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Sophia Bush Visits Chelsea Lately - VIDEO

Sophia Bush Visits Chelsea Lately - VIDEO

Sophia Bush grins after taping an appearance on Chelsea Lately on Monday (January 10) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old One Tree Hill actress chatted about meeting The Blind Side star Quinton Aaron, who is guest starring on the show this season.

Quinton and I met [at an E! party] and it was very funny because I went, ‘The Blind Side!’ and he went, ‘One Tree Hill!’ and then he picked me up and I was, like, ‘This is how you see the world, from this vantage point, up here!’ And now he’s coming to work with us – [it came] full circle.”

Sophia bush & our parents. She’s on 2night’s show & it turns out they birthed me as well as sophia. Such a small world,” Chelsea tweeted with a cute photo.

One Tree Hill returns on Tuesday (January 25) at 8/7c on The CW.

Sophia Bush on Chelsea Lately
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Credit: Matt Symons; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • VosGueule

    JustJared loves Sophia Bush but it’s okay cause I love her too!

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute


  • pl100

    Good acting here Sophia.

  • offtheproperty

    Right-wing talk radio certainly doth protesteth toooo much!
    It’s no big surprise that the only thing you hear on Rush Lumbar and all the rest of his pathetic clones is how guilt-free they are and how deranged that killer is.
    It’s only the sick ones who are susceptible to your vile hateful diatribes.

  • pasta tarifi

    pasta tarifi resimli kolay pratik pastalar sophia bush chelsea g├╝zel bir video thank goodd


    Jared stop pushing chelsea the vodka lush down our throats. Surely, huvane isnt paying you enough to be her pimp??

  • Tara

    Can Sophia get any more gorgeous?????
    LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terri

    Sophia is so pretty. I LOVE Chelsea she can be cutting but also warm and caring. CH is so funny.

  • Nancy

    Anybody know what designer she is wearing, she looks stunning.


    This woman’s little cousin is murdered amidst, and maybe because of, an environment of hateful and vitriolic attacks on people and she is stupid enough or crass enough to go on a show with a host who is as guilty of hateful and vitriolic attacks as any right wing nutjob.
    This is what Bush is supposed to have said about the murder of her second cousin, Christina Taylor Green, during the rampage on Saturday that wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and murdered a federal judge:
    “It comes back to everything that we’re seeing with teen suicide, with bullying in schools, with the LGBT youth community going through what they’re going through.
    This is all symptomatic of a larger problem that PEOPLE THINK THAT IT’S OKAY TO SCREAM AND YELL and only think that their way is right. And we exist in a society of unique and different people, and our differences are what make us special. We need to embrace them and we need to accept people for who they are, whether that’s personally, politically, whatever.”
    Bush is quite the hypocrite to now go on a show that specializes in bullying and screaming hate about people. So I guess we can conclude that Bush had nothing to do with this statement preaching respect for others and that her publicist wrote it and released it just to get PR for Sophia Bush on the back of a terrible tragedy. Disgusting.

    What an idiot! Way to honor your dead niece. I guess all she was interested in was getting PR for her “connection” to this tragedy – just like that other attention seeker, Gwyneth Paltrow. Shame on you, Sophis Bush. Shame.

  • Mary Kay


    It’s a Mary Kay bag.

  • D.

    Sophia is a hypocrite, bearding with her gay friend Austin, and then turning around and complaining about the lack of acceptance of gays and lesbians in this country. Maybe if they had more role models instead of phony celebs shoving their fake straight relationships down everyone’s throat things would change more quickly.

  • ava

    You people on the left are the crazy ones, this kid was mentally ill, had been obsessed with this Congresswomen for years, was kicked out of college because other students thought he was dangerous to be around, was a 911 truther, anti war and had communist books as his favorites on his Facebook page…. exactly what every LEFT WING LOON believes…

    But from their imagination the media, democrats and the left is some how trying to place this mentally ill left wing loon as the responsibility of the right and conservatives…

    because democrat and liberal policies have failed for the last 4 years democrats controlled the senate and congress, they are trying to change the debate from policies onto political rhetoric… try again liberal losers.

  • Colleen

    Chelsea is a COMEDIAN. Do you understand that? Chelsea spoke out AGAINST violence.
    Sophia is a doll.Austin is not gay.

  • …..

    Chelsea is an old hag and Sophia is fame whore!


    It does NO good to speak out against violence when you yourself perpetuate and fuel violence and hatred with vitriolic attacks and “comedy” based on hate and intolerance.
    Handler’s foaming-at-the-mouth screeds are not comedy – not in any universe. Handler is nothing but a hypocrite.
    Posters like Colleen need to wake up and start using a few brain cells and recognize excrement when excrement is spewed.
    If you are a fan of Sophia Bush you will let her know how distasteful and disrepestful to her cousin it was for her to appear on this show. Her only excuse – weak as it is – is that she is too young to understand consequences or too ambitious to resist any camera opportunity presented.

  • mary

    Bunch of crazy comments

  • Bri

    People you need to get over it. You are making such a big deal over sometihng so small. The tragedy was so enormous.

  • saywhat?

    Is Stephen Huvane her rep too like Chelsea? Is he the one the put out that tacky, tacky statement on ROL? about GP? tacky way to sell tickets and ride the coat-tails of the dead and wounded.

  • TeamD

    is the bad guy she is talking about happens to be Chad or James ?? :O

  • Jayla

    I LOVE SOPHIA BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gabi

    I don’t mean to be shallow, but I have never seen her talk about Austin.
    That’s so sweet. He sounds like an amazing guy!

  • http://morganelisab Morgan

    I think she was talking about chad but you guys should really have some respect for her. She is an extremely sweet and giving girl & her kindness is so overwhelming, its amazing to me. :)

  • Frankly

    I can’t stand this idiot!

  • tim gil

    What a tard to pursue this C$#T all over and move to freakin North Carolina so she will “date” you, have some self respect, no woman is worth all that shizz,

  • =]

    She sounds unprofessional and bitter. Why keep bringing stuff from 5 years ago?

  • Ali

    Sophia said bad RELATIONSHIP not marriage. Never mentioned a name so you are ASSUMING she meant Chad. Big deal. That is your take on it.

  • Rachel

    Sophia has EVERY f*cking right to say whatever she wants about whoever she wants because she has always tried her best to do good for others. And if someone turns out to be a backstabber, well then that person DESERVES to be cussed out by her and anyone else.
    Sophia Bush is beautiful, talented, sophisicated, classy, and graceful. Its no wonder haters get so jealous that they just can shut their fat traps up about her or anything else.
    But I guess, the more a person is talked about, the better because it shows that you’re obviously relevant. Why else would anyone be talking about you? So I guess Sophia must be doing something right for her to always garner so much attention from the fans and jealous haters alike.
    Us fans will always adore and love her.

  • Terri

    You haters/bashers should be embarrassed. Although I think it is the same moron over and over again.

  • Sasha

    Sophia Bush is PERFECT from head to toes.
    This woman is exceptional and just too amazing for words.
    I love you Sophia!!!

  • hokiegirl

    Thank You Jared!!! I love post about her!!! :)