Bar Refaeli: Beverly Hills Shopping Spree

Bar Refaeli: Beverly Hills Shopping Spree

Bar Refaeli pops into the Roots store to pick out some items with a friend on Wednesday (January 12) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 25-year-old Israeli supermodel also stopped by the Giuseppe Zanotti boutique to check out some heels.

At the beginning of the year, Bar rang in 2011 with boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

FYI: Bar kept warm in a Louis Vuitton scarf and carried a Chanel bag.

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli shopping in Beverly Hills…

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bar refaeli shopping 01
bar refaeli shopping 02
bar refaeli shopping 03
bar refaeli shopping 04
bar refaeli shopping 05
bar refaeli shopping 06
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Photos: GSI Media
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  • sleepy

    i guess she’s figured out it is ok to call the paps in for herself, just not when leo is around because he hates it. so she goes out and calls them in for her shopping trips. she aint allowed to do it when he’s around anymore. i didnt see the hawaii pix because i am sure they both look fer shizzle.

  • sleepy

    “until you do right all you do will go wrong”

    - lauryn hill

  • go crazy!

    shes drop dead gorgeous! the sicko jealous hater is having a field day everyone knows who she is BRIGHTSIDE now she goes by so many different names and talks to herself posting back and forth to herself its a comedy act hahahahahahahaha bar is gorgeous she looks amazing always does and leo loves her will marry her BRIGHTSIDE take your meds to calm down!!!!

  • Janine

    This one’s Leo time is about up. Any week now he’ll ditch her for the 19 or 20-year-old model being groomed by the fashion industry as the next #1 supermodel, regardless if the girl can even communicate with him in a spoken language. And there he’ll go, ‘falling in love’ all over again!

  • sleepy

    ok, im having a contest—- lets fast forward five years. where do we see barfie at 30? and how??? best portrait wins…… well i dont know….kudos…..

    also does anyone have this years flu like me??

  • Stealth

    She has a great figure but her face is unattractive.

  • drake

    shes freaking hot! leos damn lucky!

  • alley

    i love her hair its sooooooo shiny and so SILKY shes gorgeous

  • lw

    25!? i don’t think so. leo isn’t my fave, so i don’t give a sh*t what he does, but he has strange taste in girls/women. first manselle, now this old-ass looking trick.

  • @109

    OLD A-S LOOKING TRICK? are blind we know youre dumb but shes not old! and shes not dumb! look where she is and look where you are! and shes no trick! shes a treat and a gorgeous one at that and leo loves her youre so jealous sad for you

  • lucky 7


  • carla

    LEO IS A LOSER . HE WILL NEVER GOWN UP, people know him just because he is dating top models . i wonder if it’s his mom who said to hook up only super models because she is ugly. even on academy award , they noticed that he dating only super models. just listen jack black he is so right

  • made in Heaven

    when god made this girl he gave her everything from A-Z she is blessed!

  • hillary

    wish i was Bar wouldnt mind dating leo and have him loving me…….

  • zero bar

    @110: #109 said `old looking` not old. Read the comment before you pick on it! Btw #109 is so right!
    Plus you don`t have to be a genius to get rid of your clothes and to catch a cash cow. If she was so damn smart she would still have a career and more under her belt than a trashy SI cover and a famous bf. Pushy mothers/managers can get you there. Get real!
    Plus according to a tweet Leo was flying to NYC from Vegas ( redeye)

  • Presley

    Her Sour Lemon Face reminds me of Lisa Marie Presley. – The original Kings’s Daughter… I guess this proves Bar can also Date, the King of the World…….LMAO!!!!!!!!

  • @113

    Are you for real? That HAS TO be a JOKE, right? lol

  • lucky girl

    she got it made shes dating leo and hes in love with her they have a great life end of story! youre sickly jealous of Bar R. otherwise you wouldnt care and wouldnt be hating on her on this whole thread but we know who you are already and are used to it eat your guts out! they looooooooooooooooooooooove each other!

  • steph

    @made in Heaven: and of course she will go to the hell because she is a porno who show her boobs and her ass .

