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Alexander Skarsgard Repeats Sweater at Golden Globes Party!

Alexander Skarsgard Repeats Sweater at Golden Globes Party!

Alexander Skarsgard attends Audi and designer J. Mendel‘s party to kick off the Golden Globes week at Cecconi’s on Sunday (January 9) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old True Blood actor wore the same sweater that he had just worn a few days earlier!

On Thursday (January 6), Alex wore his fave blue sweater to go grocery shopping after a workout session at the gym.. At least he puts his clothes to good use!

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Credit: Jen Lowery; Photos: Splashnewsonline, Patrick McMullan
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  • Hmmmm


    The Chris Martin/ Kate Bosworth thing was a story reported in Star Magazine. CM/KB both said they would sue. They never did. STAR NEVER RETRACTED THE STORY.+ THEY NEVER SUED= STAR HAS PROOF.
    David Beckham is suing the magazine and hooker that said he cheated on his wife. DAVID BECKHAM MUST HAVE PROOF AND TRUTH ON HIS SIDE.

    Nice try starting you own internet rumor that CM/KB was only an internet rumor and not actually printed in a magazine.

  • Winnie

    All of my comments from the past and as of now are the truth.It seems that you folks are having a very hard time dealing with the truth.AS and KB are not what they appear to be.They think this is a joke and they fuel the fire by getting their people like Arlene to stir trouble.Arlene Moon is Kate’s lapdog.Another one of Kate’s lapdogs is her assistant…she comments a lot on this site.
    Unfortunately in H-Wood,they are considered a joke.They are not taken seriously and reporting on them is a waste of paper.They can not even get auditions.They will stay together even after their movie is released.The reason is that there is a very salacious story going around about AS.It is a story that AS wants buried.KB is his cover.As long as they are “together”the story stays buried.

  • Kory


    winnie, please you have to give us a Kate involved ? she at least knows the story..’cause that’s how she is keeping AS around right?

  • Hmmmm

    Any salacious story at this point is more welcome than Kate. If it’s the Nelly Fang rumors, so what? Being associated with KB has been far more damaging to him.I don’t see how they can think this is a joke if they can’t get auditions. The only joke then would be on them. HW insiders seem to think that AS is a joke and his remaining fans are holding on by a pinkie.

  • I don’t think so

    Unless he was making farm animals happy, who cares? If what Winnie says is true, I can’t believe this charade is going to work in his favor in any way at all. Maybe her’s, but his … nope. You’re right Hmmmm, the joke is on them. She could barely get any work before and after TWW … well good luck with that. Now him, that’s a shame. He had so much potential.

  • Are You All THAT Blind ?

    WAKE UP-There is only ONE possible salacious story a man needs to hide by having to resort to a pretend relationship with a last resort bloodsucker like KB!!!!

  • I don’t think so

    @Are You All THAT Blind ?: Another man? Who cares. He wouldn’t be the first flakey actor to do a dude. More than one dude? Again, who cares. Better than this ….

  • Hollywood Casting would care

    It would be even tougher to compete for leading man roles against the multitude of YOUNGER less box-office risky actors with no PUBLICLY KNOWN indiscretions.

  • so winnie

    kirsten tweeted from TB she is having a golden globe dress fitting!!

    so winnie if you claim to be REAL (I am not being rude or calling you a liar) and have inside HW info what is your perdiction of the GOLDEN GLOBES will alex and kate make a spectical of themselves! just like COACHELLA or will they be all low key and loved up all over each other at the after party or are they not going???????????????????????? I find there whole relationship a joke but but intresting

  • what story, oh please?

    what story is this winnie that alex want’s buried? gay, bi, secert son or daughter he his hiding. just the same old same old!! nothing new then! god I hope it is nothing to serious for alex to want it buried?. and alex ain’t gettin audtions oh please pull the other one winnie!!!! give us some credible info that is actually going to happen and not just re-visiting his past interviews and old rumors from TC!!

  • Which is it Winnie

    @Winnie: I thought she “hooked him on the drugs”. Now it’s a salacious story. Are they one in the same? I also thought he wasn’t happy with how things were going and he wasn’t playing her game. Now, they’ll be together long after SD. It’s not adding up, sorry.

