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Katie Holmes: Chocolate Craving!

Katie Holmes: Chocolate Craving!

Katie Holmes stays comfortable in sweatpants as she strolls down the street with a friend on Monday (January 10) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 32-year-old actress stopped off at K Chocolatier to pick up some sweets.

Katie is back from Vancouver where she has been spending time with her husband Tom Cruise, who is currently filming his movie Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Over the weekend, Katie tried on shoes at a department store with her 4-year-old daughter Suri.

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34 Responses to “Katie Holmes: Chocolate Craving!”

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  1. 1
    Oh No! Says:

    The ankle weights are back. I don’t think those are going to slim down her legs.

  2. 2
    Ali Says:

    She looks like she is freezing.

  3. 3
    *~*+*~* Says:

  4. 4
    Delphic Says:

    She takes looking a mess to a whole new level.

  5. 5
    Allie Says:

    You remember when she was hanging out with Victoria Beckham and she got the pretty, sleek bob and all the fashionable clothes? Everyone was praising her style, claiming she came up with it on her own and it wasn’t VB influencing her, but as soon as they stopped being friends, Katie went back to this. She needs to start hanging out with Victoria Beckham again.

  6. 6
    Mellee Says:

    I have not seen a rope purse in years and remember those sock shoes from the 80′s well guess they are back.. And does she look
    better than Jen Garner the answer is NO!! Jen looks 10x better and
    we have seen 4 times who awwfull Katie looks ..Probably thought
    that she and only her would be promoting her Kennedy Story this
    week..!!! Ha she was the only one that they showed from that movie.
    Greg Kinear did not get one photo just a distance shot~!! And Tom
    chose her to be his bride.. wow..

  7. 7
    kizbit Says:

    I know that “outfit” probably cost $5000 or more, but she looks a mess. What is her deal? Is this some kind of Scientology punishment to go without a shower and makeup? I mean, KNOWING you will be photographed and leaving the house like that! I’m not a celebrity and I don’t do it!

  8. 8
    me Says:

    she obviously just got back from the gym. hence, the the shoes that she wears for spin class, and the sports bag.

  9. 9
    fr Says:

    She has no talent and the worst legs in the business.

  10. 10
    Kay Says:

    friend, or one of her scientology-handlers? there’s never been an identifiable friend out with her before. beckham was the closest thing. and how long ago was that? i don’t believe it is allowed. it’s usually tom’s sister, or the child, or one of tom’s hired hands. her own parents haven’t been seen with her in ages.

  11. 11
    *~*+*~* Says:

    @Allie: The Beckhams hate Scientology!

  12. 12
    It's Robo-Bride Says:

    Words fail me. She looks like Britney Spears while she was heading for her breakdown.

    UGH. FUG.

    Outta words.

  13. 13
    Whatever Says:

    Well at least her friend dressed nice and looks good…

  14. 14
    Disco Woman Says:

    Katie probably had to dash to the chocolate shop cause Suri phoned and threw a tantrum and demanded more sweets!!!

  15. 15
    Louisa Says:

    The friend/Scieno handler looks more like the celeb than Katie does. You’d think someone who knows that photographers will be waiting for her would make an effort to look halfway decent. She doesn’t have to look groomed to go to and from the gym, but some decent fitting gym wear wouldn’t hurt,.

  16. 16
    Lavito Says:

    Katie what a slob, you’ve nailed down the homeless look really well. I suppose you’re really down and depressed over your movie getting pulled.

  17. 17
    laughable! Says:

    I don’t have the money, staff, nanny’s that Katie has and I somehow pull myself together everyday, even to run out for something quick. Katie is either depressed or just plain crazy!! Too bad her religion doesn’t believe in therapy, psych meds etc… She NEEDS them!!

  18. 18
    NG Says:

    I think the History Channel’s decision NOT to air The Kennedys mini series affected Katie and she got depressed. Who wouldn’t? She was beaming when she was photographed between takes dressed up like Jackie Kennedy, all that work for it to be dropped? No matter how much her so called fans come out to defend Katie but her career has NOT taken off the way she dreamed. No way! There have been to many consecutive disappointments: Mad Money, turning down the Batman movie only to see it become one of the biggest grossing movies, The Extra Money (I rented and was very disappointed), The Romantics, etc. I must say I saw the play All My Sons and she did good in the play but her character was not the main character so the play was not depending on her to be successful. It seems that the movie parts she is getting are minor roles but she is working consecutively.

  19. 19
    yeah... Says:

    BUT, she has Tom….. GROSS!

