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Suri Cruise: Shoe Shopping with Katie Holmes!

Suri Cruise: Shoe Shopping with Katie Holmes!

Katie Holmes and her daughter, Suri, go shopping on Sunday (January 9) at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The 32-year-old actress and her 4-year-old daughter checked out the shoe selection with friends – Suri even tried her best to walk around the shoe department in heels!

Katie and Suri are in town while Tom Cruise shoots Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol up north.

FYI: Suri is wearing an Eliane et Lena coat.

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes going shoe shopping…

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katie holmes suri cruise shoe shopping 01
katie holmes suri cruise shoe shopping 02
katie holmes suri cruise shoe shopping 03
katie holmes suri cruise shoe shopping 04
katie holmes suri cruise shoe shopping 05
katie holmes suri cruise shoe shopping 06
katie holmes suri cruise shoe shopping 07
katie holmes suri cruise shoe shopping 08
katie holmes suri cruise shoe shopping 09
katie holmes suri cruise shoe shopping 10

Credit: Jking/Nigel; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Delphic


  • Suri Jackson

    Lookin’ more and more like daddy every day. Oh…and I know why Katie is allowed in Vancouver. Josh and Diane are (or were) in Mexico. (so sweet)

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Suri very skinny in all pic

  • Cal

    Katie looking haggard as usual.



  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Where other celeb

  • Caroline

    This girl shouldn’t have these shoes with heels at her age. It is scandalous!

  • Movin’ On

    Tomkat has become so boring! If follow Sandrew now. At least they’re relevant.

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Excuse me i want to see where my photo?

  • Chris

    Hi, I’m Canadian. That child was out in shorts…in January…in Canada. It was 4 celsius in Vancouver yesterday. That translates to 39 fahrenheit.

    Who acquiesces to their child’s request to wear shorts when it’s 39 degrees? Even if their car dropped them at the door of the store, that’s still just nuts.

  • zzzz

    What a trashy group of people-Katie’s a mess, and shlepping along kids into a high-end department store and letting them run amok and play with the merchandise is inconsiderate at the least. Katie allows her kid to put her bare feet into and walk around in what are probably $500+ shoes? Have some respect for the merchandise and other customers who may want to buy the shoes. I guess Katie has acquired her husband’s sense of entitlement.

  • lucy2

    If it was a normal kid playing dress up, the heels would be a cute “one-off” event, but since Katie regularly lets Suri wear heels and make-up it’s NOT cute – AND what’s the deal with the summer capris in Vancouver in January?
    Definitely Josh’s kid.

  • JMO

    And no socks—that mother should be arrested.

  • siennagold

    Why does Katie always look haggard and sloppy. Even pretty Suri looks unkempt and messy. What’s with these two???

  • Whatever

    Picture # 3 looks like Suri did not get something that she wanted is mad at KD sucks to be her LoL

  • BEAN

    Katie and Suri look dirty all the time. I wouldn’t want to touch either with a barge-pole

  • Iffy Miffy

    She is in summer shorts in January … poor little girl. If this were anyone else’s kid, social services would have knocked on their door a long time ago.

  • bobbie

    Imagine how happy the store was that the brat walked around
    in her dirty feet and wobbled in their mega expensive shoes
    that they STILL have to sell.
    It is so rude to let a 4 yr old play with shoes or clothes.
    Katie is such a clueless mother.
    And the shorts in Canada?
    Don’t even make me go there.
    These people are freaks.

  • me

    Suri’s hair is wavy in these photos, not messy. I think she looks cute. Katie’s hair, on the other hand, does not look good.

  • rude entitled family

    It’s OK for little girls to wanna play dress up at HOME but come on in shoe shops?! If they weren’t the Cruises the owners would never allow such behavior. Does this little girl know how to behave in public , I mean just hold your mom’s hand and be quiet, don’t touch anything, don’t ask for anything once in her life?
    God I can’t stand brats and parents who (don’t) raise them.

  • nicole

    They don’t bother anyone, and yet this entire family (including their child) is constantly torn apart. ie. calling them freaks

    It’s like a witchhunt. Mob mentality.

    Leave them alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • athena

    Glad to see Katie looking rested and enjoying her time with her children. Isn’t the chubby girl in the picture Isabel? I get a bit confused at times what she looks like. Anyway, good to see Katie enjoying herself….Wow, I can remember when Suri was born…boy or boy, has it been that long?

  • are you kidding?!

    me #19: Suri’s hair looks like a friggin’ rat”s nest!!! Katie could try running a brush through it before they go out-her minder’s children look like their mom took the time to groom her girls and dress both of them appropriately, but Katie can’t even handle one kid. I would be ashamed to have my daughter looking/ behaving this way in public.

  • is it summer in canada
    yes my lil’ princess, that’s what another child looks like XD please don’t scratch her face even if you feel frustrated my lil’ princess!

  • enjoying herself? lol!

    I can’t believe someone would think that Katie is enjoying herself after looking at pic #3. She looks exhausted, exasperated, haggard, depressed and downtrodden.

  • nicole

    You’re all disgusting with your pitchforks out!

    Giving thumbs down to all the postive comments.

    Vultures the whole lot of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • *~*+*~*

  • zzzz

    Thanks, nicole, for the pitchfork comment-you reminded me of this:

  • KC

    That is the ugliest outfit I have ever seen a child wear!! Katie is always bragging how Suri has fashion sense. Not according to that shabby get up!

