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Bar Refaeli: Beverly Hills Shopping Spree

Bar Refaeli: Beverly Hills Shopping Spree

Bar Refaeli pops into the Roots store to pick out some items with a friend on Wednesday (January 12) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 25-year-old Israeli supermodel also stopped by the Giuseppe Zanotti boutique to check out some heels.

At the beginning of the year, Bar rang in 2011 with boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

FYI: Bar kept warm in a Louis Vuitton scarf and carried a Chanel bag.

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli shopping in Beverly Hills…

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • not happening

    Gerard butler is older than Leo and he does what he wants, is single and living it up… nothing wrong with his career… same with Jack Nicholson, he’s been playing the field for years, and is one of the most respected actors in Hollywood…so those theories are not convincing enough for me… If Leo wanted to play, he could be single right now and living it up with his friends Kevin and Lukas…i believe both of those guys are single right now. They could be having a good ole time and yet he is with Bar… so that just goes to show where his heart really is… it’s not in playing the field, it’s invested in her. Like it or not, that’s the reality folks… take it or leave it.

  • not happening


    Um, Leo has never cheated on Bar as far as I’m concerned. First of all, there has never been any reliable proof of that… and second of all, if Leo really wanted to cheat and be with someone else, he would not be in a relationship where he has to answer to somebody… That’s why guys like Gerard stay single cause they want to see many women and not be hassled with a relationship. Leo is not like that at all, he seems to like the stability of being with one person, and also seems really loyal to me…so I don’t buy that. And he doesn’t take her to the red carpet cause he’s just weird like that. He doesn’t seem to like all that attention on his love life… that’s just how the guy is– big deal. I see other people doing that too.. Scarlett and Ryan Reynolds used to do that too and they were married. Bottom line is you don’t really know what’s going on with people in their private lives…we are just looking from the outside in and making all these observations that might be right or wrong in most cases. I firmly believe that if a guy is with you for this many years, than it’s obvious that he is serious about you and most likely will eventually settle down with you and have a family… Leo has always said he wants a family and from the look of it, that is going to be with Bar…it’s going on six years already girls, so please, let’s be realistic and stop with all these conspiracy theories…. it’s crazy, five years and still hearing the same crap…give it up already for the love of God :/

  • bzfrks

    Gerard B.`s career is nothing like Leo`s. Leo is pushing the grown up serious actor/activist image and womanizing doesn`t fit into that. Butler is a rom-com actor with no particular cause like environmentalism.
    Jack Nicholson has a reputation as a womanizer and I guess that`s exactly what Leo wants to avoid.
    Leo has a PR team and is very conscious about his image.
    But if he never cheated `as long as YOU are concerned` than everything is fine. Whatever you say! LOL!

  • not happening


    if this theory were true, he wouldn’t have chosen to be with yet another model… that’s the whole reason why this PR thing doesn’t make sense to me. If his PR team were really telling him to stay in a committed relationship than they would have also told him to choose a woman who is NOT a model…At least that would make more sense if it’s his “image” they’re so concerned about….. But dating yet another model just hurt his image, and now that label will forever be stuck with him– for the rest of his life he will be known as the “modelizer”… how is that part of a PR plan to mold his image?? not very good PR if you ask me. I can do a much better job than this so called team of his, that’s for sure :S

  • bzfrks

    `they would have also told him to choose a woman who is not a model…` Why? THAT doesn`t make sense to me. Models fit into his lifestyle and understand his hectic schedule and not woman might not. Your reason doesn`t make sense to me. :)

  • not happening


    the reason I say that is because if they were so concerned about building this “serious actor” image for him, than how does him dating a 19 year old model fit into that?? Bar was 19 when they first started dating, and Leo was almost 30 or had just turned 30 I believe…so if they were so concerned about the image thing wouldn’t it have made more sense to steer clear of the models and go for someone different and get rid of the “Modelizer” label he’s been carrying around since his early 20′s …Like i said, if this is truly the case and it’s his PR team behind this (which I don’t believe for a second it is) than they didn’t do a good job imo… I can do a much better PR job than that, and I’m not even in that field…


    whether he cheats or not, whether he goes with blake or not, I WANT HIM TO, ANYONE BUT BAR, HE COULD faceplant kim kardashian’s big fake titties as fas as i care.

