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Bar Refaeli: Beverly Hills Shopping Spree

Bar Refaeli: Beverly Hills Shopping Spree

Bar Refaeli pops into the Roots store to pick out some items with a friend on Wednesday (January 12) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 25-year-old Israeli supermodel also stopped by the Giuseppe Zanotti boutique to check out some heels.

At the beginning of the year, Bar rang in 2011 with boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

FYI: Bar kept warm in a Louis Vuitton scarf and carried a Chanel bag.

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli shopping in Beverly Hills…

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288 Responses to “Bar Refaeli: Beverly Hills Shopping Spree”

  1. 1
    haters come a knockin Says:

    watch the haters have a field day with these pics…

  2. 2
    dasa Says:

    LOL haters are the one who usually speak the truth and don’t give a ****. So you consider them haters.

  3. 3
    who cares Says:

    why is this a thread? who cares? she’s not even famous and all she’s doing is going shopping at the snobby shops…whoopeee…. it’s not like she’s saving the whales or anything.

  4. 4
    Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan Says:

    The most beautiful woman in the world. Shopping for wedding stuff? Hmmmm. She looks so great after her vaca with Leo in Mexico. You can see love in her eyes. 2011 wedding!! Leo and Bar=great couple!!! Love her!

  5. 5
    Halli Says:

    Smoking is catching up with her skin

  6. 6
    sourpatch575 Says:

    Can someone please answer me?!?!!? WHY DOES LEO DATE HER?!!? I DON’T UNDERSTAND!

  7. 7
    MK Says:

    ew…looking rough barf…and her highlights are terrible too…guess I’m the best hater of all!! love 2 hate

  8. 8
    sourpatch Says:

    Can someone please tell me why leo dates her?!?! I don’t understand why!?!?!?!

  9. 9
    IrishGigolo Says:

    what a fat ugly famewhore. go crawl under a rock and never come back!!!

  10. 10
    Heather Says:

    Ok, I’m sorry, but am I the only person in the world who thinks she is just UGLY! I do not understand how she is a supermodel, and how she snagged Leo. I just think she is hideous!!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing attractive about her. Her skin sags, it’s puffy, and just ewwww.

  11. 11
    Seriously Says:

    What i don’t get is the hate from some of you. she is BEAUTIFUL!!! You all only WISH you could look like her! She’s barely wearing a lick of makeup and she looks a million times better than you haters WITH makeup! And… fat?? What world do you live in?

  12. 12
    blah Says:

    She look so old for her age!

  13. 13
    Heather Says:


    YES I AGREE! She looks sooooo old for her age! I can’t believe she’s only 25!!!!

  14. 14
    Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan Says:

    Her eyes are so stunning. Most be amazing to be this beautiful and to be the girlfriend of the man that is the dream of every woman: Leo. What a lucky and beautiful gal she is. Love her skin – it glows!

  15. 15
    Jana Says:

    @#11 Seriously

    I can I look better than he. Seriously. I’m not one of those women who think I’m all that. I’ve never modeled because it has never interested me and I know there are much more beautiful women. But I can honestly say it because she’s just so darn unexceptional in every way. I’m in better shape, my boobs don’t sag, I have longer legs, thicker hair, bigger eyes, more defined cheekbones and jawline, et. and there are a lot of women like me out there. I wouldn’t touch Leo with a ten foot pole. I respect what he has accomplished as an actor, but he seems like a total loser when it comes to women.

  16. 16
    Mailey Says:

    I like bar. I like how she has an athletic body. And she’s not Charlize or milla j but she def has a prettier face than buttface Brooklyn decker.

  17. 17
    Lynn Says:

    if she is a top model then i must be a top model as well

  18. 18
    AnonymousDiva Says:

    I’m still waiting for all those pics from the supposed ‘vaca’ in Mexico.

  19. 19
    Simple Says:

    I like her, i like her style. Love her chanel bag. Crazy about the other girl’s Hermes bag I like Bar simple style. She rocks

  20. 20
    Lisa Says:

    Leo is a total loser when it comes to women. no respect for him.

  21. 21
    Lisa Says:

    BARF has GREY hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 22
    Deevee Says:


    I do now! She was just okay with makeup on but without it, well, she looks like a roadkill.

  23. 23
    Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!! Says:

    She’s so Sexy!

  24. 24
    Jasmine Says:

    What an ugly toad.

  25. 25

    reality check:

  26. 26
    thighmegatampon Says:

    she’s pretty but it seems like just any model is catapulted to supermodel status nowadays…

  27. 27
    Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!! Says:


  28. 28 Says:

    lol@ Barf….omg am rolling on the fuccing floor….dang thats mean but lowkey funny.

  29. 29
    ada Says:

    Come on you multi-monikered one, come out to play, I’m bored , need a laugh, ooh, maybe you found yourself a date online!!

  30. 30
    tal Says:


  31. 31
    Jes Says:

    She gets uglier and fatter everytime I see a picture of her. I’ve see the pictures in Hawaii with Leo, oh my…. her legs???? Short and fat. I’m not a model so maybe I’m not tall or anything but she’s a model how can she work with that body? Photoshop helps her a lot. She doesn’t even walk on the runway, you can’t call her a supermodel. She’s not, she is just a famous girlfriend. and all the ones here who like her…did you know her before she’s started dating Leo? Of course not!

  32. 32
    Sandy Says:

    Spending Leo’s money I guess…

  33. 33

    And surprise.
    All of sudden she goes to some of the most famous pap-spots.
    She is wearing make up, high heels and expensive bag. And oh, wow, she is not hiding her face, but smiling.
    What happened to – oh I am so harassed by paps, hiding my face and don’t want my picture taken?

  34. 34
    berta Says:


    Smiling?? Where is Bar smiling??

    Surprise!! you dont like her BUT you read her post and you comment every step of the girl. MOVE ON if she is so terrible and ugly person!

  35. 35
    zero bar Says:

    Even a LV scarf and a Chanel bag can`t help plain Jane… lol
    Indeed what happened to her precious privacy? Not even trying to cover her quickly aging sour lemon face! Oh, wait! Leo is not around so she can enjoy the attention!
    And since when is her newsworthy or remotely interesting?

  36. 36
    zero bar Says:

    No smile indeed! That would be a shocker to see her smiling. She always looks miserable and sour.

  37. 37
    bertha Says:

    @zero bar:

    FOR YOU she is “interesting” … you’re wasting your time HERE writing about her!

  38. 38
    Sandy Says:

    @bertha: Are you Barf?? Or her publicist?? Because yeah Barf is just a piece of sh$t who pretends to be a supermodel, but is only able to get contracts thanks to her boyfriend’s connections!
    She’s ugly, has short legs, is useless and btw talentless!
    I know you are going to say that I am a hater but actually there’s nothing to feel about her but disgust!!

  39. 39

    Bar’s version of a smile:
    I don’t give a f’ck about Bar. I like Leo.

  40. 40
    bertha Says:


    NOOOOOOO I am not Bar and I am not her publicist!! YOUR theories about PR people on here ARE so RIDICULOUS!

    Sure, there’s nothing to feel about her but disgust BUT here you are!!

  41. 41
    zero bar Says:

    @bertha: No, she is absolutely not interesting. But for someone who cares about Leo she is someone you have to deal with no matter how nauseating she is. You do sound like a vicious member of her team!
    Roots? And it didn’t give her a clue that it’s time to deal with hers?

  42. 42
    french Says:

    ugly girl and ugly clothes

  43. 43
    Wew Says:

    Why all this hate?? I don’t understand. I’m not a fan of her but she is pretty, slim and not so famous ok but where is the problem? I don’t get it. Are you jelous of di Caprio? O.O

  44. 44
    We Says:

    Why all this hate towards this girl?? I’m not a fan of her but really i can’t understand what she would have done to rich all these haters! She is a quite normal girl, a slim model not that famous and who has shopping….I don’t see where is the problem. I would like to understand. Maybe are you jelous of Di Caprio?

  45. 45

    Google Bar Refaeli draft dodger.
    Google Bar Refaeli custom problems
    Google Bar Refaeli Taxes
    Google Bar Refaeli Egypt.
    Google Bar Refaeli attacking paparazzi.
    Google Bar Refaeli fake marriage.

  46. 46
    Fan of Beauty Says:

    COOL pictures! Thanks JJ for the new Bar photos of Bar. I love her! I also love she way she is dressed… relaxed and feminine. Her hair is gorgeous.

    I hope she had a good time in Mexico and in Hawaii with her Leo.

  47. 47
    Ruth Says:

    Great pics JJ. It’s true she isn’t famous but then most of the people on these threads are not superstars either. she is a working model who earns a LOT of money in her profession and can no doubt buy things without borrowing from Leo!

    She has a famous bf who obviously loves her and I wish them the best of luck together. All this hatred is just pathetic – if he drops Bar, do you all expect him to phone YOU!

  48. 48
    zero bar Says:

    ‘obviously’ the barfie freaks are here saying thanks fir these completely unnecessary photos. Fans of a mediocre model! Impressive! lol

  49. 49
    Fan of Beauty Says:

    Thanks for the new pictures of Bar JJ! I love the clothes she is wearing… and she does look so healthy!

  50. 50
    Nicki Says:

    WOW! Love her sweater, her jeans, her bag, her scarf and her boots… and above all I love her hair!

    THANKS JJ! It is good to know that Bar and Leo just came back from a nice vacation from Mexico “and” Hawaii ! LOVE THEM!!!!

  51. 51
    zero bar Says:

    You can’t help but wonder what kind of people her fans are and what values they have? Not much obviously…

  52. 52
    Allie Says:

    If your in beverly hills dont act as if you dont want your picture taken. you KNOW it will happen!!

  53. 53
    Observer Says:

    I don’t think she is fat or has an ugly body but the thing is she isn’t a supermodel or a stunner. She doesn’t have that star look, my next door neighbour is much more beautiful.

  54. 54
    Leo Says:

    #10- that’s just the thing she is NOTTTTT a “supermodel” LMAO! Notice how all of her posts are boring pap pics? never any work being posted about, and you call that a model? think again Bar-flies. She is Paris Hilton level. wait a sec, I think even Paris got more modeling gigs than this chick, nevermind!. (paris was a Guess girl and has Vogue covers, lol, that’s sad when someone like Paris upscales her, LOL)

  55. 55
    fanofbeautynotbar Says:

    She is aging so fast. she looks droopy and already has saggy jowl like projections growing out of the sides of her face. ummmm how is that attractive? don’t women go to the doc’s to get help for that sort of stuff? I think Bar needs to borrow some of Leo’s money for a visit to the doc’s office; not for shopping.

  56. 56
    fashiondreamer Says:

    down syndrome.

  57. 57
    sleepy Says:

    ALL THE PRO BAR POSTS HERE ARE ADI RONEN, BARS “assistant”- you are right about that. her collagen lips are conflicting with her nose job. yuck. not pretty.she looks like leo and he is a narcissist that is all she is too desperate to do anything else or anyone else. does she do anything but shop and call the paparazzi in to take her picture? sorry not even pretty here and her thighs aren

  58. 58
    sleepy Says:

    she shops in bev hills but buys at k-mart from what she is wearing

  59. 59
    fanofbeauty??? Says:

    Are you a fan of beauty? Then you are on the wrong thread. You got lost big time!
    So this is how you make LV and Chanel ( not to mention her boyfriend ) look cheap.

  60. 60
    saggy Says:

    she can wear all the designer stuff leo’s money buys. She will never model for the brands, LMAO.

    Sears or Walmart is more up her alley. (oops wait a second. I just checked Sears and the models are thinner with long legs) looks like she should just go into the Adult Film business. Looks/talent aren’t a prerequisite there…

  61. 61
    omg Says:

    ugliest models legs EVER! worse than kate moss’s and alessandra ambrosio’s!!!!! ewwwww. They are ugly in and out of jeans.

  62. 62
    Sandy Says:

    @fanofbeauty???: Couldn’t agree more!

  63. 63
    age Says:

    i’ll agree with you on one thing, she’s aging rather quickly for someone so young. I don’t know what happened, but she has got to take better care of herself if she wants to continue modeling that is.

  64. 64
    skintight Says:

    Damn, she’s aging as fast as Leo. They’re both starting to look rough and run down in the face. Too much cocaine and alcohol will do that to you. No about a cosmetic surgery can with permanent unhealthy hobbies like those.

  65. 65

    She doesn’t. Just recently said in an interivew, she is tired of modelling and wants to be an actress or make a clothing line.
    University as a plan dropped put, because of her busy shedule. But sometime in the future she would like to study.
    Bar – an actress. Bar – at university, studying arts and science.
    Bar- fashion designer with boutique at Beverly Hills.

  66. 66
    Candy Says:

    For all of you who think she’s ugly — I would LOVE to see what YOU actually look like lol. You’re probably all single and still stay up all night on a Friday & Sat reading Just Jared ;)

  67. 67
    FF Says:

    @age: Models who don’t work any longer can let them selves go a little. Working models can’t. It’s understandable she’s gained over 20 pounds, tans,frowns,bleaches her scraggly hair because she is not a working model. The sad part though, is that at 25 should be most models “primes” clearly she is way past that. Sad 25 you can still look 20 if you take good care of yourself and your BODY. Bar has let herself go big time. Just look at pictures of her from 2006, she was much better looking bc she was thinner. Gaining weight can be very aging. Old women gain weight, 25 year SI models should never!!! I lose all respect for her more and more.