  • Suri Jackson


  • zzzz
  • Jolly Folly

    For once Suri seems to be acting like a four year old. But what is with that outfit? Isn’t the top with the panties suppose to have the capris worn over the panty part?
    As usual Katie looks like a hag. Can’t be bothered to do her hair–messy and dirty. Wearing clothing that looks dreadful on her. And of course she is allowing her child to try on adult shoes with bare feet. This is how disease like athlete’s foot is transmitted–bare feet (adult or child) put in shoes???? Duh Katie!!!

  • zzzz

    I can see you’ll be busy for a while looking at all the brilliant caricatures of the Cruises on that site, Suri Jackson, lol…I don’t know why it took me so long to think of sharing it with you guys.

  • Allie

    Why is this child wearing shorts in the middle of winter in Canada? Is it impossible for Katie Holmes to tell or make her daughter wear pants? She must be very spoiled if her parents let her dress up however the way she wants even if it isn’t weather or age appropriate. Do you guys remember the days when Suri never wore coats during the cold weather?!

  • mandy

    It was sunny yesterday in Vancouver. I live in the suburbs and it was beautiful.

    Check the weather channel if you don’t believe me.

  • Suri Jackson

    Thanks! I made it to the bottom of the first page, then decided I’d better finish when I get home from work. I love the circus poster and the “Last Supper”. tooooo funny…

  • Tulip

    Suri will be very tall just like her mom and she’s restless just like Tom. I am amazed by the combination of both parents in her. If some people refuse to see this that’s their problem. Suri is growing very fast and she will be a real beauty.

  • nice try

    Suri will be very very tall like both of her biological parents and I agree that she will be pretty. Tom’s not her biological father. If you refuse to see it then that’s YOUR problem.
    Lets take a vote: How many people believe that Tom impregnated Katie the very first time they slept together and hasn’t managed to do so again for the past 5 years? Silly me. That was a joke in itself since Tom and Katie have never slept together.

  • Anon

    Suri does look a whole lot like Joshua Jackson, considering it carefully.

  • DIANA Williams

    MANDY Guess -1 and snowing this past weekend is considered spring like With all that wet weather so why are the sidewalks dry and she is not wearing wet weather gear or a snow jacket.. Really now check the weather network I did and it is going to snow and rain this week so the rest of the pictures outside should be with scarf and umbrella weather…

  • Anon
  • GinnyF

    I don’t think she’s Tom’s. Suri has JJs forehead(bump), hair and eye color, browline, and nose.
    The bridge of Tom’s nose is straight(and it was broken at one time anyway). Suri and Josh have a bridge that is rounder, and don’t get me started on Tom’s eyebrows.

  • Ok

    @ Anon just looked at the picture of Tommy Boy and LMAO his needs a nose job his nose is crooked and you can really see it in that picture….

  • wait

    Girls walking with them on the sidewalk wear no socks either. Suri has been less-clothed but haven’t heard of her sick. Weird. My kids kids get colds and cough when they’re always properly dressed outdoors.

  • Tulip

    How come Joshua Jackson cannot see what all of you can see? And he does not remember sleeping with Suri’s mom and that she could have been pregnant with him? In my opinion such a guy does not deserve to be a father and Suri is much, much happy with Tom. Just forget it.

  • pr person

    A photographer was notified to be at the store and allowed inside to take pics…. Ummm… here is a news flash to the ‘people’ who arranged this… NOBODY cares about this woman and the fact that she went shoe shopping!! THAT is the only interesting thing that they could come up with for a pre-arranged photo op?! How pathetic!!! Mrs. Crazy couldn’t even bring herself to fix her hair or make an effort to look nice. I’ve seen sick people waiting in line at the pharmacy counter who look better than she does here.

    Her crazy husband must be so proud!

  • here we go again…

    Katie was with Josh 2 weeks before getting brainwashed by the cult. She never spoke to Josh again and then Tom set the “couch jumping”, quick romance/engagement/pregnancy, and fake 3rd trimester in 2006 after Suri was born.
    Josh was really hurt by how Katie ended their friendship. I’m sure at one point he could not consider any of this imaginable by his friend, even at crazy Cruise’s hands, and now, there’s really nothing that he can do until Katie fesses up (contract should be running out at the end of this year).
    whew! i need to save that somewhere for future pasting!

  • grow a brain

    wait #44- you can’t catch a cold from the weather or the way you dress, it’s caused by a virus, what century were you born in? And why would anybody know if Suri caught a cold? Do you think the Cruises would announce it? I think not, because like her autism, that would be a sign that the Golden Child of Scientology is not perfect

  • Lucy

    Ack, I’m not a fan of people who go crazy over these kids just because they have celeb parents. She’s a kid, pretty average looking at best. She’s not a beauty, and I gotta agree that she usually looks messy and agitated, but hey, she’s a kid, so who cares. I think both sides are wrong – she’s no raving beauty, and who cares if she’s a mess. I do think people would stop picking on her if her big-mouth mother would stop making her out to be a “woman” of fine taste and fashion. Let the poor thing be a messy, dirty little kid who doesn’t know fashion from frankfurters.

  • annie

    Josh doesn’t see it, because there is nothing to see. Most people can see Suri is all Tom and Katie.
    Never can figure why people spend so much time on people they don’t like anyway.
    People here who say mean things , go on other threads, and grovel about the other stars…….namely Kidman and the Jolie- Pitts, they deny it , but their names are there. Then they come here, and start hating.