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Jennifer Lopez: 'Good Hit' Preview & 'On the Floor' Premiere!

Jennifer Lopez: 'Good Hit' Preview & 'On the Floor' Premiere!

Check out a sneak peek of Jennifer Lopez‘s video for her song “Good Hit“!

The track is off her upcoming album Love, which will be released early this year.

Another one of J.Lo‘s songs, “On the Floor,” hit the web recently.

The RedOne-produced tune also features rapper Pitbull. Listen to it below!

FYI: Jennifer is wearing all Dolce&Gabbana!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jennifer’s “Good Hit” preview and new song “On the Floor”?

Jennifer Lopez – Good Hit (Teaser)

Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor ft. Pitbull
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  • asha

    Yuck. The song has no hook what so ever. Boring and uncatchy.

  • Music2daSoul

    Looks hot. cant wait to see the entire video


    It’s BS, !
    God I hate this era in music with the Gaga and all the likes. ! Where is true music ? give me the 80′s and the 90′s over this.
    One thing though : JLO has not lost one inch of her beauty ! She is still hot ! I just wish people her age who knew good music would not comply to the current BS. she should go back to the type of music she had on her first album.

  • whatspoppinJOE

    CAN I PLEASE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION?!! JLo’s new tracks are HOT! noticed the ”Advanced Fierceology” on the video, she’s that FIERCE!!!! JLO is 2011!!! nuff said…..wait, haters? you gotta love her!

  • whatspoppinJOE

    CAN I PLEASE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION?!! JLo is back! the video is effing hotttt at 40!!!! noticed the ”Advanced Fierceology” on the video, she is that FIERCE!!!! nuff said…. haters? you gotta love her!!!!

  • gio

    even willow smith seems more serious than j-lo. why she can’t get over the songs including designer names ???? and her videos look like a barbie house video game for 5 y/o girls!
    she definitely lives somewhere else, very far away from world showbiz.

  • Beth

    That’s is a bunch of video smoothing in that video. She was never that good looking. She has always had jacked up skin close up a lot of dents in her face. Now her pores are even larger since she’s aged and she’s got wrinkles. She has unshapely legs her thighs are hugh while calves and ankles are too thin. She’s flat-chested and has flabby arms. Her hair is always extensions and wigs. She can’t really sing and her acting is subpar. Somebody that slept their way to the top for awhile.

  • Whatever

    COMPLETE auto tune. This cleaning woman cannot sing, never could. Sorry, J-W-H-O-R-E but your time has passed. Enjoy your time on American Idol cause no one is buying your music or seeing your movies. A new generation has come up and you are OLD NEWS.

  • April

    That was completely horrible. I guess she’s trying to have a comeback now in music because of AI. J. Slore is lucky she has the AI job. Her outfit is horrible in the video.

  • Clara

    Jennifer could never sing. She just had good producers and famous relationships to boost her popularity at one time. The lighting was soften in the video a lot to make her look younger.

  • Just saying…

    Has anyone noticed at all how all of her moves are so BEYONCE! I mean seriously, you couldn’t get more Beyonce in the chair stuff and then the hip-shake at certain spots. It’s such a ridiculous copycat performance that it seems like she has no style of her own. Not to mention the fact that she 41 years old for heaven’s sake. I mean there has to be a time when you stop prancing around like you’re the next hot thing. She’s not terrible looking or anything – in fact she’s quite attractive for her age but she should be doing a more age appropriate, classy video. Although with the kind of teeny boppery crap she’s been spewing lately I guess I am not surprised that the video ends up being like thing. Oh well, to each their own I guess.

  • Felipe

    kaoma – lambada (Chorando se foi(brazilian song) –

  • Felipe

    kaoma – lambada (Chorando se foi(brazilian song)

  • DarkEmpress

    People dissing JLo are so pathetic. Really u guys know she is a whore? Why bc she dated more than 1 guy in her life? You know she slept her way to the top? Why did the music execs tell u that ? Believe it or not JLo has a lot if Spanish and Black fans who live her. We think her body is amazing. Women should be thick in the thighs with curvy hips pouty lips and a slim waist as far I’m concerned. If that is not Ur standard of beauty that’s fine pay attention to all the twiggy starlets.

  • sophiehll sucks..not a good hook at all..she needs to just stop.

  • tiffany

    isn’t this style of video a little to young for her? i would think that she would have a more grown up sound.

  • Jo

    She seem a little old for this song

  • Selina

    Please don’t call her Spanish. My parents are Spanish. She’s a Hispanic Puerto Rican, which means she mixed with Spanish and African. Spaniards don’t consider Hispanics Spanish because they’re normally mixed with Spanish, African and/or Indian.

