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Rachel Bilson: Art of Elysium Gala 2011

Rachel Bilson: Art of Elysium Gala 2011

Rachel Bilson hits The Art of Elysium‘s 4th Annual Black Tie “Heaven” Charity Gala on Saturday (January 15) at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress is part of the celeb host committee, along with stars such as Gerard Butler, Kate Bosworth, and Sophia Bush.

Inside the bash, which featured dinner and a Vogue fashion show, Rachel met up with fellow actress Amy Smart.

The day before, Rachel was spotted doing some shopping at Chanel.

FYI: Rachel is wearing a Zac Posen dress and carrying a Ferragamo gold leather miniaudiere. She finished her look with Brian Atwood silver mirrored leather “Martina” pumps.

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • wow

    ugh she’s SOO gorgeous!

  • um, no

    Who is this girl and what does she do?

  • Jane

    I think she’s a personal shopper.

  • echos.

    So shameless. I’d be so embarassed to be her. But then again, she does seem as dumb as a rock and probably doesn’t know how much damage this site (with the constant posting generating hate for this nobody going shopping and eating lunch everyday) did for her career.

  • Jane

    Perhaps she is a restaurant critic, or a personal assistant for a famous, talented actress, so she shops a lot.

  • Jane

    For sure she is a paying client of Jared.

  • Alison

    She needs to do something with her hair

  • cutie

    she’s adorable..

  • lillybell05

    It would be a nice dress if the top part fit her perfectly, but it looks like the dress was made for someone who was at least 5’5 tall or taller. There was no tailoring on this dress and she still wore it. Her thing is fashion and she has said she takes time to put outfits together yet she still walked out in a dress that does not fit her. That roll of fabic under her chest is not flattering.


    you must be cracking up this week with rachel all over jjs site looking gorgeous and the dealing with the GORGEOUS BAR R. rachel looks stunning as always!

  • Brightside

    Not really…unless it’s cracking up with laughter! Which happens a lot when I read some of JJ’s posts about his favourite d-list pets…you know, the ones like Rachel Bilson who pay him!

    On an aside….nice dress, shame about the face and hair! I never understand how anyone attending an event can spend a small fortune on a designer dress and then let the whole look down with a tatty hairstye…if that is a hairstyle!

    She’s attending an event for crying out aloud…you’d think she’d make a bit of a fcuking effort to do it right!

    A bra would have been helpful too!

  • @brightside

    why do you hate her so much? your obsessed.

  • kosher

    And the dress need some b00bs to make it look hotter but no can do coz her tits is as flat as her brain cells.

  • Brightside

    Simple, it’s the ‘I’m-a-celebrity-even-though-I-do-nothing’ approach that she, and other d-listers, promote to the media and general public! I’m a member of the general public and I find it tiresome that these people think self-promotion is all you need to be famous…it’s not! Or, at least, it certainly shouldn’t be.
    I have no problem with those who earn their status through hard work, skill, dedication, education and talent. The people who do this constantly awe me and I am full of praise for them (even if I don’t like all they do or say) but those who do nothing and expect to be famous anyway just because they attend a few events, make a handful of cr*ppy movies or say a few cliched fashion tips do not!
    You know…if you read my comments you would know that anyway…I suspect you do read my comments but don’t understand them because you are perfectly OK with the idea that people like Rachel Bilson get the same amount of attention for doing jack sh*t as someone who has worked hard all their lives and has shown true determination and grit to achieve it!

  • uglydressboringgirl.

    ugly dress, boring woman who still wants to be a little girl

    i normaly like zac posens dresses but this looks like a tacky prom dress that doesnt fit.
    Bilson looks like shes trying to be 16 as ever.
    Amy looks stunning though dont you think?

  • bugging question


  • antwacky

    Oh look, Jake Gyllenhall is there too. You know its Ms. Bilpuke’s NEXT “target hook-up actor” after her always m-i-a bff but bet sure that she cant / wont score again w/ Jakey as she’s not blonde, rich, popular & got no career since forever LOL

  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow! Rachel must be honored to be around such talented and successful actors – perhaps she’s hoping some of their talent will rub off on her.
    BTW why is she so haggard looking?? Could she not afford a limo?? She looks all sweaty and shiny and yes, that dress is ILL fitting!!

