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Rachel Bilson Supports Threads of Change

Rachel Bilson Supports Threads of Change

A fresh faced Rachel Bilson arrives back in town after a late night flight on Sunday (January 9).

The 29-year-old actress, who was picked up by her mama Janice, shared one of her latest obsessions – a Threads of Change African Mudcloth iPad sleeve.

Rachel recently told InStyle, “Not only do these sleeves come in beautiful patterns, they support an excellent cause – building a vocational center in Ghana.”

You can pick up your own goodies from Threads of Change over at Etsy!

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  • maya

    My lovely sweet heart is back i really miss her :)))))
    what about hayden where is he what happend in canad why there’s no pic of her in toronto :((((

  • Kalie

    PLEASE it was a nice break when she was gone.

  • Lola

    Mi wapa :) la hecho de menos por qué no hay noticias sobre ella, la quiero tanto esta actriz

  • Jane

    Rachel! Love her, she looks so cute :) Hope she had a good vacation!

  • sillyme

    The thing she’s holding is not an ipad. Maybe an iPOD, but the ipad is not that small.

  • darla

    I’m gaining a lot of respect for this actress. She and Natalie Portman are
    commendable for not being so self absorb like most Hollywood celebrity
    and celebrity-like twits.

  • Brightside

    Her mama!!! I know that in many European countries mama is used but surely the word in America is Mom! Every time JJ writes a post on this one it is as though he is determined to use words and phrases in the post that deliberately portray her as immature….(many tabloids do this too). While I don’t disagree with his assessment I do wonder why he is biting the hand that feeds him (so to speak) by portraying her in such a stupid light. The entire article makes her look like a feeble brained idiot and the inclusion of the word mama doesn’t help!
    JJ does her image and career no good at all….he would do more good if he stopped posting about her….

  • wild

    Oh no she’s back!

  • lillybell27

    Isn’t Hayden filming a movie?

  • PsychicChick

    Rachel will try to be knocked up very soon….just saying. Hayden will not propose again but they will remain close for another 6months.
    Then they will both move on to the next relationship.
    Rachel Bilson will be seen with different Hollywood hunks but none of them will really gets the sparkle for her. She will return to TV and get very close to a much older TV series actor with dark hair.
    Hayden will meet someone very special in the months to come. They will keep their relationship secret and low key as long as they can.
    He’ll be a father very soon and very happy to be one. When he’ll decide to show his soulmate to the world, everyone will love her.
    He will also take a new start in his career. His new lead lady will definitely be a tremendous support for him. She will be his best friend
    and a great advisor.
    Just saying…

  • OMG

    Brightside shut up. You are only insulting many and showing your ignorance of American regional colloquialisms.

  • lol

    Her check for this month finally cleared thats all.
    Staged photos from little miss look at me look at me,

    Rachel looks totally out of it even depressed looking Im going to guess things didnt go well with her showmance boyfriend again.

    Notice she is making sure to show off her left hand and show there is no ring..
    Totally staged with mommy by her side and all lol

    By the way you know how they say if you want to know what a girl is going to look like look at her mother and grandmothers?

    Well since Rachel’s mom looks more like her grandmother,…… we all know Rachel’s future in the looks department isnt looking very good lol
    Shes going to get worse looking with everyday.


  • lol
  • maya

    what happend to her she looks sad or something else, i really like this actrice i hope she’s fine

  • Sarabear

    She’s probably just tired, a flight from Canada to Los Angeles is probably pretty long

  • Sarabear

    @lol: That is so rude, Rachel’s mom is beautiful for her age. Rachel and her mother barely look anything alike anyways that doesn’t mean they are going to look the same.

    @PsychicChick you are such a creep. get over the fact that hayden and rachel are together. it’s not like he’s going to be with you, it’s always been obvious he loves rachel. rachel is a nice beautiful girl and hayden is lucky to have her. boo hoo go cry to yourself that you don’t have a boyfriend.

  • somoenedoesntlookhappy
    She looks like she got a unpleasent text message and is reading it.
    Her mother looks concerned too.

