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Bar Refaeli: Beverly Hills Shopping Spree

Bar Refaeli: Beverly Hills Shopping Spree

Bar Refaeli pops into the Roots store to pick out some items with a friend on Wednesday (January 12) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 25-year-old Israeli supermodel also stopped by the Giuseppe Zanotti boutique to check out some heels.

At the beginning of the year, Bar rang in 2011 with boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

FYI: Bar kept warm in a Louis Vuitton scarf and carried a Chanel bag.

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli shopping in Beverly Hills…

Just Jared on Facebook
bar refaeli shopping 01
bar refaeli shopping 02
bar refaeli shopping 03
bar refaeli shopping 04
bar refaeli shopping 05
bar refaeli shopping 06
bar refaeli shopping 07
bar refaeli shopping 08
bar refaeli shopping 09
bar refaeli shopping 10

Photos: GSI Media
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  • zero bar

    You can’t help but wonder what kind of people her fans are and what values they have? Not much obviously…

  • Allie

    If your in beverly hills dont act as if you dont want your picture taken. you KNOW it will happen!!

  • Observer

    I don’t think she is fat or has an ugly body but the thing is she isn’t a supermodel or a stunner. She doesn’t have that star look, my next door neighbour is much more beautiful.

  • Leo

    #10- that’s just the thing she is NOTTTTT a “supermodel” LMAO! Notice how all of her posts are boring pap pics? never any work being posted about, and you call that a model? think again Bar-flies. She is Paris Hilton level. wait a sec, I think even Paris got more modeling gigs than this chick, nevermind!. (paris was a Guess girl and has Vogue covers, lol, that’s sad when someone like Paris upscales her, LOL)

  • fanofbeautynotbar

    She is aging so fast. she looks droopy and already has saggy jowl like projections growing out of the sides of her face. ummmm how is that attractive? don’t women go to the doc’s to get help for that sort of stuff? I think Bar needs to borrow some of Leo’s money for a visit to the doc’s office; not for shopping.

  • fashiondreamer

    down syndrome.

  • sleepy

    ALL THE PRO BAR POSTS HERE ARE ADI RONEN, BARS “assistant”- you are right about that. her collagen lips are conflicting with her nose job. yuck. not pretty.she looks like leo and he is a narcissist that is all she is too desperate to do anything else or anyone else. does she do anything but shop and call the paparazzi in to take her picture? sorry not even pretty here and her thighs aren

  • sleepy

    she shops in bev hills but buys at k-mart from what she is wearing

  • fanofbeauty???

    Are you a fan of beauty? Then you are on the wrong thread. You got lost big time!
    So this is how you make LV and Chanel ( not to mention her boyfriend ) look cheap.

  • saggy

    she can wear all the designer stuff leo’s money buys. She will never model for the brands, LMAO.

    Sears or Walmart is more up her alley. (oops wait a second. I just checked Sears and the models are thinner with long legs) looks like she should just go into the Adult Film business. Looks/talent aren’t a prerequisite there…

  • omg

    ugliest models legs EVER! worse than kate moss’s and alessandra ambrosio’s!!!!! ewwwww. They are ugly in and out of jeans.

  • Sandy

    @fanofbeauty???: Couldn’t agree more!

  • age

    i’ll agree with you on one thing, she’s aging rather quickly for someone so young. I don’t know what happened, but she has got to take better care of herself if she wants to continue modeling that is.

  • skintight

    Damn, she’s aging as fast as Leo. They’re both starting to look rough and run down in the face. Too much cocaine and alcohol will do that to you. No about a cosmetic surgery can with permanent unhealthy hobbies like those.


    She doesn’t. Just recently said in an interivew, she is tired of modelling and wants to be an actress or make a clothing line.
    University as a plan dropped put, because of her busy shedule. But sometime in the future she would like to study.
    Bar – an actress. Bar – at university, studying arts and science.
    Bar- fashion designer with boutique at Beverly Hills.