  68. 68
    elay Says:


    Just recently said in an interivew, she is tired of modelling and wants to be an actress or make a clothing line

    How much hipocrisy!! you hate her but you read her bellazon forum. hahahaha. GIVE ME A BREAK!

  69. 69
    zero bar Says:

    How do you know she reads the freaky bs thread? That interview was mentioned here on a previous thread and an article referring to her words was also posted here. Genius!
    barfie as an actress? Give me a break! She couldn’t get the role in Transformers 3 and her ‘movie’ was such a big hit that if I remember correctly there was an eBay auction to find producers for it! What a joke!

  70. 70
    kurt Says:

    Models trying to be actresses. Gisele is terrible too, her lame movie Taxi … was so pathetic!!

  71. 71
    french Says:


    She said she is tired of modeling but it’s only because she saw that she has less and less works, so she prefers lie and say it’s her who want to stop to be a model

  72. 72
    cheeseball Says:

    @kurt: oh no, please. just don’t. lol that wasn’t gisele’s movie anyways, it was Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah’s. Its like saying The Devil Wears Prada was Gisele’s as well. um no that was Anne Hathaway’s and Meryl Streep’s movie. Please don’t give the model that much credit time and time again. That is what is PATHETIC. besides does anyone even care or know about sessions besides the pathetic barflies? lol I doubt it.

  73. 73
    zero bar Says:

    *bz thread

  74. 74
    Leoluv Says:

    @kurt: Cindy,Elle,Claudia,Naomi,Tyra etc… and more big famous models have all acted, why does that one name always get brought up????? omg pathetic. Nope she didn’t invent it. Bar fans you don’t like her, don’t give her that much credit then, lol.

  75. 75
    Blake Says:

    OH NO. not the comparison talk again….LMAo. can’t Bar stand on her own? apparently not I guess….

  76. 76
    RL Says:

    @AnonymousDiva- the photos of the vaca-,7340,L-4012072,00.html
    i wonder how they werent posted in this bar-loving website…
    the thing is that she was once very beautiful, and if you look at photos of her from few years ago u see it. but she ages badly and shes not ugly now but shes not a supermodel either

  77. 77
    zero bar Says:

    Those photos are not from NYE in Mexico. After Mexico Leo was seen in LA and after that they went to Hawaii for a couple of days. The photos you posted are from Hawaii. Not that it makes anything any better.
    She is definitely not aging well. Quickly and not well. She looks worn out and miserable even around Leo. It’s a joke to call her a supermodel.

  78. 78
    Lalalove Says:


  79. 79
    jmo Says:

    they must be back from hawai then…have to admit these to seem to be like inseparable, leo really seems to be making an effort this time and these to ar now onto their 6TH YEAR together…..holy crap….read a cute thing somewhere about them paddle surfing and leo came across a flower floating in the water and he picked it up and handed it to her….awwwww…lol, to be fair they seem much more stable than before

  80. 80
    jmo Says:

    they must be back from hawai then…have to admit these to seem to be like inseparable, leo really seems to be making an effort this time and these to ar now onto their 6TH YEAR together…..holy crap….read a cute thing somewhere about them paddle surfing and leo came across a flower floating in the water and he picked it up and handed it to her….awwwww…lol, to be fair they seem much more stable than before

  81. 81
    jmo Says:

    back up my point…..leo picking up the flower, mice muscles by the way :)

  82. 82
    jmo Says:

    just to back up my point….leo picking up the flower….nice muscles by the way :)

  83. 83
    num1 Says:

    jeez everytime i see leo without bar hes using his phone…everytime i see bar without leo shes using her phone…she must be a seriously clingy biotch constantly texting him and ****, she has the look of one of those…

  84. 84
    cait Says:

    anyone else see the pic of bar attacking the pap?? it was HILARIOUS….she looked demented….noticed leo had some bruises on his legs in hawai maybe bars been giving him the once over aswel….

  85. 85
    observent oliver Says:

    leos wearing one of those tight wet suit things how the heck is it LOOSE on him….just an observation, and also another one bar appears to be wearing leos blue tshirt inside out in some of those pics, if you look closely you can see the seams, girl cant even wear her OWN clothes she has to have his aswel, uhhh.

  86. 86
    caroline Says:


  87. 87
    zero bar Says:

    hahaha a nauseating barf fan who cannot push `submit` only once. It`s really difficult indeed I understand that someone on your level of intelligence has issues with that.
    To back up your story why don`t you post the photo where he allegedly gave her the flower or the one where you see her holding it. Now that would back up your story! Thanks!
    Loser model with loser fans!

  88. 88
    from my house Says:

    hmmm if they are sooo insepable and they spend a lot of time together and all that stuff why don´t we see a single pic of the two together in L.A … she is in L.A since dicember 2 and we only see pics of Leo whit his friends and pics of Bar whit her friends.. and btw the girl next to Bar is Valentina Micchetti, she introduced Rico Mansur to Bar, remenber Rico? the brazilian polo player she was whit during her break up whit Leo.. may be they split again and she needs her friend to find out a new guy.. plus in just a couple of days she will in israel, i wonder for how long, cuz she always stays at least for 2 or 3 weeks… thats a lot of time for a couple to stay apart..

  89. 89
    seal Says:

    She looks like a man.
    is she transexual???????

  90. 90
    ddd Says:

    Lol for once she is dressed appropriately …..

  91. 91
    ddd Says:

    Lol for once she is dressed appropriately…

  92. 92
    xx Says:

    @from my house:

    sure they split, they were together in Hawaii only two days ago hahahaha.

  93. 93
    zero bar Says:

    @xx: and she looked soooo happy next to him as usual. I doubt she could have looked more miserable around him. Like two strangers…

  94. 94
    JwowWow Says:

    She has a nice body but really short legs, obviously she only became popular when she started dating Leo..Before that no one cared, no one knew her…Not a super model material def! Macys, Target, etc material

    In some of her interviews she acts like a baby, shes so stupid hahahah

    And he is almost 40, has an obsession with sneakers, all these loosers from Fairfax do, he needs to grow up already! I like him as an actor thou, he is lucky, and he makes right choices for his roles.

  95. 95
    me Says:

    So where is the photo of him handing over the flower? maybe he really does love her, surely he can’t be with her for her looks,,,pmsl

  96. 96
    tinkerbell Says:

    @who cares:

    She is saving the whales…Leo is the whale!

    *derp derp…erp derp derp!*

  97. 97
    AnonymousDiva Says:

    They went to Hawaii one day, and then all of a sudden she’s back in LA?

    I can’t believe anyone is stupid enough to accept this obvious publicity stunt on her part. I’ve no doubt those Hawaii photos were taken a long time ago and held back by Mommy Dearest until once again her daughter needed publicity.

  98. 98
    She needs help Says:

    Looking at Bar’s body structure she looks she’s big boned. The strip shirt doesn’t nothing at all to compliment her. I can she way she needs to stick to Bikinis and even then…who knows how long she can be in them.

    What ever Leo and Bar have is not working. People have said that she’s trying to use Leo for PR… getting gigs.. putting her on the map…first of all… Bar’s energy is flat. No life….she looks like she’s just leeching on to what she has…. no original creativity….what so ever… her mother isn’t a good influence and plus she’s so plain jane. I bet all the the people that comment on here are alot prettier then her, and mean inside and out.

    She pouts a lot and gives this unhappy face, because she probably isn’t getting what she wants…and really is unhappy…. because she doesn’t know who she is…

    I don’t know.. I agree with a lot of people on this thread…

    Bar needs a new PR person and a revamp of her Leo… Stop linking her to LEO….

  99. 99
    sleepy Says:

    did she get tired of modelling or did modelling finally get tired of her? the only account she seems to have is fox, which is israeli Target. I dont think she can act, and later I’ll post a pix of the swimsuit she designed- really bad ripped denim like something from the 80′s —-
    that wont work. I do want to see her try though… tee heee

    dont assume what we look like or that even bar makes more money or has more money than us- you dont know that. I see prettier girls every day. i mean really prettier girls. also im not single and im too grown up to care about what happens friday/sat night that is for children to worry about….. being comfortable in your own skin means you dont care that it is friday night you do what you want…..

  100. 100
    humanrights Says:

    many many people around the world critics her and leo and hate her. i’am not surpised why she is not happy. leo should seriously break up with her and he should change his behaviour. you have noticed why his movie is nominated but not him, it’s not strange at all. because he has deceived many people included the review press and many members of academy. he is a fake environement he help a dictature, he love rich people, his friend had blood diamonds, he always dating top models, his girlfirend defends her country who don’t respect the humans rights + she is racist. it’s enought to think that this man has really a problem. even if he is good actor, in real life he is really bad person.

  101. 101
    sleepy Says:

    i guess she’s figured out it is ok to call the paps in for herself, just not when leo is around because he hates it. so she goes out and calls them in for her shopping trips. she aint allowed to do it when he’s around anymore. i didnt see the hawaii pix because i am sure they both look fer shizzle.

  102. 102
    sleepy Says:

    “until you do right all you do will go wrong”

    - lauryn hill

  103. 103
    go crazy! Says:

    shes drop dead gorgeous! the sicko jealous hater is having a field day everyone knows who she is BRIGHTSIDE now she goes by so many different names and talks to herself posting back and forth to herself its a comedy act hahahahahahahaha bar is gorgeous she looks amazing always does and leo loves her will marry her BRIGHTSIDE take your meds to calm down!!!!

  104. 104
    Janine Says:

    This one’s Leo time is about up. Any week now he’ll ditch her for the 19 or 20-year-old model being groomed by the fashion industry as the next #1 supermodel, regardless if the girl can even communicate with him in a spoken language. And there he’ll go, ‘falling in love’ all over again!

  105. 105
    sleepy Says:

    ok, im having a contest—- lets fast forward five years. where do we see barfie at 30? and how??? best portrait wins…… well i dont know….kudos…..

    also does anyone have this years flu like me??

  106. 106
    Stealth Says:

    She has a great figure but her face is unattractive.

  107. 107
    drake Says:

    shes freaking hot! leos damn lucky!

  108. 108
    alley Says:

    i love her hair its sooooooo shiny and so SILKY shes gorgeous

  109. 109
    lw Says:

    25!? i don’t think so. leo isn’t my fave, so i don’t give a sh*t what he does, but he has strange taste in girls/women. first manselle, now this old-ass looking trick.

  110. 110
    @109 Says:

    OLD A-S LOOKING TRICK? are blind we know youre dumb but shes not old! and shes not dumb! look where she is and look where you are! and shes no trick! shes a treat and a gorgeous one at that and leo loves her youre so jealous sad for you

  111. 111
    lucky 7 Says:


  112. 112
    carla Says:

    LEO IS A LOSER . HE WILL NEVER GOWN UP, people know him just because he is dating top models . i wonder if it’s his mom who said to hook up only super models because she is ugly. even on academy award , they noticed that he dating only super models. just listen jack black he is so right

  113. 113
    made in Heaven Says:

    when god made this girl he gave her everything from A-Z she is blessed!

  114. 114
    hillary Says:

    wish i was Bar wouldnt mind dating leo and have him loving me…….

  115. 115
    zero bar Says:

    @110: #109 said `old looking` not old. Read the comment before you pick on it! Btw #109 is so right!
    Plus you don`t have to be a genius to get rid of your clothes and to catch a cash cow. If she was so damn smart she would still have a career and more under her belt than a trashy SI cover and a famous bf. Pushy mothers/managers can get you there. Get real!
    Plus according to a tweet Leo was flying to NYC from Vegas ( redeye)

  116. 116
    Presley Says:

    Her Sour Lemon Face reminds me of Lisa Marie Presley. – The original Kings’s Daughter… I guess this proves Bar can also Date, the King of the World…….LMAO!!!!!!!!

  117. 117
    @113 Says:

    Are you for real? That HAS TO be a JOKE, right? lol

  118. 118
    lucky girl Says:

    she got it made shes dating leo and hes in love with her they have a great life end of story! youre sickly jealous of Bar R. otherwise you wouldnt care and wouldnt be hating on her on this whole thread but we know who you are already and are used to it eat your guts out! they looooooooooooooooooooooove each other!

  119. 119
    steph Says:

    @made in Heaven: and of course she will go to the hell because she is a porno who show her boobs and her ass .

  120. 120
    Katrina Young Says:

    Ya’ll leave Leo alone about his relationship…….they brought us back together. Poor Bar is just tired thats all.

  121. 121
    hahaha Says:

    The weirdo barf fans are all out with their fairy tales and nauseating comments! Woo-hoo! At least we have some comments to laugh at! hahaha

  122. 122
    @119 Says:

    she never did porn youre sick! and how many other girls do worse she has an amazing body and if you model bikinis of course they will make you show something never saw any porno crap with this girl you just have nothing nice to say about her cause youre jealous

  123. 123
    hahaha Says:

    … and of course the stupid `jealousy theory` is back on tonight! Who would have seen it coming? hahaha

  124. 124
    AGREE Says:

    i agree shes close to an angel she looks like a goddess here and a natural beauty youre all jealous

  125. 125
    hahaha Says:

    … and of course different screen names posting every 2 minutes. Comments written in the same manner talking about the same thing ( jealousy ). So unpredictable! hahaha

  126. 126
    kiley Says:

    love her bag!

