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Rooney Mara: Lisbeth Salander in Palm Springs!

Rooney Mara: Lisbeth Salander in Palm Springs!

Rooney Mara attends the 2010 Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala at the Palm Springs Convention Center on Saturday (January 8) in Palm Springs, Calif.

The 25-year-old actress was joined by her The Social Network co-stars Jesse Eisenberg, Josh Pence, and other cast members while accepting the award for Best Ensemble Performance.

Rooney looked very much like her The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo character Lisbeth Salander at the event. She even sported an eyebrow ring!

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo will be released in theaters on December 21st.

FYI: Rooney is wearing a Katharine Kidd soutache embroidered lace patchwork dress.

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Credit: Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty
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    The Swedish original movie is excellent and NO ACTRESS can do better than Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander.
    But hey, the Americans always consider the European movies or series not suitable for their audience.
    They always have to americanize everything.

  • At least

    She looks the part more than Noomi.
    Noomi interpretation was fantastic, but nothing at all like I imagined Lisbeth while reading the books.
    Can’t wait to see this adaption. I liked the Swedish version but there is so much they left out. I want to see much mor of the relationship between Blomkvist and Berger and tha whole Celia affair was left out.

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Color hair

  • Alex


  • lilith

    @TRUTH BE TOLD: I couldn’t agree more – although I adore Fincher and his work (I’ve been his devoted fan since years) I still cannot get over his obviously self-serving and pretentious decision to do the American version. It may be a decent well-acted movie as all Fincher’s films but Noomi seemed like she was BORN for that role – I don’t know how much longer it will take Fincher to finally embrace it.

  • Ali

    Wow…..she has changed so much that I can hardly recognize her. She is no longer a good girl!!

  • Hmm…

    Whoa she looks definitely looks the part for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

  • sanjuro

    She ‘s looking good! Quite close to the book’s description, more than Noomi Rapace, mind you.

  • Anita

    Still confused as to why they are doing a remake so soon. I’m actually indifferent about Rooney Mara, but Noomi Rapace IS Lisbeth Salander and it should be left at that. Maybe it might turn out like Let Me In (remake of Let The Right One In) which wasnt as dreadful as I thought it would have been. Although it was good, it was also unnecessary considering the original was less than 2yrs old. But still, is it that hard for ppl to read subtitles?!

  • *~*+*~*

    actresses all look the same. same dresses, same shoes, boring

  • Fiona

    I agree original was amazing and No one can be better Lisbeth than Noomi but I’m very much interested in this new one too. Director is David Fincher and I personaly think original’s second and third movies didn’t get made wonderfully. I’m sure Roony has a lot of pressure to do this and people will always compare her to Noomi…I wish her the best.

  • Iffy Miffy

    I wonder if anyone in the States can read … I mean is it really so difficult to read subtitles? This leaves us with only two, not so nice explanations for this … you don’t want to hear foreign languages and bother to read a few subtitles or you think you can do it better than anyone else and the rest of the savage, inept world. Hm.

  • Minnie

    Read the book and then saw the movie.. and i don’t see what the big deal is over Noomi Rapace! She was definitely not the Lisbeth Salandar I had imagined nor was Blomkvist. Maybe it’s cuz the book is AMAZING.. i just kinda thought the movie was alrighhtt. I’m actually excited to see what the American adaptation of the book is gonna be like. Hopefully they adapt the book and not adapt the adaptation if you know what i mean! and I think Daniel Craig is the perfect Blomkvist and i’m not ruling out Rooney Mara to be an excellent Lisbeth.. she was awesome in Social Network :)

  • NativeNYker
  • Helena

    I’m rolling my eyes at the people who keep saying that this is a remake and that no one will top Noomi Rapace. She wasn’t that good. It’s an adaptation of the book. Why can’t they give a different interpretation of the novel? The film was very disappointing.

  • Thai

    She looks like crap.

  • Aidualc

    @Iffy Miffy: I couldn’t agree more. There was no need for an American adaptation so soon. Can’t people read subtitles? Hollywood seems to think they can’t.

