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Sophia Bush: 'Green Hornet' Premiere!

Sophia Bush: 'Green Hornet' Premiere!

Sophia Bush walks the carpet in Lorena Sarbu at the premiere of The Green Hornet held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Monday (January 10) in Hollywood, Calif.

Earlier in the evening, Sophia taped an appearance on Chelsea Lately.

The 28-year-old One Tree Hill actress joined her pals Zac Efron and Brittany Snow the night earlier to kick off Golden Globes week at the Audi and J. Mendel party.

One Tree Hill returns to television on January 25th at 8pm on the CW Network.

FYI: Sophia finished her look with Jimmy Choo sandals.

10+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush premiering the Green Hornet…

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sophia bush green hornet premiere 01
sophia bush green hornet premiere 02
sophia bush green hornet premiere 03
sophia bush green hornet premiere 04
sophia bush green hornet premiere 05
sophia bush green hornet premiere 06
sophia bush green hornet premiere 07
sophia bush green hornet premiere 08
sophia bush green hornet premiere 09
sophia bush green hornet premiere 10

Credit: Kevin Winter, Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • k

    nice bald spot sophia

  • Wes

    Always beautiful and stylish!

  • k

    there should be an event for rogaine or a hair transplant and sophia should be invited as a honorary guest.

  • Anna

    Gorgeous Sophia. I will miss all the news about you after you returnto OTH.

  • Anna

    Thanks for posting Jared.

  • Terri

    Bald spot? That is really reaching. Give it a rest.

  • WOW

    w/ her so called cousin being murdered… “she goes to party all the time… party all the time…party all the time”!!!

  • Jenna

    Weenie/Cali whoever you are, go away. You know nothing about Sophia’s life.

  • FU

    I guess she’s done mourning. I can’t believe this piece a shit would use a tragedy just to get her name in the press.

  • SophiaFan

    Seriously people stop posting hurtful things about her! I don’t know why you hate her so much but if you don’t like her keep your comments to yourself. Just leave the girl alone I’m sure you don’t know her so why do you hate her so much? I really don’t understand you people at all, words hurt and hate leads to tragedy. I pray you people who post stupid things like this get some help.

  • klondike bar

    I don’t get the big fuss about her. She’s actually quite unattractive……

  • dense

    Suddenly she is everywhere, talking about her little cousin everywhere on Handler show, premeire, at the club. Whatever happened to deceny?

  • Dana

    Stop spreading hate. It shows your ugly soul. Sophia has more kindness in her pinky then most have in their her entire body. Your hateful posts prove that. Where is your compassion for others? I haven’t heard Sophia say anything but one verbal short conversation with Chelsea and a very small comment on twitter. She was expressing sadness over the horror of what happened and how it devastates families.

  • SophiaFan

    @Dense Handler was the one who brought it up on the show tonight Sophia only talked about the situation and her and Handler’s message was something that needed to be adressed. We need to stop hating each other regardless of race,relegion or political views when live in one of the nicest places in the world and yet we tear each other down and we hate people don’t even know. It needs to end we need to stand together in this country before someone decides to knock us down. How many more tragedies and senseless killings have to happen before we all realize that hate is not the answer?


    Wow! hateful comments towards her get positive ratings while ones that are supporting her and promoting peace get negitive ones. I have no words I guess you’re pissed she married that DICK Chad and Kenzie have you been posting here again? (waits for negitive ratings) PRICKS! :]

  • sarah

    I love her! she’s so beautiful& talented.


    @Amy: Your link is broken FAIL! Try again!

  • ugh

    More events!? Is she serious? The woman just lost a relative and she’s in LA whoring around.

    The disrespect is just disgusting.

    Her true colors are showing and her fans are the only ones too blind to notice.

  • k

    someone needs to do the world a favor and sew her annoying trap shut

  • pl100

    It would be nice to see people who actually do something for a living.
    Jared, stop posting about her! She really does nothing.