  • Riddle me this

    If it’s all just more of the same “Fandom Follies” at play,
    So then why ISN’T Alex getting good or really ANY notable movie roles at all for that matter????
    Why Is he laughed at in Hollywood circles?
    Regardless of whether there’s rumors or not
    None of Alex’s MO adds up

  • Riddling

    Alex has to work around his True Blood schedule, which makes a hard process of getting roles even harder. He hasn’t opened a large US movie yet, so he’s not A list and that has nothing to do with salacious stories.

    He actually had a busy hiatus this year and his picks made sense. A smaller indie with a respected director that may go to Cannes and a big blockbuster which the studio will push big time–it’s their summer tentpole movie. I even think it was smart for Alex to accept a supporting role in Battleship. If it’s successful, he gets a hit show for his resume and if it’s a bomb, Taylor will take more of the brunt of it than Alex. It’s hard to go from a successful TV show to the movies. It’s taken Jon Hamm years and he’s part of a critically lauded show.

    I doubt very much Alex is being laughed at in Hollywood circles. Even if he is part of a PR showmance or has salacious stories in his past, that’s far from unusual in Hollywood. The bottom line will be whether he can sell tickets in his upcoming films.

    And yeah, Winnie, I thought Alex was sick of KB’s stunts and pulling away in your last post. You even said “trust.” What’s up with that?

  • Hope it pays well

    Give it up babe, no amount of Alex PR hype is going to work anymore

  • Kim

    I love this mans eyes.

  • no wonder

    No wonder tPF is trying distance itself from WoS if those kind of pranks are going on. If your deluded minds thought that was going to be beneficial in any way, you ladies have way too much time on your hands. Did you think the fandom would praise you for exposing the machinations we already know exists? Poorly played ladies, poorly played indeed.

  • @How about this?

    @Winnie You might want to QC for consistency before you post just to be on the safe side. So how about this? They think this is a joke? So do we. AS has become a joke. KB always was a joke. This “relationship” is a joke. Their mutual careers are a joke. Whoever greenlighted this little project is a joke. That about got everything covered? Yeah? Thought so.

    @burnt bacon, @knackered giraffe, @Annabella roflmao!

  • MadAboutTheBoy

    The annoying part of this is that all this infighting takes the focus off the fact that he looks great. Ok, he’s wearing the same sweater, but its a NICE sweater and makes his eyes look really blue. Instead of focusing on that, we’ve got comments again about that one slice of the idiot wedge, that is WoS. And the dweeb that posted that rumour didn’t have the cojones to use even their “real” online tag, eh KitKath70? You can turn it inside out, but it boils down to the fact you aren’t real fans at all.

  • liarlairpantsonfire


    And Winnie, wo the hell are you? Insider my azzzz. You are just some fan wo is way too invested. so now they will be together beyond SD? Why change your tune? Is it becoming too obviouse tat they could be living together? You change your tune to fit the ongoing story.

    I would bet you are a WoS person too. You just won’t own up to your lies.

  • Great Post


    My thoughts exactly!

  • KB papped again

    kb has been papped once again GUESS WHAT alex’s friend and GUESS where they were shopping pap hangout bristol farms market! oh and JJ had to through in kate and alex were living together from the E-online artical this is def a PR stunt

    it looks like this guy is her personal shopping assistant carrying her bags because I doubt he can afford to shop there WHERE IS LISA LARRSSON!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey brainiac!

    @KB papped again:

    It’s throw, “throw in” – not through. “Through” is about as accurate as your post.

  • Vanessa

    I like him better in True Blood .. i don’t see the attraction either.
    He looks tired, maybe he needs to get away from Kate Boswh0re? she seems to drag every man down to her level .. a level of looking like a crack hoe.
    (that’s if they’re actually dating? ..haven’t seen JJ post anything on them in awhile..)


  • @ Mad About The Boy

    Who the hell are you… Thespi? The psycho Swedish meathead? or are you the spy who lurks on WOS forums only to post things out of context. You have no right to post someones name on another forum which, by the way, is a CLOSED forum. You can only view or post after you’ve registered.

    As for your claim Alex looks great, Honey you need your eyes checked.

