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Olivia Munn: Leggy For Letterman

Olivia Munn: Leggy For Letterman

Olivia Munn arrives at the Ed Sullivan Theater for an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman in New York City on Wednesday (January 12).

The 30-year-old The Daily Show correspondent wore a vintage YSL skirt and a vintage Vivienne Westwood bustier to the show.

Afterwards, Olivia asked for the cue cards introducing her from the show. She also took to her twitter about her excitement for being a guest.

“Just finished @late_show,” Olivia tweeted while sharing a pic. “Dave Letterman is so amazing and I just… I just…. I mean… Yay.”

FYI: Olivia is wearing the alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet ANJA Structured Angle Coat while leaving the show.

Olivia Munn on The Late Show

10+ pictures inside of Olivia Munn dropping by The Late Show…

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37 Responses to “Olivia Munn: Leggy For Letterman”

  1. 1
    J Says:

    A face only a mother could love.

  2. 2
    how you doing'? Says:


  3. 3
    ivanka Says:

    what a cleavage, tacky

  4. 4
    boots Says:

    can’t stand her

  5. 5
    emily Says:

    that outfit is definitely not talk show appropriate.

  6. 6
    Kelly Says:

    who is she exactly??

  7. 7
    Lola* Says:

    So munnster got herself somenew boobies did she…i knew that was coming…now she just needs to release a sex tape and her famew**re schooling is complete.

  8. 8
    joey Says:

    she is so very average in every way, what exactly does anyone see in her?

  9. 9
    go sox Says:

    @joey: Good question……

  10. 10
    Mailey Says:

    I sympathize, I’d be super nervous first time on letterman. She was funny here, not funny at all on Jon Stewart. She is all wrong for that show. And her dress is too much here, her stuff all hanging out.

  11. 11
    Whatever Says:

    I watched this hog last night. She is getting FAT, has THICK legs and what appears to be a mustache. She is not at all funny, her stories were stupid and childish. Of course Jared HAD to post another story on the MUFFster despite the fact that EVERY reader on this site HATES her. Seriously Jared, wake up.

  12. 12
    Noel Says:

    @Whatever: Lol nobody likes her, but your comment is all too personal. Don’t let the hate keep you up at night.

  13. 13
    monie_25 Says:

    I like her.

  14. 14
    Essie Says:

    She’s put on a TON of weight. FAT, FAT, FAT…geez Olivia, take the sandwich out of your mouth and get someone desperate enough for your tired stretched out old pu55y and get laid.

    Awww did you loose your trapper keeper…take your own advice you swine faced *****.

  15. 15 Says:

    wait what does she do?….i have seen her in complex magazine but am still lost

  16. 16
    Sean Says:

    Can’t wait for her show to be canceled. Then Jared can stop posting about her.

  17. 17
    awalker Says:


    Same here. She was adorable on the late show and looked amazing. Was so very happy for her.

  18. 18
    GG Says:

    Hahahahahaha! She probably thought showing all that cleavage would distract from the shaved pubes issue. She’s not that big up top so her stylist has her taped to the very edge in that dress.

  19. 19
    ZZÞ Says:

    she has more sex appeal as black

  20. 20
    s Says:

    who is she?

  21. 21
    Greg Says:

    She got her start in Attack of the Show a show on G4 a gaming network. She’s done quest apperances in other shows and now is getting bigger roles. I love how people are so quick to say “who is she?” in a sarcastic way but isn’t that how most people get their starts in Hollywood? A no name and then begin to get roles. There is always a lot of hate on this site. Which doesn’t surprise me considering it’s overrunned by little teenage girls obsessed with their Zac Efrons and Venessa Hudgens.

  22. 22
    Halfu Says:

    All I have to say is wow. This chick is even more pathetic than I thought. She asked for her cue card!? How self absorbed and narcissistic do you have to be as an actor to do that? Her dress is horrid. It shows even more that she has absolutely zero class. Her hair is disgusting also. She should have worn it paper straight with this dress, but it seems like munn wants every one to think she just got outta bed. Also when he announces her literally no one cheers, there’s like 1 person clapping. No one knows her acting skills just her “look at me, I’m fat and have no tits, but through the magic of Photoshop am somewhat passable as okay looking” self. Next!

  23. 23
    Lisa Says:


  24. 24
    Real Says:

    I like her, it’s obvious that she’s witty and intelligent, not just a pretty girl with big bazongas.

  25. 25
    misspv Says:

    Love her! she is so gorgeous and talented – naturally. please post more stuff on Olivia Munn!!!

  26. 26
    misspv Says:

    Love her! she is so gorgeous and talented – naturally. please post more stuff on Olivia Munn!!!