    blake would be a step in the right direction. whether he does or not, these things take time to incubate and i would be happy to see it. i dont like bar, their relationship is icky and full of mutual exploitation anyway you cut it. its a big YUCK.

    go TEAM LIVELY! marriage big mistake for leo and bar. would last like six ugly months, kids would be from an inferior gene pool- hers. they might look like HER

  • me

    @so true: Thanks for your thoughts, there are a lot of people on this site with no soul or maybe they are just mad at me for babbling on about non Leo stuff, any way it may take a disaster to realize that there are many more good people than bad, I am now going to get my Leo news from other sites, can’t stand the irrational hatred here, and all you people who have a pathological hatred for bar, stop stalking her electronically and you will be far happier, see y’a and don’t make predictable comments like”good Riddance”


    i think bar is a convenience, not because she is all that great or sweet herself but because he has the upper hand with her. she has no career without him. that having been said, there probably is some attraction/feeling, just no romeo and juliet stuff. if he likes her its for bad and or predictable crummy male reasons, she’s young and no mental challenge, has no career herself, is pliable, used to look good in a bikini, dyes her hair blonde, will do anything to be famous and that includes him, has no job or real career to interfere with their constant schedule of nothing……and she looks like him, some people go for their “physical twins” even if the twin in question is not a good idea. its all yuck if you ask me,

    at least with orlando the girl was actually quirky /pretty in a unique way and kept her mouth shut. you dont see her own mother or best friend coming on here and trumpeting about stupidity and spewing racism.

    i want a woman that will make leo better[ and no, it wont be me, or anyone even like me personally, but someone will come along and rock his world- I hope. I just dont really see a doves and wine and roses life for these two going forward anyway. and he is sort of in a fish bowl- i bet he has a non disclosure from her and he and his lawyers cant just get that from random hookups.

    it doesnt really matter in the long run but how i would like to see him with someone i like- he is an icon in a lot of ways and him growing up and dating a real woman for real reasons would signal a sea change out there- and reaffirm what i have long seen- men dont marry idiots. they date them, and they date golddiggers and opportunists and hoes, but they know the difference and dont marry them. and i would like to see leonardo[s greater potential as a human being win out with him. i want to see him grow and become a better person- and to me bar is a symptom of still reading MAD magazine- or FHM/MAXIM and being somewhat of a fratboy.

    men dont marry idiots. my mother’s next door neighbor is a cute 36 year old engineer- really a catch, nice, and also an inventor. he married a woman 12 years older than him who had been married twice and has an adult daughter. she is an engineer who designs safety systems for nuclear power plants and flies around the world installing them- she also works out all the time and looks great- just another example of young and stupid doesnt always fly.

    i cant think of any other example where young and stupid flies either. my doctor friend dates a woman who is younger, but she is chinese, has her own business and is well into her 30s- if not 40s. so i just dont see it. i dont see a single dumb bunny marrying a older guy for money in real life.

    of course there was republican lizard strom thurmond- he was 65 and married a 25 year old miss south carolina, had kids in his 70s. but he also ran for president in 1948 on a segregation platform- if that is what you wnat, go for it.

    eastwood, who wsa a major dog, is married to a woman in her 40s- but she’s latino and was a broadcaster. she doesnt seem like a dummy either and also had a life when he met her. he’s too old to dog now,but hem essed up a lot of women’s lives along the way.

    it will be fascinating to see how the life of mr. dicaprio plays out! Of course there will be a major hollywood biography some day after he is dead- like the one for paul newman that just blew thelid of his hetero monoganous joan woodward image- i should pick that up. or like the one for angelina jolie- he is just toooooooooo litigation prone for that now but it will be interesting.

    i am broadcasting as an interested observer, this all fascinates me like hurricane katrina- i had to watch every day.somepeople just fascinagte like that like liz taylor and richard burton- you knew that was doomed somehow but that there was a lot of feeling there too.

    honestly i never posted so much or even at all about anything that didnt concern me but the issues fascinate me.


    hey me;

    not only do i hate bar, i hate women and people like bar in general. its not so irrational to hate her, she is someone without a conscience, she cheated and screwed her way to the middle. and i hate the whole idea of women as commodities marketed to men. all this girl has is her ass. its just not enough.

