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Bar Refaeli: Beverly Hills Shopping Spree

Bar Refaeli: Beverly Hills Shopping Spree

Bar Refaeli pops into the Roots store to pick out some items with a friend on Wednesday (January 12) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 25-year-old Israeli supermodel also stopped by the Giuseppe Zanotti boutique to check out some heels.

At the beginning of the year, Bar rang in 2011 with boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

FYI: Bar kept warm in a Louis Vuitton scarf and carried a Chanel bag.

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli shopping in Beverly Hills…

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bar refaeli shopping 01
bar refaeli shopping 02
bar refaeli shopping 03
bar refaeli shopping 04
bar refaeli shopping 05
bar refaeli shopping 06
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Photos: GSI Media
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  • tinkertoy

    something expensive and utterly tasteless just like her bag. ooops! someone popped me right up again.

  • jinkleheimer schmidt



  • CanadaGirl

    Hey, Tink. I guess I’ll be identified as being you soon enough.

  • CanadaGirl

    I think it has to be a bit of a slap in the face to know that Leo’s friends still like and hang out with GB. G was in a video that Kevin directed and Lukas and GG hung out back in October. I’ve never seen that with Bar. I could be wrong as I don’t follow her on the internet.
    Thanks for the Hawaii links Leo-fans. Leo looks great and very, very fit. One of the Flies brought up the “is Bar wearing Leo’s shirt?” Yep, she is, but she’s filling it out! Leo has nice broad shoulders… and she looks the same size as him now!
    Judging by her mother, she’s genetically pre-disposed to gaining as she ages, so girlfriend better get her ass on the treadmill – STAT.


    AND THE VOICES go on and on and on and on…………….. maybe this voice doesnt want to write books or stories shorter posts are coming in now but just wait another voice will soon start up


    I dont know guys, what do you think – i think it is the “puppet” lines forming next to mouth, the mishapen upper lip as if the collagen is running out, the too short shaved off nose, the roots, and the stringy hair with bad styling that really wreck this. that and the top is not cute, the thighs are getting big, and the “scarf” look is not a “look” at all- here’s the prescription

    1. get a good colorist. go often. get a good style. do you hair once in a while before you leave the house.

    2. collagen in the puppet lines not the upper lip. on second though, redo the upper lip. dont touch the nose again.

    3. go darker on the color, more realistic. wear makeup at all times

    4. wear something besides old jeans. dont pick out your own clothes, get a stylist

    5. wear a top that shows some boobs, they are your only assets

    6. lipstick

    7. shop somewhere besides target and the gap for clothes

    8. if you are going to spend $`1700 on a bag, make sure it is a REALLY NICE BAG, not soemthing that looks like a puff jacket that someone stole, slaughtered, cut apart, and reconstitued as a gym bag.

    9. read about coco chanel and realize that never in a million years would she design something like that monstrosity. certainly not in plastic.

    10. eye makeup. not dark, that makes her look like the undead- like a damn ghoul. shop somehwere else besides nordstrom’s, look for cutting edge young hip designers,

    11. get rid of the goddamned scarf. its lame. she thinks it looks cute and put togehter but the scarfs and boring and average an available everywhere in chinatown. show some class and style, go ethnic, or wear some color for once instead of blah neutrals.

    12. i’d say get another nose job but then there would be no nose left

    13. acne pads

    14. get some nice boots, not ones that are falling part- show some style, some comprehension of what is classic and attractive, not just the right brands.

    OH! and that first bikini in Mexico was AWFUL- it was faded looking the design was bad, it was too small, it made her boobs looks floppy, and showed the cellulite in her ass. and the sunglasses and the hair back made her face ugly. gotta get rid of that look too, its not cute. try a full suit, or at least nice brands- not ones that would send you samples for free, and take a look at what elisabetta canalis wears. then BUY IT. AND WEAR IT. Or Cindy Crawford. NOT NAOMI, she looks like CAT VOMIT these days. the black one was not so bad but a cliche- everyone wears a little black bikini these days. show some originality- wearing swimisuits is what she does, why cant she even pick some good ones??? and wear some sun screen you’re getting cancer barfie.

  • CanadaGirl

    As for Tink being Brightside, she’s not. The writing style is completely different. Why are we the only ones that can figure this out?


    spoke to soon the books and letters are coming another voice!

