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Doug Pitt: Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!

Doug Pitt: Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!

Doug Pitt is making his way up Mount Kilimanjaro!

The younger brother of actor Brad Pitt joined nearly 50 climbers to help build fresh water wells in Africa with WorldServe International.

Doug is a photojournalist and a director of Africa 6000 International, a charity helping African citizens the clean water they need. Last year, Doug was named a Goodwill Ambassador of Tanzania!

To keep up with Doug and his fellow climbers, visit!

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  • Ozzie

    Wishing all the climbers and Doug Pitt all the best.

    An amazing thing to do for such a worthy cause!

  • Latina

    uh…that’s nice. That’s not an easy task. Good luck.

  • thebookconquistador

    Great to see that handsomeness and good hearts run in the Pitt Family!

  • Ozzie

    Oh wow. I got first post. :D

    Love how all the Pitt family are walking the talk. Angie, Brad along with Jane, Bill, Julie and Doug’s wife Lisa must be so proud.

  • *~*+*~*

    huh? how does this climb bring clean water to the africans?????

  • latam2012

    hes looks like brad but not hot

  • Jones

    Way to go Doug! I know you and the group will prevail and make it to the top! What a wonderful family. Jane and Bill Pitt have certainly raised wonderfully thoughtful children. Fist pump for the Pitts!

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute


  • Maniston Stupid

    He is dating the chin.

  • UGG

    dug – pitt – found – water

  • my naym iz Doug Pitt

    Next Doug plans to go deep sea diving to help build new schools

  • DarkEmpress

    The Pitts are really committed to charity work.

  • Elizabeth

    Congrats Doug. Safe travel

  • ajpfan

    That is very nice.The pitts are doing a good job. Wishing the safe trip to all the climbers.

  • true

    Keep up the good work .I am very proud of the Pitt Family
    they are all good people.Wishing the best for you Doug Pitt.

  • Jolly Folly

    my naym iz Doug Pitt @ 01/10/2011 at 4:53 pm

    If you both had bothered to click on the link to World Serve International–you would see each climber is raising $25,000 or more towards providing clean water in various villages in Africa. Each climber is matched with a specific village so that they can see where their efforts and the money they raise goes.

    Directly from the website since you can’t be bothered to click:

    What’s at stake is solving part of the global water crisis. Nearly 1 billion people (1,000 million people, to put that in perspective) lack access to clean, safe water. Every 15 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease. We can do our part in East Africa – raising $1 million to provide as many as 50 communities with clean water.

    In January 2011, business, community and church leaders from across the world will join together to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro. At 19,330 ft. (5,891 meters), each step to the top will mark a step toward ending the water crisis for up to 50 different communities in East Africa. The event aims to raise $1 million for clean water projects. We will match each climber with a specific village so they and their supporters know which community stands to benefit from their journey

  • http://justjared katie

    The Pitts are Good People!!! To Bad Angie isn’t;)

  • Sacha

    Something nice to read about. Go ahead Doug!

  • Rachel


    Well Brad thinks Angie is great as do the rest of the Pitts–and that is all that counts isn’t it.

  • Kirsten

    Great job Doug! Julie, Brad’s sister also has adopted two Ethiopian sons and works with several charities. Brad and Angie are probably proud. The Pitts and Angie are beautiful on the inside and outside.

  • Eww

    @my naym iz Doug Pitt: lol the fans are gonna get you for that one. I thought it was funny. He looks just like brad if brad didn’t have plastic surgery.

  • true

    @katie: @katie: jealous hater.

  • Barbara

    FLAMENGO?! wtf?! the guy next him is carioca like me. awesome;
    Brazilians are everywhere;

  • WBPfan

    Aside from the money raised, these Kili climbers are raising tons of awareness on the need for clean water in the world. Its the ripple effect.

  • walking the talk

    Unlike his brother, Doug gets his hands dirty and actually does something besides throw money at a problem. Brad could learn a thing or two.

  • groundcontrol

    Brad’s sister, Julie, is also involved in getting clean water to Ethiopian villages by helping get wells dug.
    Kudos to them all.

  • Tam

    What an awesome family. Such togetherness. Good luck and stay safe. It’s a good thing when rich people don’t just sit on their buttocks and tan and waste away. Good that they make a difference.

  • Dawn

    @Maniston Stupid:

    Is it really necessary to bring Jen into this? It’s been six years. Move on already.

  • saywhat?

    @walking the talk:

    You don’t walk in either Brad or Doug’s shoes, how would you know what either have done—do you live with them?

    Congrats and thanks to all the climbers on the KiliClimbforWater. MakeItRight for Africa. MakeItRight for Nola.

    “If you are pained by external things, it is not they that disturb you, but your own judgment of them. And it is in your power to wipe out that judgment now.”
    – Marcus Aurelius

  • Marieme

    Man, what a neat family! Wish I could know more about Madre and Padre Pitt. They must be fantastic role models. I mean more fantastic than I imagined!

    What’s obvious is they’re all humanitarians at heart. It shows how perfectly Angelina must fit in. Suck it Fugs.

  • MooCow

    Whatever the PITT family did for charity they didn’t do in Africa and Haiti (or publicly) until Angelina Jolie came into their lives.

  • dakila

    his mouth is like brad’s. way to go,doug!

  • nasra

    I am very proud of this blessed family. It is obvious how Angie fitted into this family cause she has been all the way a true humanitarian. Imagine seeing Angie in refugee camps in Tanzania in year 2001…..long time before she met Brad. All the best to the most awesome Kili Climber – Doug and to all who work hard to make this World a better place.
    I also pray for George Clooney who is currently overseeing the Southern Sudan peace process.

  • Bia


  • marie

    walking the talk….you mean aside from the dozens of hospitals, schools, wildlife preserves, Make it Right in Katrina, Not on our Watch with Clooney and the gang, times in Pakastan helping the flood victims, etc….you mean Brad could learn a thing or 2….and besides him and Angie being the inspiration for his brother doing this……wow, good point!!!
    i bet you must spend a lot of time helping and donating and getting your hands dirty!! do tell…what have you done so great?!

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