    if you think of this as an opinion forum, that is my opinion. seems like a get a lot of thumbs up for it, more than actually post on this site so i am not alone. i will continue to post no matter what.

    it is true if there was a kid involved i would hold my fire because babies dont ask to be born to screwed up parents. but there is no sign of one and his ellness does not seem to want to be involved right now. how could they go yachting at a moments notice with war criminals if there was a babe in arms? answer, they couldnt.

    time to grow up leonardo, with all that has been given you its time for the balls to actually descend. they have in other ways but in this one it is time too,

    anyway dont feel so bar for bar, she got a chance to spend a year travelling around the world for free, doesnt have to work right now (but she will later i bet, married or not) and makes millions off of leo’s dick contract. i dont feel bad for mademoiselle ekg flatline. go get your nails done sweetheart.

    i did read some of her tweets at one time, they are all mindless crap like “oh, how i hate getting pedicures, i am so annoyed on this plane as there are kids running around, the limo driver was rude to me, ” eyada yada yada- i have a college buddy who is a best selling author (new york times) and one whose book was excerpted in the new york time magazine- we went to creative writing classes together and had the same teachers– i know what an original thought is and i have never seen one from her.


    miss barjoliegaga- thumbed down 20 times. now that is what i call justice. ! I dont know about you but posting here is plenty fun for me so why stop.

    and its not like i actually bleed because they go on vacay together. they always look like hell and dont look particularly happy- if they are so what, i would like to go to the places- but not the way they do and not with the people they do. i would love to go to sardinia, but i would want to stay and explore, not yacht past. and i would not want to entertain naomi either.

  • Lir

    Does anyone know what kind of hand watch is she wearing?


    sigh, lir, we’ve been through this before. are you trying to drive site traffic to rolex or what? its a rollie, everyone know what one looks like. i wouldnt be buying one, id rather take the money and go photograph rare species on bioko island before they go extinct than buy that piece of shit. its a matter of priorities.


    hey look everyone, rachel bilson is shopping at the “channel” store too ! maybe she knows how to spell it. could someone tell me who the hell she is, while we are at? i have nooooooooooooooo clue what this child did to be of note. half the people on here i am like….whoooooooooooooooo?????? my father just asked me to explain who lindsay lohan was….. i honestly dont know what she did legitimately and have never seen her in anything but machete….i just dont know why we should care, ya know???

  • bzfrks

    You can twist it any way you want it. Being a womanizer at this age wouldn`t work for his image but having a long-time gf and talking about marriage and kids works for him when he needs to sell his movies. Being an environmentalist works for him and his image but he is not afraid to hop on a private plane or a yacht when he feels like it. His image is important to him and long time gf works better ( not to mention how convenient it is when you have a vacation-filled lifestyle to have a swimsuit model gf ) than chasing models all the time.

  • @makeover


    she was in the OC and she was also in the movie Jumper with Hayden Christensen and New York, i love you. She has a fashion column in Instyle magazine. I don’t understand why people hate her so much but they do.. I think she’s as cute as a button…same with Miranda Kerr, she is adorable yet had a bunch of haters too. The girl is so sweet in her interviews, how can anyone hate her, but yet they do cause some people just love to hate…they cant be happy without hating someone i guess…

  • @bzfreaks

    you just can’t accept the fact that he is with her because he wants to and he more than likely loves her. If it’s for the reason you are giving me, than do you really think he would keep this going for more than 5 years? don’t you think he has a heart and wants to be in love and be with someone that he’s actually in love with and same with Bar? these are human beings not robots that are programmed to live a certain way. We can agree to disagree, and I’ll leave it at that.

  • bzfrks

    No, I can`t accept the fact that he is with someone like barf.

  • BRIGHTSIDE now known as makeov

    And the beat goes on and on and on and on……………………. get helppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Axel Foley


    who cares if you don’t accept it… you should worry about your own life and mind your business!!

