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Christina Aguilera: Super Bowl National Anthem Singer?

Christina Aguilera: Super Bowl National Anthem Singer?

Christina Aguilera holds hands with boyfriend Matthew Rutler before dining at West Hollywood’s Boa Steakhouse on Friday night (January 14).

The 30-year-old Burlesque actress is rumored to be singing the National Anthem at Super Bowl XLV, hosted at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington Texas on Feb. 6. Carrie Underwood had the honor last year.

Christina previously performed at the halftime show during Super Bowl XXXIV back in 2000.

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  • alison

    WOW! she looks hot

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Agin and agin and agin

  • Katy

    Her new man is quite something huh

  • Rosario

    She looks great and yes so excited for her!!! Only the best of the best sing at the Super Bowl, she’s done it one time in 2000 and now again. So proud of you Legendtina!!

  • Sheamus

    Normal couple

  • P

    Too much much makeup&plastic surgeon fake eyes color

  • Angel

    so hot!!! and her boy is cute.

  • Nice

    Cristina you are the bomb do your thing, use em up throw the used boys OUT!!! xo

  • Sheamus

    He like jordan

  • *~*+*~*

    she likes them short&ugly

  • Why

    She did plastic surgeon her nose .chin implant. Breast implant .lips .

  • Anne


  • XYZ


    Yeah, he’s a normal beard. U can always see happiness in their eyes, cant u?

  • La

    Matthew origins arab.christina loved arab boy

  • Please

    Why not get someone NEW,and EXCITING?

  • julliett

    Why is no one calling her out.. She cheated on her husband..

    Nothing hot or sexy about that at all.

  • Nicole

    He’s just not that into you. Body language is key. He never shows any interest in her.

  • Pinky

    What is everyone praising her for her switch in partners. She did the same thing to her husband that BP did to Jennifer Aniston. Saw someone she preferred and made the switch. Yet nobody blames her for breaking up her home with a young child. Chances are this is just a fling and they will both soon move on. Broke up her son’s family to have a fling. Nobody tries at marriage any more.

  • BEN

    So Sweet.Christina bought him some new clothes.

  • http://Hotmail Xtina is a pop icon!!

    Hot , hot, hot, beautiful sexy girl I love you!!! You are my dream girl:) jealous€£¥+^# stay maaaad keep pressing she deserved to be happy she is talented, famos, very $$$$$$$$$ rich , hot, suscessfull young girl, all you haters get a life and let’s xtina live hers happy :))

  • Audrey

    Christina looks really pretty here!

  • http://Hotmail Xtina is a pop icon!!

    Tomorrow she will winn her 1th golden globe. !!!!see ya there:)

  • dessa

    hell YEAH!
    THAT GUY ftw!

  • LopezTonight

    Wow, I hope she does! She will smash it as always!

    Christina looks so hot ad classy in these pix!

  • Toni

    I love Christina and she’s very talented, more than anyone today, but I know good and well especially after her anthem from the NBA finals she will murder that anthem and not in a good way. She oversings too much whch makes her version seem horrible. If she tones it down from the last time she did it then I will change my mind.

  • eek!

    That guy has even less charisma than Jordan Bratman, if that’s possible? And Xtina is starting to look like an old prosti.tute…

  • Hello_Stranger


  • christinalover

    christina aguilera is too beautiful for words

  • Vicky

    When she realize the kind of man that she left, and I mean Jordan who loves her a support her for years and we all can agree that she is not an easy-personality woman, she’s going to commit suicide… I always thought that she was more smart than this (be with this)… really.

  • Sheamus


  • Sheamus

    Haa ha haa ha ha hee he

  • Harajuku


  • Jokergurl

    They both look really nice but I think Christina is flipping off the paparazzi, look closely at her right hand in the main pick! HAHAH!!! I hope she does sing the national anthem, at least she can sing.

  • itzabelbitch!

    Christina love ya and everything, but really why him? he seems soooo eghhhhh u had an ugly husband before cant u get a hot guy???

  • shut yo mouth sneezy

    haha she’s doin the finger to the paps lol

  • Sheamus

    Haa ha haa ha haa ha she want jordan b haa ha ha

  • Gaga

    She will be the winner at Golden Globes

  • Fraudtina

    They are so in love. Just look at the way he is holding her romantic! And the way she cannot even stand to look at him? Oh boy, that’s hot! :P She won’t win a Globe. They only got nominated through bribery. ;)

  • Helen

    @Why: nose? chin? boobs – yes, but the rest – no

  • Helen

    @Nicole: u r soooo right! that is what i keep on saying!!

  • Helen

    Look at the way he holds her hand!!! I mean squeeze! I’ve never seen them kissing or acting like in-love’s do. it’s all fake! just who do they play this game for? they might be friends, but not lovers. and he is so unemotional – never seen him really smile. lame. they don’t match! his band makes pretty fine music and she just gives him a chance to get into big show biz. he doesn’t care for her and she doesn’t obviously care for him. when i first saw Jordan, i was like “WTF?” but he was the only person who loved Xtina for who and what she was, with her fake boobs, extensions and other things she always puts on herself that she really doesn’t need. they had a kid. Jordan is a great dad. I still admire Xtina, love her voice and her as a performer…but what she’s done with her marriage (there would be no problem if they didn’t have kids) showed her from her selfish side. she became OVER-emancipated. and i guess she got under Cher’s bad influence while filming Burlesque!!!!!!!!

  • Tina

    Oh Please! You people don’t know what the hell went on in that marriage and what went wrong. I love how the people on here are making assumptions based on nothing. Were you all there? Did you talk to the couple? I’m tired of Christina’s character always being attacked based on these uneducated assumptions people make. These guy’s just a rebound. It’s obvious Christina doesn’t like paparazzi. She never looks happy when they’re following her and she has a right not to like it. Why the hell do people want her to be this fake blonde princess who’s always smiling?

  • xtina is hotter than Britney

    she looks Hot liek always. she will nail it at the super voice. she is teh most talented artist of this generation.

  • Vicky

    We don’t say she has to be always smiling, darling… But she doesn’t seem happy. There’s a tons of candids, where she looks happy, go back in 2006, when she was out and about with jordan, she looks in love. And I love Xtina’s music, but the only thing that we are saying is something that even she said “I didn’t want to hurt Jordan” and “When I decided to fill the divorce, we start trying it (she and that dude)”… Is pretty obvious what happened… In Hollywood, a divorce like this (we’re not talking about Heidi and Spencer, honey, just saying…) and the reason for the divorce doesn’t keep in a secret.

    She’s Christina Aguilera, I mean pop princess, and the divorce was shocking because she was always saying how much she loves her husband, she star crying talking about how perfect he was in an interview, the two looks so in love, in pictures, so passionate, and he always been really supportive with her…It’s obvious what happened… She left her husband for a guy who turns her on, and it’s sad because Jordan seems like a great dad and husband, really supportive and love-giving with her.

    And of course, this is not taking away her talented… this woman has one of the amazing voices from all times… She’s technically perfect at singing… maybe sometimes she over-do-it but is her style and I love it.

  • Fraudtina

    @xtina is hotter than Britney: Hi Sue! Still ‘Obsessed’, huh? LOL.

  • Cristobal

    I truly hope she does. I am excited!

  • Michelle

    To all you haters who thinks she cheated maybe you should listen to her song “You lost me”

  • sfccujomp

    Talented my A*! botched the anthem and sounded horrible while doing it, proves she is just plastic, and fake, all fake, no talent no natural looks left, she looked like a low rate street walker.

  • صور

    I love Christina and she’s very talented,