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Lily Aldridge: St. Barts Photo Shoot!

Lily Aldridge: St. Barts Photo Shoot!

Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge poses in a bikini for a photo shoot on the beach on Sunday (January 9) in St. Barts, France.

Lily struck many different poses, some on the sand and some in the water.

The 25-year-old fiancee of Kings of Leon rocker Caleb Followill currently graces the cover of GQ UK‘s February 2011 issue alongside fellow Victoria’s Secret angels Candice Swanepoel, Erin Heatherton, and Lindsay Ellingson.

20+ pictures inside of Lily Aldridge posing on the beach…

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lily aldridge photo shoot 01
lily aldridge photo shoot 02
lily aldridge photo shoot 03
lily aldridge photo shoot 04
lily aldridge photo shoot 05
lily aldridge photo shoot 06
lily aldridge photo shoot 07
lily aldridge photo shoot 08
lily aldridge photo shoot 09
lily aldridge photo shoot 10
lily aldridge photo shoot 11
lily aldridge photo shoot 12
lily aldridge photo shoot 13
lily aldridge photo shoot 14
lily aldridge photo shoot 15
lily aldridge photo shoot 16
lily aldridge photo shoot 17
lily aldridge photo shoot 18
lily aldridge photo shoot 19
lily aldridge photo shoot 20
lily aldridge photo shoot 21
lily aldridge photo shoot 22
lily aldridge photo shoot 23

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Barbara

    i think she´s really prety.interesting face

  • loal

    I think she’s pretty. she reminds me of a 90′s Supermodel kinda. except they had straighter teeth and more cheekbones. I like her exotic combined with girl next door looks.

  • benji

    Gorgeous, fit, classy, funny and smart. Next VS big gig!
    Go Lily!

  • *~*+*~*

    as if she’d be with caleb if he wasn’t a rock star

  • Lucy

    She’s bland and very ordinary. Plus she’s way too short (5’8”) to be a model. She’s in business only cos her parents are photographers.
    Her pics are nothing groundbreaking and she has zero talent in her walk.
    True fashion?

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    My body like handsome model im

  • 5’8 isnt to short, what a joke

    I didnt like her very much at first, but she’s starting to become my favorite VS model.
    I agree with Loal, her face is more intresting like one of those 90′s super models, before all the models started to look prepubecent.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Where other models??

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    No, shes not short what the d**k

  • mattchew

    @*~*+*~*: She probably wouldn’t have even met him if he weren’t a rock star, so your probably right.

  • canny

    Maybe she isn’t the best model but neither are many VS models….LOL Adriana Lima has one face expression,as does Doutzen Kroes and Alessandra. I think she’s pretty and she actually has a longer and more healthy body than worldwide sex symbol and VS icon; Alessandra Ambrosio.
    She kind of looks native american which is hardly a plain jane trait! she could do a nice Pocahontas shoot. Maybe even look better with black hair! The plain new girls are Erin Heatherton,Lindasay Ellingson,Behati Prinsloo, yuck!!!

  • *~*+*~*

    katie is prettier

  • meh

    I love KOL but some act as if Caleb is some mega star. He is not really. Outside of the fan groups he is hardly known, sorry but true. Its not like she’s dating George Clooney or something lol.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    I wanna *** with her …..! Please permission me dear…..!

  • She’s awesome

    She has the perfect tan.

  • Dee

    Lily is an OK model. She isn’t amazing on the runway, she doesn’t have amazing photographs for VS and her overall look is not outstanding in my opinion.

    People harp on Adriana Lima but remember when she was first named an Angel? She was, in her prime, the most beautiful woman on the planet! Now she’s older and a mom, so obviously she isn’t as “fresh faced” as she was 4 years ago. Alessandra Ambrossio is the same way. When you first saw her, you held your breath. VS used to be all about those kind of girls – Giselle, Naomi, Tyra, Heidi, Doutzen, Miranda, etc. These girls were near perfection. Their new models are terribly bland. The only one with real star power is Candice Swanepoel and maybe Rosie. But Erin Heatherton, Chanel Iman and Lily Aldrige are just….wtf?

    Lily can definitely model for VS but being named an Angel one year after her first time working for them??? That’s bizarre. Obviously it’s because she’s dating Caleb.

  • MlleF

    Show your ass all around the world if you want…

    …but give me back Caleb Followill !

  • elise

    I think she became famous just because of Caleb.

  • *cough*cough*

    90% of people dont even know who Caleb is. Its mainly only kings of leons fans.
    Besides its not like she used some widely known famous moviestar to put herself on the radar.

  • Heat

    @Dee: I do agree. The new girls just can’t measure up to the classic VS angels. They all looked different, had their own personalities, had PHENOMMENAL bods, and last but not least, were already famous models. I do like Lily though and she is my favorite and I think prettiest new comer. I think she would be even prettier if she had more of a bombshell body and not girl next door bod.
    @20 I agree with you. Outside of KOL fans, no one even knows who he is. He is no Leo Decaprio or something. Leo can’t seem to get Bar any work, and he is far more famous than Caleb, lol. Lame Excuse IMO.