  127. 127
    Presley Says:

    Bar aint Nothing….”Nothing but a HOUND DOG – Cry’n all the Time!!!!

  128. 128

    BRIGHTSIDE why arent you posting as your alias BRIGHTSIDE youre posting on rachel bilsons thread now as BRIGHTSIDE are you afraid ppl will catch on? well guess what? GOT YOU BABY! we all know its you so have a good time now that everyone knows youre the one posting here on most of the 6 pages

  129. 129
    zero bar Says:

    @128: I wish I could figure out finally what are you blabbing about again!

  130. 130
    not happening Says:


    that’s not gonna happen…. I actually think he loves Bar or else he wouldn’t still be with her. That and the fact that someone in Leo’s position where he can have a ton of hot girls every week if he wanted to, he doesn’t need to stick to one person like this for so many years if he didn’t want to be with her… That is why all these theories about him cheating and only being with her for sex is so stupid to me… You know how boring sex is when it’s with the same person all the time… Not so much for us, but for men they get really bored if they’re with the same person, that’s why it’s always the men that usually stray in marriages/and committed relationships.. If he was so bored with her and didn’t love her he wouldn’t still be with her for so many years.

  131. 131
    carla Says:

    hahahahaha!!!!!!!! so right steph
    @113: you need a glasses

  132. 132
    not happening Says:

    Another thing i must say about Bar before ppl start calling me a “Bar lover or Barfly” or whatever other weirdo names y’all wanna call people is that she looks like she’s chronically tired all the time… she’s not even working at all so I don’t see what she’s so tired for?? sorry, but get a job already. It’s crazy how she can go for months at a time without doing anything and just going to beaches all the kind of life is that?? heck no, get a job and get busy!!! i respect Gisele for that reason, cause she is a workaholic… she never stops and I love women like that, they make us look good… but Bar really does have to get her butt to work and do something besides look haggard all the time…2 million dollars in 2 years is NOT a lot of money for someone who hardly ever works and takes so much vacations …not to be mean, but it’s the truth!!!

  133. 133
    get a life already! Says:

    she got a job shes a model! models dont work every day and how do you know what she does every day? are you up her butt that far you can see what she does 24/7 fyi shes doing a another modeling job for a swim wear company now and shes probably going to be be doing a modeling job in NYC for another name brand clothing company you dont know everything about her just jealous! oy yeah and giselle is a workaholic right she sits on her boney a-s in Boston looking at her dumb a-s husband that can only throw a football cant even talk and giselle sits around for months doing nothing you just hate Bar and are jealous of her and love giselle we already know that BRIGHTSIDE she needs a good meal and a good nose job too!

  134. 134
    lacey L Says:

    HAHAHAHAH @133 its so true i dont know to much about giselle but i know that those Brazilian girls can be real b—-ty and spoiled and shes a control freak she couldnt do it with Leo so she got Brady and he really cannot talk the man is as dumb as a donkeys a-s i cant stand him i hope he gets his a-s beat this weekend!

  135. 135
    zero bar Says:

    Another swimsuit job? Who would have seen it coming? What`s the `name brand clothing company` she is probably going to work for? Tell us some details, please. And how dumb are you to bring Gisele into this saying she does nothing? I have just seen her latest Vogue cover ( not US ) and recently she had the Balenicaga shoot. Which planet are you on? Not to mention she has a son and husband so clearly she works less. You are making a fool out of yourself bringing Gisele into this all the time. You compare a mediocre sour face panty model to the highest paid model ever. Get real! lol
    @not happening: You are wrong. I doubt he could have a different girl every week. He is 36 and he is very conscious about his image. He wants to have this serious actor image and womanizing/modelizing, going from one model to another wouldn`t fit into that. I think barfie fills a hole in his life. She is a constant and convenient companion for him especially now that he wasn`t shooting a movie for a while ( ever since they got back together ). Let`s see how it goes when he goes back to work.

  136. 136
    zero bar Says:

    Yeah, now Gisele has a husband and a child instead of a Peter Pan who cannot commit. She is focusing on her family and less on her career and not going from one vacation to another without a decent job frolicking around in her way too small bikini because that`s all she`s got. Her too small bikinis and a famous boyfriend. Instead she still has high fashion jobs and magazine covers not to mention her own family. Indeed lol @ Gisele. Plus barfie is rumored to be b*tchy and self-centered so now what?

  137. 137
    vivien Says:

    i couldn’t shop with people taking pictures of me and following me. that must be really uncomfortable for her and her friends.

  138. 138
    sleepy Says:

    now we got tzipi refaeli on the case- she’s the one who goes on about “brightside”

  139. 139
    not happening Says:

    @lacey L:

    #133 and 134 is exactly the same person.. LOL do you really think you are fooling anyone with your run-on sentences ?? be serious…

    also don’t you even go there about Gisele…people can say whatever they want about her, but the woman is a work horse and I love that about her…even when she was with Leo, she was working her butt off all the time… non-stop campaigns and modeling jobs…and even now, I see her all the time, even though she just had her baby. So heck no, don’t even say she is lazy cause you know that’s not true… And brazilian women are not what you said, don’t generalize like that about a whole group of people you ignorant a$$. You need hooked on phonics cause you sound like an ignorant hillbilly.

  140. 140
    sleepy Says:

    barfie ugly man

  141. 141
    sleepy Says:

    she is an ignorant racisf homophobic hillbilly- tzipi refaeli y’all! bar’s mommie! leaf doesnt fall far from the tree they hate gisele because she is so much more successful than barfie

    anyway- my favorite comment here was “roadkill”- that’s a good one. – they are totally looney on leo’s facebook but they call her “the beef ravioli” which i think is funny

  142. 142
    sleepy Says:


    people is spelled “p-e-o-p-l-e” not ppl. i know that is a hard one for you israelis, but please make an effort……

  143. 143
    pukeonu Says:

    eww that is a supermodel? hahaha this is what happens when gays rule hollywood and fashion

  144. 144
    Tony Says:

    Yeah, I never understood why Bar made as a supermodel. She’s not very attractive.

  145. 145
    sleepy Says:

    but if her mother and best friend scream it 25,000 more times that she is drop dead gorgeous on justjared that will make her attractive! right?

    so she got work, hunh? i guess that was what all the strutting around and posing down in mexico was all about – sealing the deal or auditioning.

  146. 146
    hard to believe Says:

    i find it very hard to believe that she is doing another swimsuit campaign?? from the recent pics I’ve been seeing of her, she’s gained some weight there, and her legs are like my legs…. so I hate to say it but I KNOW i don’t have model legs, and neither does Bar….so if she’s getting another swimsuit gig than she should really thank her lucky stars… I don’t think she’s an ugly woman, but I definitely don’t feel that she is model material… she would be good doing something else in the creative field, but the modeling thing is not gonna work if she continues gaining weight… this is just the reality…and her face is not that great either…some of the pics on this thread were dreadful…esp. this one.
    this is not what a working model is supposed to look like,7340,L-4012072,00.html

  147. 147
    hard to believe Says:

    anyways, despite what I said about Bar… I still believe that everyone should do with their life what they want to do,and just be happy… and I also came to realize that if you love somebody than it’s not gonna matter what people think of you or what people say about you cause your gonna love who your gonna love… I know a lot of people don’t believe it, but I really do think he loves this girl and only time will tell what will become of them. But I think they will get married or have kids at some point.. Don’t shoot me down for saying that, it’s just what my gut tells me…

  148. 148
    sleepy Says:

    no but she has the dicaprio peen in her mouth–and in other places. that is her whole career- leos **** appurtenance. when has it been different? no one heard of her before him- all she had were israeli gigs and that counts for natches in the rest of the world, sorry.

    that is tzipi levine up there – if anyone would have the inside dope it would be the “mommy manager” so i would guess it is so— that is what the mexico week was about- leo wont let her use him for paparazzi- so she dragged all her buddies down for a week in front of the cameras without him. he wont allow pictures with her- so she set it up anyway withnout him. that’s why the choice of her friends…not his real friends. she was displaying the merchandise. its not great merchandise- certainly canalis looked a lot better, but canalis is not relentlessly merchandising herself to cheap low end brands like barfie. kid brands too.

    i wonder if canalis literature professor mother goes on these sites and yells


    i dont think so. i bet the radiologist father doesnt slug paparazzi his wife called in in the first place.

    i dont wait for things to change anymore i just enjoy ripping them the way the are its so obvious what classless drecky people we are dealing with here “ppl.”

  149. 149
    sleepy Says:

    my gut tells me the exact opposite- however my eyes tell me they will rattle on for a while. i cant think of one reason to love this girl. they will rattle on until someday someone breaks them up. we dont have to like it, it is what it is. i dont feel a marrying jones or a baby jones on his side-all he says quite publicly is no, no, no. he might feel above it all and above public opinion, but i dont think he loves her in the marrying way. i dont think that is his way at all, and i dont think he wants a kid out of it either.

    they will rattle on for a while out of the same character and personal weaknesses that bring them together in the first place- until he is able to handle a real woman or she becomes one and leaves him. they hate gisele because gisele had her own career separate from him and was able to leave him and get married. barfie doesnt and cant.

    it will be interesting to see it play out but i dont get that from him either. how he can bear hanging out with this sack of crap either i dont know but convenience is a factor. think of all the really beautiful women he could have ! candice swaenpoel! charlize theron ! BUT THEN HE WOULD HAVE TO BE RESPONSIBLE TO THEM AND DO A LITTLE WORK! call when he doesnt feel like, do things he doesnt want to do, etc. because they have options and can walk out on him because their bread doesnt depend on him, bar is just like the old demimondaine in paris- girls who were “sponsored” by rich gentlemen for pleasure- they had nice clothes, etc etc, but were not for marrying.

    she might be right for where he is right now but that is not a marrying
    kind of way. right now what he wants is carry-on luggage, and that is what she is. she should fold in the middle and have a handle. right now he wants yachting travelling and hanging on the beach and being what he always was, a party boy.

    ever see “house on haunted hill” – there is a point where famke janssen (ex model, columbia grad, turned successful actress) says to her husband- who she thinks is deceased…

    “Vincent, my love, i want you to know that I really, really, really, always loved…..

    YOUR MONEY,” and he walks up behind her and says “oh really, my sweet? how touching!”

    i think it is the same with them.

    bottom line, leonardo di caprio doesnt want to get married, never did, is 36 now and never said thing one to anyone about wanting to. not even lukewarm. it would take one hell of a woman to make a difference, or some big life changes. Maybe like warren beatty, who dated barfies mother for like two days and dumped her (probably doesnt remember her name n ow and sure as hell wouldnt recognize her) he’ll get tired around 50 of the game find a young wife he can totally control that no one has ever heard of and knock her up. provided there is an ironclad pre-nup. aftger all michael jackson hired himself a uterus — even Prince got married.

    everybody always likes to bring up jack nicholson- as being an example of someone who never married. Well, he did, and not to a bimbo either, to angelica huston, a well recognized actress and john huston the director’s daughter, also again to the mother of his daughter- dont know anything about her. clooney was already married.

    as the books says “most men eventually get married- just not to you” meaning men will keep you waiting around for ever on the line like jerry seinfeld did (8 years with susan mcnabb) and then turn around and marry someone else in like 3 weeks. (jessica sklar)

    i see him eventually leaving barfie and marrying relatively fast – for him, three years or so. it will be someone very different. even clint eastwood got married at like 70 to his current wife. he’s finally too old and tired to chase (and has really horrible varicose veins in his legs) clint says “dina is the woman I want to be monogamous with” for whatever it is worth.

  150. 150
    leopard print dress Says:


  151. 151
    sleepy Says:

    oh, and warren beatty didnt marry a dumb dumb, he married annette bening, a talented actress (even though we dont see her as much anymore) who is not blonde, not dyed blonde like Tzipi, and always came across as witty, vivacious, and lively, not a flat dumb dumb. and that was like….oh, fifteen years after he dumped the tzipster in israel.

    so I guess we will have to wait until 2026 for leonardo to see the light and it will be someone we’ve never heard of as of yet. someone bright and vivacious….and young. no one knew annette until the grifters- in which she was extremely hot….but she was in her 30s then.

    maybe history will repeart itself… beatty dumped the dumb mother and dicaprio will dump the stupid daughter and eventually wind up with someone we can respect….

    bening and beatty have like what……4 kids now? and we havent seen him since bulworth, which was good but like 10 years ago.

  152. 152
    leopard print dress Says:

    Loving her bag!

