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Jessica Alba: Honor's Brand New Bike!

Jessica Alba: Honor's Brand New Bike!

Jessica Alba takes her adorable daughter Honor Warren to get a new bike on Wednesday (January 12) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Honor, 2, threw on her new pink helmet and took a few bikes for a test ride around the store with her nanny before she settled on a purple and pink DiamondBack cruiser.

Earlier in the week, the 29-year-old actress strolled down the street after having brunch with her husband Cash Warren and their daughter in Beverly Hills.

FYI: Honor is wearing a Bell bicycle helmet!

15+ pictures inside of Jessica Alba and her daughter Honor at the bike shop…

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42 Responses to “Jessica Alba: Honor's Brand New Bike!”

  1. 1
    *~*+*~* Says:

    Best of luck to Jessica and her family!

  2. 2
    boots Says:

    Jess pimping out her kid again

  3. 3
    BEAN Says:

    Is it really horrible and bad karma that I think Honor is an ugly kid? I feel guilty but I just can’t help it. I can see Jessica in her and Cash in her and the mix is just not a good one.

  4. 4
    smiley miley fan1 Says:

    no its not horrible i feel the same way i mean i love jess and i just figured that over time honor would get prettier but i guess i was wrong.

  5. 5
    paty Says:

    I´m not much of a Jessica Alba´s fan but I can´t deny she´s beautiful and has some talent. To me, she doesn´t look like she´s pimping the kid in this particular occasion, they´re just out getting the kid a new bike, in a public place, like people do.
    Honor is not beautiful at all, thruth be said, but she´s one of my favourite celeb kids, because she´s always so cute in her outfits and always has an adorable look on her face. Maybe she´ll go up to be as pretty as her mom….who knows!

  6. 6
    Bobby Says:

    Honor is the ugliest celebrity kid out there! Im sorry but she is! her face is hideous! Its weird cuz her parents are sooo goodlooking! i guess not all beautiful people make beautiful babies like brad and angelina do=( Suri,Zahara,Shiloh, Nahla and Vivienne are the cutest! Girl wise=)

  7. 7
    MEANIEminemooooooooooo Says:

    Come on, lets all speak our minds here: The kid is ugly.(period)
    and there´s nothing people can do or say that will change the fact. I can´t help myself thinking Jessica Alba never saw that one coming! I mean, she´s gorgeous and her hubby is a charming man, how could they possibly bear an ugly child? Well, **** happens, better luck next try.

  8. 8
    MEANIEminemooooooooooo Says:

    Little girl has an ape face.

  9. 9
    MEANIEminemooooooooooo Says:

    Little Honor looks like an ape. I´d probably feed her bananas.

  10. 10
    Paty Says:

    No need to be so hateful over a child!

  11. 11
    latam Says:

    you would think jessica alba would have a beautiful baby, I do feel bad thinking shes not cute, shes only a child :(

  12. 12
    RyanLuvsAbby Says:

    Anybody Who thinks this child is the ugliest celeb kid like this comment. Who is the cutest???

  13. 13
    BEAN Says:

    @RyanLuvsAbby: Kingston Rossdale!!
    I dont think she is the ugliest. I dont like to see kids as ugly but she is just not cute at all.

  14. 14
    RyanLuvsAbby Says:

    @BEAN: Ok well then shes not cute! lol who is the cutest?

  15. 15
    pj Says:

    I don’t know why, but it’s good to know that she is buying the bike on sale! Some celebs would buy ultra expensive ones that their kids end up damaging or growing out of. I’m not particularly fond of Jessica – I think she’s an awful actress (if I can even call her that), but I think that’s great. Also, leave the child alone! Her daughter isn’t the one in the public eye. I wish they would blur Honor’s face, like they do in Europe with celeb babies.

  16. 16
    Stacy Says:

    Why the heck is that toddler size bike 159$!!! I know they have the money to spend, but seriously! Even if I was rich, that is way too much for a bike that will be grown out of in 3 months.

  17. 17
    pj Says:

    @Stacy: The bike is on sale for 119.99, but yeah, that is still a lot. But, I suppose they want a quality product, not some rickety, poorly-manufactured one.

  18. 18
    Alexa Says:

    She is a cutie pie. It’s the same miserable person making the horrible comments about this little girl. She’s adorable, happy and healthy unlike you miserable toads.

  19. 19
    aneela Says:

    honor has a unibrow!!!
    maybe honor will be a smart, funny and adorable person, but now she’s not a beautiful kid.
    she’s not the ugliest celeb baby, but she’s not pretty. she has unibrow, ugly nose and her eyes are too small but I think this is not a tragedy: she’s not a beauty now, beauty isn’t all!

  20. 20
    What the *** Says:

    Are all americans dumb like the people who comment this site? All of you should be ashamed to talk like this. Beauty is a very individual thing, things you consider as “ugly” are not to others. Think about it please, its just ridiculous. Theres always someone whos considering a celebrity as “ugly” on this site, no matter how beautiful they are – but just continue to call everybody fat and ugly, and if that not works, maybe a *****? You americans dont know what life is all about and the world need to have pity with you. I really cannot believe some people are really thinking the looks are that important. Poor country.
    (Mistakes are not intended, not my first language).

  21. 21
    sillyme Says:

    Looks like Honor’s got her dad’s looks. Bless her little heart. Sometimes girls like that get prettier when they get older. I mean, Sadie Sandler has gotten a bit prettier as she’s gotten older. And, then you have the opposite, girls who are cute when they’re young, but when they’re older…not so much (i.e., Rumer Willis).

