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Kate Bosworth: London Calling!

Kate Bosworth: London Calling!

Kate Bosworth dons a chic Burberry coat while leaving The London Hotel on Friday (January 14) in West Hollywood, Calif.

On Wednesday, the 28-year-old actress went grocery shopping in a pair of short shorts.

She then headed over to Barneys New York where she browsed the racks and indulged in some retail therapy.

No word yet on whether Kate and boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard will hit the Golden Globe after parties this weekend, just like they did last year when they first went public with their relationship!

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  • cute

    lookin good kate!!

  • Nicole

    Hope she doesn’t attend anything to do with the Golden Globes. It is an award show for people who are talented and successful in films. You know…something she is not and never will be. Just saying….

    BTW Why hasn’t JJ posted about Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr having their baby boy when everyone else has? Fishy!!!

  • True

    Alex needs to get style help from Kate.

  • Dubya

    Stupid ho.

  • @nicole

    @Nicole: who would want to know anything about orlando bloomtard? he lost it a long time ago

  • cute

    @cute: # 1. Get your own nickname and stop stealing other people’s.

  • AS

    Word is that a BIG announcement is coming soon from Alex and Kate. All the fangurlz are shaking in their boots.

  • cute

    Cute girl. Bad stylist.

  • fashionista

    The outfit is a complete mismatch that doesn’t work.
    Summer and winter clothes.

  • nicole

    Yes, Winnie said that there will be a big announcement about Alex and Kate within the month. I hope it will be a break-up. Joel Kinnaman is such a talented and handsome man and a SWEDE!

    Joel Kinnaman!!

  • More

    JJ why can’t you put up the mexico pics? This is ridiculous.

  • libby

    just give up already. when will she say enough is enough? almost 30 and hasn’t done anything substantial in the acting world. all she’s known for is being a fame w h 0 rr e and a hollywood doorknob (eveyone gets a turn). pathetic. should’ve just gone to princeton and gotten a proper education and do something more productive with her life.

  • Sasha

    Ugly a$$ jacket.

  • lololol

    @AS: lol. There’s no big announcement coming. The guy won’t even walk the red carpet with her. Her publicist tried planting marriage rumors in The Enquirer and they got buried after all the big announcements.

  • Halle

    Sorry, she looks ridiculous. Amish woman meets Top Gun + throw in a pair of designer heels she got for free.

  • v

    She looks ridiculous! But then again that’s nothing new.

  • Taylor

    No word yet on whether Kate and boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard will hit the Golden Globe after parties this weekend, just like they did last year when they first went public with their relationship!
    I would be shocked if this was written with a straight face. He didn’t go public about anything last year. He attended the events solo and told the interviewers on the red carpet he was single and that his mother and sister were the only woman in his life.

  • lmao*
  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • Alex fangirl

    Beautiful woman and a wonderful look! I wish her and Alex a happy future together.

  • Another

    Lol. Nice Clash reference, Jared!

  • Shell

    You can tell Kate Bosworth dresses herself when she’s not at events. She looks like a hobo who ripped off a designer leather store.

  • Insider

    Probably coming from her weekly bj to Kavanaugh.

  • Red dress.

    I wore a red dress to work today. Bright, all-over color is not usually my thing. I felt really pretty but I also noticed people looking at me more. Maybe I’m being vain in assuming it was ME they were looking at but anyway… I felt myself getting exasperated and annoyed and suddenly feeling really self-conscious. This dress is too short, too red, too much, too whatever… Maybe she’s used to it, maybe they’re used to it but can you imagine feeling great about yourself or your boy/girlfriend and then going out and being randomly LOOKED at by tons of people you don’t know? And gradually feeling like everything is not as good as you thought it was? My dress thing over the course of a day is a tiny example of what they have to go through all the time. The good thing for the haters: the scrutiny will probably kill this relationship, whether it’s real or not. They’ll either go their separate ways because their feelings can’t hold up under the stress or they’ll call it a PR wash and move on to something/someone else. Either way, I wish we could all–including me–just stop looking.

  • Pomm

    Sienner Miller might have pulled off this look. KB not so much.
    She tries too hard.

  • Resume

    I looked her up on imdb and it’s not a horrible resume. I’m an actor myself and wouldn’t be sorry to have such a variety of work as she does. She’s been working consistently for almost a decade, so she must be doing something right. She has nice range of work, from indie films to a romantic comedy to a few big studio pictures and some grassroots stuff. I saw or read some interview comment during her Warrior’s Way press tour in which she said she was really stepping out of her comfort zone taking that role and that’s what you DO to grow creatively. You take risks. Some pay off, some don’t. Good for her taking them without being sure of the outcome.

  • Me

    Ridiculous-looking Try-hard.

  • ozangel

    What the?????????????????????????

  • Grayson

    @Red dress.: I can’t imagine why anyone would want to be constantly looked at either, but this girl doesn’t have the level of celebrity to justify the constant procession of pap photos. She’s photographed more often than much higher profile celebrities at everywhere from restaurants to the tailor’s to the doctor’s office. It’s practically a weekly thing.

    She must covet the attention on some level since it’s obvious she’s cooperating with the photogs some of the time. I think it’s an illness to try to remain relevant this way. I hope she does the dignified thing and works on her craft and stops with the media manipulation.

    I think we’re all tired of watching and seeing the paid posts.