  153. 153
    sleepy Says:

    which one, the ones under eyes or the one she is carrying in her hand? I didnt really look at it but I assume it is some big ugly stupid thing like she always has- she can carry all the couture she wants, she isnt going to rep them or walk them. she always picks the ugliest pocketbooks and the worst trendy ugly little outfits- she dresses like she’s one of the rich airheads on the Hills, has no idea of the classic. I’ve never seen her once wear anyting I like.

    check out katie holmes on whatever she is covering this month or blake lively wearing the hell of out balmain…

  154. 154
    sleepy Says:

    also as i have said before, i dont care whether he likes her, loves her, or uses her as a spitoon, I DONT LIKE H ER, I DONT LIKE THEIR RELATIONSHIP AND IF HE HAS ANY FEELINGS AT ALL FOR HER THEY ARE FOR THE WRONG REASONS.

    you might say that you cant tell someone who to love. well, guess what, you can, and usually a second pair of eyes can tell you what you are unfortunately missing- i am not the only one seeing it. As he said himself in rolling stone ” i had better luck with girls before titanic- i knew what their motivations were.” which should tell ya something. he knows what is up.

    i dont give a damn what goes on between them and I dont care if she is all so sweet and down to earth to the one or two people that work for her who post on this site. that is not enough to make me like you or respect you or think you are worth knowing. I think she is just a big piece of meat. being a young dumb girl counts for zero with me. and she is not from a “nice” family. not at all.

  155. 155
    sleepy Says:

    also as i have said before, i dont care whether he likes her, loves her, or uses her as a spitoon, I DONT LIKE H ER, I DONT LIKE THEIR RELATIONSHIP AND IF HE HAS ANY FEELINGS AT ALL FOR HER THEY ARE FOR THE WRONG REASONS.

    you might say that you cant tell someone who to love. well, guess what, you can, and usually a second pair of eyes can tell you what you are unfortunately missing- i am not the only one seeing it. As he said himself in rolling stone ” i had better luck with girls before titanic- i knew what their motivations were.” which should tell ya something. he knows what is up.

    i dont give a damn what goes on between them and I dont care if she is all so sweet and down to earth to the one or two people that work for her who post on this site. that is not enough to make me like you or respect you or think you are worth knowing. I think she is just a big piece of meat. being a young dumb girl counts for zero with me. and she is not from a “nice” family. not at all.

  156. 156
    sleepy Says:

    oh but the bag is hideous ! I mean come on, if you are going to pay that much for a back, get something nice! looks like a plastic knock off too she got on canal street ! i have a coach bag, a real one, i saw a couple of real dooney and burkes today that were cute. but that is just vomitsville!

    the hermes scarf is nice but not with the k-mart get-up. i saw the top on sale at old navy for ten bucks. what is it with her and the scarfs- does she think that makes her look cute or something? it makes her look silly and redundant- maybe it sbecause they make her neck look longer and she needs overall help with looking taller, i dont know but its a trite and tired look, even for her. does distract from the face though, and anything helps there! the face is just not cute, just not cute at all ! the nose job looks wrong and there is just nothing nice about it sorry.

  157. 157
    sleepy Says:

    sometimes its not the label- you can get a chanel bag and its hideous obviously. dont shop for the label, shop for the bag, idiot. it could be a lesser known or slightly less expensive brand and it will still be better.

    chanel herself has been dead since the 1950s i guess she is rolling over in her grave and karl is too busy playing with rent boys to have let this one slip out…barfie always has the great big huge *** bags that are just so ugly and so long island….

  158. 158
    PATHETIC Says:


    LEO IS A LOSER . HE WILL NEVER GOWN UP, people know him just because he is dating top models

    OMG!!! crazy!!!! people know him just because he is dating models?????? THE MOST RIDICULOUS COMMENT OF THE YEAR!!! THANKS GIRL!! you are really very FUNNY!!


  159. 159
    lyes Says:

    @zero bar:
    Plus according to a tweet Leo was flying to NYC from Vegas ( redeye)

    No. Leo is in LA.

    The twitter talks about an experience (long ago) he had in a flight with vip people.

    -I once brought half a bottle of glenrothes left over from entertaining clients on a vegas-JFK redeye.

    The stewardess asked what I’d like to drink.

    I said, “a cup,” pulled the bottle out of my carry on. :)

    -It was the Vegas-JFK redeye. Leonardo DiCaprio and Briana Banks were on my flight.

  160. 160

    Her fans are just blinded by modern technology and photoshop. I am sure, if some of her fans go out there and make photos with a professional photograf and hair and make up artists, and then the photos get photoshopped, they will look better than her.
    I think you should stop fighting some complexes (I want her hair, I want her legs) – because most probably YOUR hair and YOUR legs are better than hers.

  161. 161
    PPLhaveNolife Says:

    wow.. jealous much people?!
    is it so hard for you to not be vicious? what has she done to you guys personally?
    i think you guys are not happy with your life.. that’s why go and write nasty comments on other people’s pictures or videos.
    and if she is dating a guy like dicaprio it means she does have something that you don’t!

  162. 162
    lol Says:

    Thanks for the psychoanalysis. I’m sure everyone is going to take it seriously! lol

  163. 163
    french Says:


    There is no pic where he is giving the flower to her and they are still not a couple, she just wants publicity because she has no works

  164. 164
    PPLhaveNolife Says:

    wow.. jealous much people?!
    is it so hard for you to not be vicious?
    what has she done to you guys personally?
    you guys are not happy with your life.. that’s why go and right nasty comments on other people’s pictures or videos.
    and if she is dating a guy like dicaprio then she does have something that you don’t!

  165. 165
    lol Says:

    So you think posting the same thing every hour is going to make it interesting or less laughable?

  166. 166
    here Says:

    look closely at her finger-nails…. looks like she forgot to clean them up…. WHAT IS THAT?.. YUCK and DISGUSTING!…..

  167. 167

    Rich family and connections?

  168. 168
    zero bar Says:

    A barfly on the previous thread said that in the recent baby-boom in Hollywood it wouldn’t be a surprise if they also joined that trend. Like it’s the question of trends… I think the other recent Hollywood trend would be much more suitable for them: long time couples breaking up. Mila Kunis and her boyfriend after 8 years, Keira Knightly and her boyfriend after 5 years and Shakira and her bf after 11(!) years. Now that’s the trend they should follow!

  169. 169
    @PPLhaveNolife Says:


    I would say the only thing Bar has that I don’t is bag under her eyes, and I actually work a full time job and sleep 6 hours a night if I’m lucky… LOL Please get real, that is not a way to have a discussion with people, by trying to put them down and make it seem like Bar is better than them.. she’s not ugly by any means, but she’s also not a beauty, she’s just average looking and most of the hype around her is just that–overblown HYPE mostly because of being with Leo actually….. And I do agree that if she doesn’t lose some weight and take better care of herself, she will not be getting many more jobs at least not in modeling. That’s just a fact, it’s not anyone trying to be vicious… It’s just a valid observation.

  170. 170
    tut Says:

    @sleepy: ha ha Tink, Lucifera, lemondrop,sleepy, you’re too easy

  171. 171
    me Says:

    @sleepy: wow, you do study her don’t you? with all the hatred and vitreol that comes out of your head I reckon you have been dumped more than once for a pretty little thing

  172. 172
    tut Says:

    @sleepy: wow,you do study her don’t you, by all the vitreol that comes outa your head I reckon you have been dumped a few times for pretty girls.

  173. 173
    me Says:

    @tut: what the…use your own name

  174. 174
    zero bar Says:

    hahaha That was a very embarrassing mistake tut/me! LOL! This is priceless! Picking on someone for using several names and then you do this? Wow! hahahaha A real barfie fan you can’t even deny it!

  175. 175
    On-and-off-again Says:

    I don’t think dating DicaprioI is a fulfillment or something extraordinary, it is a man who spends his nights to be drunk surrounded with half stripped girls, smoking cigars, who ignores his girlfriend… All among which a woman dream it is certain, if it is men’s kind which you like take him one leaves him to you

  176. 176
    Fantomas Says:

    The more I look at her(it), the more I ask questions. I think that this girl is stupid in view of her comments and of her behavior,Hhowever I find that she does’ot look well. Physically, she got fat,grew, the face is swelled up and and it for several months now, She always looks sad I wonder why she stays with him, for the money? She is dependent? For the celebrity? Since the time she has of realize that she would not obtain it thanks to him. By love? this relation does not succeed in her and that is obvious, he should leave it would be better for him and in fact also for her.

  177. 177
    wacko in action Says:

    look who is posting every few seconds BRIGHTSIDE aka everyone on this thread do you hear voices? are you talking to me? do you want me to tell you what i hear? am i talking to you? are you talking to me? can we talk? i have to talk to you. i lneed to be heard.LALALALALA i feel like singing now i have to take a nap. i have so much going on in my head. i need a rest. i want to talk to all the people in my head. this is what we are dealing with here!!!!!!!!!! a freaking nut case writing books stories no posts, letters get HELP wacko! everyone knows its you BRIGHTSIDE now youre on RACHEL BILSONS thread oh yes and KATE BOSWORTH who else lets see mostly everyone seek help you will feel better we know its hard hearing all these voices in your head!

  178. 178
    @177 Says:

    Take your meds already and stop posting things nobody understands! It`s hard hearing voices? Look who`s talking! LOL!

  179. 179
    kevin Says:

    are you sure that she is a super model????????? because when i saw some pictures of her recently i don’t think that she is . she is terribly fat and her face is disgusting

  180. 180
    wacko in action @178&179 Says:

    BRIGHTSIDE stop repeating what im saying EVERYONE here knows its you and the minute you start calling BAR fat and ugly we know which voice is speaking you can keep on posting as all your alias every few seconds we all know its you and your voices talking to each other……its not hard for a mental patient who is ill hearing voices as you do any Dr. that would read your posts would commit you ASAP!

  181. 181
    GAIL Says:

    i think shes gorgeous you can all say what you want and are jealous 2nd pix gorgeous profile too!

  182. 182
    referee Says:

    nah, there are a bunch of regular bar haters. its not just one person, its a few. everyone who posts here except her mother and best friend and paid assistant hates her. I know you would fanatically like it to be one person but it isnt,

    also if you think its “tinkerbell” she only posts on bar and leo posts never anywhere else, no rachel bilson, no kate bosworth. they have their own people who dont like them. stop trying to portray the numerous bar haters as one person who causes problems on justjared so you can block them— the general majority opinion of bar on this site of bar is negative and even pitying. its the same no matter where you go, only her mom or assistant say nice things- try any bar post anywhere on the internet and show me where it is glowingly positive. you think this is bad try israeli media where they REALLY hate her and have very good reason to.

    all over the internet, people hate bar. they dont think she is a beautiful supermodel, they think she is a buttaface that got where she is by sleeping with leonardo. and then she says and does some really stupid things too. ill post some links later, but get it through you gnarly head. Bar is not loved, envied, or admired. AT ALL. She’s the laughing stock of justjared, got a lot of traffic- 90% negative except for her mother. and we know who’s who too.

    ugly mediocre buttaface who got where she is because of a lot of plastic surgery, happening to loook like leonardo a bit (hes a narcissicst) and be willing to do anything for fameor to get close to men who can get her fame. famous for being famous. the first time i saw her on letterman i was like “where’s the rest of her that is supposed to be so attractive?” when I was growing up the SI models were gorgeous- what’s so great about her????

    the emperor has no clothes and bar is not gorgeous, sorry. not nice and not interesting or even well dressed either.

  183. 183
    tinkertoy Says:

    i know you’d love to think so adi, but i am not rising to the bait. i worked at a college today and there were tons of girls prettier than barf. they just dont look like leo and dont want to be models. they want to be boring things like MBA’s and work in finance and banking (its a major finance / business college- wont say which one) and many of them already are and paying for their own education. very many extremely nice kids, many from overseas, a lot of diplomacy / UN brats. my issue is that she sucks and has absolutely no merit on her own. I dont even want to think if she could pass the average CUNY entry level course- I dont think she could, ive seen her writing samples and they wouldnt pass. You have to be able to write coherently in English and write papers to go to school in the US. I used to work for the organization that prepares the entrance exams for ALL US colleges and one of the big gripes they have is that their freshman all write and/or think like bar – that is they cant and dont. so there was a big initiative to change that about 8 years ago- they changed the entrance exam and everything. my issue is about her being a dumb ass.

    in other words, I think she’s dumb. not pretty, NOT LITTLE for crying out loud, and not particularly nice or interesting. how much do they pay you for this gig, anyway? do you get hardship pay for just jared?
    what do you do, maintain her facebook, twitter, and bellazon, defend her online?

    oh and by the way, i can barely remember dating because i have been waited on hand on foot by the same guy for over a decade. (knock on wood, ive been lucky!) i was sick this week and he hovered over me taking care of me,

    here’s a clue that may suprise you. most REAL stars, and even reality stars DONT have someone like you. they dont feel the need to defend themselves on line because they are famous for actually doing something. does angelina jolie come on just jared to defend herself??? no, she doesnt give a frig because she is too busy with human rights campaigns, acting, and having a big, wonderful family with frankly the most handsome actor in america. I like Leo, but Brad was always better looking, so there.

    by coming on here you guys just fan the flames. maybe that is what you want but that us kind of sick !

  184. 184
    tinkertoy Says:

    speaking of prettier than bar—there’s hillary duff. not a great beauty, but natural and still PRETTIER THAN BAR

  185. 185
    tinkertoy Says:


    she has something i dont—like herpes?