  22. 22
    Brooke Says:

    She is an ugly kid and Jessica cant even take her own god damn kid to a bike store by herself what i dont get about celebrities is why just for a few hours most of them cant take care of their kids by themselves and always need nannies like its not like she is working their at a bike store normal people can do why cant they

  23. 23
    SarahNL Says:

    Aww she’s cute. Jessica looks really proud of her daughter. She is even smiling at the paparazzi. :P

  24. 24
    pigenfrafyn Says:

    I agree! Not a nice-looking kid!
    She reminds me of Chucky with those brooding eyes!

  25. 25
    lw Says:

    ugly kid. jessica alba takes herself and her craaaaft way too seriously. i mean, she sux as an actress. she should act in lifetime movies. she, like blech liveless, must suk a mean c*ck to get the work they do.

  26. 26
    shallow jealous people Says:

    So what if her kid isn’t the cutest ever? what do you want her to do about it? it’s like you all feel happy because a hot girl had an average looking child, it’s like some pathetic revenge for you. The same people that will biitch about plastic surgery in HW and all.
    Anyways looks as a kid don’t mean much honestly. You think all those good looking celebs, male and female, all looked good as kids? You can change a lot. Even if she becomes an average looking girl that’s fine, she doesn’t need to look like a model to live a happy life.
    Natalie Portman as a kid
    Tom Cruise

  27. 27
    Dee Says:

    @What the ***:

    How do you know the people who made the comments are Americans? You are condescending and not to mention sound as ignorant as the people you are ranting against.

  28. 28
    shallow jealous people Says:

    Demi Moore lol cutie pie
    Ryan Seacrest×300.jpg

  29. 29
    Tom Says:

    All the comments saying her kid is ulgy, watch one little honor grows up she will be beautiful.

  30. 30
    siennagold Says:

    The kid is cute in a very strange way!

  31. 31
    Abigail Says:

    She looks good in the picture where she smiles. She needs to smile more. She’s a good looking person.

  32. 32
    Lala Says:

    She actually looks a lot like jessica when she was young, look at the pictures on her facebook account!

  33. 33
    anon Says:


    No judgment here but you should use your self-questioning as an opportunity for some self-examination. When negativity is easy for you maybe you’re just a little worried that it in part is defining you.
    “Ugly” is an ugly word and should ONLY be used to describe attitude, action and character when applicable.

  34. 34
    Frida Says:

    All you people calling a child ugly f*cking disgust me! I wonder how your parents raised you for you to be so bitter and ignorant.

  35. 35
    Annie Says:

    The kid *is* pretty funny looking, but people change so much as they grow up so it hardly means she will look funny her whole life. I looked like a hob-goblin at this age, but I’m not half bad at 30!

  36. 36
    MEANIEminemooooooooooo Says:

    Last time I checked the dictionary UGLY was the antonym of BEAUTIFUL. You can have an ugly personality, or an ugly character if it pleases you but you can most certainly have an ugly face. In your opinion ugly should be used for describing people POETICALLY speaking, but too bad it happens to undeniebly be a very DIRECT and CLEAR adjective and mainly used for it´s real meaning: ill-favored, hard-featured, unattractive and unpleasant on the eye………..and Hey, don´t shoot the messenger people! The only one I´m defending here is the poor UGLY word and its right to be freely used as it was meant to be/mean. Having said that, the kid is indeed ugly. Leaving now, on the way to self-examining myself………..

  37. 37
    lala gregoria Says:

    @7:02 pm WTF is wrong with you? besides the fact you are a class act hypocrit and racist…might wanna watch how you racially slur americans, you are not the sharpest tool in the shed obviously, in fact you have a lot of nerve calling out other peoples nasty comments while you are typing lengthly ones of your own, the karma bus does not miss or make wrong stops, and yours is on its way. people like you are what make this world the ugly place it is to live, your narcissistic attitude and personality shine through you for just the fool you really are, you have made a complete ass out of yourself on here. and we are all ROFLOAOAU…thanks for the laugh you fool!

  38. 38
    wendy Says:

    truthfully jessica pimps her daughter into the waiting , flashing cameras of the paps on an almost daily basis, therefore I have not one fraction of an ounce of sympathy when people talk TRUTH here, and the truth is that her daughter honor is ugly there is nothing cute or pleasant about her appearance, and or her stick in the mud personality and no she will not be growing up any different than ugly either, ugly kids make ugly adults, so get over it, truth hurts with it and stop wasting your life whning about it or trying to manipulate others from speaking the truth.end of story!

  39. 39
    ellen Says:

    there is only three kinds of people who would ever say honor is cute, and that would be a relative, a blind, or a flat out dumb ass! no one with two good eyes, that is not related or stupid would ever write or claim her to be something she is not and that is attractive.
    maybe her and shiloh can be a couple when they grow up, shi wants to be a boy and honor looks like a boy, what a perfect gay couple.

  40. 40
    teddy Says:

    @Bobby: lol brange didnt make pretty babys

  41. 41
    brad&angie4ever! Says:

    @teddy: Ugh brangelina’s kids are prettier than honor!

  42. 42
    marais morris Says:

    i cannot condone anyone’s speaking so mean and hateful about a baby. it’s funny too that i never once thought about this child as being anything other than cash and jessica’s daughter. when i read these posts, i was shocked, at first, but later, i was alarmed when i realized that speaking so ill about this baby’s looks is just a step below hitler and his thierd reich’s comments about a master race. someone actually called this child “an ape”. well, i surely hope that whoever you are that you have had all your children and all your grandchildren and all your great grandchildren just in case you live long enough to see that many of your generations. what goes around always comes around so don’t be surprised when one of your relatives, someone very close to you, has something happen to them that will suddenly remind you of the horrible-ness of what you had said about an innocent baby years and years prior.

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