    Has anyone here read “The Artist’s Way”? One essay in it talks about how fame is like a drug that makes you feel like your own life is shabby if you’re not famous and that you have to have not just success or accomplishments you’re personally proud of but also FAMOUS success or accomplishments in order for your creative efforts to be truly worthwhile. If there are any drugs in the picture, that is the worst one because it’s the hardest to recognize as a problem and overcome. Does anyone here feel HAPPY after posting here or do you just feel like crap or indescribably angry because you suddenly feel like something in your life is less or there’s something missing? Personally, I feel like crap. Mean, jealous, restless, talentless, hopeless crap. So I quit. I quit. God, I wish I could say that at my actual day job. All in good time. Over and out!

  • maybe, but..

    @Resume: I’d buy that, but then in one of those interviews she said she hadn’t worked for two years by choice so she could seek roles that challenged her, etc. Um, well, I’m then perplexed by BFF and Baby. and the random bit part in whatever the Levinson movie is being called, the Elgin James pic where she’s about 8th billing, the two minute thing in the Richard Gere ensemble, etc. Sister’s paying the bills. The Warrior’s Way was years ago, so can’t really judge, she was still getting real offers back then. But net/net, her career now? Pretty dead in the film side. She’s still getting fashion stuff, surprisingly – Lucky cover, Nylon cover, something coming up in some other major fashion mag, which all doesn’t make sense, but that’s what she’s got. Scraps.

  • Red dress.

    @Grayson: I guess you have a point with the frequency of her being photographed, but doesn’t it seem like a lot less lately? Maybe she actually is trying to buckle down and refocus herself. I hope so. @FAME DRUG: Yes, exactly! If left unchecked, it is totally a problem or an illness. It’s mind-boggling how celebrity has evolved into such a crazy news/gossip machine. It’s not as much about the work anymore. — On a totally separate note, as for that la rag website reporting AS was drunk at that recent event, they have a disclaimer on their site saying they publish rumors in addition to fact and they’re basically not sorry about it. The text of that entry was also NOT in quotes, so it doesn’t appear to have come from any other printed source, just whatever they wanted to type up there. He looks fine in the pictures.

  • Hmmmm

    Wow! Bosbore and her people really must sit on JJ. Now she’s not with a stunt Swede. She’s wearing semi winter apparel and no Tackymint. Now all of a sudden she and the anti Eric have been together since their debut at last year’s GG. Which none of us recalled happened. That alone reminds me of when Dallas pretended an entire season’s shows/ plots was only a bad dream.

    No matter. Most are only paying attention to Worthskars due to a morbid sense of curiosity. Really, are theyy gonna due the GG reveal as I surmised? it’ll be fun to see!

  • LisaM

    Waaay too hard!! She looks like a drug-addicted bag lady! She makes me sooo sick! She’s a pathetic, talentless user!!! And what the hell is she doing at a hotel when she’s supposed to be living with her latest victim?!?

  • Short shorts and short skirts!

    I just hate her because she’s in Cali wearing shorts and skirts and I’m on the East Coast freezing my ass off after Snowmaggeddon, Part Deux. God. What a bi-ch.

  • Hmmmm

    /01/14/kate-bosworth-london-calling/comment-page-2/#comment-17512908″>Red dress.:

    Who really cares about how much Bosho is scaling back on her famewh*ring? Bottonmline, Alex is tied to her and no matter what happens at this point people will believe the worst. Whether or not he was drunk on the red carpet is not really the issue. It’s the fact that any site/ mag said it and people actually believed it. We all know that Colin Farrell liked to get his drink on back in the day. However, no one ever printed that little factoid in passing, it was only mentioned after he went to rehab.

  • Snickering over here…

    Anyone else think it’s funny to see this post sandwiched between all the posts for the Critic’s Choice Awards? I dunno… It’s just funny to me. And kind of a bad deal, if she’s really paying for these posts. Shouldn’t she include instructions like “don’t post me in the middle of all the career-hot actors”. Invites the question: which one of these is not like the others?

  • GG’s

    I bet AS isn’t walking the red carpet Sunday so he doesn’t have to talk to people with mics and cameras who will inevitably ask him about his relationship status. He can’t say he’s single without looking like a giant A-hole and he doesn’t want to acknowledge the relationship in any way, shape or form either. So straight to the after-party for this guy.

  • Liv

    Seriously. Is there really ANY doubt that she’s calling the paps?

  • Hmmmm

    At this point all I can say is:

    The really pathetic thing is that Willow Smith at 9 has more talent, charisma, personality, brains, charm and relevance than Bosbore has in her entire tri-hard, desperate famewh*re life.

  • Yuck

    OshKosh B’Gosh called and they want their denim jumper back!

  • Hmmmm

    @maybe, but..:

    The only reason she’s getting magazine covers is that the Tackymint backers are pulling strings..As far as the clothes for the red carpet, with the exception of Proenza Schuler I believe her clothes are her own that she purchased. Let’s see how many parties and fashion shows she doesn’t attend this year. It’s not because Alex wants her to quit partying, it’s because she’s not invited.

  • My eyes!

    That is one of the fuuuuugliest outfits I have ever seen! I mean from top to bottom she is a red hot MESS!

  • Peanut Gallery

    Bring on the beer to go with the nuts.

    Where’s Wilson? I miss Wilson!

  • rafa

    @AS: how do you know that????please,tell us more!!!

  • Urbandictionary knows
  • Urbandictionary knows

    Where is her swedish douchebag? Probably DRUNK:
    It was reported that he smelled heavily of booze and his speech was slurred.

  • LF

    She has recovered , two posts in less than 3days ^^

  • swede

    Hahahaha! I am dying. What the fck is IT wearing, Epic fail Again, she still looks like a skinny hobo. Where is the BF? No not the hot one but the FAT one, at least he walks next to her.

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Open your mouth .coz i want put fly