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Kate Bosworth: Daisy Dukes at Bristol Farms

Kate Bosworth: Daisy Dukes at Bristol Farms

Kate Bosworth soaks up the sunny Southern California weather on Wednesday (January 12) in Los Angeles.

The actress, who turned 28 on January 2, went grocery shopping with a friend at Bristol Farms.

Kate and boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard have reportedly been living together in L.A. while still trying to keep their romance under the radar, according to E! Online.

Over the weekend, Alex made a solo appearance at the Audi and J. Mendel Golden Globes kick-off party.

FYI: Kate is wearing an H&M suede top, a pair of J Brand “1043″ cuffed shorts in Mako, a Proenza bag, and JewelMint‘s “Eros” earrings.

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  • umm

    she looks like Jessica Simpson

  • LisaM

    Please cover up your anorexic body! And please destroy those god-awful smelly shoes and please get a life of your own instead of taking away every boyfriend’s you get your venom into!!!

  • pj

    Isn’t she cold?!


    many news today:
    Kate Bosworth in shorts,
    Reese Weederspoon in boots
    Blake Lively in some outfit,
    Bar Refaeli shopping.

    The only one missing of the cheerfull gang is Rachel Bilson grocery shopping.
    Boy, that will make our day!

  • Dummy…

    @LisaM did she steal your boyfriend??

  • sunbears

    Shorts in January? Is it really that warm in California?

    The longer Alexander is with her, the less interested I am in him. I can’t help it but I feel like he’s lost a lot of his charm since he got with her and her PR people.

  • SadFan

    Cold & old, boring too

  • Melanie

    your roots are showing honey, time for a new bleach job. didn’t know she wasn’t a natural blonde but not surprised.

  • ابطال اوروبا

    for you

  • دورى ابطال اوروبا

    the best

  • Drew

    They don’t live together.

  • Drew

    Stop spreading rumors.

  • Weeds


  • Weeds


  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • gemini

    This girl really needs to buy a new pair of shoes. She wears the same pair again and again. Her feet must stink.

  • ABC

    They’re engaged, actually.


    Only a Dyson has better suction.

  • fuzzie

    I like Kate Bag of Bonesworth , she’s a pretty girl & think she & Alex make a great couple BUT she needs to put on a bit of weight as she’s far too skinny! Makes me wonder if she’s actually gonna eat some of that food she’s bought there, or is it just for show, lol!

  • Nicole

    Who cares if they live together or are engaged blah blah blah. Alex lost his appeal big time since being with her. Orly had is baby boy with his beautiful WIFE so Kate lost in this whole game she has been playing. People still speak ill of her on every point and her career is in the toilet where it belongs for an no talent hanger on. She is so pathetic that she is glad to have people just talking about her even if it is all bad. That’s when you know you have sunken to new depths. Their movie is on shaky ground due to bad performances and controversial plot and Alex’s Battleship is already getting beaten up by other main stream award winning directors. HE should really rethink he PR strategy because this isn’t exactly a successful one. It has lowered him in the eyes of other people.

  • Drew

    @ABC: No they’re not. Stop making up rumors.

  • beats

    truck stop hooker

  • fuzzie

    I like Kate BagofBonesworth , she’s a pretty girl & think she & Alex make a great couple BUT she needs to put on a bit of weight as she’s far too skinny! Makes me wonder if she’s actually gonna eat some of that food she’s bought there, or is it just for show, lol!

  • groovelicious

    Who’s the guy in plaid?
    New boyfriend?
    They’re perfectly matched fashion wise.

  • villa

    What is wrong with this girl? Does she not own a mirror? She looks ridiculous in those dirty, ugly old boots and too tight shorts. Can’t she afford a new pair of boots?

    And what’s up with the fancy earrings? She’s only going to the market.

  • villa

    What is wrong with this girl? Does she not own a mirror? She looks ridiculous in those dirty, ugly old boots and too tight shorts. Can’t she afford a new pair of boots?

    And what’s up with the fancy earrings?? She’s only going to the market.

  • Hmmmm

    Why is she all of a sudden having photo ops with Alex’s friend? Is Alex too tired of showmance duty ? Seems like a lot of effort is being put in to make sure that we know the nomance is still afoot. Taryn from E! Online who tweeted how much she loves Kate then writes that they are shacking up, now JJ is running with the story. Some person that barely know Kate tells E! that she and Alex will make pretty babies. Next day Kate goes to gyno…paps Are there. Alex supposedly wants to marry Kate if she stops partying. Really? POT MEET KETTLE. Kate goes to camera shop with same friend of Alex….paps are there.

    For F@cks sake , let them get married and move to Sweden already. PLEEEASE, STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!!!

    Alex looks tired, worn out and has aged quite a bit in the last year. Check out the grey in the beard. Whatever this is it’s not healthy for him. Yes, he may be on night shoots but he was on night shoots before this thing began and he never looked this beat. That is not the look of love.

  • @ Villa

    Another photo op for her craptastic tackymint line.

  • hotlanta

    Kate Bosworth looks like she started to get dressed but gave up by the time she reached her bottom half.