  • Katrina Young

    Ya’ll leave Leo alone about his relationship…….they brought us back together. Poor Bar is just tired thats all.

  • hahaha

    The weirdo barf fans are all out with their fairy tales and nauseating comments! Woo-hoo! At least we have some comments to laugh at! hahaha

  • @119

    she never did porn youre sick! and how many other girls do worse she has an amazing body and if you model bikinis of course they will make you show something never saw any porno crap with this girl you just have nothing nice to say about her cause youre jealous

  • hahaha

    … and of course the stupid `jealousy theory` is back on tonight! Who would have seen it coming? hahaha


    i agree shes close to an angel she looks like a goddess here and a natural beauty youre all jealous

  • hahaha

    … and of course different screen names posting every 2 minutes. Comments written in the same manner talking about the same thing ( jealousy ). So unpredictable! hahaha

  • kiley

    love her bag!

  • Presley

    Bar aint Nothing….”Nothing but a HOUND DOG – Cry’n all the Time!!!!


    BRIGHTSIDE why arent you posting as your alias BRIGHTSIDE youre posting on rachel bilsons thread now as BRIGHTSIDE are you afraid ppl will catch on? well guess what? GOT YOU BABY! we all know its you so have a good time now that everyone knows youre the one posting here on most of the 6 pages

  • zero bar

    @128: I wish I could figure out finally what are you blabbing about again!

  • not happening


    that’s not gonna happen…. I actually think he loves Bar or else he wouldn’t still be with her. That and the fact that someone in Leo’s position where he can have a ton of hot girls every week if he wanted to, he doesn’t need to stick to one person like this for so many years if he didn’t want to be with her… That is why all these theories about him cheating and only being with her for sex is so stupid to me… You know how boring sex is when it’s with the same person all the time… Not so much for us, but for men they get really bored if they’re with the same person, that’s why it’s always the men that usually stray in marriages/and committed relationships.. If he was so bored with her and didn’t love her he wouldn’t still be with her for so many years.

  • carla

    hahahahaha!!!!!!!! so right steph
    @113: you need a glasses

  • not happening

    Another thing i must say about Bar before ppl start calling me a “Bar lover or Barfly” or whatever other weirdo names y’all wanna call people is that she looks like she’s chronically tired all the time… she’s not even working at all so I don’t see what she’s so tired for?? sorry, but get a job already. It’s crazy how she can go for months at a time without doing anything and just going to beaches all the kind of life is that?? heck no, get a job and get busy!!! i respect Gisele for that reason, cause she is a workaholic… she never stops and I love women like that, they make us look good… but Bar really does have to get her butt to work and do something besides look haggard all the time…2 million dollars in 2 years is NOT a lot of money for someone who hardly ever works and takes so much vacations …not to be mean, but it’s the truth!!!

  • get a life already!

    she got a job shes a model! models dont work every day and how do you know what she does every day? are you up her butt that far you can see what she does 24/7 fyi shes doing a another modeling job for a swim wear company now and shes probably going to be be doing a modeling job in NYC for another name brand clothing company you dont know everything about her just jealous! oy yeah and giselle is a workaholic right she sits on her boney a-s in Boston looking at her dumb a-s husband that can only throw a football cant even talk and giselle sits around for months doing nothing you just hate Bar and are jealous of her and love giselle we already know that BRIGHTSIDE she needs a good meal and a good nose job too!

  • lacey L

    HAHAHAHAH @133 its so true i dont know to much about giselle but i know that those Brazilian girls can be real b—-ty and spoiled and shes a control freak she couldnt do it with Leo so she got Brady and he really cannot talk the man is as dumb as a donkeys a-s i cant stand him i hope he gets his a-s beat this weekend!