  186. 186
    tinkertoy Says:

    ok, and why, if “BRIGHTSIDE” – which means a couple of people in aggregate usually, is so crazy- are you so busy responding to “her” – if
    she so illogical and off the mark, why bother calling ‘her ‘crazy??? its because deep down you’re afraid or actually know we are often right and dont want it to be so. I think you also realize that youhave run out of anything legitimate to say- in fact never had it in the first place. you dont have anything to say. by just calling someone crazy over and over you are actually admitting you do not have defense.

    for the record i was at work all day in the field so you just called a whole bunch of unrelated people “brightside” for no reason. i didnt have access to a computer for personal stuff today at all.

    it certinaly dont hurt me noneif you call me or anyone else here names–its just desperation because you and all of your ilk are dumb, dumb, dumb DUMB!


  187. 187
    tinkertoy Says:

    and my other comment would be- what are you so damn afraid of? is bar’s claim to fame so tenuous- her relationship with leonardo so up and down an uncertain, and is her modeling “career” so iffy that some negative comments on a website can stop it? are you afraid that some negative posting on justjared is going to topple the “empire” or the “empress” – really? so it must be exactly what we thought. she has no career beyond israel and catalog modeling without leo, and he is on/off with her and not overly committed. maybe she does have to run after him a bit, hm? gee what a suprise. maybe he does cheat on her every time he gets too like adi kind of let loose the other day- i’ll find the link. guess she got tired of lying about it.

    i’m going to guess you just dont like having your little princess called what she is- drop dead average and goddamn lucky she fits dicaprio’s narcissistic “type”. or we never would have heard of her- would we? except maybe in context as david charvet’s ex, and i am sure he doesnt want to talk about her when he has four kids by brooke burke. you just dont like someone calling a spade a spade— the emperor has no clothes, someone has to tell her!

    anyway- wonder if that kevin is kev connelly- i can imagine leo’s wingman doesnt like barfie too much- gets tired of hearing about her, or losing his courtside seats to her ever widening rear. barfie probably cramps kev’s style- he would have more fun with leo in the free and clear and in full bachelor swing. also that trip to egypt was a trip to egypt, not a trip to barfie’s house- it was a free cruise down the nile from vlad doronin (probably writes it off as a business expense)
    and a free party next to the pyramids. I wonder. If so, you go bro.
    i am sure he can put up with her in short spates.

  188. 188
    me Says:

    @tinkertoy: What are you talking about, you are one delusional lady,I live in Perth Western Australia am gainfully employed am not a bar fan, i just cannot understand how you can spend so much time reading about and commenting on someone you obviously detest!! get over it

  189. 189
    tinkertoy Says:

    another one of leo’s old girls—(probably just a trick) has successfully moved on- alicia silverstone is having a baby. i wondered what happened to her?? poor thing’s career just died. she was cute too.
    i always heard they dated, she’s on all Leo’s lists from that crazy time around titanic when kristen broke up with him…..

    natasha henstridge too….she was gorgeous. too bad she wasnt much of an actress though…she could have been huge with charlize’s chops. he went crazy over all the cute blondes- also amber valletta who i am sorry makes both gisele and barfie look plain. even gisele in this context, yes.

  190. 190

    here we go again seconds apart, seconds apart, stories, talking to people, hearing those voices, writing books, letters, etc, etc, etc, all signs of a mental case didnt even read one of them but BRIGHTSIDE seems to have a busy weekend RACHEL BILSON was posted twice today and if you go to her threads you will all see BRIGHTSIDE posting there every few seconds on and on and on and the illness continues and keeps getting worse and worse soon she will be in an institution when LEO MARRIES BAR!!!!!!!

  191. 191


  192. 192
    tinkertoy Says:

    one more thing- i am


    go hailie, best supporting actress for hailie steinfield !
    i wonder if there is some buzz site or something you can post on to support her ….. the globes are a joke this year…burlesque best film? are you shi tt ing me???

  193. 193

    @tinkertoy: NO you have a MENTAL DISORDER and NAPPY HAIR 2 things that can never go away!!!

  194. 194
    Lir Says:

    Can someone tell me please what kind of watch is Bar wearing.
    does anyone know the brand/design is this??

  195. 195
    tinkertoy Says:


  196. 196
    Lou Says:

    Is that just a rumor ? :

  197. 197
    tinkertoy Says:


  198. 198
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Haha… I was just going to comment about the watch. I thought she was flashing it around a lot. Hmm… gee are you trying to send a message? Tres obvious. *eye roll*

  199. 199
    cute girl Says:


    I don’t think you are right… I don’t think Tinkerbell is Brightside.

  200. 200
    zero bar Says:

    Can someone finally explain what this idi*t `brightside` person is talking about? This person calls others delusional but those comments don`t make sense at all. Weird!
    Has anyone else noticed that people like `me` ( or should we call you `tut` ) are never barfie fans but always speak up for her? Interesting that `they`always have to emphasize that `they` are not fans…

  201. 201
    tinkertoy Says:

    something expensive and utterly tasteless just like her bag. ooops! someone popped me right up again.

  202. 202
    jinkleheimer schmidt Says:



  203. 203
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Hey, Tink. I guess I’ll be identified as being you soon enough.

  204. 204
    CanadaGirl Says:

    I think it has to be a bit of a slap in the face to know that Leo’s friends still like and hang out with GB. G was in a video that Kevin directed and Lukas and GG hung out back in October. I’ve never seen that with Bar. I could be wrong as I don’t follow her on the internet.
    Thanks for the Hawaii links Leo-fans. Leo looks great and very, very fit. One of the Flies brought up the “is Bar wearing Leo’s shirt?” Yep, she is, but she’s filling it out! Leo has nice broad shoulders… and she looks the same size as him now!
    Judging by her mother, she’s genetically pre-disposed to gaining as she ages, so girlfriend better get her ass on the treadmill – STAT.

  205. 205

    AND THE VOICES go on and on and on and on…………….. maybe this voice doesnt want to write books or stories shorter posts are coming in now but just wait another voice will soon start up

  206. 206
    MAKEOVER Says:

    I dont know guys, what do you think – i think it is the “puppet” lines forming next to mouth, the mishapen upper lip as if the collagen is running out, the too short shaved off nose, the roots, and the stringy hair with bad styling that really wreck this. that and the top is not cute, the thighs are getting big, and the “scarf” look is not a “look” at all- here’s the prescription

    1. get a good colorist. go often. get a good style. do you hair once in a while before you leave the house.

    2. collagen in the puppet lines not the upper lip. on second though, redo the upper lip. dont touch the nose again.

    3. go darker on the color, more realistic. wear makeup at all times

    4. wear something besides old jeans. dont pick out your own clothes, get a stylist

    5. wear a top that shows some boobs, they are your only assets

    6. lipstick

    7. shop somewhere besides target and the gap for clothes

    8. if you are going to spend $`1700 on a bag, make sure it is a REALLY NICE BAG, not soemthing that looks like a puff jacket that someone stole, slaughtered, cut apart, and reconstitued as a gym bag.

    9. read about coco chanel and realize that never in a million years would she design something like that monstrosity. certainly not in plastic.

    10. eye makeup. not dark, that makes her look like the undead- like a damn ghoul. shop somehwere else besides nordstrom’s, look for cutting edge young hip designers,

    11. get rid of the goddamned scarf. its lame. she thinks it looks cute and put togehter but the scarfs and boring and average an available everywhere in chinatown. show some class and style, go ethnic, or wear some color for once instead of blah neutrals.

    12. i’d say get another nose job but then there would be no nose left

    13. acne pads

    14. get some nice boots, not ones that are falling part- show some style, some comprehension of what is classic and attractive, not just the right brands.

    OH! and that first bikini in Mexico was AWFUL- it was faded looking the design was bad, it was too small, it made her boobs looks floppy, and showed the cellulite in her ass. and the sunglasses and the hair back made her face ugly. gotta get rid of that look too, its not cute. try a full suit, or at least nice brands- not ones that would send you samples for free, and take a look at what elisabetta canalis wears. then BUY IT. AND WEAR IT. Or Cindy Crawford. NOT NAOMI, she looks like CAT VOMIT these days. the black one was not so bad but a cliche- everyone wears a little black bikini these days. show some originality- wearing swimisuits is what she does, why cant she even pick some good ones??? and wear some sun screen you’re getting cancer barfie.

  207. 207
    CanadaGirl Says:

    As for Tink being Brightside, she’s not. The writing style is completely different. Why are we the only ones that can figure this out?

  208. 208

    spoke to soon the books and letters are coming another voice!

  209. 209
    lacey Says:

    her watch is either a Rolex or Cartier to match her gorgeous channel bag and gorgeous LV scarf, jealous you cant afford these beautiful luxuries? to bad BAR can buy whatever she wants whenever she wants being a supermodel you can and thats just what she is!!!!!!!!! deal with it………….. HERE COME THE VOICES………..

  210. 210
    MAKEOVER Says:

    tough tookie tzipi/adi/barfie its coming. screw all of you, she’s ugly !

    canada, yep, you post things they dont like too so you are definitely me as are all the people in israel, italy, france, brazil, etc, who dont like there wittle dear one.

    you can stand the HEAT get the HELL out of the kitchen! YOU WANTED TO BE FAMOUS, BE IN THE PUBLIC EYE, AND TOOK A VERY QUESTIONABLE ROUTE TO GET THERE. SO NOW DEAL WITH IT ! whose brilliant idea was it to dodge the draft and pay no taxes? MINE??? i DONT THINK SOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!



  211. 211
    MAKEOVER Says:

    i can have any of them- i wont get into specifics but my family is far from poverty stricken. the thing is, people who are NOT NOUVEAU RICHE know that wearing things like that means nothing – especially when they are not in good taste. if i want a rolex i can have one- i can also afford the scarf but wouldnt want it. for the same money i could get better or that i liked more,

    as for the chanel bag its indescribably hideous. sorry. you lose.

    my family is old new england money- we dont buy things like that because we have nothing to prove. i dont know how to explain this to someone like you, but my mother’s best friend lives in one of the mansions in Newport. She drives herself around in a subaru. the really rich dont talk about how many millions they netted this year- they say “units.” my godfather is so rich he lends money to the state we live in. you wouldnt know it, he wouldnt tell YOU. I look him up in the SEC filings on Edgar. my mother’s house is in the american institutye for architecture guide—italianate revival. look it up on wikipedia. nothing she is wearing is the slightest bit attractive or interesting to me.

    there is a difference between money and class— you cant buy class, that is obvious, that is the difference between elisabetta canalis and barfie- she has a doctor and a professor for parents, not a bunch of
    horse shitters.

  212. 212
    CanadaGirl Says:

    I’ve missed reading these threads. I’ve been ridiculously busy, so I haven’t visited frequently. Hello to,
    @AnonymousDiva: @LEONARDO DICAPRIO FAN: @french: @tinkertoy: @here: and the other Leo-fans.
    Sad to read the same racist and discriminatory discourse. It’s so offensive to read xenophobic and biased things said about AA.

  213. 213
    CanadaGirl Says:

    How could anyone say something hateful about this cuteness?

  214. 214
    MAKEOVER Says:

    ok the watch is a rolex. they were a big deal when i was in high school. i never ever wanted one. everyone i ever knew who had one was a wanker too, now that i think of it. they were big in the yuppie 1980s- think tom cruise in risky business. havent been chic in decades..

    the scarf is hermes, not LV. Hermes is a nice brand, but the vintage scarves are better, they are an old brand- started out making saddle gear, that is why so many of the scarfs show horse gear. lv is louis vuitton, which i dont have an opinion on. you can buy hermes vintage on line on ebay or go to any one of the big stores in manhattan an go nuts. you can also buy knockoffs wherever you want. real style would be wearing the vintage, or not displaying it SO THE LOGO OR LABEL IS FRONT AND CENTER. that is classless and arriviste (look it up)

    vintage cartier is nice, but you dont wear a cartier watch with old blue jeans. sorry. and the bag is hideous. coco chanel was all about streamlined, chic designs, she would never have allowed this hideoso to have her name on it. She used to sign her pieces in ink with her thumb print so they could not be knocked off. shes been dead for years, i guess karl lagerfeld is too busy with his rent boys to pay attention what has the name on it. it also looks fake- like a knockoff. big bags are gauche. the **** from long island used to carry them so they could handle their big cans of aquanet for their big dos.

    sorry, ive studied fashion history- this might serve barfie well at some point. but an expensive watch and an ugly bag screams “LONG ISLAND” not taste or class. the scarf is not a good color for her either- it could be nice if it is real hermes, but its nothing great.

    you lose ! Just google who wore it best for the cavalli thing- bar lost to posh spice of all people- 75 – 25% on e online. she doesnt know how to wear clothes, which would help a lot in her position. its not just throwing money at a problem, it involves some aesthetic sense and judgement.

    i bet she could get a line manufactured with her name on it- but no one would buy it.

  215. 215
    MAKEOVER Says:

    one more thing, a “channel” is what we change when and if barfie comes on tv. Gabriel “Coco” Chanel was a proto-feminist french fashion designer who designed classic clothes for the new woman- to move in, streamlined, classic, new designs with no furbelows. I’l post some Chanel classic bags later so you barfies know the difference. a lot of the high end brands are trying too hard to be “urban” – when the urbanites will still prefer the better designs anyway. its like puff daddy made this bag—but he wouldnt. its like having gucci sneakers- a fun idea, and it works a lot of the time, but not here.

    you want a really nice high end watch try chopard.