  • cubedweller

    @Aidualc: Hollywood speaks for one thing – making money. This American loved the original and doesn’t mind reading subtitles. I see no need for a remake either. That said, there are always different ways of interpreting a story, and I do think Daniel Craig is an actor who has the depth for the role. I’m more than a little skeptical, but let’s see how it turns out.

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    @Aidualc: Stop being so condescending. I’m not American, but it really annoys me when elitist snobs always look down on Americans. Americans can make great films, too. You can find insanely dumb people in any country.

    As someone else said, the film was not that good. It wouldn’t shock me if Fincher’s version is better. Even moreso, it’s an adaptation. All of you people mocking Americans for being dumb…why is it so hard for you to grasp the concept of a novel to screen adaptation? They are not remaking the Swedish ADAPTATION, they are adaptating the source material…a NOVEL. Do you understand?

  • Frida

    @BloodbuzzOhio: Sure, it might be an adaption, but why is it that it’s mainly America who has to do their own adaption of things when there are already good versions out there? They make new versions of films that are not even two years old, why? It sure makes me wonder if they do indeed think they are and can do better than everyone else. Or is it really that hard for Americans to watch foreign films, god knows I’ve heard them whine about having to read subtitles. Ridiculous.

  • Jones

    I LOVED Noomi Rapace in the Swedish film series. Thought she was perfect as Lisbeth. In fact everyone in the Swedish cast fit perfectly in my opinion with the exception of Erika Berger. I just imagined someone different. But she was still good once I got use to her. Rooney seems a bit tall for Lisbeth as Lisbeth is suppose to be a small, tiny girl according to the books. But I’m looking forward to Fincher’s version because I do love his films. However, the Swedish films will always be the benchmark for me, because they were first and they are authentic (Swedish story, Swedish actors, etc).

  • TC

    @Bloodbuzz – The reality is, most Americans don’t want to read subtitles. Sorry, but that’s the truth. International films don’t even play in first-run cinemas here, only in art houses. That’s just the way it is for foreign films. They don’t make money in America because the American appetite is generally driven by 14 year-olds who want to see comedies with a large amount of toilet humor, cartoons, and teen-age vampires. I’m not saying it’s good or bad. I’m just saying that’s the way it is.

  • MooCow

    Can’t wait for Fincher’s Lisbeth!!!

  • Cheery

    Looks like they copied the look of Die Antwoord’s lead singer.

  • to Jones

    Rooney is shorter than Noomi.

  • lylian

    ITA. I’m not american and I saw the girl with the dragon tattoo. Now I agree that Noomi was very good, but the movie itself looked like something that should have gone straight to TV. the lighting, the effects, just not very good.
    And the actor who played the lead – he wasn’t so fantastic either.
    And I don’t have a problem reading subtitles. It’s just that the movie wasn’t fantastic. it truly wasn’t.

  • to 26

    The moviel was primarily made for TV. Take a look at the production companies at
    The main company Yellobird has a great history in adaption Skandinavian crime novels for TV.
    They reedited the movie for the cinema, hence the original “original version”, which has a runtime for about 3 hours.

    I enjoyed all three movies, Noomi did a great job, I even think Michael Nykvist was good. But there is lot room for improvement. Noomi was nothing like I imagined her while reading and for me Nykvist lacked the sexiness he had in the books (not lookwise, but he’s quite a womanizer in the books). I don’t felt that when watching Nykvist. So I’m looking forward to Fincher’s version, Rooney looks the part and no words need for the sex on legs called Daniel Craig.

  • dawn

    That is not an attractive woman

  • indiegirl66

    we love rooney! she is one to watch. see her in her “good girl” mode in “Friends (with benefits). small role, but she’s there!

    she will be awesome as lisbeth!!

  • Koowie

    She looks koowie!

  • hugizz145

    ohh cmon people, why are all of you already complaining if you havenĀ“t watched the american version yet ?, and by the way this american version (as you call it) is not even a remake, it is an adaptation of Stieg LarssonĀ“s amazing book, the swedish version is an adaptation too, they are both based or inspired on the same book, to my point of view the fact that there are already several adaptations show how thrilling, powerful and breath-taking the book actually was
    ohh and let me tell you this: Rooney Mara is going be great as Lisbeth Salander, i mean Noomi Rapace was good, really good ,but i honestly think Rooney Mara will be better