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Rachel Bilson: I Love Instant Cameras!

Rachel Bilson: I Love Instant Cameras!

Rachel Bilson carries a cup of water while leaving an office building on Thursday (January 13) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress shared that one of of her new obsessions is a Fujifilm Instax 210 Instant color camera.

She told InStyle, “I’m a huge fan of instant cameras, and this one takes really good pictures!”

On Wednesday (January 12), Rachel loaded up on some items at a Bed, Bath, and Beyond store.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson keeping hydrated with water…

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rachel bilson instant cameras 01
rachel bilson instant cameras 02
rachel bilson instant cameras 03
rachel bilson instant cameras 04
rachel bilson instant cameras 05
rachel bilson instant cameras 06
rachel bilson instant cameras 07
rachel bilson instant cameras 08
rachel bilson instant cameras 09
rachel bilson instant cameras 10
rachel bilson instant cameras 11

Credit: David Tonnessen; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • ck

    “The 29-year-old actress shared that one of of her new obsessions is a Fujifilm Instax 210 Instant color camera”.

    Hate when stars do commercials in their interviews.

  • shanellewho

    love rachel bilson! she’s so gorgeous

  • http://Tj Cunchan alex ^_^ cute

    I hate his actions and features and addresses

  • Thai

    I love her face i don’t understand what nobody really like her,
    she’s much beautiful than some actress

  • Starstruck

    Reason she must like instant camera’s b/c the regular ones you have to read the directions in order to use it.


    So agree with you here JJ uses her as some informercial all JJ is giving ppl are write up quotes from Instyle and even there she can’t write it has to be assisted.

  • منتدي نسائي

    nice bag -.-

  • Lola*

    Rachel iscute but i dont get the papparazzi obsession with her…she is papped every few steps she takes..

  • justme

    I can’t believe such an plain looking, untalented person gets so many mentions from JJ on this site, it’s just odd because she has got to be the most ordinary and boring “actress” (if you can call her that, she barely works) around.

  • Truth

    When you are unemployed and desperate for a job like she is you will do anything. She probably is getting paid to say that. So, how many of you are going to go out and buy this camera just because Rachel Bilson likes it?

  • chacha

    OH my god YOU ARE SO WRIGHT “TRUTH” I said to myself the same thing.

  • Yawn

    So what did we learn today class from this post about Bilson?

    She drinks water like every human being and likes instant cameras. Wow shocking stuff!!!!
    Class dismissed.

    Oh and one more thing we learned Rachel calls the photographers and flashes fake cheesy grins like she is surprised to see them.

  • Anita

    I hate when ppl criticise some celebs for being “plain”. But then when they get work done to look extra -ordinary (mostly due to comments like these) there are then called fake. like wtf do you want from them?… Believe it or not celebs were once your standard run of the mill person. So with the access to the best, most choose to gloss themselves up while some choose not to.
    There are relatively few in hollywood (& the world) who are astoundingly beautiful. If you take away all the glitter, 80% of celebs turn right back into being (as ppl complain about) “plain looking”.

  • Letisha Malcolm

    i not like Rachel Bilson never have, Who is she a nobody

  • Lake

    I wonder what is really in that cup? She looks a little too giddy for it to be just water. Hope she wasn’t driving. Of course on the other hand, I truly believe she derives sexual satisfaction from having those paps she has on speed dial take pics of her.

  • Cal

    So, how much is Fujifilm paying her? Pathethic!

  • Calie

    Her bag is the size of a mini suitcase or one of those pet carry handbags really what all does this woman have to place in a bag that size the city of LA could use it as public transportation. It’s one thing to be employed and making the money from it. Only it’s another thing to be pimping out that you spend money like coconut water when in fact you barely work. This woman is far from beautiful the most she will get is cute but when your spoiled rotten it’s hard to like her.

  • Han

    Not to mention by the time a woman is 30 years old, she should have more substance than this homely piece of fluff.

  • Ahari

    This chick sure has a lot of obsessions. Sounds mental to me.

  • BagLadyBilson

    Shes wearing baggy clothes again……….
    How long do you think before she starts pregnancy rumors about herself to get attention again?

  • BagLadyBilson

    @Cal: FujiFilm isnt paying Bilson anything.
    Actually they are paying InStyle magazine which she works for to plug a product for them and Instyle is using her bull sh@t advice column that to plug the product since it wont hurt their image,but it makes her sound fake as hell. Which is normal for her. She doesnt have standards and doesnt really care as long as her name is printed.
    They could have her plugging hemroid creme and she wouldnt care.
    Look for that in the next issue ;p

  • annie

    she smells,has NO TALENT and these stupid ads like anyone would buy anything because of her. most people donnot know her or care what she drinks buys etc.she wouldnot know any advice bad or good,instyle needs to find someone with it and talented. greesy hair ugh. still loving h.c. stay in toronto an d find a canadian girl with talent.

  • Brightside

    I swear JJ’s posts get worse!

    ‘Rachel Bilson carries a cup of water while leaving an office building on Thursday’

    And that’s news!!!..*rolls eyes*….seriously, JJ considers this to be worthy of a post!!! WTF!!!

    Oh and she likes instant cameras…

    Oh please, I’ve read better gossip on the back of a Walkers Crisp packet!!

    I’m lmao in sheer disbelief!

  • Brightside

    She’s a mouth plug!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Fuji isn’t giving her a dime! She’s not Ashton Kutcher – she doesn’t have ANY endorsement deals. Someone probably sent one to InStyle and gave it to her and she’s HOPING they’ll give her a job.
    JJ don’t call this girl an actress – it’s insulting the the talented women you have on this site like Kate Winslet and Keira Knightly and of course the great Natalie Portman!!!

  • Brightside

    Still laughing at this post…

    and this picture…

    Not sure whether it’s a portrait of stupidity or an impression of Dopey the dwarf!

  • Kimber


    She usually always wears baggy tops and slightly loose fitting tops with tight fitting jeans. I can go back and find dozens upon dozens of examples. She doesn’t start the rumors, you guys read into things way too much and start the rumors yourselves.

  • Adam

    I have the same camera! LOL