  • zero bar

    Another swimsuit job? Who would have seen it coming? What`s the `name brand clothing company` she is probably going to work for? Tell us some details, please. And how dumb are you to bring Gisele into this saying she does nothing? I have just seen her latest Vogue cover ( not US ) and recently she had the Balenicaga shoot. Which planet are you on? Not to mention she has a son and husband so clearly she works less. You are making a fool out of yourself bringing Gisele into this all the time. You compare a mediocre sour face panty model to the highest paid model ever. Get real! lol
    @not happening: You are wrong. I doubt he could have a different girl every week. He is 36 and he is very conscious about his image. He wants to have this serious actor image and womanizing/modelizing, going from one model to another wouldn`t fit into that. I think barfie fills a hole in his life. She is a constant and convenient companion for him especially now that he wasn`t shooting a movie for a while ( ever since they got back together ). Let`s see how it goes when he goes back to work.

  • zero bar

    Yeah, now Gisele has a husband and a child instead of a Peter Pan who cannot commit. She is focusing on her family and less on her career and not going from one vacation to another without a decent job frolicking around in her way too small bikini because that`s all she`s got. Her too small bikinis and a famous boyfriend. Instead she still has high fashion jobs and magazine covers not to mention her own family. Indeed lol @ Gisele. Plus barfie is rumored to be b*tchy and self-centered so now what?

  • vivien

    i couldn’t shop with people taking pictures of me and following me. that must be really uncomfortable for her and her friends.

  • sleepy

    now we got tzipi refaeli on the case- she’s the one who goes on about “brightside”

  • not happening

    @lacey L:

    #133 and 134 is exactly the same person.. LOL do you really think you are fooling anyone with your run-on sentences ?? be serious…

    also don’t you even go there about Gisele…people can say whatever they want about her, but the woman is a work horse and I love that about her…even when she was with Leo, she was working her butt off all the time… non-stop campaigns and modeling jobs…and even now, I see her all the time, even though she just had her baby. So heck no, don’t even say she is lazy cause you know that’s not true… And brazilian women are not what you said, don’t generalize like that about a whole group of people you ignorant a$$. You need hooked on phonics cause you sound like an ignorant hillbilly.

  • sleepy

    barfie ugly man

  • sleepy

    she is an ignorant racisf homophobic hillbilly- tzipi refaeli y’all! bar’s mommie! leaf doesnt fall far from the tree they hate gisele because she is so much more successful than barfie

    anyway- my favorite comment here was “roadkill”- that’s a good one. – they are totally looney on leo’s facebook but they call her “the beef ravioli” which i think is funny

  • sleepy


    people is spelled “p-e-o-p-l-e” not ppl. i know that is a hard one for you israelis, but please make an effort……

  • pukeonu

    eww that is a supermodel? hahaha this is what happens when gays rule hollywood and fashion

  • Tony

    Yeah, I never understood why Bar made as a supermodel. She’s not very attractive.

  • sleepy

    but if her mother and best friend scream it 25,000 more times that she is drop dead gorgeous on justjared that will make her attractive! right?

    so she got work, hunh? i guess that was what all the strutting around and posing down in mexico was all about – sealing the deal or auditioning.

  • hard to believe

    i find it very hard to believe that she is doing another swimsuit campaign?? from the recent pics I’ve been seeing of her, she’s gained some weight there, and her legs are like my legs…. so I hate to say it but I KNOW i don’t have model legs, and neither does Bar….so if she’s getting another swimsuit gig than she should really thank her lucky stars… I don’t think she’s an ugly woman, but I definitely don’t feel that she is model material… she would be good doing something else in the creative field, but the modeling thing is not gonna work if she continues gaining weight… this is just the reality…and her face is not that great either…some of the pics on this thread were dreadful…esp. this one.
    this is not what a working model is supposed to look like,7340,L-4012072,00.html

  • hard to believe

    anyways, despite what I said about Bar… I still believe that everyone should do with their life what they want to do,and just be happy… and I also came to realize that if you love somebody than it’s not gonna matter what people think of you or what people say about you cause your gonna love who your gonna love… I know a lot of people don’t believe it, but I really do think he loves this girl and only time will tell what will become of them. But I think they will get married or have kids at some point.. Don’t shoot me down for saying that, it’s just what my gut tells me…

  • sleepy

    no but she has the dicaprio peen in her mouth–and in other places. that is her whole career- leos dick appurtenance. when has it been different? no one heard of her before him- all she had were israeli gigs and that counts for natches in the rest of the world, sorry.