  • lacey

    her watch is either a Rolex or Cartier to match her gorgeous channel bag and gorgeous LV scarf, jealous you cant afford these beautiful luxuries? to bad BAR can buy whatever she wants whenever she wants being a supermodel you can and thats just what she is!!!!!!!!! deal with it………….. HERE COME THE VOICES………..


    tough tookie tzipi/adi/barfie its coming. screw all of you, she’s ugly !

    canada, yep, you post things they dont like too so you are definitely me as are all the people in israel, italy, france, brazil, etc, who dont like there wittle dear one.

    you can stand the HEAT get the HELL out of the kitchen! YOU WANTED TO BE FAMOUS, BE IN THE PUBLIC EYE, AND TOOK A VERY QUESTIONABLE ROUTE TO GET THERE. SO NOW DEAL WITH IT ! whose brilliant idea was it to dodge the draft and pay no taxes? MINE??? i DONT THINK SOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!




    i can have any of them- i wont get into specifics but my family is far from poverty stricken. the thing is, people who are NOT NOUVEAU RICHE know that wearing things like that means nothing – especially when they are not in good taste. if i want a rolex i can have one- i can also afford the scarf but wouldnt want it. for the same money i could get better or that i liked more,

    as for the chanel bag its indescribably hideous. sorry. you lose.

    my family is old new england money- we dont buy things like that because we have nothing to prove. i dont know how to explain this to someone like you, but my mother’s best friend lives in one of the mansions in Newport. She drives herself around in a subaru. the really rich dont talk about how many millions they netted this year- they say “units.” my godfather is so rich he lends money to the state we live in. you wouldnt know it, he wouldnt tell YOU. I look him up in the SEC filings on Edgar. my mother’s house is in the american institutye for architecture guide—italianate revival. look it up on wikipedia. nothing she is wearing is the slightest bit attractive or interesting to me.

    there is a difference between money and class— you cant buy class, that is obvious, that is the difference between elisabetta canalis and barfie- she has a doctor and a professor for parents, not a bunch of
    horse shitters.

  • CanadaGirl

    I’ve missed reading these threads. I’ve been ridiculously busy, so I haven’t visited frequently. Hello to,
    @AnonymousDiva: @LEONARDO DICAPRIO FAN: @french: @tinkertoy: @here: and the other Leo-fans.
    Sad to read the same racist and discriminatory discourse. It’s so offensive to read xenophobic and biased things said about AA.

  • CanadaGirl

    How could anyone say something hateful about this cuteness?


    ok the watch is a rolex. they were a big deal when i was in high school. i never ever wanted one. everyone i ever knew who had one was a wanker too, now that i think of it. they were big in the yuppie 1980s- think tom cruise in risky business. havent been chic in decades..

    the scarf is hermes, not LV. Hermes is a nice brand, but the vintage scarves are better, they are an old brand- started out making saddle gear, that is why so many of the scarfs show horse gear. lv is louis vuitton, which i dont have an opinion on. you can buy hermes vintage on line on ebay or go to any one of the big stores in manhattan an go nuts. you can also buy knockoffs wherever you want. real style would be wearing the vintage, or not displaying it SO THE LOGO OR LABEL IS FRONT AND CENTER. that is classless and arriviste (look it up)

    vintage cartier is nice, but you dont wear a cartier watch with old blue jeans. sorry. and the bag is hideous. coco chanel was all about streamlined, chic designs, she would never have allowed this hideoso to have her name on it. She used to sign her pieces in ink with her thumb print so they could not be knocked off. shes been dead for years, i guess karl lagerfeld is too busy with his rent boys to pay attention what has the name on it. it also looks fake- like a knockoff. big bags are gauche. the japs from long island used to carry them so they could handle their big cans of aquanet for their big dos.

    sorry, ive studied fashion history- this might serve barfie well at some point. but an expensive watch and an ugly bag screams “LONG ISLAND” not taste or class. the scarf is not a good color for her either- it could be nice if it is real hermes, but its nothing great.

    you lose ! Just google who wore it best for the cavalli thing- bar lost to posh spice of all people- 75 – 25% on e online. she doesnt know how to wear clothes, which would help a lot in her position. its not just throwing money at a problem, it involves some aesthetic sense and judgement.

    i bet she could get a line manufactured with her name on it- but no one would buy it.


    one more thing, a “channel” is what we change when and if barfie comes on tv. Gabriel “Coco” Chanel was a proto-feminist french fashion designer who designed classic clothes for the new woman- to move in, streamlined, classic, new designs with no furbelows. I’l post some Chanel classic bags later so you barfies know the difference. a lot of the high end brands are trying too hard to be “urban” – when the urbanites will still prefer the better designs anyway. its like puff daddy made this bag—but he wouldnt. its like having gucci sneakers- a fun idea, and it works a lot of the time, but not here.

    you want a really nice high end watch try chopard.

