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Rachel Bilson's New Obsession: Body Ecology Water!

Rachel Bilson's New Obsession: Body Ecology Water!

Rachel Bilson goes out for some lunch with a friend on Tuesday (January 11) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress shared with InStyle that one of her new obsessions is Body Ecology Coconut Water.

Rachel shared, “This is the only bottled coconut water I’ve found that tastes like an actual coconut. It’s so good – and good for you.”

Last week, Rachel arrived back in town and was picked up at the airport by her mom Janice.

FYI: Rachel is wearing Skyline Ankle Peg jeans in Beachwood by Paige Denim.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson grabbing lunch with a pal…

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rachel bilson body ecology coconut water 01
rachel bilson body ecology coconut water 02
rachel bilson body ecology coconut water 03
rachel bilson body ecology coconut water 04
rachel bilson body ecology coconut water 05
rachel bilson body ecology coconut water 06
rachel bilson body ecology coconut water 07
rachel bilson body ecology coconut water 08
rachel bilson body ecology coconut water 09
rachel bilson body ecology coconut water 10
rachel bilson body ecology coconut water 11

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  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

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  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

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  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    I think people love this woman?! ha ha ha haa ha ha

  • lexy hates bilson

    How cold is it in LA these days that she’s always so bundled up? Yesterday she was in a down coat and a hoody! Also, JJ ask her PR folks for some new material – you already told us about this coconut water and her pretend interest in charity for iPad holders. Let her people get her endorsement deals with these companies!
    Perhaps instead of going to lunch she should go check out Black Swan and see what TALENT is!!! It might inspire her to get an application for a waitress job – she should be able to handle that!

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Good job #1
    haa ha ha ha

  • Coconut Water

    OK JJ so now your stating that your post yesterday was old that Rachel returned from her trip last week. Now add to it your printing old posts from last few months when she made mention about the coconut water and how she likes only this brand. That was sooo last month if your posting what is old pictures and older posts then poor Rachel doesn’t pay you enough. Seems she runs on stupid but JJ is running on empty catch phrases as well. Enough already are we to get repeats each day from you on old quotes or pictures with even older time lines to them. For all we know she returned from her trip soon after she left. I think the twitters were plants so ppl would trust in them. I know there are takers for that but seriously when JJ makes stupid mess up one has to wonder about the leaks to his office.

  • lululemon

    she`s glowing

  • pretty))

    i love rachel bilson!!

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Her face like hates people and just love her self

  • sweety

    she looks so cute! she must be a sweety!

  • @ Kaz

    you are such a loser :)

  • CrazyOldie

    coconuts she likes huh?…hehe

  • awesomepossum

    RB is the bestest !! <3

  • awesomepossum

    btw i love coconut water!! hehe

  • boots!

    where can i get boots like that? i friggin love them!! xD

  • Kamila

    Never seen such a strange looking coat, it`s kinda cute. Makes her look like a Little Red Riding Hood kinda, but it`s really nice :)

  • Amina

    is she really back together with Hayden? if soo, i am sooo happy for them, i always knew in the back of my mind they would rekindle

  • Amina

    can someone send me a link where it says they are back together, like the article, and i heard about something on twitter, if there are any pictures can someone send them to me? pleeeaseeeeeeee, i love this couple!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hahaha

    @1 – LOL =D

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! Red Riding Hood had a job – she was taking treats to her granny’s house. Rachel’s not that lucky!!

  • deshaun

    A CONSTANTLY an over-exposed face and an underutilized brain.
    This fool can go away again – even for a year!

  • @ lexy

    gurl you need to calm down. stop hating.

  • Amina

    can someone post a link where it says they are back together, or the latest news on them rekindling, i heard something twitter, if there are any pictures of them could one of you post it? im sure you guys know a lot of their relationship.. yall seem to have it figured out.. somehoww.. pleeeeeease i love this couple!!!

  • Perry Phalla

    Buy Bilson’s bag through here.

  • shadowy

    It seems that the only things that this never-been’s limited supporters ever can say is all about how she looks, her hair, her clothes, her shoes, her bags and so on. I have never read comments from the tabloids post anything about this 30-ish girlet doing something beyond that.
    To all those teeny-weeny fans who hope to look like her; well if you are rich and have no cares in the world, (still) officially single, no stable career to work on, and just all-by-herself all throughout most of the time; then yes it is possible to be doing all these “day jobs” on a regular basis; shopping, dining, shopping, personal grooming, shopping, travelling, shopping, walking the dog, shopping, family/bff outings out & about, shopping and still more shopping till the end (lol).
    Other than that stop making her out like she is some rare specimen because she is not & will never be, she is a just a typical/average girl with some influence (but more like manipulations) – Such A True Portrait Of An Absolute Insecurity & Superficiality.