    that is tzipi levine up there – if anyone would have the inside dope it would be the “mommy manager” so i would guess it is so— that is what the mexico week was about- leo wont let her use him for paparazzi- so she dragged all her buddies down for a week in front of the cameras without him. he wont allow pictures with her- so she set it up anyway withnout him. that’s why the choice of her friends…not his real friends. she was displaying the merchandise. its not great merchandise- certainly canalis looked a lot better, but canalis is not relentlessly merchandising herself to cheap low end brands like barfie. kid brands too.

    i wonder if canalis literature professor mother goes on these sites and yells


    i dont think so. i bet the radiologist father doesnt slug paparazzi his wife called in in the first place.

    i dont wait for things to change anymore i just enjoy ripping them the way the are its so obvious what classless drecky people we are dealing with here “ppl.”

  • sleepy

    my gut tells me the exact opposite- however my eyes tell me they will rattle on for a while. i cant think of one reason to love this girl. they will rattle on until someday someone breaks them up. we dont have to like it, it is what it is. i dont feel a marrying jones or a baby jones on his side-all he says quite publicly is no, no, no. he might feel above it all and above public opinion, but i dont think he loves her in the marrying way. i dont think that is his way at all, and i dont think he wants a kid out of it either.

    they will rattle on for a while out of the same character and personal weaknesses that bring them together in the first place- until he is able to handle a real woman or she becomes one and leaves him. they hate gisele because gisele had her own career separate from him and was able to leave him and get married. barfie doesnt and cant.

    it will be interesting to see it play out but i dont get that from him either. how he can bear hanging out with this sack of crap either i dont know but convenience is a factor. think of all the really beautiful women he could have ! candice swaenpoel! charlize theron ! BUT THEN HE WOULD HAVE TO BE RESPONSIBLE TO THEM AND DO A LITTLE WORK! call when he doesnt feel like, do things he doesnt want to do, etc. because they have options and can walk out on him because their bread doesnt depend on him, bar is just like the old demimondaine in paris- girls who were “sponsored” by rich gentlemen for pleasure- they had nice clothes, etc etc, but were not for marrying.

    she might be right for where he is right now but that is not a marrying
    kind of way. right now what he wants is carry-on luggage, and that is what she is. she should fold in the middle and have a handle. right now he wants yachting travelling and hanging on the beach and being what he always was, a party boy.

    ever see “house on haunted hill” – there is a point where famke janssen (ex model, columbia grad, turned successful actress) says to her husband- who she thinks is deceased…

    “Vincent, my love, i want you to know that I really, really, really, always loved…..

    YOUR MONEY,” and he walks up behind her and says “oh really, my sweet? how touching!”

    i think it is the same with them.

    bottom line, leonardo di caprio doesnt want to get married, never did, is 36 now and never said thing one to anyone about wanting to. not even lukewarm. it would take one hell of a woman to make a difference, or some big life changes. Maybe like warren beatty, who dated barfies mother for like two days and dumped her (probably doesnt remember her name n ow and sure as hell wouldnt recognize her) he’ll get tired around 50 of the game find a young wife he can totally control that no one has ever heard of and knock her up. provided there is an ironclad pre-nup. aftger all michael jackson hired himself a uterus — even Prince got married.

    everybody always likes to bring up jack nicholson- as being an example of someone who never married. Well, he did, and not to a bimbo either, to angelica huston, a well recognized actress and john huston the director’s daughter, also again to the mother of his daughter- dont know anything about her. clooney was already married.

    as the books says “most men eventually get married- just not to you” meaning men will keep you waiting around for ever on the line like jerry seinfeld did (8 years with susan mcnabb) and then turn around and marry someone else in like 3 weeks. (jessica sklar)

    i see him eventually leaving barfie and marrying relatively fast – for him, three years or so. it will be someone very different. even clint eastwood got married at like 70 to his current wife. he’s finally too old and tired to chase (and has really horrible varicose veins in his legs) clint says “dina is the woman I want to be monogamous with” for whatever it is worth.

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