starting rumours to justify their gossiping. Get over it already, gawd.
    I wonder how AS would feel if you ran into him and bragged about the hatchet job you were all doing on his girlfriend on your blogs and boards? I bet he’d just luuuuuv all of you, right? Not.

  194. 194
    Hmmmm Says:


    Does Alex use toilet paper or your tongue?

  195. 195
    Future Legend Says:

    What more could a girl want? A hot man in a soft sweater with a fast, hot car? Think I am on overload…Too bad JJ didn’t post that pic of Alex in front of the Audi. Damn that was the best one.

    Alex is looking really good. Maybe a little tired but with True Blood taping who wouldn’t be tired? I can’t wait to see the results. Stephen Moyer said AB was going smaller, so I hope that means they give us more Alex/Eric time this year. He was great last year.

  196. 196
    Frenchy99 Says:

    Oooohh, what a witty comeback. What, no more vicious gossip about Kate doing ‘drugs’ or ‘stalking’ Orlando Bloom? What? No answer for any of that? I don’t see what all of you are sooooo concerned about, it’s not as if any of YOU have a shot…
    Oh and of course insult me because I’m calling all of you to task for your high-school Mean-Girl gossip.

  197. 197
    Sian Says:

    Wtf is up with all the haters, seriously saying he’s on drugs is like saying you lot have lives, not happening.

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