  • jessicar

    she looks really happy. i am really had glad they are back together again. she looks like she lost a little bit a weight though, where was she gone?

  • younge&beautiful

    Rachel looks so young for her age, i feel like each year she looks younger and younger. I guess she is blessed with eternal youth, she is what? not to far off from 30 and looks great! She could pass for 18, 19, 20, 21.. i just think she is goregous and i really admire her. I really miss her work as well, i really hope this year we will see more of her! <3

  • Jenni

    Rachel looks so cute and happy :) I love seeing her smile! @Amina it was first reported on –,,20440629,00.html , if you look at pretty much any gossip/celeb site you’ll find an article on them back together.

  • @ # 26

    why does she worry you so much, i just think that you should have no worry over her career, worry about yourself. she is not manipulative in anyway, i dont think you can even name an example if your life depended on it. in all truth you are the one that is manipulative, she is a kind, beautiful, witty woman, perhaps all the things you secretly wish to be. she’s doing little things here and there, just stop getting suprised at the amount of attention she gets. get on with your life.

  • Jenni

    @@ # 26: +1 – your awesome!

  • so petite

    i love her petite figure..she’s so cute..

  • Hanna

    Rumors and speculation, as usual. She had Hayden papped coming out of her house on November 2, probably stopped by for some kind of action, or it could have been perfectly innocent, who knows. I don’t think she looks happy at all. More like worn out and exhausted from trying so hard.

  • jessicar

    WE ALL WISH WE COULD JUST SHOP AROUND ALL DAY! who wouldn’t, & she is lucky enough to get a chance to do that whenever she wants. I bet the only reason she isn’t taking her career to the next level is because then she wouldn’t get a chance to enjoy her life fully, go shopping or even hang out with her friends. so good for her, she knows what she wants and she isn’t going to listen to anybody that tells her otherise!! long live RB LOL :)

  • Hanna

    @34, yeah, good for her. Such a very juvenile outlook, much like her own, I’m sure. Yeah, shopping and lunching all day long is great. GF is going to be 30 years old this year. She has no job, no real prospects, let’s face it, she has no talent at all, she’s dumb as a box of rocks. She has no body of work to fall back on, no reputation as either a productive or talented actress. The age of 30 for someone in HW who has done nothing much but have herself papped out every single day for almost 4 years and precious little else, it’s practically a death knell. She’d better get busy finding herself a rich doctor or attorney to bankroll her lifestyle, or she’s going to be a lonely middle aged has been/never been with nothing but rooms full of obscenely over priced designer things and no one will care.

  • Coconut Water

    Love how the same person is using different names to try to up the idea RB has a large fan base. Your right on Shadowy those are the ones who need to use the different names to make the same point over and over again. Notice the same information is repeated all the time the only thing that changed was the user name. If the woman had any design talent or even talent she would be working not shopping.

  • chauncey

    All these talented, working, newer & younger actresses are attending different award giving bodies’ program ceremonies & pre/post parties “nowadays”… and this All-Time-Dlister is just going out for lunch – how profound is that?!

  • Erin

    @ Coconut Water You said “I think the twitters were plants so people would trust in them”, No one but people obsessed with Hayden and Rachel would even think to look them up on twtter, they are not Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie! If they wanted attention, they would have photos taken as usual. They have been very low key and taking things slow since getting back together. That is smart.

  • Kali Ugah

    @26 you don’t know her. She’s dumber than a pile of lint, vain as can be and totally shallow and self-obsessed. She can’t support ecology or green anything, the best she can to is a free sales pitch for coconut water in hopes someone will eventually pay her for doing something she does for free. She’s such a moron not only does she not know who the governor of California is but she doesn’t know who the Prime Minister of Canada is, the place where she goes to visit her mostly absent fiance. She’s so stupid she even admits she can’t memorize lines + must work off giant cue cards, and trust that no one who wants to be taken seriously as an actor does that. You talk to her for five minutes and she’ll tell you exactly where to buy the most expensive purses and shoes in Beverly Hills and exactly how much they cost, and how she gets them comped through her endless connections with family and friends. You’d never want to listen to her voice for 5 minutes though because its a high pitched whine punctuated by an irritating forced girlish giggle. She and Hayden are the perfect Hollywood couple because he needs a beard in order to keep working and she is happy to not actually be with him as long as she can press out the relationship and spend his money. She’ll be doing Real Housewives of Los Feliz any day now.

