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Ed Westwick: Leonardo DiCaprio's Biographer in 'J. Edgar'

Ed Westwick: Leonardo DiCaprio's Biographer in 'J. Edgar'

Ed Westwick will play the role of Agent Smith in the upcoming biopic J. Edgar, which will star Leonardo DiCaprio as J. Edgar Hoover, according to Deadline.

The 23-year-old Gossip Girl actor will play a clean cut operative with writing skill who Hoover hires to write his biography, until the agent gets a little too close to the truth.

Leo and Ed will be joined by the previously announced Armie Hammer as Hoover’s secret lover.

While Charlize Theron was rumored to join the cast, she dropped out and director Clint Eastwood is looking at Amy Adams and Naomi Watts for the role.

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  • S

    OMG! This is HUGE for Ed! He deserves it. Cannot wait!

  • AJNano

    That’s cool. If he pulls the role correctly. I have a feeling this movie could be Leo’s year for FINALLY receiving a best actor Oscar let’s hope!

  • Noelle

    Huge break for Ed. I’ve already been looking forward to this movie, and now I’m eager to see him prove himself.

  • Catherine

    I’m so excited for him! Go Ed!!!

  • Vj

    lolz ha ha ha . Leo is not playing President Hoover , he is playing Director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover . Get your facts right. President Hoover wasn’t gay :-)

  • Rachelsun

    Hoover was never President. He was the Director of the FBI.

  • SarahNL

    Good for him! Never thought that Ed and Leo would ever play in the same movie but can’t wait. :P

  • aly

    oh wow thats a big role for him! I was getting a little worried Ed wasent getting promising roles in movies like his co-stars so this is awesome.

  • T

    Leo DiCaprio will play J. Edgar Hoover, former FBI Director, not former President Herbert Hoover. The movie, after all, is “J. Edgar”.

  • panda

    wow thats awesome!

  • laverdadduele

    Ed Westwick couldn’t look more gay in that picture if he tried.

  • Maryanne

    he better get better with his acting before he acts opposite leo

  • Ashley

    SO excited!! Ed’s one of the best actors on GG! Totally looking forward to this movie!

  • mau mau rebellion


    get it straight- j edgar, first and reigning fbi director for 40 years, had dirt on everyone

    herbert hoover, not very noteworthy president during depression, aka “hooverville”

    a hoover- type of vaccuum cleaner not invented by either

    the hoovers- early african american la gang

    dig it???

    I hope leo doesnt get an oscar though because he has been acting like a mega douche lately

  • to Rachelsun

    Hoover was never President. He was the Director of the FBI.
    but Hoover behaved as if he had more power than the President did. and in a way he was. No President was able to remove him from office.

  • Laura


    Apparently he’s a good enough actor for Clint Eastwood. It’s the best director any of the other Gossip Girl cast has worked with. *shrug*

  • Jime

    happy! I think he’s great in the shity GG.
    I love Clint Eastwood movie :)

  • Rachelsun

    So what? Hoover was never President. Yes he had alot of power but he was never President.

  • Cole

    YAY!! CONGRATS TO ED!! He is by far the best actor on Gossip Girl!! He deserves this!

  • katy

    Ed is HOT

  • http://veryverysexy!! sharyllee

    I am sick of Leo!!

  • Sasha

    I am surprised but happy for him. It’s nice seeing people from one of my favorite shows do well.

  • lucifera

    sharylee me too like his work but his personal and lifetyle choices suck—-i dont expect him to sit and around and do nothing all day with all that dough—but hanging around with crappy people and wasting a ton of gas- private planes, helicopters, yachts all the time—practive what you preach mr greenhouse gas. I wasted like a 100th of what he did as I dont own a car and live in an apartment—he may talk about the elevenths hour et al but I guess that is for other people not him.

  • Sara

    J.Edgar wasnt president, but there was a president Hoover- Herbert hoover , he was president at the start of he GD

    but let’s cut Jared some slack, this post is supposed to be about chuck, I’m excited to see him try not to whisper and lick his lips all the time. Congrats!

  • lucifera

    natalie portman is so much prettier than bar refaeli- look at her- and she’s jewish/israeli- fathers name is hershlag. and she has a ring and a baby, two things bar wont get with leo…

    sorry I know this is not a bar thread but im pissed at him for having so low taste in friends and females– but i think its in part that all the women his age are paired off or he slept with them already- like Cam and Naomi for example and a lot of women who have something real going for them dont trust him. they know better and dont need him for bread and dont want to be a dick appurtenance.

  • Buzzy

    Whoa. Talk about moving up in the world. Good for him. Love Ed and hope his career is only just beginning.

  • Melanie

    Ed is a horrible actor. All he does is whisper his lines with no emotion. I hate him on GG. Hoping his role is tiny otherwise this movie is going to suck.