    Maybe Hayden sent her a nice knowing yah now get lost rude text message?

  • jess

    I BET she thought it would become engaged again in the holidays, poor Rachel …. Hayden obviously did not want to ask her again. I’m glad he don’t have any interest in marrying or having children with her. Look at her face, poor Rachel, spent two weeks on the ice of Canada and don’t have a new ring to show for the paparazzis, friends, dog, dad, mom… LOL =D

  • Cara

    Hayden and Rachel were seen together Saturday in Canada at a Chuck E Cheese restuarant, and gave a fifty dollar tip to a guy who worked there–this was a twitter siting, and there were several twitter sitings of them together last week.

    The post above says it is a late night flight, she is looking down at her phone, she looks tired after a long flight. That is all I see in the link the same poster felt a need to post twice using different names

  • Carey

    I would NEVER put this woman in the same breath as beautiful Natalie Portman. Natalie is very talented and intelligent Bilson can’t even come close the the caliber of woman Natalie is. As for knocked up please I don’t think Hayden is that foolish for that he more or less knows she is looking to nail him to a cross. I do agree he won’t propose again it will remain friends and they more or less will slow down and meet other ppl.

  • someoneneedsalife

    @somoenedoesntlookhappy: maybe somebody needs to get a life and stop talking crap about other peoples life. leave rachel alone, you guys are such bullies on here it’s mean.

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ didn’t you post about her and that stupid Ipad holder before?? Why not have a picture of her pointing to Africa on a map?? Her PR would have to show her where it is first but still!

  • Fandango


    Why in the hell would they go to a chuckie Cheese that is a place for parents with kids or kids. Twitter lies more the tells the truth most of what they are rumors and unless there is a picture to follow it then take it with a grain of salt. This is the same site that has Hayden with a twitter page and he doesn’t even own one.


    God here we go again if ppl who don’t like her bother you them move on and ignore them why bother to tell them to shut up or go away you know it is only going to make them talk about her more. It makes you look like some high school kid unless that is what you are.

  • someoneneedsalife

    @Fandango: We look like high school kids? Look at yourself, judging somebody you don’t even know. Also, not just kids go to chuck E cheese honey, anybody can go there.

  • @Carey

    @Cara: Chuck E Cheese you must be kidding me. T
    hey arent five years old and neither one have any children.
    Why the hell would they be there of all places?
    Thats a pathectic rumor to say the least.
    Unless Rachel wanted to go there….. because she has the mind of a five year old lol

  • someoneneedsalife

    @@Carey: Wtf is wrong with going to Chuck E Cheese?? I’ve gone there before with friends and I’m over 20. This wasn’t in LA, there might not be alot of places to eat there. You idiots are in such denial it’s funny. There was like 10 other sightings of Rachel and Hayden being up in Canada, GET THE FU#K OVER IT, THEY ARE BACK TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST KEEP TALKING CRAP, IT’S HILARIOUS, THE MORE YOU HATE, THE MORE PATHETIC AND JEALOUS YOU LOOK!!!!!!! :)))))))) Muah!

  • someoneneedsalife

    and btw, why would somebody start a rumor that they were at Chuck E Cheese? If somebody wanted to start something they would make up that they were at a bigger restruant.

  • Just a thought

    Perhaps Hayden was being an Uncle and was looking after his niece for the day. Chuck E Cheese is a popular place with kids.

  • Fandango


    Yes adults go there b/c they have kids ppl who are single who want a pizza joint don’t go to Chuckie Cheese. Again that sounds more like a rumor and not a fact.

  • @26-27

    Why don’t you try to look at the shit your standing in if you believe all your read. I’m sure there were ppl who saw HC with her gee she went to Canada to put her digs into the man who clearly isn’t showing he is all that into her yet AGAIN. This rumor also didn’t claim he was with his sister or her family according to you they were there and gave some enormous tip..And HELLLOOO Canada has many great places to eat and Chuckie Cheese is not one of them. He doesn’t take her to places like that in the past he even said he likes to go to classy places that are very trendy CC is not that place. Believe in rumors all you want but at the end of the day it’s still rumors. As for if you are a 20 year old who loves chuckie cheese again shows how much you don’t know of decent Italian food. But that is on you.