  • @ 39

    Really? Where did you meet her and talk with her to know all these things? You of course got photos to prove you really talked with her, and know these things about her and Hayden? Please give a link to your photos, Vendre, lol!

  • chauncey

    Believing everything & anything posted on a “plain & a 3 sentences” called twitter” is like believing in a “tooth fairy”.
    And that is not actually smart!

  • Sarabear

    Rachel is just the cutest thing, she looks lovely and glowing. :)

  • Calie


    If you take something slow for any relationship and this is a no brainer here, Hellooooo, You at least live in the same country not commute once ever 3 to 4 months. They have been fast, slow, in neutral and even stopped dead in their tracks they are like a railroad collision. It’s more then obvious they are not committed to each other or else major changes would have been made long ago plus even now over 3+ months so said together again. RB gets benefits of using his name in her JJ comments to get attention. The best HC is getting is a bootie call when he blows into town for a few weeks along with some press.


    GOD listen to the woman talk it’s more then evident she lacks intelligence, when you are caught copying from known designers, and have to copy the same interview your co-workers make b/c you can’t come up with one original thought this is when you know the woman is desperate. Love her if you will seems the same person(s) likes to use the same reference to make some claim she is so important….NOTTTTT Oh and you forgot to list all the reasons ppl should be jealous of this no talent..Oh yea that is right we are supposed to be jealous of what before you ask. She has shown no reason for ppl to think highly of her. In each interview or when she pimps her self to JJ it proves it more and more.

  • @40

    You’re one of the 10 old-farting ladies & loyalist who’s spamming HC’s IMDB boards everyday – I must say!

  • Brightside

    @Kali Ugah:
    How do you know that Body Ecology aren’t paying her?
    Is this something she shared in Instyle or where?
    Unfortunately, because she has no looks or talent, plugging products is the only way she can make a living! Actresses act, fashion designers design, models model but Rachel Bilson can’t do any of these so she hires herself out as a product plugger, plugging away at plugging products few really need.
    PS Coconut water is very good for you, fact…but buy it in the form nature intended and not in a carton or bottle.

  • GG

    WHY? Why is she always getting papped? Does she even have a career outside of the gossip blogs?

  • Brightside

    It is through the likes of Bilson and Co that I understand the true meaning of ennui, she’s an ennui generator!
    Although there is a certain twist of pity in seeing someone who can only use her single claim to fame, her stint on OC, to mouth-plug vanity products. That is what her life is reduced to…somewhat sad really.
    Not a ‘career’ on the up and up, but one on the down and down!

  • the truth

    @Jenni: Yes they said that they was back on.Buth there was no pictures are them being together. Also no magazine will touch the story about thme being back on. I wonder why they no one said anything about it anymore since then. Its just people boosting it up for her. @Kali Ugah: Hayden don’t come there for her all the time. He come there for work and nothing else.You all got to stop that all hayden come to la for.You don’t know nothing about what do when he come there. If he wasn’t with her in a picture when he came that month. That should tell you something. Also she is not spending hayden’s money like you say.They are not a couple at all anymore. If they was he would at least came to visit her Xmas and he did not.You need to stop bring hayden in this everytime she pop up here.Hayden don’t have anything to do with what rachel do anymore. He has his life and she has hers to do what she like. Hayden has decide hisself not to get involved what she do.You see he don’t take pictures with her anymore. It was just a fling anyway.@Erin: They are not taking it slow as you call it.They suppose to have been seem together by now. If not they are not back together and rachel just using him like she always does like i have said before.That them back on was just for publicity to get rachel some attention at the time.You will never see hayden with rachel again. Hayden has finally came back to his senses about her.When you start hanging with your friends and mom and your sister for attention instead are your supposely guy. Its not back on. its been two months and no hayden with rachel. They are done. Rachel need to tell the truth and say that are not back.on. No one really confirm that they really was.

  • annie

    though i think bilson is a no talent moron ,she is back with HC. she spent new years in toronto with him,just returned to la.

  • MissAnthropica

    Clearly her check cleared this month.
    Just saying…… lol