  • leesa

    Good for him; may his agent steer him towers better projects than Leighton’s chooses for her!

    He has the perfect “look” for this era and I hope this is a stepping stone to bigger things for him.

  • Becs

    I don’t think Ed is a great actor. Kudos for getting a part in an A list movie.

  • alex

    No Charlize Theron :(((((((((

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Leo the best and cute handsome my favs actor good luck ^_^

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Leo are the best actor ever no one like him..! Keep going man

  • Anita

    Finally a great role for Ed. Im suprised that its taken this long for him to make great choices but I guess better late than never. Plus hopefully Leo is given an Oscar or 2 cos its LONG overdue. He should have atleast one by now for his performances in The Aviator, Blood Diamons, CMIYC etc.

  • beachbum10

    FINALLY!!! Great opportunity for an awesome actor like Ed!! Well-deserved!

  • tut

    @lucifera: Keep your sicko opinions to yourself, nobody here wants to hear them

  • zero bar

    @tut: Speak only for yourself. This is not a fan site ergo everyone is entitled to have an opinion even if it`s not the same as yours. If you don`t like it don`t read it. :)
    I wonder who has bigger head. Dicaprio or Ed? They`ll surely fill the whole screen.

  • Glee

    Blake tried to get a part in Leo’s movie. Ed ends up getting in. lolz

  • George W

    I guess Ed did a better job under the table with Leo than Blake ;) lol

  • lucifera


    screw you they are are a lot of other peoples opinions too. for example, he slept with both cam and naomi reportedly, dont you t hink this is ironic given the fact that they now are all on vacation together? They were at least his level of stardom at one point too. Bar will never be, she doesnt have the looks, talent or charisma to be either one of them she is a plain girl with a lot of plastic work and no other talent. Im saying what everywone sees, Adi. Sorry if you dont like it or Bar is paying you to defend her online. let her do her crap with him, apparently he was kicking it with blake lively again, good for him for branching out and putting out feelers for his eventual escape, dont bother trying to defend her either.

    natalie p who is a natural beauty, not dyed and snipped and over made up, a harvard graduate is pregnant and getting married. So is Marillon Cotillard. Guess what Leonardo DOES NOT WANT TO DO or he would have DONE IT ALREADY. Apparently she tried both and got kicked to the curb…sad sad sad barfie. but the free vacations and pap photos too good to pass up we see right through you barfie girl
    marillion cotillard is pregnant, same thing. natural real beauty, real talented actress- doesnt she have an oscar already? barife you’re trapped. You need him for money but he doesnt want you for what you really want in life….you need to woman up and get it together…or soon it will be too late. You are already losing the youth card- past 25 now.

    Here is what I want to know usual posters- where do you really see bar in five years? In one year? I see reality TV in one year, marriage to a rich but not superrich israeli and being a soccer mom for real in five. That is not failure-that’s what she wants anyway- going to go the same route as mom. Once she realizes Warren Beatty/ Leo wont marry her its the horse farm for her too. Or the suburb.

  • lucifera

    oh, and what’s so sicko about saying the obvious about natalie portman??? i dont want your “sicko” opinions either- bar is drop dead gorgeous, they will get married in a castle this year, they willl have great aryan blonde babies, etc etc etc I think THATS DELUSIONAL AND EXTREMELY SICK IF YOU WANY MY OPINION that whole family is nutso

  • Scar

    Leo probably will never get married to anyone. Another George Clooney type. Women who date him should know what they’re getting into.

  • ..

    If Leo wanted to dump Bar he would of by now. He doesn’t need another chick to help him with that.

  • Annie

    Yea. That’s why Gisele dumped Leo. Smart gal

  • zero bar

    @..: Hasn`t he done that a couple of times already? Plus if he was so serious about her he would have at least put a ring on it by now. These two seem more like traveling companions than a couple. I think it`s all about convenience and Leo sticking to his comfort zone.

  • .

    I agree.. they don’t seem like a solid couple. Or even see each other much. He stays with her because it works for him.

  • Eva

    Ed Westwick is finally doing a movie role! I’m looking forward to this.. should be good with Leonardo DiCaprio!

  • anna

    two GG alum in one movie

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    Westwick and Meester are the only good things about the sh!tacular Gossip Girl. It was inevitable that he was going to start getting good roles.

  • April

    Oh my. Why do the Bar fans and haters have to argue under every piece of Leo’s news. And this is not even Leo’s news, it’s about Ed Westwick for God’s sake.
    I guess I should say congratulations to Westwick, this is big for him. Now he has the finest start on the big screen out of the GG cast. Though I highly doubt he could lose that whisper thing and eye thing, it would suck so bad if he acts like that.

  • Anna

    he is so gay