  • sidony

    What a wh*re, a bore & a snore.
    And who released from her quarantine?!
    She needs to be locked up there for the rest of her life!!!

  • chauncey

    Its an award season’s pre/post parties happening at the moment. This All-Time-Dlister most likely want to catch what she wont like to be missed out even beng just its random gatecrasher… errr guest on said award event/s – knowing that being a presenter or much more a nominee on an acting award ceremony would never ever happen on her Sillywood career.

  • someoneneedsalife

    @sidony: She needs to get locked up?? For what? Just because the paparazzi follow her around and your jealous she’s dating Hayden Christensen. Rachel is a completely harmless person, show me ONE thing she has done to be rude or to make you guys hate her that much. And @Fandango Have you ever not eaten at a random place before? Maybe they were hungry and that was the only place around like seriously, get over it. I know your little mind wants to think they are not together but you need to get a tad smarter dear/ I know the truth hurts those sometimes but deal with it. You obviously care and are jealous since you ALWAYS have to post on here and make a million fake names ‘chauncey’ and ‘sidony’

  • juniper

    She’s just like a fungus that keeps on sickly lickin’ & stickin’!
    And it looks like that she’s now “back on as usual”.. at JJ’s agency for its “talentless & hardly-employed” category. And how unfortunate but forseeable that her seasonal (in)significant other had joined her in the “same” category as well.

  • blairite

    Over & over & over again… look how Haydeign’s Canadian’s media news / sightings are now “RE-activated” just becoz some media-hype-creature is supposed to be on his town. But scrapped out Rashchel and just Haydeign on his own or w/ any of his family/friends; any media radar of his were all “dead”.
    Does that means to say that he just goes out of his Canadian cave when some media-hype-creature had reportedly had landed on his town – that’s why there are twitter sightings?! Yah that was really “believable” – cue total sarcasm.
    P. S. And now that Rashchel is back as usual at JJ’s gossip money making agency; Haydeign’s any form of media news / sightings in Canada would now be DE-activated. – t-r-u-s-t.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Oh please…she was probably in Canada poking holes in condoms and forgetting to take her birth control pills and hoping HC would get drunk enough to marry her. All these stars are married, having babies and celebrating their success. Her career is going no where, her man doesn’t like her media whoring ways…she needs to do SOMETHING!

  • austine

    @ 17 – She looks like she got a unpleasent text message and is reading it…
    And/Or this ageing twink had received a text messages from her agent; informing her that he/she cant still get her acting jobs but just all photo-ops in the next 6-8 MONTHS – lmao!

  • Brightside

    Hopefully it’s a text message to say that idea of making Ghost Angeles has been completely shelved, forever! Dumb idea…as dumb as the fail-in-waiting BBF & Baby!

  • the truth

    There was no sighting on twitter are rachel and hayden on twitter i l looked. It was sighting are her going to walmart and she suppose to be dating that guy from chuck. You all don’t know where rachel really went. Why put hayden in this all the time with her? They was ever sem here when he was here. Hayden suppose to working on a movie. ou all saying this because you all don’t know where she rally went. And what her mom doing with her.? She probbly came baack and went back off agin. Rachl is not just oming fom her vacation. She went back off again without us seeing her,Andwet back off with her mon.She came back and went back off.

  • @ the truth

    You need to look closer at the ticket that Rachel had in her hand when she left LAX airport in December. Look at that LAX JJ thread, and you will see it says Toronto, Ontario on the ticket, when you blow up the picture. Search Rachel and Hayden’s first names on twitter, and you will find several sightings of them in Canada last week, one from ETCanada. Rachel went to Canada, and has been with Hayden till she got back wearing winter clothes. Don’t get all bent out of shape about it, you don’t even know them! The twitter sightings are there, whether you believe them, or not.

