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Olivia Munn Covers 'Maxim' February 2011

Olivia Munn Covers 'Maxim' February 2011

Olivia Munn keeps it sexy in a baby blue pair of panties on the February 2011 cover of Maxim, on stands this week.

Here’s what the 30-year-old Daily Show correspondent had to share:

On what you should pick her up in for a date: “A hoverboard. I can be on a plane in the air on my BlackBerry, texting and BBMing, on the Internet, drinking wine in the sky, yet there’s no hoverboard. I am disappointed in the future.”

On her brush with 30 Rock: She was up for the role of Alec Baldwin‘s girlfriend (which went to Elizabeth Banks). “They loved me but thought I looked too young.” Tina Fey recommended her for the new NBC comedy Perfect Couples. (It’ll premiere on Thursday, January 20.)

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  • annie


  • edila

    Not a great pic, sorry but her body look weird looks vulgar.,

  • Britt

    See through panties that are already lower than where the hairline usually is…might as well be bottomless. Looks like she has 2 tattoos down there or is that just me?

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    She like creepy turns this cover tooo bad

  • BEAN

    That pelvis region V kinda creeps me out though. It reminds me of a Barbie…. =/. She has a nice body but face, not so much. She looks completely out of it and thats after photoshop. Jesus.

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Hay hay bring me seafood go 1 2 3

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    This slap for magazin

  • erin

    I don’t like her for some reason. She seems overly confident. “They thought I was too young” – please! Her and Elizabeth look the same age! Don’t flatter yourself, Olivia. She’s not even funny or that great of an actress. (I’m not hating! I just don’t care for her). I agree, her body does look really weird in that pic.

  • uggggggh

    “They loved me but thought I looked too young.”

    This woman really has no grace whatsoever. Every interview I read from her she’s talking about how wonderful she is. How RDJ said she was amazing with her improvisation when she had her part in Iron Man (which she made sound way bigger than it was). How she apparently blew Jon Stewart away when she auditioned for The Daily Show. How much they loved her at AOTS. How every person that doesn’t like her is just jealous, fat, and in need of sex. I could make a list as long as my arm but I would run out of characters.

    I don’t know if it’s low self-esteem or what, but everything I hear her say she just comes across like an inflated douche. No class. Not an attractive personality. Go away.

  • Yuck


  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    She does not remove hair on her p* why?? It’s a shame

  • oy

    Vulgar…desperate much?

  • StarJacker

    did maxim photoshop those panties on her? wtf

    Elizabeth Banks >>>> Olivia Munn

  • lake86

    the bottom line is she is downright terribly unfunny on the daily show.

  • Alexis

    Um, please. You don’t look THAT young. Have you every considered that they cast Elizabeth Banks because she’s much more talented than you?? She does think way too highly of herself! She’s pretty ( I guess…) but there is nothing exceptional or interesting about her.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    If she want to help is to remove,im ready to help….!

  • Jime

    the bottom looks like a barbie, very weird…I don’t know if it’s photoshop. I find her trashy and annoying. Not very pretty

  • Jime

    the bottom looks like a barbie, very weird…I don’t know if it’s the photoshop….. I find her trashy and annoying. Not very pretty

  • Frida

    Why do I constantly see this woman halfdressed on the cover of men’s magazine’s? What does she do exactly?

  • Sil

    Love MUNNSTER pics. Always good for a laugh.
    What the hell is that again? :D
    FUGLY as ever.
    At least it made me smile.

  • Diane

    she looks like a beastly man…what is the deal?

  • Lisa


  • Lisa


  • Lisa


  • Britney

    maxim is so cheap. any girl on this cover should not be proud.

  • Pop Sound

    Too Much!

  • Genie

    Nasty, she has mold growing on her vagina. Wash your vagina every once in a while you skank.

  • Genie

    Okay seriously, there is mold growing on her vag*ina.How can you be so full of yourself when you have mold growing down there, LOL…they thought she was too young but they loved her, LMFAO. She doesn’t get jobs cause she is ugly and can’t act. I think she actually thinks people in the industry like her…they just see how low her self-esteem is and occasionally she is thrown a bone.