  • here

    ukh!… all the Bar/Herflies are at their USUAL-selves yet AGAIN… that is, without ur proper meds u r bound to act the way way u do… so GO NOW!… get professional help, and spare us the horror!….. why don’t u get it? that every time u try to make HER look good, u somehow make us hate her… WE hate her even more after ur STUUPPIDDDD BAR-talks…. get it STRAIGHT! WE DON’T LIKE HER AT ALL….. she is a nonentity people…. so get a life….. i wonder how Leo feels about bein snubbed this time?…. no Golden Globes for him….. suits him right!…. i hope he doesn’t get any OSCAR nominations either….. for as long as he’s with people like Bar, and her peeps and all the alcohol and COC (if he does), and all the womanizin and the LIFESTYLE of a D-Lister…. i hope he never wins….. she make him look ill, and he makes himself look even more ILL… it’s his own fault for the way he prefers to live is not WHAT people who are good inside want for themselves….. he has to be as HORRIBLE inside as his precious BAR, or he would have dumped her long while back…. he himself said that he’s not lookin to build up a fan base… he’s gotten OVERCONFIDENT with his career-growth…. he knows he has work, money, girls inc. Bar, friends, family….. he does not need LOVE…. there are people who don’t need love…. maybe he’s one of them…. it’s SAD!…. but as long he does not love Bar it’s OK!….

  • here
  • wtf

    just crackin up over here at MS NUT JOB GAG ME’s comments getting down rated 20 times, LMFAO.!!!! I thought they would finally institutionalize her by now.

  • Lemonface

    @not happening:

    Quit always comparing someone or something to Barf and Leo. Miranda and Orlando also have been together for less time. 3 years and they are married with a baby, live together,do red carpets together etc….Bar and Leo are pretty non existent as far as I’m concerned. oh yeah Miranda also has a career….again stop always comparing. If things were good for Bar you could only talk about her instead of trying to counteract how much of a loser she is, by bringing in others just to try and put them down. PATHETIC.

  • cute

    1- they only married because she became pregnant.
    2-they do red carpets? nobody cares about their “red carpets”.
    3- Miranda has career (?) but Orlando doesn’t have a career. Comparing poor Orlando with Leo is a sacrilege!

  • bzfrks

    Miranda=Leo. She is the one with the career and she carried his. Just like Leo carries barfie`s. But what`s the point of comparing them? They are married with kids and they are not bothered to be seen together red carpet or not. Nothing like Leo and barfie.

  • leo

    leo seems to have a knack for models. some successful, some not so much. I google Kristen Zang and she has about 2 model pictures just like Barf does. All the rest were of her and Leo……just like he and Barf….lol

  • Observer


    I like your opinions makeover. I find reading about celebs and how the media portrays them and manipulates the public fascinating. I feel bad for some fans who believe what they read and start defending their favourite celebs as if they were saints!!
    What makes me laugh is when some celebs comment about their photos on the most famous gossip sites and start complimenting themselves!!


    @Observer: thanks observer, sometimes i think i am talking to a wall here – a very stupid wall. but i think perez hilton’s book about hollywood should be required reading here. i found it on the street- i live in a neighborhood with a lot of people from the publishing industry and they leave books they dont want out–and yeah, he said they definitely read all the gossip sites and are very conscious of how they are seen, etc. and they do their own pr- not only that, bar’s team has been outed here and other places. her best friends, brother, and even she herself has posted on JJ. that’s why its so damn interesting! its like you are talking right at them, not just to a bunch of nobodies. i think kevin connolly has been posting against bar again- here and also on ted casablancas awful truth. someone named kevin dissed bar on this thread and praised blake on ted like two days ago- i can see the wingman not liking the high maintenance selfish girlfriend- he’d have a lot more fun and a lot more play himself if leo was single. he has access to leo’s side of the experience and doesnt seem to be too keen…

    oh well.

    as for miranda and orly- she should have just waited, he was willing to marry her anyway, and he looked miserable and stressed a long time after the baby was announced. she could have maximized her modelling career too if she waited. women are stupid sometimes. i also dont hear her coming on jj and insisting she is drop dead gorgeous no matter how many other people say she isnt.

    miranda actually is cute anyway. bar isnt, especially here. the more they yell “bar is drop dead gorgeous they will get married soon, deal with it !” makes me more determined to poke a hole in them.

