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Rumer Willis: Prestige Magazine Cover Girl!

Rumer Willis: Prestige Magazine Cover Girl!

Rumer Willis models dresses by Herve Leger and David Meister in this new shoot for Prestige magazine’s January 2011 issue.

Here’s what the 22-year-old actress and Badgley Mischka ambassador had to share:

On always wanting to be an actress: “I always wanted to do it from when I was super little, so it was more about just waiting for my parents to say it was OK. They were totally fine, they’ve always been completely supportive of it. They just wanted me to finish high school, which I totally appreciate now.”

On being in the public eye: “You have to be a little more aware of how you present yourself in public places. I mean, I can’t walk into Starbucks anymore in my pajama pants. But, you know, everyone has an opinion, and if they say something negative, you can’t defend yourself because any response in itself is enough to validate the claim. But that’s the great thing about outlets like Twitter because, more and more, we’re getting control of our image. We can be in direct contact with the world and people can at least choose between second-hand and the direct information.”

On her fashion sense: “My style changes a lot. I’ll go back and forth, I go through periods of wearing baggy black jeans and vintage T-shirts and combat boots, and then I’ll want to wear dresses every day and look really cute. So it just relies on what you’re feeling. Sometimes, I think I was born into the wrong era. If I could go back and live in the 40s for a little while, that would be great. I just think the 40s are such an awesome era, I mean, a gardenia in loose hair—and those dresses were amazing.”

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Photos: Mitchell McCormack, Ilaria Urbanti (styling)
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  • LennY

    Between her and Sarah Jessica Parker and Tori Spelling, I can’t figure it out why Hollywood pushes that these women are pretty because they really are not. They maybe nice and have great personalities, but hot they are not!

  • MlleF

    What is the thing with the mouth wide open…

    So strange Bruce Willis with a dress and long hair….the girl is paying for the republicans stupid ideas of her father.

    Like encouraging americains soldiers to foun Hussein in exchange of money… matter if they killed by accident children or kill themselves for that money.

    Stupid man, and stupid girl with no job.

  • Duncan ^_^ cute

    I eating juice .now i busy go away

  • blair

    @LennY….ITA! In Rumer & Tori’s case, it’s famous parents, not looks.

  • Duncan ^_^ cute

    I going to drink fowl

  • Ismail


    Bruce Willis’s face with Demi Moore’s hair.

  • Thai

    Buckethead&buttface. Nobody is buying her crap anyway. U see, not every celeb fam (in the Hollyweird) is like the Fonda’s. It is one thing Henry, Jane, Peter and Bridget Fonda and another thing… this freak. Somehow I feel sorry for her, really. She has nothing to be envied for, absolutely nothing. She is forced to stay in the game “thanks” to her famous parents.

  • Thai


    Definitey Id choose SJP and Tori over Rumer. And speaking of their nice personalities… they arent nice at all.

  • hi

    why is her mouth open in every picture? it doesn’t look sexy…

  • Vanessa

    She is soooo ugly that hurts my eyes!!!

  • annab

    She would benefit from a nose job. I think her nose is what makes her unattractive.

  • Thai


    A nose job = nothing. Her whole head is a mess, especially with that huge chin. Imagine her having Jacko’s nose. Puhleeze…

  • Thai

    Cant u see that in the pics that all kind of tricks are done in order to hide her hideous chin? Give me a break, it makes me sick.


    DUNKAN // KAZ // SLIG = Same annoying poster …. Yawn …. Zzzzz

  • ace11

    well I have met Tori Spelling way back when and she was totally nice…

    it was when she was dating brian austin green (he was an arrogant, P**ck…) and she took a picture and talked for a few minutes

    as for Rumer….i dont know why they try so hard to make her famous

    Her parents have had successful careers…..that doesn’t mean she has to follow them in what they do

  • Duncan ^_^ cute

    my real name duncan and nick name sligo ^_^

  • Duncan ^_^ cute

    Im not kaz lol


    DUNKAN // SLIG // KAZ : are you Asian ???

    Why do you write nonsense all the time ???
    Oh well, whatever … YAWN AGAIN … Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ……….

  • Duncan ^_^ cute

    #18 Hey u asian retard*d ,
    im not asian im from andorra and my name dunchan


    I do feel very sorry for her because she isn’t an attractive girl and to be so despised for one’s looks, which one can’t help, and called “ugly” has got to bring her to tears. I suspect her parents might be insulating her from most of it.
    I think she should give up the photographic / sexy route and do what Meryl Streep did – become a fantastic, talented actress. She could also give up HW altogether and earn a living via her brain.
    The body is only one facet of an individual. Some of the smartest people on earth are not very exciting visually.

  • This is NOT a Rumor:

    Rumer is fug

  • Thai


    Meryl Streep is beautiful. Another kind of beauty, just like Helen Mirren, not the standard crap. Rumer is ugly. Period. And Meryl also has a truckful of talent. Rumer has what?