  • nicole

    King of Leon is the biggest band in the world right now. They are a huge household name.

    Everyone has heard of Kings of Leon. So, yes, that is equivalent to dating a famous movie star.

    Her first year walking on the VS runway, they played KOL songs!!

    Any interview she does they want to know about her engagement to the KOL lead singer.

    So, yes, it’s more than a coincidence that the year KOL became huge, is the year she became a VS model.

  • elise

    Well 90% of the people doesnt even know VS angels, just the brand young market (like us) thats why im putting this. And now that she became Caleb’s fiance they’re promoting her more than some other new angels like for example Candice,and she dont even compare to the gorgeous faces of Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes or Candice( as i mention before) She’s just OK and that is a fact.

  • fdgfd

    @nicole: Caleb is still the “lead singer of KOL” he himself is not a household name. True most VS models today are not very well known like they were in the past, and will never become so. No one cares about models anymore. This isn’t the 90′s. So if Caleb can help get her name out there in a time where no one even gives a Rat’s A** about models, kudos to her for playing her cards right.

  • Crazy

    If celebs had so much power for their model gf’s to get work, than can someone explain to me why Bar Refaeli or Brooklyn Decker are still not VS angels or seen on prestigious Vogue covers ? lol I call crap. Like leo or any celeb can call up Anna Wintour or Steven Meisel begging for their gf to be photographed….LMAO, or in this case you mean to tell me Caleb called Ed Razek and Monica Mitro to hire Lily? lmao…

  • Britney

    She reminds me of the newer version of Izabel Goulart. except Izabel had a better body, sex appeal and a nice catwalk. No hard feelings for Lily I like her and think she is pretty, but Izabel was better for VS.

  • vic

    she is plain ugly,if she’s a model 80% of the girls I know and see around could .
    and she definitely wouldn’t be a “model” if it wasn’t for her family connections or Caleb. she’s got fat legs, no boobs and and ugly face.
    and on the runway-of course she only does VS coz real fashion ‘s never wanted her- she looks like a tranny

  • laker

    do you call that a model???

  • butterfly

    I like how in every article everyone mentions Caleb… of course she would still be a nobody without him

    she ‘s bad looking all the time. kinda weird if you’re a model

  • Dieter


  • Annie

    Her model agency says she’s 5’9 and even if she were 5’8, 1 inch, thats nothing

  • J

    Oh yeah! This is what I’m talking about JJ. This chick is AMAZING!

  • J

    No Rosie?

  • Shaun

    There is no doubt that Lily Aldridge is HOT, meaning her body, hair and face. BUT when this girl opens her mouth and reveals her nasty-ass set of teeth her sex appeal shuts completely down! You think with all the money she’s getting for being one of the new Victoria’s Secret angels, she could get her choppers fixed?

  • rosana

    how tall is she really? doesn’t look like a model because of fat,short legs

  • gorgeous

    k…. so i’ve read thriough almost everything person’s opinon, an all i’ve heard was”she’s too short to be a mode”, she has fat,short legs’ she’s just ordinary.bland and nothing special about her. first of all agencies like elite and ford model management and modeling companies the shortes is 5’8 , to 5’11 and up, it says no wear in there website or any other model site that 5’8 is to short to be a model, obviously if she was to short, then she wouldn’t be modelling, or companies wouldn’t be wasting their money on her. and for the comparison between the classic models, and the newer ones, the majority of the girls you see on the magazines on the stands are airbrushed the shit out off, that what big companies do, they get lean girls that have an amazing body, to market their product, then if there are any imperfections are airbrushed away, why do you think they look flawless on the covers? what you thought all her problem spots were gone like that, no they were digitally altered out, or otherwise airbrushed9same thing) and there’s so many people that think or she was nowone without the KOF leon lead singer, but you know what she was a somebody or victoria secret wouldn’t of picked her. he may of made her a little more successful, but she was a SOMEBODY!

  • gorgeous

    i hate the world to what it’s come to. It’s like ridiculous, we live in a world wear looks dominate over everything. it used to be about quality and personality, but not anymore. People just live to build up people, and then wait and watch to tear them apart.Wee never happy.

  • williams

    what an handsome boy!
    oh wait…

  • maria

    Lily is gorgeous. no matter who she is engaged to.

  • kitty

    @Shaun: I always felt the same way about Adriana’s billy bob mouth. Her mouth ruins it all for me. I immediately think of halitosis when I see her teeth. Lily’s arent perfect but they don’t look rotten.

  • OMG

    @williams: Jesus this is getting old. Is this everyone’s favorite internet insult now days? I can’t come across some beautiful celebrity without seeing her get called manly or a tranny. Its so old and NO if you saw them they are striking,tall,have no double chins and high cheekbones (so yes unique) Im sorry you are so used to your fat rolls, you think that’s what women should look like, LMAOOOOO. Only in West Virgina, not on the pages of Vogue sorry hunny.

  • eee

    @*~*+*~*: She started dating him back in 2007 when not even their hit album nor singles had come out, when he wasn’t a rockstar as you say.

  • eee

    She started dating him back in 2007 when not even their hit album nor singles had come out, when he wasn’t a rockstar as you say.