  216. 216
    cute girl Says:


    I totally agree with you on this statement you made:

    “the really rich dont talk about how many millions they netted this year- ”

    people who are really rich don’t show it and don’t feel the need to rub it in anyone’s face… I made close to three figures this year, which for a normal person like myself, I’m doing pretty good and and no one would ever know that I make that cause I don’t feel the need to waste my money on designer clothes or rolex watches to make myself feel like i’m something that I’m not… having a rolex and an LV bag doesn’t make you any more special than the little children who are dying of hunger and live in poverty in this world. Yes, there are people who are suffering and living horrible existence that would listen to a statement like that and look at you like you have 3 heads cause you sound like a dumba$$.., we will all be dead some day and all these material things that you seem to value so much and are so important to you will be gone… I rather spend my money on traveling, having fun and taking care of my family.. anything but some stupid, over priced Chanel bag… and with that being said, I must admit, Bar has some truly ignorant and psycotic fans… I definitely will agree with y’all on that one..

  217. 217
    cute girl Says:


    he is adorable… and I also love Louis (Sandra Bullocks’s son)… he is the cutest little thing ever… he’s always so serious, he’s like a little man lol

  218. 218
    LOL Says:

    @Tony: she is NOT a supermodel! that word (even ask all the biggest fashion people) they laugh about how all models are called “super”. Supermodels were wanted on every cover,runway, fashion campaign, and by every photographer and designer and magazine editors. Now with having said all that can we really call Bar a Supermodel? LMAO???…what has she done in her career to warrant her a supermodel? supermodels are iconic and set modeling records/standards. Bar is just another model in a sea full of faceless 1,000 + models. She is not “the model” never will be, never has been.

  219. 219
    MAKEOVER Says:

    “brightside” was someone who posted like twice six months ago! the all caps lady (i still vote for her being tzipi levine) went off and started calling anyone who didnt like barfie BRIGHTSIDE. The original post was something like “look on the brightside leo isnt pictured with her”-this was like, uh, may? after that anyone who disagreed with her was brightside. tzipi actually pays to put barfie’s picture on the website, so she can occassionally get people blocked, so some folks changed their monnikers and went right on doing what they were doing. she wants to think only one person hates her daughter, and it honestly itsnt a drove, just a handful of reg, posters and then some once in a whiles.

    most of the pro-bars are tzipi, adi, and/or bar herself. there might a few “voice of reason” posters up there like the poster claiming to be from australia,but who knows.

    she got really racist for a while and started telling everyone to straighten out their “nappy” heads. suprised to see her doing it again after the “egypt is primitive” comments caused a diplomatic incident.

    yeah, ive notice the watchbefore and was not impressed.

    back in the 1980s, which was a very conservative time, rolexes were a status symbol. havent been in a long time. OH ! i thought of an exception to the wanker rule- a really cool vietnamese guy’s rich boyfriend bought him a much nicer one than this with pave diamonds in the face–really nice. someone i used to work with. MUCH nicer than this.

    i dont know if she is flashing the watch- big deal. do they really think that having a few designer items is a big deal? everyone in nyc has a couple of nice things. I was just in the Housing works thrift shop and everything is designer- used. I didnt like the clothes, i try to spot rare collectibles like prints, glass or furniture i could turn over for a few dollars.

    oh what i was going to say is this—- i guess the barfies think that regular people cant have some expensive things. well, my grandfather had an early “atomic” watch- the time mechanism is based on atoms decaying. (look it up) he smuggled it in with help from his friend who was friends with J. edgar hoover- yes, the real hoover from the movie. they were jewellers. solid gold band.

    when my grandfather died, my uncle had it appraised- its a rare collectible worth about 60 grand. that’s a watch *****. you want to talk watches? talk to me about stuff you bring to sotheby’s to sell. my mom’s best friend sold some old furniture that had been in her family awhile – 12 million dollars at christies. early newport – the most expensive american furniture there is. went along with a letter to the family from george washington. her family has been in newport since the 1600s, that’;s why sweetheart. they started a little co that eventually became fruit of the loom. after 200 years or so. they invest in agribusiness, own one of the newport mansions that isnt run by the museum trust and are quietly one of the richest families in america.

    my grandma had salt shakers made by paul revere— yes the paul revere- had em on her dining table for years. they were tiny and glass.

  220. 220
    Canit Says:

    This website is quite funny.

    Leo is a womanizer and Bar is surely not the popular choice, lol. Bar fans are truly a sad little minority who think pursing one’s lips out for some cheap SI photo is modeling, friggin hilarious. Do some research little barfies. Modeling is about evoking emotion,posing,versatility and the list goes on. Bar is a one dimensional yawn inducing “model”. I fall asleep looking at her pictures. Her pap pics and modeling pics aren;t much different. aka they ALLL look the same. YAWNNNNN.

  221. 221
    MAKEOVER Says:

    sorry for the book guys just think its so funny to think that average people cant save their money for a designer bag. i also think they think we fell off a turnip truck….oooohhhhhh …. chanel……..i worked with a call center rep with a fendi bag. she just saved her dough and got one. it wasnt even cute ! her tax return pretty much did it, so what. she wanted just one thing that was special.

  222. 222
    MAKEOVER Says:

    all those blonde goddesses- but they could walk away. could do something else- exist without him. or saw him as a fun ride at the amusement park not to be taken seriously…

  223. 223
    MAKEOVER Says:

    she cant buy herself “love” —- sighh……

    i guess she could buy her own “rare yellow diamond engagement ring” then- the one leonardo never bought but you barfies told the press he did….guess she is gonna have to….

    oh, he did buy gisele a couple of diamond cocktail rings- she auctioned them off remember? where’s barfies bling? i guess he learned his lesson right???? and a really nice pendant forget how much they were worth but they were sold at sotheby’s the auction results are on line

  224. 224
    CanadaGirl Says:

  225. 225
    me Says:

    @LEO LOVES BAR: where do you get off calling people nappy hair?? it’s people like you that give bar lovers a bad name

  226. 226
    me Says:

    @zero bar: I would stand up for anyone who is so vicioulsy condemned and trashed, and i am not a bar fan, I am a Leo fan

  227. 227
    me Says:

    @MAKEOVER: Thanks for that :)

  228. 228
    me Says:

    @me: why did I get the thumbsdown for that, I was just thanking you for the recognition!, honestly, I think bar is just an ignorant,spoilt woman who knows no better ok, I know she’s 25 and should be making her own way in life, but i think she is probably inherantly lazy and thinks she is doing ok so why change things, blame the parents! btw I had a cartier tank given to me for my 25th a long, long time ago, unfortunately, times have changed and I can’t afford a new strap now!! and I used to wear it with jeans!!

  229. 229
    MAKEOVER Says:

    yeah whatever i was just grooving to some rolling stones live gems on youtube and some samba as well…. i feel sort of bad now for dissing barfie–but what the hell– she just isnt anything great. her mom says she comes on her to “defend” her daughter but honestly she lives vicariously through her and its for the wrong reasons–bar wants that watch and bag too much— “shopping sprees get her on her knees for the ends” “jewels around her neck a lot of styles she’s craving- from the wetlands all the way to the apollo if you are broke she might spit and if you are rich she might swallow” there is toomuch arrogance going on in that family

    i guess since i am a fourth generation artist i think of “beautiful” as something different- I got my printmaker mother four 10 dollar scarfs from chinatown that were all the same color palette and she LOVED it. she lives in a house worth over a million dollars but what she liked was the color palette- she has been an artist all her life. then i gave her two bracelets I made for about 5 bucks- but I spent 10 hours each on the design. that is the kind of thing that makes her happy. we think of beauty differently and a rolex just cant be beautiful- beuaty is more fluid and colorful.neither is that hideous “channel” bag. it looks like an old barcelona chair we throughout in the 1970s. a beautiful scarf would be a REAL embroidered pashmina from Kashmir in India- the type that costs $300 and is real cashmere. or real kente cloth not the ugly printed kind, but the kind is real silk unwound from clothing and rewoven by hand- can be green or pink, or blue, not jut an ugly yellow..

    i try to be a good person but when they come on yada yada yada
    it’s so sad and stupid. if she doesnt want to be in the public eye, then dont call the paparazzi in when you go shopping. i mean, they were standing there on the street? No, because they would have caught other celebs. she called them in so she can look relevant and get work. she has an adidas job i guess – how i dont know shes not really in s hape but there is photoshop. she is just so overrated beauty wise and every other way.

    if you dont like my posts sorry dont read them some of us were taught to write at one time or another- not just yell in all caps or write the same illiterate marketing dreck all the time.

    she’s not lazy so much but she is taking the easy way out coasting on someone else’s coattails- something i never wanted to do and am constitutionally against. she cant make it on her own as a model anyway, she just doesnt have it. all that is a fantasy, and i betleo does get tired of buoying her career. he doesnt like the paps and she needs them, or so she thinks. he must get tired of it.

    what i dont like about her is she cant face facts and live life on her own. if i were her i would be planning for my and working day and night on my next step- acting or being a presenter. I would like to be a presenter of some kind myself- i dont mean seriously but in another life i wish i had gone to syracuse and studied broadcasting. there is a lot of interesting work there i f you are smart (she isnt) or in tv in general. one of my college buddies produced the osbornes and growing up gotti- he’s got rocks, letme tell you- used to work on snl. he started out with gameshows. she could really parlay this mess into something pretty good- but doesnt seem to beable to do that. I mean, jenny mccarthy turned a pair of implants into a lot of work, so did carmen electra and anna nicole smith. never mind kim kardashian!

    the thing is i know i can act too. i dont want tobe an actress, i did when i was 15, but in barfie’s shoes i could work it for all it is worth. I dont want to do those kind ofthings necessarily, but when is she going to wake up and do something???? i guess she was programmed or told at this point she wouldbe marrying a movie star—- now what happens if that doesnt quite work out???

    she could marry someone whos got money in the business- like reese witherspoon is…i could see that happening and being a bored hollywood housewife, being on a reality tv show etc- thing is she is a stupid because she could get a great reality show about her life going- not that it would BE great but she could get a great financial deal- of course leo would NOT be part of it- it could just be the female version of entourage. i saw the end part of that show btw and vince was making out with this barfie lookalike- she was like some teen model type named chelsea ? something like that. maybe that is the barfie character. she was sexually very aggressive.

  230. 230
    MAKEOVER Says:

    picture number 4 is particularly hideous- and seven shows some serious eye bags. she does look like she has been working out in the shoulders though- but its not in the right areas. just not a pretty girl here- plain jane. the wrinkles are setting in early.

    btw just so you know i never read bellazon or her personal site or her tweets or anything like that— its brain rot, the girl is stupid stupid stupid. i am not talking about men, but just a flat liner, not bright, not original, not interesting or creative at all. just a pair of tits and a hole.

  231. 231

    she is a gorgeous girl with a gorgeous body leos a lucky lucky guy!!

  232. 232
    MAKEOVER Says:

    i googled dicaprio’s news— there’s like 60 articles about him chatting up blake lively— that must be ouch. i wouldnt want to read about that all over the internet- it might have been just talking but you get the feeling blake is lining up to be next and its so plausible– she young and his type physically- this is when it is good to have a back-up and not rely on your rich boyfriend for everything barfie.

    i am sure hes not fooling around with blake —yet. but it would be a step in the right direction out of the slump he has been in- a girl who can at least row her own boat. barfie does look really miserable here-
    and or at least really serious- and the face is really ugly in #4- although she is smiling at the paps walking down the street (ooooh, im important!) ted casablancas has a post about it too. its just nonsense but its encouraging nonsense at this point

  233. 233
    me Says:

    There is so much hatred and hardship in the world, Queensland is in dire straits at the moment, the loss of so many innocent lives, and the sight of animals being swept away breaks my heart, but it has brought out the best in so many people, I know in America you don’t know much about cricket, but English cricketer Kevin Peitersen, has raised thousands of $au for these poor people, many of which will not be insured for flood damage, my heart bleeds.
    So sorry for criitcizing people on here, I’m just a bit fragile at the moment, I come on here for a bit of news of my guy Leo and get angry at all the bloody comments this bimbo generates …so sorry and God Bless

  234. 234
    lyes Says:

    Leo and Bar were spotted at Table Manners Management’s Launch Party At Animal Tuesdays located at SHGs MyStudio.

  235. 235
    ann Says:

    yes, party was tuesday night

  236. 236
    Fantomas Says:

    I think that if we do not want to see any more of articles about her, we should not make any more comments connected with this article and content itself with articles on Leo even oldest. Sites post information on the persons who engender the largest number of comments and it is the case, no matter that the comments on the concerned person are positive or negative. Let us boycott articles on Bar Refaeli.

  237. 237
    treat Says:

    Some women get more beautiful as they age, she clearly has gotten uglier.

  238. 238
    sara Says:


    Call him, maybe he’ll tell you. LOL!

  239. 239
    guest girl Says:

    So he is still pushing this unexplainable bar thing! How disappointing especially after seeing these or the Hawaii photos of her! Not looking / aging well! And another Blake Lively rumor? She must need some attention! What’s with Leo and all the sk*nky women around him? You would think that by the age of 36 he got over that phase but clearly he hasn’t…

  240. 240

    Leos in love with BAR why cant you jealous haters just deal with this if youre a fan of his you would want him to be happy so he is with Bar just leave it alone already and deal with it! theyre abeautiful happy couple.