    …and those panties look like they came from the bargain shelf at Ross. 99 cents and not a penny more, but that’s all she’s worth, at least Maxim knows it.

  • Marieme

    I guess I was born before the gene that compels females to strip down to their undies – or less – was released into the drinking water. I find this stupid AND boring. Not a great combination.

  • J

    Maxim takes anything these days. Next up, Rossie O’Donnell. Oh yeah! :p

  • Whatever

    NOBODY loves you and you are NOT too young. You are an untalented whore that NO ONE KNOWS except Jared. You are pathetic, ugly, have a big a-s–s snout of a nose and are a hideous human being. I wish you would go away and your show will never last more than 3 episodes. EVERYONE on this website HATES Olivia MUFFster. EVERYONE!!!

  • Sue

    I still like the old Munster, I really do.
    But i do agree with many, Maxim is a cheap and nasty mag and not sure why her reps keep putting her on these covers?
    Am loving the rumor that she and JT are getting together, would prefer the Munster than Biel any day.
    there is a funny story at
    future celebrity saying that Munn and JT are the one’s – hmm not sure what to think but amusing none the less.

  • maria

    I don’t think she’s the ugliest thing ever, but compared to other Hollywood actresses her age, she is very ugly.
    I find a lot of half white/half asian people very attractive, but for some reason she just wasn’t blessed with a pretty face. Maybe one of her siblings turned out okay?

  • TK

    I’ve personally met Olivia a few different times and she is an awesome girl. I will agree she doesnt look that good in this picture but in person she looks amazing. Also you have to understand Olivia before you judge her for the comments she makes. Thats just the way she is, she is a no BS type of girl, and its awesome. To be honest all you people are crazy to be bashing a girl I’d give my right ball to be with.

  • BradPitt

    I cant beleive all the haters in this site.Ya’ll need to take a lude xanax and chill out! Don’t hate because you’re all ugly and face yourselves in the mirror…………..Dang!

  • Sil


    Oh jeeez. Yes we are all haters who are ugly, fat and in need for sex …
    Okay I really am. But I lost my mood for having sex after watching that pic.

  • Halfu

    I hope Olivia munn feels really, really bad about herself; they did RIDICUlOUS amounts of Photoshop on her. It’s sad really. She actually chunked up recently and also go a boob job on top of her eyelid surgery. Her body is as straight as a board, no curves, but through the magic of Photoshop, she now looks like a tiny barbie. I’m positive her seeing how much fake Photoshop they added to her pics, will make Olivia hate herself even more. Also, it looks like some one made diarrhea on her face and lit it on fire :D

  • Ms. Bouvier

    Congratulations, Olivia! You’re almost there! You’ll be a used-up old whore in no time at this rate! The non-existent self-esteem, the phony half-smile that never reaches your dead eyes, the inability to refuse even the trashiest “opportunities”… But maybe that’s the smart move for you seeing as how all of your talents (ha ha) are extremely time-sensitive. I do hope that you’re saving whatever money you make for when all of your zit-faced virgin fanboys move on to the next mindless pile of tits, ass and desperation. When you’re celebrating your 40th birthday with your co-workers at Hooters, just remember that old whores don’t giggle!

  • Ms. Bouvier

    No one wants your right ball. Or your left one. Both of your balls are covered with cobwebs and moth eggs because you are a sad virgin, just like every other lonely Munn fanboy who abuses himself to trashy photos of her frumpy ass.

  • Halfu

    @Ms. Bouvier: You are awesome. Very well put. What makes me the saddest about Olivia is the fact she’s half Asian, yet still acts like a trashy, retarded white chick. I’m also half Asian and video games are my life, so to be represented as a gamer girl through this chick makes me want to strangle a toddler.

  • Essie

    @Ms. Bouvier:
    Ms. Bouvier I tip my hat to you. So well put. *Standing applause!!!!

  • abed

    You are my dream you are so beautiful. I didn’t sleep in the last night.. thinking of you. hope to have you in the future.