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John Travolta & Kelly Preston: Meet Baby Benjamin!

John Travolta & Kelly Preston: Meet Baby Benjamin!

John Travolta and Kelly Preston proudly pose with their newborn son, Benjamin, on the cover of this week’s issue of People.

Benjamin, who was born on November 23, has “given the house a renewed spirit and purpose,” John, 56, shared, adding that Benjamin is a “miracle”.

Big sister Ella has been thrilled with getting to know her baby brother. People reports that she’s been giving him hugs and reading Good Night, Gorilla to him!

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  • tj20

    LMAO miracle?? or IVF

  • Mazie

    No picture of the surrogate mother? I hope Ben is normal for his own sake.

  • Emma

    Especially after the tragedy with their son…

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Yeah yeah i know i know this old pic

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    I hate their children for money. What a bunch of Xenu-worshipping losers.

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Cograts new som

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    What happen ?

  • crossed fingers

    hope the child is healthy or these wackos will do the wrong thing

  • Thai

    IVF+Scientology+surrogate mother (possibly) = “miracle”.

  • ace11

    not trying to be mean here…

    but shouldn’t they be at the age where they should be grandparents?

  • DarkEmpress

    awwwww he looks sleepy! love babies!

  • Thai


    LOL, he is 56, she is 48. Grandparents at this age? I dont think so.

  • Sonia


    Honey, IVF is very much a miracle.

  • O.O

    They scare me.

  • man made miracle

    no such thing ..hee

  • http://@imagin8ion Jenn


    56 and 48? Those are most definitely grandparent ages, and very rarely parent-of-a-newborn ages….regardless, good for them. Hope they are happy…the death of their son was tragic. No one deserves that. Sad for this kid, though, by the time he hits 30 his parents will likely be near death. He’ll be set for life though, and he has a big sis, so he’ll be OK…

  • Layla

    Some of you people should be ashamed of yourself. Whether you agree w their religion or not …. it only takes a minute to offer best wishes and blessings to this beautiful baby. Doesn’t matter how he was born or who you think he was born to …. he’s their child.

    Congratulations to John and Kelly on their beautiful baby boy. :-)

  • http://twitter@imagin8ion Jenn


    Yes, many people are grandparents at this age, and very few are popping out babies. But it’s Hollywood, where laws of nature are routinely suspended! I wish them well. I barely have the energy for one kid and I’m only 27! Bless their hearts.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    They ALL look over-joyed at s*h*i*t.

  • Kennedy

    Shame on some of you. You sit behind your computer screens and say such hateful and awful things …. doubt you’d say that otherwise. Whether you agree w their religion or not is really not the point here.
    How long does it take to say something kind? Shameful.

    Congratulations to John and Kelly on their beautiful baby boy, Benjamin.

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    @BloodbuzzOhio: Oops, I meant to say I hate it when celebrities exploit their children for money.

  • You’re so obvious

    Layla = Kennedy
    They had 10 freaking years to make a third baby (Ella is almost 11) yet they only did it when one of their child died and at fourty frickin eight years old! If that’s not looney I don’t know what is.

  • Sandra


  • ace11


    thanks for agreeing with me….

    i am 38 and have an 18 year old daughter….i assume by the time i am his age i will have grandkids….most likely they might even be teenagers

    56 and 48 are ages where you should be enjoying grandkids

    but it’s hollywood so…

  • A Log in Your Eyes


    One thing though, they are not losers like you.

  • nes

    totally agree wit #22 and by ta way wats up wit john face “scary”.

  • Vesper

    Awww, Adorable baby, I for one am happy for them.

  • *~*+*~*

    who are they fooling? the baby isn’t even white. hahaha

    poor baby will grow up with sickos. give it to me

  • commonsense

    I wish you people would all step away from what’s normal or “typical” What’s the point in working toward average? We are all different. People mature, live and their biological clocks tick at a different pace..

    If she was able to have this kid without tons of fertility intervention…then this was absolutely the right thing for her to do. Because you have grandkids at that age, it does not mean that any and everyone else should.

  • lookey here

    always good to carry a spare

  • fardous

    i hope they are realy happy

  • laverdadduele

    A baby is a miracle and a blessing, regardless of where it came from or how it was conceived. I don’t share their beliefs, but I’m sure they’re much better parents than some of the morons posting here will ever be. Congratulations to the Travoltas!

  • Iffy Miffy

    Hope the child doesn’t have any problems as he will be discarded by these scieno freaks as a person of lesser value. Who doubts it, they can search what these whackos think of people with autism (their deceased boy) or others who suffer a similar fate. But here comes the replacement baby. Best of luck to the little guy, he is so going to need it.

  • Justme

    That baby isn’t white it’s PuertoRican!

  • gret

    But her preg photos did look off. If they used a surrogate why not just admit it? What’s the big deal? It’s not like no one ever does it.

  • siennagold

    I’m really happy for them!

  • Deedz

    What a sham of a marriage.

  • Dexter

    latino baby

  • Poppin

    Beautiful Couple!!!

  • stella

    @Ace….good job having a baby when you were only 20

    Anyway I think it is great that they have this baby, looks just like John!!

  • Twinkle


    I agree completely. There is just no way that these celebs are getting pregnant naturally at their ages: Nicole, Halle, Kelly, Jane, JLo. I wish they would just be honest and say that they had a little man made interference.

  • Zoe Moon

    He is soooo adorable! Congrats to this family.

  • To commonsense

    at her age, it is not possible to have a baby without intervention. that doesn’t mean it’s anyone’s business or that they shouldn’t have a baby if that’s what they wanted, but it doesn’t mean we’re all going to buy that it was without some sort of help.

  • Hmmmm

    Did they get this baby to replace their song that died?
    I think this is very Strange!

  • Fritz loves her Cowboy

    Beautiful baby.
    Happy for them. :)

  • Cute Ben

    What a cutie. Congrats to the parents.

  • http://@72 ella

    ummm…while 48 and 50+ are definitely not the age you would think people would still be having newborns, i do think those ages are still too young to be grandparents and the only reason that some people are grandparents at that age is because either they had their kid at a typically ‘young’ age (ie; not at the age most people start having children such as from ages 25 and up) or their kid is having a child really young or both!

  • e

    Congrats to the Travoltas, I’m very happy for them.


    My frozen spermies still work and that baby looks just like me!

  • *~*+*~*

    Jared supports Scientology. I will boycott him