  • cute girl


    I totally agree with you on this statement you made:

    “the really rich dont talk about how many millions they netted this year- ”

    people who are really rich don’t show it and don’t feel the need to rub it in anyone’s face… I made close to three figures this year, which for a normal person like myself, I’m doing pretty good and and no one would ever know that I make that cause I don’t feel the need to waste my money on designer clothes or rolex watches to make myself feel like i’m something that I’m not… having a rolex and an LV bag doesn’t make you any more special than the little children who are dying of hunger and live in poverty in this world. Yes, there are people who are suffering and living horrible existence that would listen to a statement like that and look at you like you have 3 heads cause you sound like a dumba$$.., we will all be dead some day and all these material things that you seem to value so much and are so important to you will be gone… I rather spend my money on traveling, having fun and taking care of my family.. anything but some stupid, over priced Chanel bag… and with that being said, I must admit, Bar has some truly ignorant and psycotic fans… I definitely will agree with y’all on that one..

  • cute girl


    he is adorable… and I also love Louis (Sandra Bullocks’s son)… he is the cutest little thing ever… he’s always so serious, he’s like a little man lol

  • LOL

    @Tony: she is NOT a supermodel! that word (even ask all the biggest fashion people) they laugh about how all models are called “super”. Supermodels were wanted on every cover,runway, fashion campaign, and by every photographer and designer and magazine editors. Now with having said all that can we really call Bar a Supermodel? LMAO???…what has she done in her career to warrant her a supermodel? supermodels are iconic and set modeling records/standards. Bar is just another model in a sea full of faceless 1,000 + models. She is not “the model” never will be, never has been.


    “brightside” was someone who posted like twice six months ago! the all caps lady (i still vote for her being tzipi levine) went off and started calling anyone who didnt like barfie BRIGHTSIDE. The original post was something like “look on the brightside leo isnt pictured with her”-this was like, uh, may? after that anyone who disagreed with her was brightside. tzipi actually pays to put barfie’s picture on the website, so she can occassionally get people blocked, so some folks changed their monnikers and went right on doing what they were doing. she wants to think only one person hates her daughter, and it honestly itsnt a drove, just a handful of reg, posters and then some once in a whiles.

    most of the pro-bars are tzipi, adi, and/or bar herself. there might a few “voice of reason” posters up there like the poster claiming to be from australia,but who knows.

    she got really racist for a while and started telling everyone to straighten out their “nappy” heads. suprised to see her doing it again after the “egypt is primitive” comments caused a diplomatic incident.

    yeah, ive notice the watchbefore and was not impressed.

    back in the 1980s, which was a very conservative time, rolexes were a status symbol. havent been in a long time. OH ! i thought of an exception to the wanker rule- a really cool vietnamese guy’s rich boyfriend bought him a much nicer one than this with pave diamonds in the face–really nice. someone i used to work with. MUCH nicer than this.

    i dont know if she is flashing the watch- big deal. do they really think that having a few designer items is a big deal? everyone in nyc has a couple of nice things. I was just in the Housing works thrift shop and everything is designer- used. I didnt like the clothes, i try to spot rare collectibles like prints, glass or furniture i could turn over for a few dollars.

    oh what i was going to say is this—- i guess the barfies think that regular people cant have some expensive things. well, my grandfather had an early “atomic” watch- the time mechanism is based on atoms decaying. (look it up) he smuggled it in with help from his friend who was friends with J. edgar hoover- yes, the real hoover from the movie. they were jewellers. solid gold band.

    when my grandfather died, my uncle had it appraised- its a rare collectible worth about 60 grand. that’s a watch bitch. you want to talk watches? talk to me about stuff you bring to sotheby’s to sell. my mom’s best friend sold some old furniture that had been in her family awhile – 12 million dollars at christies. early newport – the most expensive american furniture there is. went along with a letter to the family from george washington. her family has been in newport since the 1600s, that’;s why sweetheart. they started a little co that eventually became fruit of the loom. after 200 years or so. they invest in agribusiness, own one of the newport mansions that isnt run by the museum trust and are quietly one of the richest families in america.

    my grandma had salt shakers made by paul revere— yes the paul revere- had em on her dining table for years. they were tiny and glass.

  • Canit

    This website is quite funny.