    just for a minute, run a simulation. if bar was actually pretty, not just in a good light, if you are feeling kind cute, but really pretty, if she did some charity work that was hands on like volunteer at an animal shelter, if she seemed to have opinions that werent received or had a sense of humor, was able to act, not just you know franchise walk-on fill in the blanks stuff like transformers, we would probably like her. just a bit of originality, actually being pretty, unique dressing, or had some kind of talent, we would think she was a step in the right direction. if she had done her military service and worked on a flight crew, or a medevac team, or learned how to break down a M-16,
    we would probably like her. as it is, its hard. give us something real to work with, just dont yell at us and expect us to like her when you yell she is beautiful, damn it, accept it! when our eyes dont tell us that.

    remember the old commercial for shampoo or makeup that said ” don’t hate me because i am beautiful?” that is how i feel here— i just want to say “dont worry about it, bitch, you’re not and i dont.”

    she looks like a spoiled rich girl like the blair character on facts of life- pretty but also rich and told she is over and over- spoiled, shopping in beverly hills, and the rich spoiled boy likes her for the same reasons.
    kind of like anna lynn mccord on 90210. but she isnt all that pretty otherwise.

    try picturing bar at 30. now 35. now 40. what do you see?? its going to happen one of these days…the lines are going to get deeper, the plastic surgery more noticeable…oh well, its not my problem but i like talking about it.


    ya, bilson’s cute, i just have no idea who she is. a bunch of people on here i’m like- hunh? i dont watch tv, that’s the basic thing, and i also hate reality tv cant watch them for five minutes the people gross me out. ihad no idea who spencer and heidi was until recently i was doing some craft work and had the tube on for background noise…then i found out.

    oh, and adi, the reason why i seem to have “different voices” is that those are actually OTHER REAL LIVE HUMAN BEINGS ON OTHER CONTINENTS AND OTHER COUNTRIES posting here with much the same opinions. i may write a lot, but i dont try to make it seem like there are more of me. i use differentnames to avoid being monitored out, but its all me, one person.

    you see, i know YOU try to make it look like there are numerous people posting for bar, but its ALL YOU. since you do that, you expect other people to do the same thing. I am not pretending to be other people. and no, i am not answering myself, i am posting new thoughts or comments. try and keep up, really ! i know it must be a drag coming on here and having to think of new defensees over and over…so here is my question to you….

    why not just GET A REAL JOB??? i mean you could be dog groomer. there is a school in manhattan–sell plumbing supplies. drive a cab !
    work in the real media. be a teaching assistant. I mean, sell shoes for christ’s sakes. or is this just so much fun???


    i just saw the hawaii pix- went to moe jackson- they look hideous. he looks cute, if slightly chubby, she looks awful. and miserable. and her legs look huge. he looks happy, but i think he likes being out innature…


    ithought they were ina boat paddling together – didnt see pix- they just kind of look posed and lame there like someone put em up to it. his shorts arent as horrible as usual. looks kind of cute with his hair messed up. so german looking sometimes !

  • wtf???


    why do you keep dissing poor Orlando Bloom all the time? comparing Bar to Miranda would be a sacrilege too I guess since Miranda is the one with the successful career as well…so it can go both ways.

  • not happening


    I wasn’t really trying to compare them to Orlando and Miranda, I was just using them as an example b/c Miranda used to get a lot of hate on this website b/c of her relationship to Orlando bloom…and now when you read her threads there is mostly positive comments. I was making the point that once these two decide to get married or have a kid, people will most likely give up with the Bar hate, that’s just the way it usually works, just like with Miranda Kerr…

  • bzfrks

    `once these two decide to get married… people will most likely give up with the Bar hate` Now that`s what`s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I truly hope they will break up soon but even if they don`t I doubt anyone is going to change his or her mind about barf. Look at their new thread. Leo fans are turning against him because of her so you have to be out of your right mind to believe that anyone who still couldn`t accept the fact that Leo is dating barf by now is ever going to like her. Pointless comparison, pointless comments!

  • here

    hmm… so the ratings are gone!… i bet it’s his/her PR at work… still it doesnot change the fact that WE HATE HER and ALWAYS WILL… go back to sagi Bar…. sooo…

  • Emma

    From everything I have read about the lovely Bar, she is just not a very nice person. And lets not forget she is a Isreali draft dodger. I think she and Leo have convienient relationship…she gets her picture taken and publicity and he looks like he has a girlfriend!!

  • Emma

    @MAKEOVER: I’ve been reading through your posts and just wanted to pass on some positive feedback on your well written posts!!!