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Rumer Willis: Badgley Mischka Ad Campaign!

Rumer Willis: Badgley Mischka Ad Campaign!

Check out Rumer Willis featured in Badgley Mischka‘s new Spring 2011 ad campaign. Two exclusive behind-the-scenes pics below!

The 22-year-old daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis stated, “It was so amazing to play on the beach in beautiful and timeless gowns, I felt like a princess. Partnering with [Mark Badgley and James Mischka] has been such a wonderful experience and I am honored to appear in the new campaign.”

Watch Rumer talk about Badgley Mischka below!

Rumer Willis Talks Badgley Mischka

15+ behind-the-scenes pictures inside Rumer‘s Badgley Mischka‘s ad campaign…

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rumer willis badgley mischka ad campaign 01
rumer willis badgley mischka ad campaign 02
rumer willis badgley mischka ad campaign 03
rumer willis badgley mischka ad campaign 04
rumer willis badgley mischka ad campaign 05
rumer willis badgley mischka ad campaign 06
rumer willis badgley mischka ad campaign 07
rumer willis badgley mischka ad campaign 08
rumer willis badgley mischka ad campaign 09
rumer willis badgley mischka ad campaign 10
rumer willis badgley mischka ad campaign 11
rumer willis badgley mischka ad campaign 12
rumer willis badgley mischka ad campaign 13
rumer willis badgley mischka ad campaign 14
rumer willis badgley mischka ad campaign 15
rumer willis badgley mischka ad campaign 16
rumer willis badgley mischka ad campaign 17
rumer willis badgley mischka ad campaign 18

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  • mailey

    her face is hideous. dont know how she got this job. ridiculous.

  • Megan

    “dont know how she got this job”
    Yes, you do – she has celebrity parents.

  • HPH

    I’m sorry but her face is hideous how is she modeling?? I guess nepotism can do wonders…this is absurd surely would deter me from purchasing badgely mischka

  • gawsh

    wow her nose is so odd… its like her head grew but her nose didnt

  • mememe


    the “how she got this job” question is very easily answered – her parents are Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. That fact still has to be mentioned in EVERY SINGLE post or article about her – because otherwise no one could ever believe how someone like her would be getting these kinds of contracts. Although to be honest i would never have thought that Bruce or Demi or even Ashton had the kind of power in Hollywood to keep her going for as long as she has been.

  • Eegle

    I don’t feel the need to be too cruel about her average looks, but c’mon, there is no way she would have been given this job if her parents weren’t famous.

    I guess I’m just baffled by this. Why exactly was she picked for this ad campaign??

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    How’s ? But She is sexy

  • this

    I don’t get this campaign. she’s clearly a wrong choice.

  • Cristobal

    The first two dresses are really cute.

  • fardous

    no she still have monkey face her mother is beaty

    i dont where did she get this noise

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute(my real name duncan)

    What a boring cover

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Maybe in cover

  • mervyn

    Talk about nepotism! Any other person wanting to be a celeb with her face wouldn’t be given the chance…it’s who you know

  • fardous

    i like what she wearing more than her

  • blair

    Very bad choice, sorry, she is ugly.

  • Clay

    Wow, you people are so mean! She looks great in these photos. Why do you have to be cruel? Be happy for her.

  • siennagold

    She looks like Jay Leno.

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute(my real name d


  • FIDM Girl

    BM is one of my faves. They are so good that they can us an ordinary looking woman with an ordinary figure and she still looks stunning. Most other designers must rely on microscopic sticks figures for their designs to have impact.

    I think they made a good choice with her, she’s not a “weird” model type, she’s average-medium height and build and the cloths still look stunning.

  • griffin

    Her parents should encourage her to get a real job or an education. I get the feeling they are always calling in favours or paying people to put her in movies and now this?? It’s got to stop. The girl is delusional about her looks and talent. I have no idea what Badgley Mischka are doing…it’s like when Lilo was “designing” clothes now this girl is “modelling”. Get real.

  • Sandra

    She is so ugly!! She only got this campaign thanks to her famous parents!
    Talentless and useless!

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Sexy for u people ,,

    For me i don’t get any attractive
    i see wried at all

  • Annie

    She looks just like a Hapsburg- this girl has got to be inbred somehow. Now I certainly don’t dislike Rumer because of her unfortunate genes but I do dislike nepotism.

  • XYZ

    Even a blind can see the pics were photoshopped…

  • FIDM Girl


    ALL photos in ALL print ads are photo-shopped. What is your point?

  • stella

    With a little photoshop…..anythings possible ;)

  • fashionLOVER

    check out my blog

  • Frida

    This is really weird. Rumer Willis in a fashion ad? Just no. It’s not about her looks, but rather what has she done to make them think she would be suitable. She’s not a model, not a particularly successful actress, not a style icon… it’s just a very weird pick.

  • Rocky



  • Rocky



  • http://yahoo happy girl

    my advice to Rumour is to stop trying to be Demi(because she is not good looking like her) and follow more in Bruce’s footsteps,shave your head and just be cool,can you do that for us Rumour,because rumour has it that you are a potato face.

  • bedsi

    I would loove to know whether she thinks she´s pretty ! There are really beatiful celebrity-kids out there why did they picked her ?? But hey , I feel really pretty know because I know that I would look waaay better than her in this outfits :) sorry Rumer :)

  • Rae

    I bet most of you bashing her looks are probably much less attractive than her! She is odd looking, but not ugly. Get a life and just because she has celebrity parents and gets to model doesn’t mean we need to hear your two cents.

  • Pachy

    She sure is an ugly woman.

  • Kell

    Has anyone else noticed that none of these pictures really show her face?
    It’s always tucked to the side or there are strands of hair in the way etc.

  • kASSIE

    Why is ok for Emma Roberts to do campaigns and not Rumor Willis? They both get jobs for the same reason.

  • poppy

    I think it’s smart on BM part. THey get all the attention on the gowns because clearly we are not looking at the model and they get the attention of her being the daughter of…

  • co

    She is very unattractive. If her name were not Willis she would have not gotten the job. Her looks are well below average. When someone is placed in front of the public as a model, which is a symbol of beauty, it invites attention and criticism. It does not mean anyone hates her.

  • griffin

    They will get attention for the wrong reasons. Fashion should be something to aspire to, nobody cares about the clothes if the model isn’t great.


    She looks like an inbred hillbilly…

  • fashionista

    Brdgley Mischka is going DOWN HILL if they chose this….person for this ad campaign.

  • nikko

    I don’t understand these Hollywood famous parents children. Why don’t they go to college and get an education (including Paris Hilton, Nicole Smith, etc.). They have the money, some people wish they had the funds to be able to get an higher education. Not everyone can be a model/actor.

  • catandcow

    Yes every pic is hiding her face. Even photoshop isn’t helping. Imagine what the camera guys are thinking on this shoot.

  • Carla

    Not a cute girl at all! Demi and Bruce sure pulled some strings, didn’t they?!

  • Erin

    I have to say–I think those dresses are amazing!! The dresses made her look really good, I think. Maybe that was their point–focus on the dress instead of the model like we always do.

  • the comments – wow

    what bunch of mean people on this site …

  • Rumor Monger

    This dude is busted.

  • pam


    She looks too much like Bruce.

  • Anita

    The ads look great especially the first 3. I was like “huh” when I heard she got the job but overall I think she did a great job.

  • Lisa

    FUGLY inbred bitch