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Alexander Skarsgard Repeats Sweater at Golden Globes Party!

Alexander Skarsgard Repeats Sweater at Golden Globes Party!

Alexander Skarsgard attends Audi and designer J. Mendel‘s party to kick off the Golden Globes week at Cecconi’s on Sunday (January 9) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old True Blood actor wore the same sweater that he had just worn a few days earlier!

On Thursday (January 6), Alex wore his fave blue sweater to go grocery shopping after a workout session at the gym.. At least he puts his clothes to good use!

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197 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard Repeats Sweater at Golden Globes Party!”

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  1. 51
    1001 Says:

    I love scruffy Alex and I kinda like that jumper… He wears whatever he wants, doesnt care what people think and 4 me that attitude is very attractive !

  2. 52
    Raine Says:

    I wish I could look at an Alex post without all the hate on him crap about K.B esp when she’s not even metioned in the actual post !

  3. 53
    Rê with Fangs Says:

    Poor thing! It looks so tired! Should ta working hard! About clothes, I think this is a sign of personality, he really does not care about this nonsense, all to be very tidy all the time. He is beautiful, clean and charismatic METROSEXUAL need not be a snob. I love this Alex, with real personality! Long live the real men!

  4. 54
    Buttercups Says:

    Why the sad smile? Getty images still tags him as “Peter Sarsgaard” ****!
    I saw other pictures from this event and Alex looks like he didn’t want to be there. The one with the car is so sad, Kate did the cheap-model-next-to-a-car when she was like 20.
    Why?! He was so promising >:(

  5. 55
    Buttercups Says:

    Now he’s not “EVEN NICE TO THE PAPARAZZI”:

  6. 56


  7. 57
    HW insider Says:

    well winnie where are you why have you stopped posting what are you waiting for????. can you explain kates absence PLEASE!!! its not like the wannabe ACTRESS to miss a red carpet party with her sweetheart alexander. why did he not bring his girlfriend????? there is also a video of alex from the party it looks like alex brought that surfer dude (green jacket) and some other guy.(white jacket) I think they were waiting for him! alex looks better in the video he smiled for a bit

  8. 58
    charisma Says:

    he gets better when aging. A REAL man is no too vain. and i’m sure his clothes are clean. his fans say he smell good. of coz he’s tired’ theyr’re shooting tb by nights and sometimes he has to do little networking.

  9. 59
    charisma Says:

    Though I like his new teeths, much better than the real ones. And also his awesome leathery skin, he’s looking more like his dad. Love it.
    These are my favorites:

  10. 60
    Awwww come on!!!! Says:

    I love me some Alex but he looks like he can be a bit of a slob!!

  11. 61
    dayglowjoe Says:

    What a complete non-story! So what? Maybe he is not concerned with a superficial ass hole who feels pressured to play up to the ridiculously materialistic soulless world of paparazzi “journalism”.
    It’s not like he even wore it to two separate events either, there is simply photographic evidence to suggest that, indeed, he owns the sweater! What are you saying? Celebrities should burn everything after they’ve worn it once?! What a waste of everyone’s time this story is!

  12. 62
    Rayray Says:

    who cares if he wore the same sweater twice in one week?!!! It just proves that he’s not obsessed with designer names and looking like a “movie star”. He’s being true to himself and should be commended for that. Obviously, KB’s values haven’t rubbed off on him as much as some people think! Also, I don’t think he’s at the event because it’s a Golden Globes party- he likes Audi’s, so that’s why he went…

  13. 63
    burnt bacon Says:

    Who let the homeless guy in?

  14. 64
    Jane Says:


    I think you’re the one needing help, dear.

  15. 65
    Jane Says:

    He looks hot. I want to touch his sweater.

  16. 66
    closet freaks Says:

    #61 and 62 – since you’re probably the same person – I think we’re all judging him by normal standards. It’s a little off to wear the same sweater on Thursday, Friday and then to an event on Sunday where he’s unshaven and under-dressed. He’s still hot as hell but if you think the average Joe wears clothes three out of four days (and WTF, he probably had it on Saturday too), not sure where you might come from on that. Not criticizing, it’s a free country, he can wear what he wants but it’s sure going to get noticed and talked about. Looong leap between wearing outfits only once and every day of the week.

  17. 67
    caroline Says:

    i adore him (:

  18. 68
    knackered giraffe Says:

    @63 Somebody left a trail of bread crumbs from the cardboard boxes out in the alley.

  19. 69
    Swedish Functional Alcoholic Says:

    though I like his new teeths, much better that the real ones. And @Jane:

    Why would you want to touch that sweater? just imagine how gross is the smell: beers wine and liquors, smoke of whatever, sweat, KB/others *****… ew.

  20. 70
    Swedish Functional Alcoholic Says:

    “though I like his new teeths, much better that the real ones. And”
    Why would you want to touch that sweater?
    Just imagine the gross smell: beers, wine and liquors, smoke of whatever he smokes, sweat from days, KB/others *****… ew.

  21. 71
    Pepper Says:

    I’d take him home in any sweater. Then rip it off…

  22. 72
    Swedish Functional Alcoholic Says:


    woa, the nasty face 0:10 to 0:15 OMG. 5 seconds of real Swedish Functional Alcoholic

  23. 73
    L Says:

    Fair skinned people age very fast…i should know

  24. 74
    Just Kidding Says:

    Just curious, are AS and KB living together now? Cos E! said the following, “So what’s the latest on the duo? Still together, and still very happy we hear from sources. Apparently Skarsgård and Bosworth have been shacking up here in LA, attempting to keep their romance still on the down low.”

  25. 75
    Emily Says:

    @Just Kidding:

    lol I love how the article says that the two of them are trying to keep their romance “low key”. If you base this couple off of their candids it always looks like he’s more or less embarrassed to be seen with her. Then again, I don’t know them so I could be way off.

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