  • Thai

    “Super little”… Gosh, Rummer, what is ur IQ?

  • siennagold

    I really don’t get the big deal about this girl. She’s got all these perks because she’s the daughter of Demi and Bruce. Heck, she’s not even fashionable and yet she’s now a fashionable! Some people just get so lucky huh!

  • siennagold

    I really don’t get the big deal about this girl. She’s just lucky she’s the daughter of demi and bruce so now she’s has all these perks! She’s not even fashionable and now she’s a model. Crazy!

  • letizia

    What is the problem with her mouth? Her parents don´t teach her anything? Perhaps she has a great talent, must try to show it with hard work, not bad pictures. Poor girl, she needs good professional guidance.

  • GPS

    Nepotism sucks.

  • surprise

    Hollywood is filled with “lucky” people. Reasearch, (some, …less and less, do make it on their own), and find the connections. Every time I see someone who doesn’t quite fit the mold, there it is; the connection: Talent Agent father, Screen Writer mother, Director uncle, Casting Agent friend of the family, etc. etc.

  • Kerry L.

    For The Average Joe With Talent :

    L.A. is a great big freeway.
    Put a hundred down and buy a car.
    In a week, maybe two, they’ll make you a star
    Weeks turn into years. How quck they pass
    And all the stars that never were
    Are parking cars and pumping gas
    Fame and fortune is a magnet.
    It can pull you far away from home
    With a dream in your heart you’re never alone.
    Dreams turn into dust and blow away
    And there you are without a friend
    You pack your car and ride away
    – Burt Bacharach,- ‘Do You Know The Way To San Jose’

    For The Well Connected :
    ” Daddy , can you make a few calls?”

  • DL

    She is NOT modeling material! The same look on her face here is painful to look at!

  • sad

    I feel sorry for her – she still puts herself out there, you gotta give her credit at least. she knows what everone says about her looks.
    what do you want her to do? go hide in a closet?

  • fashionista

    Is this the best these magazines and fashion designers can do in the US?

    What ever happend to discovering new unknown talent/faces without famous connections for the modeling industry?

  • well

    I agree that most models have zero sense of personal style and can’t dress to save their lives in real life. BUT….When they are on the job they usually are very striking and you can see why they are models even if they aren’t conventional beauties.

    Rumer is not a striking young woman and has no sense of personal style. Her people are pushing her in the direction of “model” because that’s the one step above reality “star” and would give an excuse to the public about why she’s “famous”.

  • sweetness

    bottom line…ugly.

  • j

    you can do anything in hollywood… depending on who your parents are! lol not sure what they are seeing..

  • lu Lu

    So messed up how she talks about finishing high school before becoming an actress, like education should stop there. Why not pursue the development of her brain, talents, character, etc.? Go to college and perhaps, (gasp) grad school?!? Getting by on one’s looks is so unfulfilling, so shallow. It seems that’s the only value she has learned.

  • Annie

    Some of the comments on the thread are really mean.Just because this is the internet, doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t be more careful and responsible with their words. You never know who may be reading this. I hope to God Rumer never reads these comments. It’s stuff like this that has young women butchering their faces with plastic surgery, becoming anorexic and even worse, committing suicide.

  • planetdoodoo

    I must be having a nightmare!

  • shoegal

    the part where she says she appreciates her parents wanting her to graduate high school made me cringe. i know there are a lot of successful people who didn’t graduate from high school but i’d have more respect for them if they urged her to go to college.

  • Deborah

    First of all: WHO GOES TO STARBUCKS, OR ANYWHERE ELSE, WEARING PAJAMAS PANTS??? Here where I live nobody goes out in pajamas and ugly pants like the ones Britney spears use quite a lot. RIDICULOUS!
    I’ve seen her in 90210 and she is quite weird. Even the other chubby redhead Navid was dating on the show was 10x prettier than this girl.

  • wm

    Talk about air brushed! Her chin is at least an inch or more longer in real life.

  • Joe

    I am not sure why I actually read this, but she did say the 40′s were an awesome era right? I may be mistaken, but American involvement in WWII was from 1941-1945 wasn’t it? The adjective ‘moron’ comes to mind.

  • Too bad

    She’s got a nice figure but her face is unfortunate. Long hair or short, she just can’t seem to soften that ‘Bruce Willis’ jawline. It’s a shame really because Hollywood is overflowing with so many pretty starlets. In that kind of environment, her physical imperfections just seem more obvious.

  • Stacy

    Because not everyone is hot. There are a lot of just ordinary looking people in Hollywood. What’s wrong with that?

  • Stacy

    The word moron certainly does come to mind, Joe. But I’m leaning more to you. I think she meant fashion wise and the war never crossed her mind. Why are you people putting so much into this article.

  • robert


    don’t talk shit about michael jackson.