    Leo is a womanizer and Bar is surely not the popular choice, lol. Bar fans are truly a sad little minority who think pursing one’s lips out for some cheap SI photo is modeling, friggin hilarious. Do some research little barfies. Modeling is about evoking emotion,posing,versatility and the list goes on. Bar is a one dimensional yawn inducing “model”. I fall asleep looking at her pictures. Her pap pics and modeling pics aren;t much different. aka they ALLL look the same. YAWNNNNN.


    sorry for the book guys just think its so funny to think that average people cant save their money for a designer bag. i also think they think we fell off a turnip truck….oooohhhhhh …. chanel……..i worked with a call center rep with a fendi bag. she just saved her dough and got one. it wasnt even cute ! her tax return pretty much did it, so what. she wanted just one thing that was special.


    all those blonde goddesses- but they could walk away. could do something else- exist without him. or saw him as a fun ride at the amusement park not to be taken seriously…


    she cant buy herself “love” —- sighh……

    i guess she could buy her own “rare yellow diamond engagement ring” then- the one leonardo never bought but you barfies told the press he did….guess she is gonna have to….

    oh, he did buy gisele a couple of diamond cocktail rings- she auctioned them off remember? where’s barfies bling? i guess he learned his lesson right???? and a really nice pendant forget how much they were worth but they were sold at sotheby’s the auction results are on line

  • CanadaGirl
  • me

    @LEO LOVES BAR: where do you get off calling people nappy hair?? it’s people like you that give bar lovers a bad name

  • me

    @zero bar: I would stand up for anyone who is so vicioulsy condemned and trashed, and i am not a bar fan, I am a Leo fan

  • me

    @MAKEOVER: Thanks for that :)

  • me

    @me: why did I get the thumbsdown for that, I was just thanking you for the recognition!, honestly, I think bar is just an ignorant,spoilt woman who knows no better ok, I know she’s 25 and should be making her own way in life, but i think she is probably inherantly lazy and thinks she is doing ok so why change things, blame the parents! btw I had a cartier tank given to me for my 25th a long, long time ago, unfortunately, times have changed and I can’t afford a new strap now!! and I used to wear it with jeans!!


    yeah whatever i was just grooving to some rolling stones live gems on youtube and some samba as well…. i feel sort of bad now for dissing barfie–but what the hell– she just isnt anything great. her mom says she comes on her to “defend” her daughter but honestly she lives vicariously through her and its for the wrong reasons–bar wants that watch and bag too much— “shopping sprees get her on her knees for the ends” “jewels around her neck a lot of styles she’s craving- from the wetlands all the way to the apollo if you are broke she might spit and if you are rich she might swallow” there is toomuch arrogance going on in that family

    i guess since i am a fourth generation artist i think of “beautiful” as something different- I got my printmaker mother four 10 dollar scarfs from chinatown that were all the same color palette and she LOVED it. she lives in a house worth over a million dollars but what she liked was the color palette- she has been an artist all her life. then i gave her two bracelets I made for about 5 bucks- but I spent 10 hours each on the design. that is the kind of thing that makes her happy. we think of beauty differently and a rolex just cant be beautiful- beuaty is more fluid and colorful.neither is that hideous “channel” bag. it looks like an old barcelona chair we throughout in the 1970s. a beautiful scarf would be a REAL embroidered pashmina from Kashmir in India- the type that costs $300 and is real cashmere. or real kente cloth not the ugly printed kind, but the kind is real silk unwound from clothing and rewoven by hand- can be green or pink, or blue, not jut an ugly yellow..

    i try to be a good person but when they come on yada yada yada
    it’s so sad and stupid. if she doesnt want to be in the public eye, then dont call the paparazzi in when you go shopping. i mean, they were standing there on the street? No, because they would have caught other celebs. she called them in so she can look relevant and get work. she has an adidas job i guess – how i dont know shes not really in s hape but there is photoshop. she is just so overrated beauty wise and every other way.

    if you dont like my posts sorry dont read them some of us were taught to write at one time or another- not just yell in all caps or write the same illiterate marketing dreck all the time.

    she’s not lazy so much but she is taking the easy way out coasting on someone else’s coattails- something i never wanted to do and am constitutionally against. she cant make it on her own as a model anyway, she just doesnt have it. all that is a fantasy, and i betleo does get tired of buoying her career. he doesnt like the paps and she needs them, or so she thinks. he must get tired of it.