  • gilmorie

    This permanent z-lister makes a Zan Pozen dress looks just like a Target brand coz she’s just a “Plain Jane In The City” by default.

    @18 – and/or she continually attending these events; hoping to get more “connections”.

  • Brightside

    A typical d-lister strategy…turn up at said event and get papped preferably alongside notable celebrities but on one’s own will do.

  • Calie

    I guess she didn’t understand what it means by Black Tie Event meaning you do not wear colors. If you take a look from the celebrities I see knowone wore anything but combos of black and white does she think she is the exception to the rule. The dress might look ok only thing is she looks like she is going to the High School dance and the drappy part under the bobs makes her look she is flat chested as if she is a dude in drag.

  • Calie

    I guess she didn’t understand what it means by Black Tie Event meaning you do not wear colors. If you take a look from the celebrities I see knowone wore anything but combos of black and white does she think she is the exception to the rule. The dress might look ok only thing is she looks like she is going to the High School dance and the drappy part under the bobs makes her look she is flat chested as if she is a dude in drag.

  • Hud

    bad boobies, man

  • jamie

    Jake is there, maybe she can get something, since Rachel was dropped by Hayden, media does not seem very interested in it anymore.

  • fitzroy

    This Lil’ Mutt actually got no business to be there as she has nothing to promote but her nameless self. The entire post is a joke. JJ kiss her butt so much and praise her as if she’s a hot property in HW yet she has no “real” projects on her own. She just looks so desperate to come to these prestigious award shows but no one wants her; and it’ll never going to happen just like her (nowhere) career whom still waiting to happen.

  • sidony

    This dress must have been assigned to some celeb/actress who got some b**bs but failed to attend… just look at how “loosely-ill fitting” this dress on her on the chest part…
    Poor Douchel D’ Lister!

  • Brightside

    But that’s the whole point of Rachel Bilson’s sad existence…to promote herself. She has nothing else to promote. No talent, precious little intelligence, no educational backup to provide her with a structure that is relevant to the movie industry. Nothing…except a few tired family members and friends who work harder than her at trying to maintain a failing career…oh, that and Just Jared…the only site that features her regularly for doing nothing!
    She’s a d-list dweeb…sad but, unfortunately, true. It’s about time that her fantards recognised that about her…instead of being the hope for the future (a la acting) after The OC ended, she’s proved to be more of a damp squib. You try to light it and fcuk all happens!
    I will mention Natalie Portman because she is a genuine hard working and talented actress…something that Rachel Bilson can pretend to be only in her dreams.
    Natalie Portman draws on a natural talent and works hard to maintain it…Rachel Bilson just f*rts at her life…all gas, no ignition!

  • Kali Ugah

    The color of that dress does nothing for her at all. It looks it was sized for someone at least 6 inches taller and who had boobs. I can’t believe a designer let her have that dress so it could be photographed at this celeb faux-charity event and be a walking ad for his/her work. It doesn’t fit a all and looks awful. And look at her face and hair! The hair looks straggly and greasy and her face looks like she just washed it except for the racoon eyes. That looks like she never washes it off just puts more on every day. I think she just had no idea what she wanted to look like and borrowed a friend’s old prom dress or bridesmaid dress. She just looks poor and neglected and sad. She’s looked bad at other events but the look was always intentionally awful like the melted wetsuit look at the Costume event at the Met or the hag look with the green dress a year later. She was trying to look like something then and couldn’t pull it off. I don’t thing she’s trying anymore. Barely working enough to keep her SAG card and her fiance never around to promote her and who seems so incredibly indifferent to her, the best her dad can do is have her sing the Mario Bros song on a video game, and the tv pilot doesn’t seem to be happening. This girl is desperate to keep looking 17 while pushing 30 but it doesn’t matter. Its obvious she has no real talent for anything including effective self-promotion.