  20. 20
    NG Says:

    #5 – Yes I remember when Katie cut her hair like Victoria Beckman and even tried to dress like her. But that was NOT the real Katie. This is the real Katie, a more casual dresser. She is an emotional dresser. When she feels good she might dress “okay.” When things do not go well the next thing you know she appears looking like this. I think she thought she would be an A LIST actress but its not shaping out to be in the cards for her. I think she is working as much as she can or make as many appearances as possible while she’s married to Tom Cruise. If his movie Mission Impossible 4 does not become a hit I think Cruise is going to be taking a serious look at his image (of being married to Katie) and analyze if it was even worth it because I do think this was also a marriage of convenience for both parties and they both pushed the image of “power couple with a cute small child” as much as they could but look where they are at now? They have travelled so much all over the world, and back and forth throughout the United States and they have surely neglected Suri. Sure she might have nannies but the first 5 years of Suri’s life did not have any stabilty. I don’t have to know them personally. I can see their pictures in the blogs and magazines. No matter if you have your own plane or you fly commercial, you are still feeling jet lag, etc.

  21. 21
    Romeo Says:

    They’re still friends, #5. They’re just very busy.

    How do you know she doesn’t shower and why does it offend you so much that she doesn’t care about wearing makeup, #7?

    How many times are you going to make that baseless comparison, #13?

    Why should she, #16? Who’s she hurting? Get a life.
    I highly doubt her not being superficial is a cause for medical intervention, #18.

    How is she depressed, #19? She looks the same as always and that miniseries is going to air on a bigger network later anyway?

    How has her career not taken the way any actress hoped to? Her marriage to Cruise prevented her from fading away into the C list into an A lister who gets many great gigs and magazine covers. She turned down the Batman sequel because she wanted to spend more time with her daughter. She had a major role in that play which was a box office hit thanks to the hype she brought it.

    They have SURELY neglected their daughter, #21? They take her everywhere and show her some of the most wonderful sights on Earth!

    You DO have to know people personally and not rely on some paparazzi pics to make that kind of call!

    Stop psychoanalyzing people you’ve never met based on paparazzi photos!

  22. 22
    NG Says:

    Romeo – Do you think Suri is going to remember that she was in Germany, Paris, or London when she was 2 years old? No! But the first six years of her life are where one develops their characteristics. Neglected? Yes. Have you seen Suri dressed? She does not always look groomed. She definitely looks spoiled. Why? How many times have photos of Suri been posted on all these celebrity blogs when it was freezing cold or raining and she is dressed like summer? And the rain is coming down and she’s wearing high heels with no socks and here feet are soaking wet? I don’t have to know them, sometimes pictures speak volumnes. But you will see Katie’s career continue to go in a downward spiral. Its not because I am saying it, that’s what is happening: Mad Money, The Extra Man, The Romantics, her cameo performances in Eli Stone (remember that), So You Think You Can Dance?, etc. And that movie she made in Australia, “Who’s Afraid of the Dark?” doesn’t seem to have a release date and now The Kennedys miniseries has been dropped. How much clearer can it be? Her clothing line is also not selling off the rack. She has terrible fashion sense.

  23. 23
    NG Says:

    And she turned down the Batman sequel so she could work on the movie Mad Money which flopped at the box office. I remember her performance on David Letterman when she was promoting that movie, you can still catch that interview on YouTube. She looks like she was coached, groomed, lovely except she couldn’t articulate what she wanted to say. I think everything about this marriage is of convenience and they thought they could appear as this successful power couple but instead this collaboration has been a disaster. Hopefully Suri will learn some kind of discipline by her dancing classes because it seams that’s the only place she is being taught anything. Time will tell. These are different times than yesterday when you could make ridiculous mistakes and the public would forget. Today, almost everything is on the Internet, pictures, interviews, etc.

  24. 24
    For Romeo/Star Fox Says:

    Let me get this straight. So taking a shower brushing your hair, basically taking some pride in your appearance is superficial? In my world it’s called being healthy, having self esteem, looking decent for myself. Usually, people that don’t wash or comb there hair and walk around disheveled are not healthy people mentally.

    I also have to comment on your post the one where you say Katie is still friends with Beckham, and that they are both to busy to be together. How do you know this? As you would say, you DO have to know someone personally and not rely on some paparazzi photos!!!!

    Keep posting Romeo/Star Fox, your a complete source of amusement based on stupidity!

  25. 25
    RAc Says:

    Yikes, really scary pics!

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