  • Anna

    The cold truth is that Jennifer Lopez’s time has passed.She really hit her stride between 1998/2003.That was when whatever she brought to the entertainment industry was relevant.Dont get me wrong i am not a hater i believe she has worked hard for her money but she will never recapture what she had 10 years ago.People can say Madonna is still doing her thing so why cant Lopez, the answere is Madonna is a one in a million performer, an icon. Jennifer Lopez will never have the impact Madonna has.J.Lo belongs in the 2000′s.

  • Selina

    The song sucks.

  • pan86


  • Pam

    I agree her career basically lasted about 5 years and after that she dropped off dramatcially. Selina, I hope you know the Moors, who were black, ruled Spain for over 500 or 600 years. So you probably have some distant black ancestors also that you don’t know about. I get your point that Jennifer Lopez does have more recent black ancestry because Spanish women aren’t built like her. They’re more built like Penelope Cruz, who is actually from Spain. The proper term is Latino. Anyway, I don’t like the song that much.

  • Phoebe

    This has flop written all over it, like her last albums and movies. The lighting to hide her age is hilarious.

  • jlo addict

    at least the songs are hot and Jennifer looks better than every single girl even in their 20s! Gaga, Katy Perry and Keshas of the world show their raw naked ass and nobody even blinks for God’s sake!!! in order to be noticed they wear silver lobster hats, blue wigs and dress like homeless sluts … i mean trash is called “relevant” for crying out loud!!!

  • Caitlyn

    Seriously JLo?
    Sounds like a Song Britney or Beyonce hated, so they gave it to you.

  • @angry Selina


    Many Spanish are mixed with Arabs (North African people).
    So keep you racist comments for yourself girl!
    Hispanic are also Spanish but not only indeed…

  • Ted

    I never figured out why she was popular in the first place. She’s just ok looking and doesn’t have any talent.

  • Charlie

    People on JJ r full of shit. Dont be jealous with JLo, ur behavior just make u look more stupid haha. JLo’s back n she doesnt care stupid people’s opions.

  • Dubya Bush

    I listen to the first one and couldn’t care less to listen to the next one.

  • pan86

    wtf people? hate much around here?! isn’t there a hanah montana, jonas brothers or bieber video to comment to? go over there and spare us the pathetic stupidity that keeps you from killing yourselves… go for it really! take yourself out of this self hating misery… it’ll be a better world…

  • Chloe

    It sounds like a knock off Kesha or Gaga song.

  • Aisha

    @@angry Selina: Not all North African people are Arabs. Please look up the quote of Herodotus, known as the father of history, he said that the Egyptians were black when he was alive. They just got invaded by the Greeks, Persians and later the Arabs. I’ve been to Egypt many of them are still black. Moors means black.

  • gia


    Anna, I couldn’t agree more. People will hate on Madonna but she has CONSISTENTLY made great music over her 20 yr. plus career. TIME will tell if these other imitators will ever hope to reach what she has accomplished. I want to see if Gaga is still around in 5 years…I guess we’ll see.

  • Jesse

    ITS JUST BEGGING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • nikki

    @Just saying…:

    EXCUSEE ME BIITCH! JLO was the one who taught bey everything. you need to fall back and get your facts straight!!!. this video is exactly what it is. JLO is a trendsetter and a teacher and shes showing these other weave wearing bitches how its really done. she may have the same moves, but shes doing it 100000x better ;). stay pressed slut.

  • tobey

    Jennifer is always hot and I love her songs. I will be buying her cd as soon as it comes out.

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Bad hair

  • k

    nooooooo she sampled lambada?! i don’t know how i feel about that.. i’m gonna go put on world beats and cry now

  • Marta

    painful to watch, painful to listening.

  • Inaru

    She looks great! the song is ok, the kind of music that seems to be favored these days..not great but not the worse, as autotuned as Brittney and the rest. I do find the coreography reminisces Beyonce’s moves but nothing’s new under the sun. This could be a hit, why not.

  • *~*+*~*

    she’s on my hate list
    money and fame obsessed fake hair fake everything Scientologist

  • yo sista

    @Caitlyn: This talentless b!tch ain’t got nothing on Britney and Beyonce!

  • jlo addict

    shitney is a trashy piece of crap! i mean the girl is butt ugly and her new “song” is soooooooo boring… Beyonce i love btw! JLO RULES!!!

  • C O W S

    No comments…

  • XYZ

    I miss her in music. yay

  • XYZ

    And whoever said she’s copying Beyonce… ummm, Beyonce’s whole persona is a copy of J.Lo.

  • Joakim

    AMAZING! love her”!

  • Debbie

    It is unbelievable how beautiful this women is and she is in her 40s.
    She is still one of the sexist females on the planet.

    Her new music signals a comeback. It is being well received on the music forums and blogs. Well not on here lol. This is the bitchiest site on the internet.

  • Kanye East

    Yo JLo Imma let yo finish, but Britney had the best comeback of all time!!