  241. 241
    so true Says:


    i really like your post, and it’s sad that you got so many thumbs down when you were obviously opening up about something that’s hurting you… :( but I totally agree with you except for the part about Bar being a bimbo. Sorry, but I don’t think she’s that bad or else Leo wouldn’t be with her for this long… men know the longer they stay in a relationship with someone the deeper their feelings is for that person imo. If a guy isn’t serious about you he will move on to someone else, not stay with you for 5 or 6 years or whatever it’s been… I do however think her one or two fans that comes on here are the racist a$$holes; and it’s those one or two people that post under different names that really are the ones who deserve the hate comments, not her. I actually think she’s probably a nice person and a lot of the nastiness she gets is undeserved… but people will continue to talk about her until one of the two happens, either they get married or have a baby…If one or both of those things happen, the hate will end…I can guarantee you his fans will not even care anymore cause that’s what happened with Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom. If you read their threads, all the Miranda Kerr haters have left already, there’s only positive posts now. It’s this idea that Leo is still “supposedly” single and not serious about her that keeps the hate and dislike for her’s demented, but it’s just the way it is:/

  242. 242
    so true Says:

    also it’s true that with all the messed up things going on in the world, that this is what people waste their time on.. but this is probably a way of not dealing with the harsh reality or dealing with whats happening around us. When i read about the little boy who drowned to save his brother’s life in Australia… that about broke my heart when i read that. So i truly hope things will get better soon in your country. :(

  243. 243
    guest girl Says:

    Don’t we just love these boring posts from me & co?

  244. 244
    MAKEOVER Says:

    on a positive note, did you read the casablanca post on blake lively?
    someone named kevin went on there and said how beautiful blake is—wonder if kev con is team lively. also, someone identifying themselves as “israeli man” went on there to say the usual “they will get married soon” – i guess they know they are being watched.

    i would be so happy to see him step out with blake- that would be a step in the right direction, just someting to get him away from the rut that is bar.

    they aint getting married or having a kid so i guess people will be wirting for a while. also, ive never thought they had any synergy that made them a beautiful couple at all. at least orlando and miranda looked happy together- they are both sort of quirky fun beauties too. i never saw thing one that made leo and bar beautiful. surely they always look like crap together.

    as for leo being in love with bar— i never really saw that either, what is there to be excited about with her? and happy? i m not sure i see that either. never see them smile or look happy together, that is for one thing. so they might be ahem, “in love’ – but no one sees it, and if he is, he should still RAISE HIS STANDARDS.

    whenever anyone says how beautiful they are they dont even really complement each other physically somehow– the sour lemon face and the dyed hair dont really complement him.

  245. 245
    from my house Says:

    @234: can you share the link please? thanks!

  246. 246
    lyes Says:

    @from my house:

  247. 247
    ummm Says:

    @so true: Miranda Kerr haters stopped already because #1 He put a ring on it after so long and #2 they now have a child together and #3 they generally look really cute and in love together. You never hear stories of Orlando’s cheating ways either. His fangirls kinda have to give up, lol. If that were the case with Leo and Bar (which it is CLEARLY NOTTTT) maybe some people would back down. Leo has done none of the above. I havent even seen any red carpets pictures of them together and they’re supposedly planning on getting married and wanting to have a baby? Yeah I will believe that when he at least seems more serious about her…Little online articles from Israel barfies dig up do not count for NOTHING. sorry. He shows no signs of being serious about her than ALLL his past 200 model girlfriends…give it up already.

  248. 248
    dontgetit Says:

    Models are usually one of 2 things: absurdly perfectly beautiful or strangely uniquely beautiful. Bar is neither. How is this average, stubby, plain jane, one face expression a model again? To top it all off she doesn’t even have a Glamazon body!!!!!! She literally looks like a Bar girl.
    Her name couldn’t have been more fitting, lol.

  249. 249
    lyes Says:



    Nobody carees about Orlando. Sorry Orlando but your profesional career is OVER. your need a new Hobbit movie….

  250. 250
    not happening Says:


    he’s not hooking up with Blake. If he wanted to be with another woman, he would have done so by now. He’s been with the same girl for more than 5 years, if that doesn’t show that he’s in love with her than I don’t know what will.. I also believe he will marry her too… It’s just too many years invested in this relationship for it to not be important to him. I”m sorry, but you have to look at reality and stop wanting to make this into something else just b/c you dislike her. I know for a fact that once they get married or have a kid, that all the Bar haters are not going to say a peep. Miranda Kerr also had a lot of haters that would say Orlando Bloom wasn’t really in love with her, same ole story that has been said about Leo for years, and yet once they got married and she got pregnant all those people finally gave up and left cause they realized they were wrong all along… and I see the same thing happening here too…I used to buy into all the theories too, believe me I did…but it’s not based on reality. A guy that has invested this many years with the same woman is obviously doing it cause he plans to settle down with her and all these other theories about him doing it for his image are BS imo..

  251. 251
    not happening Says:

    Gerard butler is older than Leo and he does what he wants, is single and living it up… nothing wrong with his career… same with Jack Nicholson, he’s been playing the field for years, and is one of the most respected actors in Hollywood…so those theories are not convincing enough for me… If Leo wanted to play, he could be single right now and living it up with his friends Kevin and Lukas…i believe both of those guys are single right now. They could be having a good ole time and yet he is with Bar… so that just goes to show where his heart really is… it’s not in playing the field, it’s invested in her. Like it or not, that’s the reality folks… take it or leave it.

  252. 252
    not happening Says:


    Um, Leo has never cheated on Bar as far as I’m concerned. First of all, there has never been any reliable proof of that… and second of all, if Leo really wanted to cheat and be with someone else, he would not be in a relationship where he has to answer to somebody… That’s why guys like Gerard stay single cause they want to see many women and not be hassled with a relationship. Leo is not like that at all, he seems to like the stability of being with one person, and also seems really loyal to me…so I don’t buy that. And he doesn’t take her to the red carpet cause he’s just weird like that. He doesn’t seem to like all that attention on his love life… that’s just how the guy is– big deal. I see other people doing that too.. Scarlett and Ryan Reynolds used to do that too and they were married. Bottom line is you don’t really know what’s going on with people in their private lives…we are just looking from the outside in and making all these observations that might be right or wrong in most cases. I firmly believe that if a guy is with you for this many years, than it’s obvious that he is serious about you and most likely will eventually settle down with you and have a family… Leo has always said he wants a family and from the look of it, that is going to be with Bar…it’s going on six years already girls, so please, let’s be realistic and stop with all these conspiracy theories…. it’s crazy, five years and still hearing the same crap…give it up already for the love of God :/

  253. 253
    bzfrks Says:

    Gerard B.`s career is nothing like Leo`s. Leo is pushing the grown up serious actor/activist image and womanizing doesn`t fit into that. Butler is a rom-com actor with no particular cause like environmentalism.
    Jack Nicholson has a reputation as a womanizer and I guess that`s exactly what Leo wants to avoid.
    Leo has a PR team and is very conscious about his image.
    But if he never cheated `as long as YOU are concerned` than everything is fine. Whatever you say! LOL!

  254. 254
    not happening Says:


    if this theory were true, he wouldn’t have chosen to be with yet another model… that’s the whole reason why this PR thing doesn’t make sense to me. If his PR team were really telling him to stay in a committed relationship than they would have also told him to choose a woman who is NOT a model…At least that would make more sense if it’s his “image” they’re so concerned about….. But dating yet another model just hurt his image, and now that label will forever be stuck with him– for the rest of his life he will be known as the “modelizer”… how is that part of a PR plan to mold his image?? not very good PR if you ask me. I can do a much better job than this so called team of his, that’s for sure :S

  255. 255
    bzfrks Says:

    `they would have also told him to choose a woman who is not a model…` Why? THAT doesn`t make sense to me. Models fit into his lifestyle and understand his hectic schedule and not woman might not. Your reason doesn`t make sense to me. :)

  256. 256
    not happening Says:


    the reason I say that is because if they were so concerned about building this “serious actor” image for him, than how does him dating a 19 year old model fit into that?? Bar was 19 when they first started dating, and Leo was almost 30 or had just turned 30 I believe…so if they were so concerned about the image thing wouldn’t it have made more sense to steer clear of the models and go for someone different and get rid of the “Modelizer” label he’s been carrying around since his early 20′s …Like i said, if this is truly the case and it’s his PR team behind this (which I don’t believe for a second it is) than they didn’t do a good job imo… I can do a much better PR job than that, and I’m not even in that field…

  257. 257
    MAKEOVER Says:

    whether he cheats or not, whether he goes with blake or not, I WANT HIM TO, ANYONE BUT BAR, HE COULD faceplant kim kardashian’s big fake titties as fas as i care.

    blake would be a step in the right direction. whether he does or not, these things take time to incubate and i would be happy to see it. i dont like bar, their relationship is icky and full of mutual exploitation anyway you cut it. its a big YUCK.

    go TEAM LIVELY! marriage big mistake for leo and bar. would last like six ugly months, kids would be from an inferior gene pool- hers. they might look like HER

  258. 258
    me Says:

    @so true: Thanks for your thoughts, there are a lot of people on this site with no soul or maybe they are just mad at me for babbling on about non Leo stuff, any way it may take a disaster to realize that there are many more good people than bad, I am now going to get my Leo news from other sites, can’t stand the irrational hatred here, and all you people who have a pathological hatred for bar, stop stalking her electronically and you will be far happier, see y’a and don’t make predictable comments like”good Riddance”

  259. 259
    MAKEOVER Says:

    i think bar is a convenience, not because she is all that great or sweet herself but because he has the upper hand with her. she has no career without him. that having been said, there probably is some attraction/feeling, just no romeo and juliet stuff. if he likes her its for bad and or predictable crummy male reasons, she’s young and no mental challenge, has no career herself, is pliable, used to look good in a bikini, dyes her hair blonde, will do anything to be famous and that includes him, has no job or real career to interfere with their constant schedule of nothing……and she looks like him, some people go for their “physical twins” even if the twin in question is not a good idea. its all yuck if you ask me,

    at least with orlando the girl was actually quirky /pretty in a unique way and kept her mouth shut. you dont see her own mother or best friend coming on here and trumpeting about stupidity and spewing racism.

    i want a woman that will make leo better[ and no, it wont be me, or anyone even like me personally, but someone will come along and rock his world- I hope. I just dont really see a doves and wine and roses life for these two going forward anyway. and he is sort of in a fish bowl- i bet he has a non disclosure from her and he and his lawyers cant just get that from random hookups.

    it doesnt really matter in the long run but how i would like to see him with someone i like- he is an icon in a lot of ways and him growing up and dating a real woman for real reasons would signal a sea change out there- and reaffirm what i have long seen- men dont marry idiots. they date them, and they date golddiggers and opportunists and hoes, but they know the difference and dont marry them. and i would like to see leonardo[s greater potential as a human being win out with him. i want to see him grow and become a better person- and to me bar is a symptom of still reading MAD magazine- or FHM/MAXIM and being somewhat of a fratboy.

    men dont marry idiots. my mother’s next door neighbor is a cute 36 year old engineer- really a catch, nice, and also an inventor. he married a woman 12 years older than him who had been married twice and has an adult daughter. she is an engineer who designs safety systems for nuclear power plants and flies around the world installing them- she also works out all the time and looks great- just another example of young and stupid doesnt always fly.

    i cant think of any other example where young and stupid flies either. my doctor friend dates a woman who is younger, but she is chinese, has her own business and is well into her 30s- if not 40s. so i just dont see it. i dont see a single dumb bunny marrying a older guy for money in real life.

    of course there was republican lizard strom thurmond- he was 65 and married a 25 year old miss south carolina, had kids in his 70s. but he also ran for president in 1948 on a segregation platform- if that is what you wnat, go for it.

    eastwood, who wsa a major dog, is married to a woman in her 40s- but she’s latino and was a broadcaster. she doesnt seem like a dummy either and also had a life when he met her. he’s too old to dog now,but hem essed up a lot of women’s lives along the way.

    it will be fascinating to see how the life of mr. dicaprio plays out! Of course there will be a major hollywood biography some day after he is dead- like the one for paul newman that just blew thelid of his hetero monoganous joan woodward image- i should pick that up. or like the one for angelina jolie- he is just toooooooooo litigation prone for that now but it will be interesting.

    i am broadcasting as an interested observer, this all fascinates me like hurricane katrina- i had to watch every day.somepeople just fascinagte like that like liz taylor and richard burton- you knew that was doomed somehow but that there was a lot of feeling there too.

    honestly i never posted so much or even at all about anything that didnt concern me but the issues fascinate me.