  • Hmmmm

    Seems like Kate got the message that her not actually wearing Tackymint jewelry is bad for business. I look forward to having her prance around in that gawd awful craptastic joolree she’s been trying to hawk. It must kill her to have to wear that crap especially since it seems she never wore much jewelry before.

  • plaid guy

    @groovelicious: thats a friend of askars…

  • plaid guy

    @villa: be sure to check out her tackymint site who will surely link these photos with reference to the earrings… but yes, the paps are so annoying…. ROFL

  • Hmmmm

    Seriously, do any Swedes actually smile around her? I mean really, Kate said that Sweden was a depressing place. Maybe she didn’t understand it’s actually her sucking the joy out of the Swedes. Even in sunny Cali.

  • OMG

    (surfer dude called by fans is actually alex’s friend)

    omg at least surfer dude is willing to go shopping with her more then her BF alexander I have now come to the conclusion that surfer dude and kate are actually an item! more then kate and alex!!

  • Sasha

    If they are dating, he should just own up to it by now. I would respect him slightly more.

  • ABC

    They are living together and they are engaged.

  • Wew

    Why everybody hates her? It’s only a question, i don’t live in America so i don’t know anything about her except that she is not a good actress and that her legs are ugly and thin…in a scary way!

  • Whatever

    I’m so tired of this show. Come on guys, go get married, have babies and live together (incl. at least a dozen Swedish roomies). Just do it but don’t bore us with this lame reality soap.
    Whatever they have with each other it is not healthy and Alex is paying for this big time, esp. seeing what just one single year did to him. He looks so tired and washed-out in the recent pics and aged immensely whereas she seems to thrive on being with him.

  • Tanter

    Could she pose any harder? Pathetic.

    And poor dude – relegated to being a prop in a pap-fest. They cannot be so thick that they’re not picking up, that that’s what’s going on by now.

  • @ABC


    where is your proof that they are living together and engaged where are the photo’s of kate coming out of alex’s home! photo’s of her engagement ring offical statement from there camp alex cannot even confirm he is dating her but alex will announce an engagement! provide us with proof and I will believe you!!

    beside kate would shout it to the paps if she was engaged to alex she cannot keep her big mouth shut! just like she opened her trap to swedish news paper aftonbladet about there relationship. and so far alex has never confirmed kate as his GF!

  • casper

    I see casper the shitty ghost is here again. for someone who has supposingly been to mexico for her b’day with alex she shaw looks like a f**kin ghost! kate shorts and vest really??……………………. everyone else is covered up?………….. GROW UP KATE your almost 30 not 20! get another job!!

  • @whatever

    jeez, the difference in those pictures is actually scary. regardless of whats caused it, bonesworth or something else, somethign definitely needs to change!

  • Hmmmm


    Just look her up. Better yet, you can see her 4 year history on JJ where her mundane actions have been chronicled ad nauseum in obvious set up pap shots. The negative comments have been the same for the last 4 years, it’s not because she’s with Alex. It’s because people find her innately unlikeable.

  • Anna

    Engaged?…It’s gonna be pretty hard to have wedding photos taken when you refuse to stand next to the other person in public!!!

  • Karma Komics

    Marriage????-Perfect Solution!
    I say Go For IT Alex and Kate!

    Marriage IS definitely the thing to do to make your fans “love” you even more now.

    It really must be a lot of work for the “obviously happy couple” to have to keep coming up with NEW PR stunt ideas to “thrill” us all the time.

    I mean, seriously, how many more grocery, gyno, lunches, Sweden trips does it take for your fans to understand the “sincerity” of you two wonderful kids?

    I feel for you -I REALLY DO-
    Gosh it must be tiresome trying to stay relevant!
    Couldn’t be happier for a more “deserving” couple!
    CAN”T WAIT FOR the ” Secret wedding and baby bump- is she or isn’t she- portion of our programing to begin!!!!!!
    Just thinking of the endless NEW speculation thrills ahead makes me squee with anticipation !
    And who said your love wouldn’t last?

  • alex’s audi

    why? is KB getting into the passengers side of the car? that is not her blk LUX the wheels are diff? that is alex’s new black audi? from his restaurant outing recently. his mate is driving his audi? jesus alex you let ppl use your HOME use YOU for fame, use your CAR you are always getting out your wallet because none of your pals seem to have jobs Wh’t does this mate of your’s do for a living?? he is obviously living off you at your expense JUST LIKE YOUR famewhore GET A GRIP ALEX

  • ex-diehard ASkars fan

    option1: He likes dumb women.
    option2: He’s dumb too
    option3: They’re trying to be more famous as a couple (less likely)

    dead to me.

  • swede

    Haha! Swedes are idiots and the main one is Alex. Losers all of them. KB you are a VERY SAD eg of a “woman”, you’re “supposed” BF has his friends walking you out. His friends are bums. No jobs, no life to be walking you. Yet still he wouldn’t claim you in print,vid,pics or award shows. Hungry LOSER, buying food proves nothing, haha! We still know you don’t eat.

  • GreatNews

    @ex-diehard ASkars fan:

    One less crazy in the bunch!

  • Just a question

    Where is Lisa? Maybe Kate really had an affair with Bjorne.
    Is her style, she likes married man, double points if is a friend husband.
    Awful woman.