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Alexander Skarsgard Repeats Sweater at Golden Globes Party!

Alexander Skarsgard Repeats Sweater at Golden Globes Party!

Alexander Skarsgard attends Audi and designer J. Mendel‘s party to kick off the Golden Globes week at Cecconi’s on Sunday (January 9) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old True Blood actor wore the same sweater that he had just worn a few days earlier!

On Thursday (January 6), Alex wore his fave blue sweater to go grocery shopping after a workout session at the gym.. At least he puts his clothes to good use!

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197 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard Repeats Sweater at Golden Globes Party!”

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  1. 76
    P Says:

    He was so promising when Generation Kill came out and hotter than ever in TB season 1 & 2. What the hell happened!? (Not just judging by this photos). But whoever pair him and KB together should get fired. They really need to call off that PR stunt. And if the relationship is for real, their agent should get fired(too!) or someone should tell them to cool it off or take it underground. These two cannot be seen together in the public!!! NOT doing him any good.

  2. 77
    Sasha Says:

    According to Eonline, he’s still with Kate. They’re supposedly keeping it on the down low. Who knows. I do know I wouldn’t want a relationship that had to be kept underground for so long. Then again I’m not a celebrity so I don’t get the things they do.

  3. 78
    Eyes wide Shut Says:


    I agree with you, before …when TB just started and before he messed ith Evan Rachel Wood and Kate Bosho he was linked to Christina Ochoa Lopez ..grand daughter of a nobel prize winner..she is GORGEOUS ..intelligent, down to earth actress ..and has a good reputation…more his type I thought he was into Exotic brunnettes..So I don’t get why he would break things up with her and move on with the likes of Kate Bosho…unless he is just like her and is trying to further his career in hollywood…everything seems to indicate that he is not what his fans thought he was!

  4. 79
    omg Says:

    @ eyes wide shut

    Wow, Christina chick is BEAUTIFUL! Saw the pics on her imd profile, why would he dump her for Evan or Kate..and your right I thought his type were brunettes too. People are saying that Alex is interested in making MONEY more the better and faster before he leaves for Sweden permantly..I quess he see Kate Bosworth as his meal ticket which is ridiculous since she has a non existent career. He is too caught up in the hollywood lifestyle now!

  5. 80
    Silly Says:

    He’s lovely and so is Kate. Jealous fan girls are embarrassing and silly.

  6. 81
    Hans is! Says:

    now, Hans/Jam….no need to be jealous of other fans of Alex…he doesn’t want to bang you dude. lol

  7. 82
    @Silly Says:

    Nah sounds more ie Kate
    Kate…it’s obvious that Alex cares because he now has your relationship on the down low now that’s embarrasing…chick I woud respect you more it you had a back bone. Every relationship you had you morph yourself into a totally different person..with Orlly you became a vegan buddist..then with James you became a wannabe model with anorexic issues, letting your career dwindle! Now with Alex you are changing yourself yet again we all know your a pap lover. Do you even know who you are? PATHETIC

  8. 83
    Jamie Says:

    you can tell 78, 79 & 82 are the same person just by the way the ellipses are used and the overall style of the post. if you are going pretend to be different people, change the STYLE of your WRITING..a bit! lol.

  9. 84
    Eyes wide shut Says:

    Lots of people use ellipses you’ll be saying that everyone that uses ! or lol is the same person! Nice try Hans the psycho!!! I’ve only posted as Eyes wide shut and as @Silly in response to Silly lol but nice try though LMAO

  10. 85
    Eyes wide shut Says:

    Oh, and by the way aren’t you that supposed Jaime insider that knows Alex, whateve? Tell us now what is Alex planning on doing, another PR stunt in the future lol

  11. 86
    Cupcake Says:

    Don’t believe any of these insiders. I saw on tumblr that WoS has been making up lies about Alex and his friends and posting them on JJ and other places. The story about Kate making a pass at Bjorne and losing Lisa as a friend is a LIE. They admitted it evidently.

  12. 87
    The real Jaime Says:

    Like you would know @Jaime, I would appreciate it if you would stop using my post name. I have made it an effort not to comment about Alex’s life anymore . People do not want to open their eyes! Ever since my comment about them around Coachella people have been attacking me eventhough I was right. Alexander is not in a good place right now and that is all I say at the present time. So please charlatans leave my name out of it. I have also notice countless other people that have ceased posting, whats the point Alex is too stubborn to admit he needs to leave her yet he realizes backlash of being with her. So he resorts with hiding their relationship now. He thinks he can change her. As everyone knows as friends there is only soo much we can do . Situation is sad esp when we see a relationship is toxic. I am ending my rant so please stop tyring to post as me.

  13. 88
    Really Says:

    Whose WoS??????

  14. 89
    Cupcake Says:


    World of Skarsgard. A fansite-although why fans would lie about Alex I dont know.

