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Andrew Garfield is Spider-Man -- FIRST LOOK

Andrew Garfield is Spider-Man -- FIRST LOOK

Check out this first look of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man!

The 27-year-old actor recently opened up to Details about taking on the role of Peter Parker and Spidey.

“Whenever I have a moment of doubt, I’m very easily able to equate it with the character struggle I’m stepping into,” Andrew shared. “And that’s immediately reassuring – it feels like I’m in the right place for this.”

Bigger pic inside…

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andrew garfield spiderman 01

Credit: Deadline; Photos: Sony Pictures
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  • BEAN

    Why does he have such big hair?

  • Bluebird

    AWESOME, I can’t wait to watch Spiderman =)

  • A E-G

    He’s too skinny to play “Peter Parker.”

  • rya

    SO hot

  • kiki

    hes a good actor and a good guy. i’m hoping he makes it big!

  • kenny
  • web url

    @Bluebird: I agree, I am also looking forward to it and it is going to be a long wait. Supposedly it comes out July 3, 2012, which is a long time from now. Hopefully the plot will be creative and not rushed.

  • mike

    so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Someone

    Can’t wait for see the movie.

  • Sean

    This is going to flop big time

  • Someone

    Can’t wait for see the movie.

  • Someone

    Andrew looks amazing!
    Can’t wait for see the movie.

  • pl100

    OMG. So good to see this.

  • Mike

    @A E-G:

    Peter Parker is skinny, dont let the Tobey McGuire’s Spider-Man fool you. This is how Spiderman is suppose to look

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …`i actually like it. much grittier. he’s a big skinny, and long. LOL …he could do with a haircut. with the long neck and thin face that huge head of hair just a little funny.

  • sunbears

    @Mike: Exactly.

  • *~*+*~*

    best of luck to Andrew.

  • Andrew

    It’s refreshing to see a “lanky” (for lack of a better word) Spider-Man. Spider-Man is about flexibility. All the muscles in the previous Spider-Man were unnecessary and unrealistic.

    I hope this film does well. Looking forward to seeing what Andrew Garfield brings to the table as Spider-Man.

  • yeeee


  • tingtongpingpong


  • http://j ivanka

    can’t wait! andrew fan for life

  • Rosy

    I love Spiderman, can’t wait to see this movie!

  • a boy from another planet

    Hmmmm, interesting. I don’t know what I think yet. I’ll wait and see more pictures.

  • WieGets

    So why isnt Spiderman… a man? this should be called spiderboy.

  • Tom

    I prefer him to Tobey Maguire.

  • jj22

    Your average bird chest, skinny little british boy!

  • tinkerbell

    Eh…how could this “flop”? it’s SPIDERMAN for fck sake, everyone will want to see it!
    I am excited, i hated Toby McGuire. and the last two Spiderman movies sucked balls!

  • Courtney


  • Eyre

    I love his performance in the social network already bought my copy the movie I really liked.Andrew is a young great actor and looks very cute and sexy as spiderman can’t wait to see it.

  • Tom

    I think the British always do it better than Americans. We go for talent over looks and once again a talented Brit is going to show the world how good he is.

  • Tom


    Better than being a fat American.

  • Lorie

    Don’t understand what’s so great about this picture but at least Andrew at 27 can be made to look 17 which is good since Spiderman is back in highschool.

  • mila

    Mmm…..Isn’t he too skinny to play spiderman? Tobey Maguire was really strong and in the comic boocks peter parker is a muscular guy.
    With the costume he looks even more skinny,It almost looks unhealthy…

  • american pride

    the British tend to act better…

  • SarahNL

    Not sure if I will watch it.. Spiderman movie without Tobey? :S

  • Michelle

    He’s so cute. I love him on Social Network. Can’t wait for Spiderman. :)

  • L

    I have a feeling this movie WILL be missing Tobey Maguire because he actually had a balance about him, he looked geeky enough to play Peter Parker, but he also looked attractive enough so it would be believable that a girl would be interested in him, he also had a certain intensity behind his eyes.
    Andrew, in this suit looks ridiculous, too skinny, no one is saying he should look like a bodybuilder but Tobey had the perfect body + face to play Peter Parker.
    Andrew looks like a skinny, homely nerd and I think it’s sad that they chose him to play spiderman.
    Tobey looked like a hot geeky guy, perfect for the part.
    This movie will flop because Andrew, although i’m sure he is a great actor, just doesn’t have the look, he’s not right for the part.

  • http://AOL Pat

    Movie wont be the same without Tobey Maguire. He will always be Spiderman.

  • J

    I still don’t understand why they are rebooting the movie. The original movies were great. I guess I will give it a chance, but Tobey Maguire will always be Spider-Man to me.

  • TN


  • Blah


    He was scrawny in the beginning. Dont people remember the fuss? He was bigger after the spider incident but his character still remained a weedy little guy.

  • kevin

    Why couldn’t they find a American, or at least someone who knows who spiderman is and what he’s about.

  • jezzgirl

    Talk about Andrew Garfield at

  • JohnnyRelentless


    Spiderman is a kid who took the name Spiderman and his villains sometimes were surprised to realize during close up fighting and reparte that he was a kid. Calling himself Spiderman only enhances the disguise, though.

    Besides, in a few years he’ll be a man, and would he want people caling him Spiderboy then?

  • volts

    i was really hoping before that hilary duff will be the leading lady of spidey. but it’s all just a rumor. :(

  • Spock

    Once again, actors once known for their key roles are either “too big”, or too busy, or too greedy to continue with a character we enjoy.

    (Like Eric Banner in the Hulk)

    I miss the actors who looked buff enough to play the role. The feet need to fit the shoes! Granted it is pretty hard to macth the phyisical characteristics of the “comic book” image, but…

  • WieGets


    this is what spiderman should be like. pretty fed up with everything being “teenified”…

  • Michael Freitag

    I want the old Peter Parker :-(

  • emma


  • s

    can’t wait to see the movie!