  260. 260
    MAKEOVER Says:

    hey me;

    not only do i hate bar, i hate women and people like bar in general. its not so irrational to hate her, she is someone without a conscience, she cheated and screwed her way to the middle. and i hate the whole idea of women as commodities marketed to men. all this girl has is her ass. its just not enough.

    if you think of this as an opinion forum, that is my opinion. seems like a get a lot of thumbs up for it, more than actually post on this site so i am not alone. i will continue to post no matter what.

    it is true if there was a kid involved i would hold my fire because babies dont ask to be born to screwed up parents. but there is no sign of one and his ellness does not seem to want to be involved right now. how could they go yachting at a moments notice with war criminals if there was a babe in arms? answer, they couldnt.

    time to grow up leonardo, with all that has been given you its time for the balls to actually descend. they have in other ways but in this one it is time too,

    anyway dont feel so bar for bar, she got a chance to spend a year travelling around the world for free, doesnt have to work right now (but she will later i bet, married or not) and makes millions off of leo’s **** contract. i dont feel bad for mademoiselle ekg flatline. go get your nails done sweetheart.

    i did read some of her tweets at one time, they are all mindless crap like “oh, how i hate getting pedicures, i am so annoyed on this plane as there are kids running around, the limo driver was rude to me, ” eyada yada yada- i have a college buddy who is a best selling author (new york times) and one whose book was excerpted in the new york time magazine- we went to creative writing classes together and had the same teachers– i know what an original thought is and i have never seen one from her.

  261. 261
    MAKEOVER Says:

    miss barjoliegaga- thumbed down 20 times. now that is what i call justice. ! I dont know about you but posting here is plenty fun for me so why stop.

    and its not like i actually bleed because they go on vacay together. they always look like hell and dont look particularly happy- if they are so what, i would like to go to the places- but not the way they do and not with the people they do. i would love to go to sardinia, but i would want to stay and explore, not yacht past. and i would not want to entertain naomi either.

  262. 262
    Lir Says:

    Does anyone know what kind of hand watch is she wearing?

  263. 263
    MAKEOVER Says:

    sigh, lir, we’ve been through this before. are you trying to drive site traffic to rolex or what? its a rollie, everyone know what one looks like. i wouldnt be buying one, id rather take the money and go photograph rare species on bioko island before they go extinct than buy that piece of ****. its a matter of priorities.

  264. 264
    MAKEOVER Says:

    hey look everyone, rachel bilson is shopping at the “channel” store too ! maybe she knows how to spell it. could someone tell me who the hell she is, while we are at? i have nooooooooooooooo clue what this child did to be of note. half the people on here i am like….whoooooooooooooooo?????? my father just asked me to explain who lindsay lohan was….. i honestly dont know what she did legitimately and have never seen her in anything but machete….i just dont know why we should care, ya know???

  265. 265
    bzfrks Says:

    You can twist it any way you want it. Being a womanizer at this age wouldn`t work for his image but having a long-time gf and talking about marriage and kids works for him when he needs to sell his movies. Being an environmentalist works for him and his image but he is not afraid to hop on a private plane or a yacht when he feels like it. His image is important to him and long time gf works better ( not to mention how convenient it is when you have a vacation-filled lifestyle to have a swimsuit model gf ) than chasing models all the time.

  266. 266
    @makeover Says:


    she was in the OC and she was also in the movie Jumper with Hayden Christensen and New York, i love you. She has a fashion column in Instyle magazine. I don’t understand why people hate her so much but they do.. I think she’s as cute as a button…same with Miranda Kerr, she is adorable yet had a bunch of haters too. The girl is so sweet in her interviews, how can anyone hate her, but yet they do cause some people just love to hate…they cant be happy without hating someone i guess…

  267. 267
    @bzfreaks Says:

    you just can’t accept the fact that he is with her because he wants to and he more than likely loves her. If it’s for the reason you are giving me, than do you really think he would keep this going for more than 5 years? don’t you think he has a heart and wants to be in love and be with someone that he’s actually in love with and same with Bar? these are human beings not robots that are programmed to live a certain way. We can agree to disagree, and I’ll leave it at that.

  268. 268
    bzfrks Says:

    No, I can`t accept the fact that he is with someone like barf.

  269. 269
    BRIGHTSIDE now known as makeov Says:

    And the beat goes on and on and on and on……………………. get helppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!

  270. 270
    Axel Foley Says:


    who cares if you don’t accept it… you should worry about your own life and mind your business!!

  271. 271
    here Says:

    ukh!… all the Bar/Herflies are at their USUAL-selves yet AGAIN… that is, without ur proper meds u r bound to act the way way u do… so GO NOW!… get professional help, and spare us the horror!….. why don’t u get it? that every time u try to make HER look good, u somehow make us hate her… WE hate her even more after ur STUUPPIDDDD BAR-talks…. get it STRAIGHT! WE DON’T LIKE HER AT ALL….. she is a nonentity people…. so get a life….. i wonder how Leo feels about bein snubbed this time?…. no Golden Globes for him….. suits him right!…. i hope he doesn’t get any OSCAR nominations either….. for as long as he’s with people like Bar, and her peeps and all the alcohol and COC (if he does), and all the womanizin and the LIFESTYLE of a D-Lister…. i hope he never wins….. she make him look ill, and he makes himself look even more ILL… it’s his own fault for the way he prefers to live is not WHAT people who are good inside want for themselves….. he has to be as HORRIBLE inside as his precious BAR, or he would have dumped her long while back…. he himself said that he’s not lookin to build up a fan base… he’s gotten OVERCONFIDENT with his career-growth…. he knows he has work, money, girls inc. Bar, friends, family….. he does not need LOVE…. there are people who don’t need love…. maybe he’s one of them…. it’s SAD!…. but as long he does not love Bar it’s OK!….

  272. 272
    here Says:

    hahahahaha! i had fun readin this one….

  273. 273
    wtf Says:

    just crackin up over here at MS NUT JOB GAG ME’s comments getting down rated 20 times, LMFAO.!!!! I thought they would finally institutionalize her by now.

  274. 274
    Lemonface Says:

    @not happening:

    Quit always comparing someone or something to Barf and Leo. Miranda and Orlando also have been together for less time. 3 years and they are married with a baby, live together,do red carpets together etc….Bar and Leo are pretty non existent as far as I’m concerned. oh yeah Miranda also has a career….again stop always comparing. If things were good for Bar you could only talk about her instead of trying to counteract how much of a loser she is, by bringing in others just to try and put them down. PATHETIC.

  275. 275
    cute Says:

    1- they only married because she became pregnant.
    2-they do red carpets? nobody cares about their “red carpets”.
    3- Miranda has career (?) but Orlando doesn’t have a career. Comparing poor Orlando with Leo is a sacrilege!

  276. 276
    bzfrks Says:

    Miranda=Leo. She is the one with the career and she carried his. Just like Leo carries barfie`s. But what`s the point of comparing them? They are married with kids and they are not bothered to be seen together red carpet or not. Nothing like Leo and barfie.

  277. 277
    leo Says:

    leo seems to have a knack for models. some successful, some not so much. I google Kristen Zang and she has about 2 model pictures just like Barf does. All the rest were of her and Leo……just like he and Barf….lol

  278. 278
    Observer Says:


    I like your opinions makeover. I find reading about celebs and how the media portrays them and manipulates the public fascinating. I feel bad for some fans who believe what they read and start defending their favourite celebs as if they were saints!!
    What makes me laugh is when some celebs comment about their photos on the most famous gossip sites and start complimenting themselves!!

  279. 279
    MAKEOVER Says:

    @Observer: thanks observer, sometimes i think i am talking to a wall here – a very stupid wall. but i think perez hilton’s book about hollywood should be required reading here. i found it on the street- i live in a neighborhood with a lot of people from the publishing industry and they leave books they dont want out–and yeah, he said they definitely read all the gossip sites and are very conscious of how they are seen, etc. and they do their own pr- not only that, bar’s team has been outed here and other places. her best friends, brother, and even she herself has posted on JJ. that’s why its so damn interesting! its like you are talking right at them, not just to a bunch of nobodies. i think kevin connolly has been posting against bar again- here and also on ted casablancas awful truth. someone named kevin dissed bar on this thread and praised blake on ted like two days ago- i can see the wingman not liking the high maintenance selfish girlfriend- he’d have a lot more fun and a lot more play himself if leo was single. he has access to leo’s side of the experience and doesnt seem to be too keen…

    oh well.

    as for miranda and orly- she should have just waited, he was willing to marry her anyway, and he looked miserable and stressed a long time after the baby was announced. she could have maximized her modelling career too if she waited. women are stupid sometimes. i also dont hear her coming on jj and insisting she is drop dead gorgeous no matter how many other people say she isnt.

    miranda actually is cute anyway. bar isnt, especially here. the more they yell “bar is drop dead gorgeous they will get married soon, deal with it !” makes me more determined to poke a hole in them.

    just for a minute, run a simulation. if bar was actually pretty, not just in a good light, if you are feeling kind cute, but really pretty, if she did some charity work that was hands on like volunteer at an animal shelter, if she seemed to have opinions that werent received or had a sense of humor, was able to act, not just you know franchise walk-on fill in the blanks stuff like transformers, we would probably like her. just a bit of originality, actually being pretty, unique dressing, or had some kind of talent, we would think she was a step in the right direction. if she had done her military service and worked on a flight crew, or a medevac team, or learned how to break down a M-16,
    we would probably like her. as it is, its hard. give us something real to work with, just dont yell at us and expect us to like her when you yell she is beautiful, damn it, accept it! when our eyes dont tell us that.

    remember the old commercial for shampoo or makeup that said ” don’t hate me because i am beautiful?” that is how i feel here— i just want to say “dont worry about it, *****, you’re not and i dont.”

    she looks like a spoiled rich girl like the blair character on facts of life- pretty but also rich and told she is over and over- spoiled, shopping in beverly hills, and the rich spoiled boy likes her for the same reasons.
    kind of like anna lynn mccord on 90210. but she isnt all that pretty otherwise.

    try picturing bar at 30. now 35. now 40. what do you see?? its going to happen one of these days…the lines are going to get deeper, the plastic surgery more noticeable…oh well, its not my problem but i like talking about it.

  280. 280
    MAKEOVER Says:

    ya, bilson’s cute, i just have no idea who she is. a bunch of people on here i’m like- hunh? i dont watch tv, that’s the basic thing, and i also hate reality tv cant watch them for five minutes the people gross me out. ihad no idea who spencer and heidi was until recently i was doing some craft work and had the tube on for background noise…then i found out.

    oh, and adi, the reason why i seem to have “different voices” is that those are actually OTHER REAL LIVE HUMAN BEINGS ON OTHER CONTINENTS AND OTHER COUNTRIES posting here with much the same opinions. i may write a lot, but i dont try to make it seem like there are more of me. i use differentnames to avoid being monitored out, but its all me, one person.

    you see, i know YOU try to make it look like there are numerous people posting for bar, but its ALL YOU. since you do that, you expect other people to do the same thing. I am not pretending to be other people. and no, i am not answering myself, i am posting new thoughts or comments. try and keep up, really ! i know it must be a drag coming on here and having to think of new defensees over and over…so here is my question to you….

    why not just GET A REAL JOB??? i mean you could be dog groomer. there is a school in manhattan–sell plumbing supplies. drive a cab !
    work in the real media. be a teaching assistant. I mean, sell shoes for christ’s sakes. or is this just so much fun???

  281. 281
    MAKEOVER Says:

    i just saw the hawaii pix- went to moe jackson- they look hideous. he looks cute, if slightly chubby, she looks awful. and miserable. and her legs look huge. he looks happy, but i think he likes being out innature…

  282. 282
    MAKEOVER Says:

    ithought they were ina boat paddling together – didnt see pix- they just kind of look posed and lame there like someone put em up to it. his shorts arent as horrible as usual. looks kind of cute with his hair messed up. so german looking sometimes !

  283. 283
    wtf??? Says:


    why do you keep dissing poor Orlando Bloom all the time? comparing Bar to Miranda would be a sacrilege too I guess since Miranda is the one with the successful career as well…so it can go both ways.

  284. 284
    not happening Says:


    I wasn’t really trying to compare them to Orlando and Miranda, I was just using them as an example b/c Miranda used to get a lot of hate on this website b/c of her relationship to Orlando bloom…and now when you read her threads there is mostly positive comments. I was making the point that once these two decide to get married or have a kid, people will most likely give up with the Bar hate, that’s just the way it usually works, just like with Miranda Kerr…

  285. 285
    bzfrks Says:

    `once these two decide to get married… people will most likely give up with the Bar hate` Now that`s what`s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I truly hope they will break up soon but even if they don`t I doubt anyone is going to change his or her mind about barf. Look at their new thread. Leo fans are turning against him because of her so you have to be out of your right mind to believe that anyone who still couldn`t accept the fact that Leo is dating barf by now is ever going to like her. Pointless comparison, pointless comments!

  286. 286
    here Says:

    hmm… so the ratings are gone!… i bet it’s his/her PR at work… still it doesnot change the fact that WE HATE HER and ALWAYS WILL… go back to sagi Bar…. sooo…

  287. 287
    Emma Says:

    From everything I have read about the lovely Bar, she is just not a very nice person. And lets not forget she is a Isreali draft dodger. I think she and Leo have convienient relationship…she gets her picture taken and publicity and he looks like he has a girlfriend!!

  288. 288
    Emma Says:

    @MAKEOVER: I’ve been reading through your posts and just wanted to pass on some positive feedback on your well written posts!!!

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