    what i dont like about her is she cant face facts and live life on her own. if i were her i would be planning for my and working day and night on my next step- acting or being a presenter. I would like to be a presenter of some kind myself- i dont mean seriously but in another life i wish i had gone to syracuse and studied broadcasting. there is a lot of interesting work there i f you are smart (she isnt) or in tv in general. one of my college buddies produced the osbornes and growing up gotti- he’s got rocks, letme tell you- used to work on snl. he started out with gameshows. she could really parlay this mess into something pretty good- but doesnt seem to beable to do that. I mean, jenny mccarthy turned a pair of implants into a lot of work, so did carmen electra and anna nicole smith. never mind kim kardashian!

    the thing is i know i can act too. i dont want tobe an actress, i did when i was 15, but in barfie’s shoes i could work it for all it is worth. I dont want to do those kind ofthings necessarily, but when is she going to wake up and do something???? i guess she was programmed or told at this point she wouldbe marrying a movie star—- now what happens if that doesnt quite work out???

    she could marry someone whos got money in the business- like reese witherspoon is…i could see that happening and being a bored hollywood housewife, being on a reality tv show etc- thing is she is a stupid because she could get a great reality show about her life going- not that it would BE great but she could get a great financial deal- of course leo would NOT be part of it- it could just be the female version of entourage. i saw the end part of that show btw and vince was making out with this barfie lookalike- she was like some teen model type named chelsea ? something like that. maybe that is the barfie character. she was sexually very aggressive.


    picture number 4 is particularly hideous- and seven shows some serious eye bags. she does look like she has been working out in the shoulders though- but its not in the right areas. just not a pretty girl here- plain jane. the wrinkles are setting in early.

    btw just so you know i never read bellazon or her personal site or her tweets or anything like that— its brain rot, the girl is stupid stupid stupid. i am not talking about men, but just a flat liner, not bright, not original, not interesting or creative at all. just a pair of tits and a hole.


    she is a gorgeous girl with a gorgeous body leos a lucky lucky guy!!


    i googled dicaprio’s news— there’s like 60 articles about him chatting up blake lively— that must be ouch. i wouldnt want to read about that all over the internet- it might have been just talking but you get the feeling blake is lining up to be next and its so plausible– she young and his type physically- this is when it is good to have a back-up and not rely on your rich boyfriend for everything barfie.

    i am sure hes not fooling around with blake —yet. but it would be a step in the right direction out of the slump he has been in- a girl who can at least row her own boat. barfie does look really miserable here-
    and or at least really serious- and the face is really ugly in #4- although she is smiling at the paps walking down the street (ooooh, im important!) ted casablancas has a post about it too. its just nonsense but its encouraging nonsense at this point

  • me

    There is so much hatred and hardship in the world, Queensland is in dire straits at the moment, the loss of so many innocent lives, and the sight of animals being swept away breaks my heart, but it has brought out the best in so many people, I know in America you don’t know much about cricket, but English cricketer Kevin Peitersen, has raised thousands of $au for these poor people, many of which will not be insured for flood damage, my heart bleeds.
    So sorry for criitcizing people on here, I’m just a bit fragile at the moment, I come on here for a bit of news of my guy Leo and get angry at all the bloody comments this bimbo generates …so sorry and God Bless

  • lyes

    Leo and Bar were spotted at Table Manners Management’s Launch Party At Animal Tuesdays located at SHGs MyStudio.

  • ann

    yes, party was tuesday night

  • Fantomas

    I think that if we do not want to see any more of articles about her, we should not make any more comments connected with this article and content itself with articles on Leo even oldest. Sites post information on the persons who engender the largest number of comments and it is the case, no matter that the comments on the concerned person are positive or negative. Let us boycott articles on Bar Refaeli.

  • treat

    Some women get more beautiful as they age, she clearly has gotten uglier.

  • sara


    Call him, maybe he’ll tell you. LOL!

  • guest girl

    So he is still pushing this unexplainable bar thing! How disappointing especially after seeing these or the Hawaii photos of her! Not looking / aging well! And another Blake Lively rumor? She must need some attention! What’s with Leo and all the sk*nky women around him? You would think that by the age of 36 he got over that phase but clearly he hasn’t…


    Leos in love with BAR why cant you jealous haters just deal with this if youre a fan of his you would want him to be happy so he is with Bar just leave it alone already and deal with it! theyre abeautiful happy couple.