  • jamie

    Hayden/Rachel relationship will end soon, you’ll see. It’s a matter of time.

  • maya

    ooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what happend to u gays you become relly obsess about her leave her alone ok you say she’s not a goog actice she has to get a job she she she ………………; that’s so hilarious you just have to leave her anh hayden alone we don’t really know if they are back together or not but it’s obvious that they are….
    something else who told u that she went to canada just to be engaged again puuuufffffffffffff you’re so pathatic maybe they are but she doesn’t wear her engagment ring :-pppppp
    SOMEONENEEDSALIFE i really like you way you’re talking you’re gorgioussssssssssssss i really like uuuu :))))

  • tweeter

    @ the truth and # 40

    I remember seeing that tweet about Rachel being at a Walmart on Sunday that # 39 said she saw, and it she was at the Walmart in Port Perry, Ontario, lol! If you look at who sent the tweet, and any conversation, it said in convo that she was in Port Perry. In order to be at that Walmart, she was indeed in Canada, I doubt she flew back and forth to snowed in airports multiple times on her “vacation”, taking chances of being stranded at an airport!

  • Kalie

    @@the truth
    Search Rachel and Hayden’s first names on twitter, and you will find several sightings of them in Canada last week, one from ETCanada. Rachel went to Canada,

    If ETCanada some news agency had seen them gee where is the picture to backup the story. There are a ton of HC and RB junkies on Twitter that will post quite a lot be it fact but mainly fiction. Knowone is claiming she didn’t go to Canada the idea that they are some happy couple is not seen and chances are since there is no re-engagement, or better yet neither one is ever willing to move to live with the other not even a good chance they will be much more the close friends. And yes ex’s can be friends when they agree there isn’t much hope for anything else. So I list them as BFF’s with benefits for HC guess it’s better then taking matters into his own hands if you get my drift. Besides the fact I’m sure RB wants ppl to believe she is some employed actress truly what would be the reason to return if your man is living out of he country. She doesn’t have anything pending and HC is certainly not working currently only listed projects that are not getting off the ground. Seems he left one agent for some other one who isn’t exactly filling his SAG card with a ton of work. RB can’t be out of HW or away from friends and family agan this is another reason it’s not and hasn’t worked out between them.

  • tweeter

    @ Kalie

    Yes, alot of twitter traffic is not true, but when multilple tweets by random people occur when you know Hayden and Rachel are in the area, it is pretty obvious there is a good chance that they make sense.. If you look at the tweeter, the person behind the tweet, then you have a good idea of whether or not it makes sense. There is that video of Hayden and Rachel on Youtube from October 24th everyone said was not real, and there it is with them together. We do not know them, so no matter what you or I think, it means nothing. It is their relationship and they will take care of it themselves. Not everything in the world requires a picture to be true.

  • someoneneedsalife

    omg people STFU! I do not get you guys at all, why the f*ck do you even care??? You don’t like her but you even search under her name on twitter, you guys are serious creeps. You know they were together just grow up and stop acting like you know them when you have no clue what-so-ever who they are or what their relationship is like.

  • @Tweeter

    Again know one is denouncing that Rachel flew to Canada or was visiting Christensen in fact this is exactly what she wanted ppl to recognize when she left. fact remains no matter how many Twitters go around it’s still hearsay as to where they might be while she is there. Friends will tweet rumors to support their other peeps. As for the “Video” who gives a damn he didn’t act like any B/F or man in love, more or less like a friend helping a friend if that. As mentioned neither of them are working so if this was some BIG ASS ROMANCE plus they were engaged at one time they had plenty of time to work out the bugs in the relationship wasn’t this her hype back in May. Still seems like neither want anything permanet with each other the best they will get is travel time when both need some kind of photo fix only thing now is HC doesn’t seem to want the same press attention Miss Media Princess does I gather he put his foot down on that parade of paps.

  • Ash


    Wow that is amazing ! do you do online readings?