  • Anita

    Poeple are forgetting that she didnt “know” her 2nd cousin that well; ofcourse she feels bad about it but what is she supposed to do. Plus why isnt Gwyneth getting the same hate, considering that Gabrielle Gifford was her cousin but they had never met. Ppl need to chill

  • choupi

    Someone really wants to think sh’s that famous to hope get a job after OTH!!!! Sorry dear Sophia but all you will have it’s little role in bad comedy!!!

  • http://RicciSara Sara

    Whatever you can say, Sophia is the LOVELIEST actress in the world. And sorry for the haters who don’t have a life and read/comment article about people they don’t like. What a waste of time!
    I think that girl is pretty amazing and you know it. JEALOUSY makes you CRAZY and STUPID. Once again, sorry for you.

  • marion

    I’m wasn’t a fan of Sophia firts (now I am) but I met her and frankly she’s one of the most adorable person. She took time to discuss with us, take pictures ..

    Her appearance is programmed with Chelsea before the tragedy and she always makes public appearances, is not new (there are only see posts by Jared on her)

  • Jennifer

    You know its SO obvious that the same 2/3 haters always post negative comments every time there is a post on just jared about Sophia. They think they’re so clever, especially since its obvious that these few morons believe that if they change their username every time they leave a negative comment, others will think that its multiple people saying this crap when in reality, its just a few pychopaths who have CLEARLY lost their minds.
    You haters can deny it until you’re blue in the face, but its evident to anyone with even half a brain that your hatred for sophia stems from JEALOUSY. You losers just can’t stand the fact that she is so much more famous and gets so much more media attention than anyone on One Tree Hill. The media actually gives a sh*t about Sophia, and it clearly pisses off those losers who hate the fact that no one cares about their favorite on OTH. Hell, even the haters can’t stop talking about Sophia, so she must obviously be doing something right. Lmao
    Sophia’s interview on Chelsea last night was fantastic and I’m so glad that she admitted that while the 9 year old who died in the shooting was her second cousin, she never really knew her. They were distant cousins, but that doesn’t mean Sophia doesn’t care because she does. even Chelsea, who even admitted to bullying, gave a positive message on her show last night, and its all thanks to Sophia.
    So you losers can just shut the f*ck up!
    And as for the idiot who made that comment about Sophia working after OTH……well hate to break it ya loser, but the woman has already gotten a couple of good offers after she finishes OTH, so she will be around in Hollywood for a LONG, LONG time.
    Because Hollywood actually gives a sh*t about her. ;-)

  • Charla


    I find it funny, that some haters are so jealous and pathetic over the fact that Sophia is drop dead gorgeous and jealous over the fact that everyone from the stylists, to the media, to that fans are always raving about her, they have to make up bullsh$t about Sophia in order to make themselves feel better. If any imbecile on here really thinks that Sophia has a “bald spot,” than I must have wings and can really fly! Lol

    Sophia is STUNNING from head to toes.


  • erin

    She is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Ava

    Nobody likes a lying phony, which Sophia has proved herself to be by bearding with her co-star.

  • longchamp

    Sophia Bush, huh? Silly me, I thought she was Plain Jane.

  • Baci

    I guess in-between all these events she’ll try and squeeze in the funeral. I wonder if she’ll have her paparazzi friends follow her there too.

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    I wonder if she has a hairy bush.

  • Mel

    You’re just dying to see her in more places aren’t you?? I bet you LOVE staring at pictures of Sophia at hours on end because that seems to be the only thing that gives your life any meaning. Especially considering how much you just LOVEEEEEEEEEEE talking about her!
    And hopefully, the paps will follow her there. Primarily because it would give us fans even more pictures of Sophia to look at. ;)

  • Ellie

    Baci is a sad excuse for a human being. The posts Baci makes show what type of person she is. It is an ugly vision. Go away.
    Sophia is a good person.

  • onetreehillfanatic

    where is austin! i miss seeing them together! :(

  • onetreehillfanatic

    where is austin?!

    sophia is gorgeous, no doubt about it! ♥

  • ….

    screwing some guy..

  • Gina

    LOVE SOPHIA!!!!!!

  • Ali

    Obama reminds us it’s “Important to make sure we talk in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds.” Universally applicable.

  • Genny

    Why is Sophia so beautiful????????????
    She makes the rest of us look like ugly! Lol
    I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!