  • so true


    i really like your post, and it’s sad that you got so many thumbs down when you were obviously opening up about something that’s hurting you… :( but I totally agree with you except for the part about Bar being a bimbo. Sorry, but I don’t think she’s that bad or else Leo wouldn’t be with her for this long… men know the longer they stay in a relationship with someone the deeper their feelings is for that person imo. If a guy isn’t serious about you he will move on to someone else, not stay with you for 5 or 6 years or whatever it’s been… I do however think her one or two fans that comes on here are the racist a$$holes; and it’s those one or two people that post under different names that really are the ones who deserve the hate comments, not her. I actually think she’s probably a nice person and a lot of the nastiness she gets is undeserved… but people will continue to talk about her until one of the two happens, either they get married or have a baby…If one or both of those things happen, the hate will end…I can guarantee you his fans will not even care anymore cause that’s what happened with Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom. If you read their threads, all the Miranda Kerr haters have left already, there’s only positive posts now. It’s this idea that Leo is still “supposedly” single and not serious about her that keeps the hate and dislike for her’s demented, but it’s just the way it is:/

  • so true

    also it’s true that with all the messed up things going on in the world, that this is what people waste their time on.. but this is probably a way of not dealing with the harsh reality or dealing with whats happening around us. When i read about the little boy who drowned to save his brother’s life in Australia… that about broke my heart when i read that. So i truly hope things will get better soon in your country. :(

  • guest girl

    Don’t we just love these boring posts from me & co?


    on a positive note, did you read the casablanca post on blake lively?
    someone named kevin went on there and said how beautiful blake is—wonder if kev con is team lively. also, someone identifying themselves as “israeli man” went on there to say the usual “they will get married soon” – i guess they know they are being watched.

    i would be so happy to see him step out with blake- that would be a step in the right direction, just someting to get him away from the rut that is bar.

    they aint getting married or having a kid so i guess people will be wirting for a while. also, ive never thought they had any synergy that made them a beautiful couple at all. at least orlando and miranda looked happy together- they are both sort of quirky fun beauties too. i never saw thing one that made leo and bar beautiful. surely they always look like crap together.

    as for leo being in love with bar— i never really saw that either, what is there to be excited about with her? and happy? i m not sure i see that either. never see them smile or look happy together, that is for one thing. so they might be ahem, “in love’ – but no one sees it, and if he is, he should still RAISE HIS STANDARDS.

    whenever anyone says how beautiful they are they dont even really complement each other physically somehow– the sour lemon face and the dyed hair dont really complement him.

  • from my house

    @234: can you share the link please? thanks!

  • lyes
  • ummm

    @so true: Miranda Kerr haters stopped already because #1 He put a ring on it after so long and #2 they now have a child together and #3 they generally look really cute and in love together. You never hear stories of Orlando’s cheating ways either. His fangirls kinda have to give up, lol. If that were the case with Leo and Bar (which it is CLEARLY NOTTTT) maybe some people would back down. Leo has done none of the above. I havent even seen any red carpets pictures of them together and they’re supposedly planning on getting married and wanting to have a baby? Yeah I will believe that when he at least seems more serious about her…Little online articles from Israel barfies dig up do not count for NOTHING. sorry. He shows no signs of being serious about her than ALLL his past 200 model girlfriends…give it up already.

  • dontgetit

    Models are usually one of 2 things: absurdly perfectly beautiful or strangely uniquely beautiful. Bar is neither. How is this average, stubby, plain jane, one face expression a model again? To top it all off she doesn’t even have a Glamazon body!!!!!! She literally looks like a Bar girl.
    Her name couldn’t have been more fitting, lol.

  • lyes



    Nobody carees about Orlando. Sorry Orlando but your profesional career is OVER. your need a new Hobbit movie….

  • not happening


    he’s not hooking up with Blake. If he wanted to be with another woman, he would have done so by now. He’s been with the same girl for more than 5 years, if that doesn’t show that he’s in love with her than I don’t know what will.. I also believe he will marry her too… It’s just too many years invested in this relationship for it to not be important to him. I”m sorry, but you have to look at reality and stop wanting to make this into something else just b/c you dislike her. I know for a fact that once they get married or have a kid, that all the Bar haters are not going to say a peep. Miranda Kerr also had a lot of haters that would say Orlando Bloom wasn’t really in love with her, same ole story that has been said about Leo for years, and yet once they got married and she got pregnant all those people finally gave up and left cause they realized they were wrong all along… and I see the same thing happening here too…I used to buy into all the theories too, believe me I did…but it’s not based on reality. A guy that has invested this many years with the same woman is obviously doing it cause he plans to settle down with her and all these other theories about him doing it for his image are BS imo..