    This is Alex last year:

    This is Alex today:

    He’s aged a lot over the past 12 months and his eyes have lost their twinkle. But, if you still want to look through the beer colored glasses (Alex prefers Heinekin but you already knew that) go ahead. At this point, I hope he marries her & takes her back to Sweden along with the rest of the Swedish Posse PERMANENTLY! Then we wouldn’t have to suffer through endless beige smirks & Swedish permascowls.

  • Golden Globes

    Word is he’s not going.

    But of course there is the lovely photo of them in Mexico in the tabs *sigh*

  • Angie

    UGHHH!!! I don’t get it,awesome body,but ugly face.

  • Seriously

    since when is Star Magazine the epitome of check-your-facts journalism? I don’t think so. LOL. They have no proof. Believe everything you hear much?

  • porquenon

    @Golden Globes:

    The show isn’t nominated.

  • READ: Alexander was Drunk
    It was reported that he smelled heavily of booze and his speech was slurred.

  • Carla Nelson

    H elooks better being photograph at a distance. He is not that handsome looking at a close up. Make up does wonders for people when they take them covers for the magazines. His looks has gone down.

  • Sweet Annie

    He wore that for a GG event? Who the hell he think he is?!

  • Frenchy99

    I think you guys should be ashamed of yourselves slamming Kate and Alex this way, you’d think she was some sort of evil b***h the way you go on and on, about something you have no idea of. How would you know whether she’d go live in Sweden or not? You people should stop hating on anyone that dates AS. I met Kate in Hawaii when she was filming Blue Crush and she’s a very down-to-earth and funny girl, just the type AS says he likes. As for what Alex looks like these days, you must not be watching the internet, he just posed for the Wall St Journal for a pictorial by ANNIE LIEBOWITZ, the most famous photog of all time, and looked amazing.
    Plus he’s filming all night episodes of True Blood right now, remember? Geez already.
    What a bunch of losers.

  • Not so much


    Blue Crush was a looong time ago. That innocence is long gone. I’m all for giving him a break, but her – not so much.

  • @@Frenchy


    Blue Crush was so long ago and far away for KBos it may as well be a different person. In reputation, and looks she has changed, and not for the better. Most people will not hate on anyone AS dates, they don’t like her simply because it brings comments like these to HIS reputation. He’s a grown man and who he dates is his business, but when he makes as poor a choice as this, well….mud sticks. While acknowledging AS would photograph well in a potato sack, Annie L is bankrupt and would photograph ANYONE right now for a buck.

  • Frenchy99

    Wow, what a crock. You folks have no idea of what you’re talking about. Who are any of you to determine if he’s making a ‘bad choice’ or not? Are YOU perfect? Has it not escaped you that she hasn’t given in to the H’Wood pressure of getting bigger boobs and Botox? And other than places like this, I haven’t heard ANYTHING about her so-called ‘bad reputation’, I think it’s just stuff you guys are making up to justify your own vicious behaviour. So much for all of your opinions on her ‘character’. I’d like someone to grill all of you up here.
    And you ARE right, who the guy dates is his business and not up for criticism by anyone here. They re both still hotter than anyone any of you will ever get.
    All of you are just jealous because you all know that if you ever met him in person and you made a pass, he wouldn’t give ANY of you the time of day.
    And if Liebowitz is so-called bankrupt, does that make her a crappy photographer too? Geez. Hickey-Freeman hired her, so does that make them crappy as well?
    Try going out and volunteering at the local children’s hospital or women’s shelter and do something constructive instead of your hobbies of character assassination. I still say, what a bunch of losers, and let them date who they want, it’s not anyone’s place here to make judgements.
    I for one, hope they are VERY happy together.

  • Sorry

    @Frenchy, Kate Bosworth’s poor reputation is YEARS old, not something that just cropped up. She was thought to call paps when she dated Orlando, she got very very skinny shortly before the break up which sparked cocaine rumours, the Chris Martin rumours were before dating Alex and all of those were and are discussed on way more sites than JJ. Who knows how much is true, but it has followed her a long time and there’s always something new, like the Martin goss, to add to the list.

    If Alex is happy, great. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if this relationship doesn’t shake out well in the long run. One thing that I personally am sure of is that she does call the paps. She’s very transparent about that.