  27. 27
    misspv Says:

    Love her! she is so gorgeous and talented – naturally. please post more stuff on Olivia Munn!!!

  28. 28
    Halfu Says:

    @Real: Big bozongas? Wow dude you are obviously a virgin. Those aren’t big tits. Ask any girl, Lisa munn tapped them together. It’s a trick women use to give them an allusion they have tits. If you look closely, you can see there is no roundness of the breast underneath her cleavage because they’re so completely pressed together; theres nothing left to fill out the top, it’s all touching her chin. God, Olivia, your fans are absolutely retarded.

  29. 29
    Hesse Says:

    What’s with the hate? I knew nothing of her before that clip, but she seemed delightful. Attractive, witty and down to earth.

    Lots of fat, jealous uggers on this site I suspect :)

  30. 30
    Halfu Says:

    To MissPV, Real, and Awalker; this is a site for laymen, not for stupid publists to post on because they are paid to support a certain “famous” person. It’s obvious you people work for her. I mean her site is run by the same people as justjared is. I also have a gut feeling Olivia is so incredibly narcissistic, she goes online to sites like these to check her status. Well, Olivia: your status is that of a famewhoring, misogynist, loser. Goodbye

  31. 31
    lola* Says:

    @Halfu: quite true. she even mentioned she read comments on blogs and since her and jared are so friendly, wouldnt doubt she’s trolling these boards, calling anyone who doesnt think she’s sex goddess a fat ugly troll…well ahem..munnster, you’re not so slim and trim yourself without all the photoshopping. :)

  32. 32
    awalker2334 Says:

    @Halfu: Sorry Halfu this site is for Jared to post pic’s and news on any celebrity he chooses. If you don’t like who its about no one has a gun to your head to make a comment. Just skip over to the next post. As I said before I am not a payed member of her staff. Just a huge fan that’s been following her career and is very happy to see where she is today. You and everyone else here can go ahead and bash Olivia or anyone that might have something positive to say about her because 3 things will continue to happen. 1) Jared will still post updates on her 2) Her career will continue to grow 3) None of you can do anything to stop the first two which makes me very happy.

  33. 33
    Lola* Says:

    Check out drunken stepfather site. He posted munnster cleavage twitter pic( taped to an inch of their life or new fake ones??? I vote for fakies). This guy think anything with a pulse is hot esp if injected wit tons of silicone and even he couldnt get a hardon for munnster.Lol. Damn munnster, u betta drop that sex tape quick! Ppl just find u soooo overrated and meh. Even horny men. And jared post 20 posts a day on bilson and she does nothing but get papped all day. So jared is not particularly picky about who he posts here. Bilson who does nothing still gets more posts than munnster, who is hustling hardcore for her 15 min.

  34. 34
    Ms. Bouvier Says:

    It’s quite telling that poor Olivia doesn’t have a single soul in her life that would advise her to not make such a fool of herself by dressing like a cognitively disabled streetwalker all the damned time. Perhaps she’s finally given up on denying that the funny feelings she gives little boys in their Batman underwear are the the only reason anyone even knows her name. Enjoy being a complete embarrassment to the female gender while you can, Olivia, because there’s a looming expiration date on the garbage you’re selling.

    Halfu, awalker doesn’t work for Olivia; he’s just a random buck-toothed, bug-eyed, zit-covered monstrosity who has considered Olivia to be his ANIME GIRL WAIFU~ ^_^ ever since she snapped a photo with him at a comic book convention right before she went up to a NBC TV exec’s hotel room to “audition” for her role in that horrible new sitcom.

  35. 35
    Genie Says:

    @Ms. Bouvier:

    Ms. Bouvier, I am laughing out loud literally!!! You really hit the nail on the head. I really hate this chick and how she keeps saying she’s a role model for young girls. What do you think needs to happen for people to really see how disgusting she is? I noticed that even the media has kind of turned on her cause of the see through panties thing on the cover of Maxim. Then on Letterman (I caught the post via Jared) it was obvious Jay wanted to talk about the questionable cover and then she deflected with all these exaggerated sad stories from her childhood so that he wouldn’t pick on her for being a harlot.

  36. 36
    roger Says:

    Wow…the green-eyed monster is alive and well. Ms. Munn is working, is beautiful and I for one old man wish her the very best. Agree she is a little out of her elemnent on the Daily Show, but she might find a spot even there eventually. No need to watch her if you don’t like her.

  37. 37
    JB Says:

    She’s so hot. The rest of you are just haters. The guys who don’t like her are probably gay, and the girls are jealous that she looks so much better than them.

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