  • Candy

    For all of you who think she’s ugly — I would LOVE to see what YOU actually look like lol. You’re probably all single and still stay up all night on a Friday & Sat reading Just Jared ;)

  • FF

    @age: Models who don’t work any longer can let them selves go a little. Working models can’t. It’s understandable she’s gained over 20 pounds, tans,frowns,bleaches her scraggly hair because she is not a working model. The sad part though, is that at 25 should be most models “primes” clearly she is way past that. Sad 25 you can still look 20 if you take good care of yourself and your BODY. Bar has let herself go big time. Just look at pictures of her from 2006, she was much better looking bc she was thinner. Gaining weight can be very aging. Old women gain weight, 25 year SI models should never!!! I lose all respect for her more and more.

  • elay


    Just recently said in an interivew, she is tired of modelling and wants to be an actress or make a clothing line

    How much hipocrisy!! you hate her but you read her bellazon forum. hahahaha. GIVE ME A BREAK!

  • zero bar

    How do you know she reads the freaky bs thread? That interview was mentioned here on a previous thread and an article referring to her words was also posted here. Genius!
    barfie as an actress? Give me a break! She couldn’t get the role in Transformers 3 and her ‘movie’ was such a big hit that if I remember correctly there was an eBay auction to find producers for it! What a joke!

  • kurt

    Models trying to be actresses. Gisele is terrible too, her lame movie Taxi … was so pathetic!!

  • french


    She said she is tired of modeling but it’s only because she saw that she has less and less works, so she prefers lie and say it’s her who want to stop to be a model

  • cheeseball

    @kurt: oh no, please. just don’t. lol that wasn’t gisele’s movie anyways, it was Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah’s. Its like saying The Devil Wears Prada was Gisele’s as well. um no that was Anne Hathaway’s and Meryl Streep’s movie. Please don’t give the model that much credit time and time again. That is what is PATHETIC. besides does anyone even care or know about sessions besides the pathetic barflies? lol I doubt it.

  • zero bar

    *bz thread

  • Leoluv

    @kurt: Cindy,Elle,Claudia,Naomi,Tyra etc… and more big famous models have all acted, why does that one name always get brought up????? omg pathetic. Nope she didn’t invent it. Bar fans you don’t like her, don’t give her that much credit then, lol.

  • Blake

    OH NO. not the comparison talk again….LMAo. can’t Bar stand on her own? apparently not I guess….

  • RL

    @AnonymousDiva- the photos of the vaca-,7340,L-4012072,00.html
    i wonder how they werent posted in this bar-loving website…
    the thing is that she was once very beautiful, and if you look at photos of her from few years ago u see it. but she ages badly and shes not ugly now but shes not a supermodel either

  • zero bar

    Those photos are not from NYE in Mexico. After Mexico Leo was seen in LA and after that they went to Hawaii for a couple of days. The photos you posted are from Hawaii. Not that it makes anything any better.
    She is definitely not aging well. Quickly and not well. She looks worn out and miserable even around Leo. It’s a joke to call her a supermodel.

  • Lalalove


  • jmo

    they must be back from hawai then…have to admit these to seem to be like inseparable, leo really seems to be making an effort this time and these to ar now onto their 6TH YEAR together…..holy crap….read a cute thing somewhere about them paddle surfing and leo came across a flower floating in the water and he picked it up and handed it to her….awwwww…lol, to be fair they seem much more stable than before

  • jmo

    they must be back from hawai then…have to admit these to seem to be like inseparable, leo really seems to be making an effort this time and these to ar now onto their 6TH YEAR together…..holy crap….read a cute thing somewhere about them paddle surfing and leo came across a flower floating in the water and he picked it up and handed it to her….awwwww…lol, to be fair they seem much more stable than before

  • jmo

    back up my point…..leo picking up the flower, mice muscles by the way :)

  • jmo

    just to back up my point….leo picking up the flower….nice muscles by the way :)

  • num1

    jeez everytime i see leo without bar hes using his phone…everytime i see bar without leo shes using her phone…she must be a seriously clingy biotch constantly texting him and sh1t, she has the look of one of those…

  • cait

    anyone else see the pic of bar attacking the pap?? it was HILARIOUS….she looked demented….noticed leo had some bruises on his legs in hawai maybe bars been giving him the once over aswel….

  • observent oliver

    leos wearing one of those tight wet suit things how the heck is it LOOSE on him….just an observation, and also another one bar appears to be wearing leos blue tshirt inside out in some of those pics, if you look closely you can see the seams, girl cant even wear her OWN clothes she has to have his aswel, uhhh.