  15. 90
    Really Says:

    Thanks for clearing that up but don’t you find it strange that Alex and Kate where seen every where like at Chateu Marmont and dough boys and then suddenly just like that! , they are no longer seen together for weeks. Why is Alex wanting them to keep a low profile the damage has been done. I quess what people were saying that what his fans opinions did not bother him was a false because he either read something or someone informed him how his relatinship with Kate was being portayed. They were actually able to stay away from the paps, proving that when one wants anonymity one can have it. He must of gave Kate an ultimatium to stop calling the paps, but can she really change? I think not. Makes me sad that he allowed her to manipulate him for soo long or was he in on it?

  16. 91
    Hmmmm Says:

  17. 92
    Hmmmm Says:


    Where’s she lurking?
    Alexander Skarsgard showed up at the Audi and J Mendel Golden Globe Week kick-off party last night at Cecconi in West Hollywood. His clinger Kate Bosworth, I can’t find any photos of her there. And you know, if she was there, she would have gotten herself photographed. Subtlety isn’t her game. They were still together as of last week – click here to see – so what could possibly have kept her away?

    Maybe she didn’t want to answer any questions about her ex-boyfriend Orlando Bloom welcoming his first child with supermodel Miranda Kerr. If I were working that press line, I would totally have asked her about that and watched her squirm and stress. Then I would also ask her how she copes with stress, although the chances of her being forthcoming about her favourite stress-reducing substances are slim to none.

    As for those recent reports that he’s about to propose – my favourite thing about this is that the story was published on the last week of December, buried in holiday and New Year celebration without getting any traction. Which means that her people would have fed it to any tabloid takers a few weeks before, and instead the tabloids sat on it until they needed a filler, and threw it in there to use up an inch or two on a page before packing it in and going on break themselves. That’s about how important Kate Bosworth is to …anyone.

    And that only makes HIM look like sh-t. After all, he’s the one f-cking it.

  18. 93
    closet freaks Says:

    @The real Jaime: Really? You’re the real Jaime? Because back then you were Jamie. So I guess the name spelling change doesn’t matter. Re these reports about them being so freakin’ happy, etc – consider who their “sources” are – obviously their PR people. so not exactly gonna tell the whole truth, huh? I think at this point no one really cares. Maybe that’s sadder than him still being stuck with her.

  19. 94
    ******$######## Says:

    @Cupcake: You were dumb enough to print it on your site Thespi, so STFU and leave WOS out of it, especially when you ans your minions lurk on WOS and take information back and even post it. This is a gossip site, deal with it!!!

  20. 95
    ******$######## Says:

    @Cupcake: One person admitted it to it on WOS not everyone. Get your stories straight. You are mad because you were dumb enough to fall for it. Of course it can’t be worse than you gals posting Alex’s tax informrtion. How desperate and rabid is that. YOu praise him like Jim Jones, so I guess you all have drank the kool aid. Dumb azzes. LOL

  21. 96
    ******$######## Says:

    @Cupcake: It was not about Alex, dummy ,it was about Kate. Reading is fundamental.

  22. 97
    ******$######## Says:

    @Cupcake: She did not lie about Alex, dummy, it was about Kate. Reading is so….fundamental.

  23. 98
    Confusingforanoutsider Says:

    But I wonder where Björne and Lisa are? They were always with him (well, them) and now it has been a long time since they’ve been seen. Have they gone back to Sweden?

    Also concerning Kate – where are her own friends? We always see her with his friends and with co-workes (who somehow always seem to have become her close friends) but where are all her old freinds? She used to hang out with Liv Tyler, Stella McCartney, Helena Christensen and Gwyneth of course – they are all gone or what? Strange huh. Well, at least Alex has not exchanged his friends for her friends – there’s something.

  24. 99
    Winnie may not be right Says:

    @ cupcake I’m the one who came up with an experiment to start one rumor. It was not about Alex. It concerned KB and The Larson’s. I only posted about it 3 times with in the last 3 weeks. In three weeks it hit 3 of the Alex forums and KET twitter. I did this to show people how much bullshit is being said on the gossip sites and how easily they become a sort of fact and to educate them to question what’s being said and not take it blindly. I always planned to come clean with this info. Unfortunately Aksars Swedish Meatballs tumblr was told a partial truth about the experiment and put something on her site that is untrue and started to attack people. She never fact checked what she was told and after I contacted her, she was too much of a coward to put up my response and a retraction. She proved my point, that anyone can say anything on the internet and people believe them. This experiment has been talked about at length at World of Skarsgard forum. If you have any questions sign up there and read the whole thing. This experiment was done by an Askars fan who was sick of all the lies and misinformation being handed to his fans and how angry everyone was getting because of it. It was meant to help not hurt.

  25. 100
    Kinda backfired though Says:

    Didn’t it?

    Strange way of trying to help Alex by spreading false rumours about his girlfriend IMO.

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