  • Same old story

    @Sorry: @Sorry: The comments are always the same about KB and AS. She is dragging him to hell, and he is following her down there. They are living together, they are not living together, She is worthless as an actress and cannot get work, and he apparently chooses her over other actresses, and there must be something wrong with him for choosing her. His PR team needs to be fired if the drunk comments are made when he does appear in public. He is not well known enough to survive such publicity. I dont think he gives a crap what people think and she is just along for the ride, because since hanging on to him she is being talked about. Same oh, same oh crap. Nothing new about these two. They are both quite boring, and she is not much of a partner when he is seen with the same sweater three times in a row in the same week. Maybe they need to hire a maid or somethig to help them do laundry.

  • not @ elysuim gala

    looks like alex and kb were a no show at the art of elysuim gala. strange kate attended last yr and this year as alex does not show up nither does kb. maybe kb is trying to cut down on her party lifestyle to prove to alex she wants to setttle down. what a joke! isn’t her buddy there ryan kavanagh!!! did he not want her there!

    if there were pics of these to then they skipped the red carpet!

  • Nice

    @READ: Alexander was Drunk:

    Nice. A troll from worldofskarsgard. did you girls send in another ‘experiment’ to laragmag? some fans.

  • Tanter

    Alexander went to the Scandinavian Film Festival in Los Angeles instead. He supported his younger brother Bill for his movie “Simple Simon”, and his dad Stellan for “A Somewhat Gentle Man.” Apparently Alexander, Bill, and brother Gustaf were all there. “Simple Simon” is in the Oscar race (Sweden’s bid) for this year and so is “A Somewhat Gentle Man” (Norway’s bid).

  • NomNomNom


    He was at the film fest with his family AND Kate Bosworth. There are tweets about her being there too.

  • KB @ film festival with askars

    Yes one person said they seen kate with his brothers and another person who posted in her wall said she only seen alexander and bill. maybe kate was not actually around when the girl spotted alex and bill? I believe kate was there with alex and family. she never attended last nights gala if she did then she skipped the red carpet. I am very surprised!!

    Scandinavian film festival in LA this weeked (
    A swedish girl, who lives in LA, went to the festival and posted in facebook 6 h ago ” met with Bill and Gustav SkarsgĂ„rd and Kate Bosworth or however you spell it haha …” Someone else posted in her wall “What? Did you see Kate Bosworth too? I just saw Alexander Skarsgard and Bill Skarsgard! LOL”.

  • Frenchy99

    Some of you folks are so delusional about what is real information and what is gossip and rumour that it is just ridiculous. OMG, someone called the Paps to report they’re appearing someplace, wow, let’s all just burn her at the stake, why don’t you? Did it ever occur to you clueless people that the way people promote their films is publicity? Did it ever occur that LOTS of stars have a PR person give info about events they were attending? Why not haunt the Brangelina boards and vilify them for selling pics of their own darn kids to the tabloids? THAT’S what’s disgusting, not two people out to enjoy their own company. And all this supposed ‘bad’ reputation nonsense is only in the minds of those who are starting rumours to justify their gossiping. Get over it already, gawd.
    I wonder how AS would feel if you ran into him and bragged about the hatchet job you were all doing on his girlfriend on your blogs and boards? I bet he’d just luuuuuv all of you, right? Not.

  • Hmmmm


    Does Alex use toilet paper or your tongue?

  • Future Legend

    What more could a girl want? A hot man in a soft sweater with a fast, hot car? Think I am on overload…Too bad JJ didn’t post that pic of Alex in front of the Audi. Damn that was the best one.

    Alex is looking really good. Maybe a little tired but with True Blood taping who wouldn’t be tired? I can’t wait to see the results. Stephen Moyer said AB was going smaller, so I hope that means they give us more Alex/Eric time this year. He was great last year.

  • Frenchy99

    Oooohh, what a witty comeback. What, no more vicious gossip about Kate doing ‘drugs’ or ‘stalking’ Orlando Bloom? What? No answer for any of that? I don’t see what all of you are sooooo concerned about, it’s not as if any of YOU have a shot…
    Oh and of course insult me because I’m calling all of you to task for your high-school Mean-Girl gossip.

  • Sian

    Wtf is up with all the haters, seriously saying he’s on drugs is like saying you lot have lives, not happening.