  • caroline


  • zero bar

    hahaha a nauseating barf fan who cannot push `submit` only once. It`s really difficult indeed I understand that someone on your level of intelligence has issues with that.
    To back up your story why don`t you post the photo where he allegedly gave her the flower or the one where you see her holding it. Now that would back up your story! Thanks!
    Loser model with loser fans!

  • from my house

    hmmm if they are sooo insepable and they spend a lot of time together and all that stuff why donĀ“t we see a single pic of the two together in L.A … she is in L.A since dicember 2 and we only see pics of Leo whit his friends and pics of Bar whit her friends.. and btw the girl next to Bar is Valentina Micchetti, she introduced Rico Mansur to Bar, remenber Rico? the brazilian polo player she was whit during her break up whit Leo.. may be they split again and she needs her friend to find out a new guy.. plus in just a couple of days she will in israel, i wonder for how long, cuz she always stays at least for 2 or 3 weeks… thats a lot of time for a couple to stay apart..

  • seal

    She looks like a man.
    is she transexual???????

  • ddd

    Lol for once she is dressed appropriately …..

  • ddd

    Lol for once she is dressed appropriately…

  • xx

    @from my house:

    sure they split, they were together in Hawaii only two days ago hahahaha.

  • zero bar

    @xx: and she looked soooo happy next to him as usual. I doubt she could have looked more miserable around him. Like two strangers…

  • JwowWow

    She has a nice body but really short legs, obviously she only became popular when she started dating Leo..Before that no one cared, no one knew her…Not a super model material def! Macys, Target, etc material

    In some of her interviews she acts like a baby, shes so stupid hahahah

    And he is almost 40, has an obsession with sneakers, all these loosers from Fairfax do, he needs to grow up already! I like him as an actor thou, he is lucky, and he makes right choices for his roles.

  • me

    So where is the photo of him handing over the flower? maybe he really does love her, surely he can’t be with her for her looks,,,pmsl

  • tinkerbell

    @who cares:

    She is saving the whales…Leo is the whale!

    *derp derp…erp derp derp!*

  • AnonymousDiva

    They went to Hawaii one day, and then all of a sudden she’s back in LA?

    I can’t believe anyone is stupid enough to accept this obvious publicity stunt on her part. I’ve no doubt those Hawaii photos were taken a long time ago and held back by Mommy Dearest until once again her daughter needed publicity.

  • She needs help

    Looking at Bar’s body structure she looks she’s big boned. The strip shirt doesn’t nothing at all to compliment her. I can she way she needs to stick to Bikinis and even then…who knows how long she can be in them.

    What ever Leo and Bar have is not working. People have said that she’s trying to use Leo for PR… getting gigs.. putting her on the map…first of all… Bar’s energy is flat. No life….she looks like she’s just leeching on to what she has…. no original creativity….what so ever… her mother isn’t a good influence and plus she’s so plain jane. I bet all the the people that comment on here are alot prettier then her, and mean inside and out.

    She pouts a lot and gives this unhappy face, because she probably isn’t getting what she wants…and really is unhappy…. because she doesn’t know who she is…

    I don’t know.. I agree with a lot of people on this thread…

    Bar needs a new PR person and a revamp of her Leo… Stop linking her to LEO….

  • sleepy

    did she get tired of modelling or did modelling finally get tired of her? the only account she seems to have is fox, which is israeli Target. I dont think she can act, and later I’ll post a pix of the swimsuit she designed- really bad ripped denim like something from the 80′s —-
    that wont work. I do want to see her try though… tee heee

    dont assume what we look like or that even bar makes more money or has more money than us- you dont know that. I see prettier girls every day. i mean really prettier girls. also im not single and im too grown up to care about what happens friday/sat night that is for children to worry about….. being comfortable in your own skin means you dont care that it is friday night you do what you want…..

  • humanrights

    many many people around the world critics her and leo and hate her. i’am not surpised why she is not happy. leo should seriously break up with her and he should change his behaviour. you have noticed why his movie is nominated but not him, it’s not strange at all. because he has deceived many people included the review press and many members of academy. he is a fake environement he help a dictature, he love rich people, his friend had blood diamonds, he always dating top models, his girlfirend defends her country who don’t respect the humans rights + she is racist. it’s enought to think that this man has really a problem. even if he is good actor, in real life he is really bad person.