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Katie Holmes: 'The Kennedys' Trailer!

Katie Holmes: 'The Kennedys' Trailer!

Check out this trailer for Katie Holmes‘ mini-series The Kennedys.

The Kennedys was originally supposed to air on The History Channel, but the network has now canceled plans to air the mini-series as it is “not suitable” for the station’s brand.

While the producers of the series are now trying to find a network in the United States, the international broadcasters are still planning to go ahead with the series, according to the NYT.

Watch the trailer below…

Katie Holmes: ‘The Kennedys’ Trailer
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  • DarkEmpress

    Looks entertaining. i’d tune in.

  • CBloss

    Huh. Looks good. Kudoes to the two leads!

  • rhonda

    little caroline and arnolds wife didn’t like it so they are canceling which will only make it MORE popular.

  • Jen

    It really sucks that they cancel it. The trailer looked really interesting to watch.

  • Sheri

    From the trailer, this looks REALLY good! Hopefully, it will come out on DVD so we can all see it. Not everyone gets HBO or Showtime, so I hope it doesn’t go to those. Katie really looks a lot like Jackie here …

  • postwatcher

    This is EXACTLY what History Channel should me running….not stupid mindless schlock like Ice Truckers!

  • Daniel Tang

    She really looks like Jackie Kennedy

  • ?

    I just don’t see how Holmes pulls off being Jackie. The rest of the cast seems believable. Not impressed at all.

  • theresa

    i was not all that interested in seeing this mini series on the Kennedy family. but now that history channel has canceled plans to show it they have guaranteed that somehow i will find a way to see it. i want to know why they made the decision; what is so bad about the story being told. as for Katie, well for me she is secondary.

  • theresa

    Amy@ 01/11/2011 at 1:22 am

    tried to follow your link and ended up elsewhere. on some book site to be exact.

  • Taylo

    Does Katie have any lines?

  • Zoe

    The History Channel used to be the WWII/Hitler channel. Now it is the 2012 Channel. What a joke.

  • index

    She looks more like Suri than Jakie here. The trailer look fine. But your words Scientology people rewritting story fails, especially when the family is a well respected royality like family The Kenndeys.

  • Sadie

    Definitely don’t buy Katie Holmes as Jackie, even though the resemblance is clear. This sounded so interesting but I have to believe the History Channel turned it down for a reason, especially after all the money they put into it. And to be honest, the trailer didn’t make the series so appealing either. It’s the same story that’s been told since his death, the same speculation…I’d really like to know why the History Channel turned it down since they ARE going to be losing money by passing this up.

  • Lisa

    I heard it was fierce lobbying by Caroline K. and Maria S. that got the History Channel to back down. In any case I hope another US channel will show it. I was looking forward to it .

  • annie

    Katie is very lovely, she has a very pretty face, there are a lot of close ups of her.
    She looks stunning in that scene with the long white dress and gloves.
    Ithink the trailer looks really good———-even in that small bit, they have JFK with the roving eye, and probably a lot more. Cancelling it , is going to make the series more interesting to everyone. Have a feeling it’s going to be huge.

  • M

    this looks really good and I love that older actor what’s his name, he was Rory’s grandfather

  • *~*+*~*

    I don’t want to watch anything with sick Scientologists in it.

  • Iffy Miffy

    It was turned down by History Channel because it has dialogue added at key historical events which was completely made up and turned out to be very biased. You do not do this when you make a series like that. Most people have political affiliations but you have to keep it professional when working. The idiot of the director should have realized he would have gotten more congratulations if he kept it neutral and professional, especially since everyone knows about his right wing leanings. Like this, he just lost big time by showing himself incapable of working as a true professional does.

  • LJ

    @Amy: Sorry your link doesn’t work. What did katie say to a fan?

  • kookabear

    that looks very good and I intend to watch it.

  • shoegal

    i love learning about the kennedys so the part about not being bought made me laugh-jfk’s dad paid all the clothing bills for jackie!

  • So Judgemental

    LMAO.. how bad does it have to be for the History Channel to claim it is not historically correct to be on the channel? I mean they claim that God and Angels are just aliens. That passes the fiction to historical proof ratio but not this Kennedy mini series?

  • team katie

    I don’t understand why the rest of the world can watch this but we can’t. Katie looks amazing in series minus the fact that she worked so hard on this. I’d watch for sure.

    Team Katie

  • Go Ask Alice

    Boring.really. How many movies have been made on the private life of J and JK? TOo manytelling the same story over.
    KH has a nice JBK wig there and and is naturally brunette, BUT THEN EVERY Actress who has protrayed JBKO in those hundreds of movies also has given a resemblence to her with the wigs and makeup.

  • It’s Robo-Bride

    Katie is definitely the weak link in this. Very poor portrayal of Jackie when she opens her mouth.

  • Debbie

    Oh man, I want to see it!

  • this

    @Sadie: For the record, the history channel did not pay anything. The production company of the series paid and now they have to look for a different client. Another tv channel. There was a deal that History Channel would buy the rights to airplay but they didn’t. I agree with everything you said though. Just to clear that out.

  • Annie

    Yeah, she looks a lot like Jackie…until she opens her mouth…and until the camera pans down to show her fat ankles.

  • anon2

    This looks good and I bet will be picked up by another network. The Kennedy’s are thugs. I don’t think Katie looks like Jackie but she does resemble her. Greg Kinnear looks like he will play a very good JFK.

  • teletori

    Stop the excuses. This turned out awful and even the History channel doesn’t want to air it. There have been many movies and mini series about the kennedys and the family didn’t stop those from airing and they didn’t stop this one either.

  • Kat

    I think the trailer looks good… I’d want to watch it, but I also agree it doesn’t belong on the History Channel (fiction doesn’t belong there)… I hope they air it on USA/TBS/TNT/CBS/ABC/NBC… that’d be more practical.

  • jolie

    Katie holmes can’t act at all. They should use a different actress. Everyone else look real in the film, but Katie really look like she’s just acting.

  • Teeter Taught Her

    Brilliant marketing, History Channel! Bet they end up airing this afterall. But betcha too those litigious Scientology Suits who represent Katie (sheer conjecture) are drooling at the bit to sue History Channel for the alleged embarrassing press she is getting…

  • hazmat

    I’d rather be beaten with sticks than watch that.

  • it’s not that complicated
  • Jokergurl

    This looks more Oliver Stone than the History Channel. It still looks interesting though, but historically accurate, not that anyone can EVER be historically accurate about the Kennedy’s. I think Showtime or more likely HBO will pick it up or maybe even Lifetime Television, ABC, NBC, CBS, won’t touch this one.

  • Megan


  • It’s Robo-Bride


    Several stations have already taken a pass including HBO.

  • yep

    it looks really good – katie looks awesome!

  • Stuck@20!!

    Thanks be to God it was cancelled!!!

  • Romeo

    That reason being was pressure from the Kennedys, #14.

    And how do you know all this, #19?

  • leslie51

    I thought Jean Tripplehorn was the best I’ve seen when she played Jackie Kennedy in ‘Grey Gardens’.

    IMO Greg Kinnear looks amazing as JFK. I think he’s a really good actor. I love Tom Wilkinson in anything.

  • Edz

    I wanna see this !!! :(

  • delia

    I would watch this as it does look interesting however, Katie is NOT Jackie at all. She just looks like Katie Holmes playing dress up as Jackie O like for Halloween or something. It’s a shame cause everyone looks good in their parts. They shouldn’t have gone for the stunt casting with Katie. Needed someone who can actually act!