  • eve

    Just looking at the expression on Rachel’s face you know what she’s thinking.
    “I can’t believe I still get invited to these things even though I’m a barely working actress!”

  • Brightside

    It needed a bra or chicken fillets or whatever the hell they are called…really it looks worse in close up.

    Things Rachel Bilson should have thought: (after all she dishes out fashion advice in Instyle)!
    Never wear an expensive dress without trying it on first and looking in the goddamn mirror. Does it fit…no, then back in the shop it goes and try another one on. Remember I’m attending an event at which relevant members of the film industry are present so I don’t want to fcuk up.

    Things she actually thought:
    Oooooooohhhhhhh it’s Zac Posen…ooooooohhhhhh it’s peachy… my colour….highlights my beautiful eyes….coooool…I’ll wear it….I’m so beautiful!

    Rachel Bilson in a nutshell.

    No fashion, no sense.

    Harsh, but true.

  • Brightside

    I apologise for plagiarising the Ooooohhhhh in my previous comment. It came off a Rachel Bilson fan comment in another post and I thought it hilarious. Something Rachel Bilson would actually say.

  • maya

    she’s so adorable, so cutie and so sweet like her dress and like her

  • smilelove << new hollywood starlet…big debut on the big screen this October with Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd…

  • Nicki

    Id love to be her;)
    she looks aweeeesome!!!
    nice dress too!!!!

  • Calie

    @ Brightside

    Zac Posen’s muse is Natalie Portman I don’t really think that Nat would even wear this when the function is to be black event. At least she understands what the dress attire should be. One would think that Bilson would have common sense about her to find out what would look good and not go by what the fad or Instyle thinks she should wear but this is Bilson so common and sense are out the window. Someone mentioned the MIA b/f or ex fiance if he shows up again I’m sure it will be the same parade show they do. Guess all HC has to do is drive her car and hold her keys for ppl to believe everything is back on. A Dr. who was on The View said if any relationship take longer then 18 months to 2 yrs for commitment or marriage don’t bet the fact it will ever happen or if it has to be forced then better chance it will end in divorce if married. RB’s so called romance with HC shelf life is over with only thing is she needs his name recognition for self promotion reason she keeps there idea alive some wish she would just let the man go so the idea can die with their so called romance.

  • Brightside

    And your comment is why Rachel Bilson fans do her image no favours at all. Have you ever heard of being rational? Have you ever tried it? Instead of coming across as an over-emotional idiot on the verge of a climax!
    No need to throw an org*sm, just state why you like her without the over abundance of vowels and consonants!


    brightside is sooo jealous right now!! HAHA!
    omg racheeeel !! you look sooo beautiful!
    so so pretty, i love the dress, your face,
    your body everything! you look GOREGOUS!!

  • *_*

    I think i just fainted and saw this angel in heaven. So friggin cute! words can not describe her beauty. @Brightside, not surprised to see you here, stalking beautiful women and firing nasty jealous comments :) Thanks for your largest sum of comments, you`re the reason why this gorgeous face is on the front :))

  • vivsmama

    she is soooo BORING!! SNORE!!! I giggle everytime I see her on this website, is it 2004????

  • annie

    greay hair still style it already if ur so fashion savy

  • Fandango


    Sure there is words to describe this woman slow, Dim witted, self indulged, egocentric, and spoiled rotten to the core. I agree with #22 she didn’t read the invitation correctly she is the only one not dressed properly. You can add that to the list of ohh so wonderful things she is not. and intelligent is one of them.

  • Shameless

    You haters are so pathetic. I feel sorry for you and your obviously miserable lives.

  • @Calie

    You don’t know the rules for Black Tie. It refers to the costume the men wear. Women can wear any colour, the dress should be an evening dress but not all-out formal (ballgowns and diamonds).

  • Beautiful&CleverGoTogether.

    Apparenlty beautiful people are more intelligent than average looking people according to a new study.

    So…. by that arguement…. Rachel isnt known for her intelligence lets be honest ……….so she cant be all that attractive either.
    Well that sucks for her now doesnt it?

  • Fandango


    REALLLY then tell me why knowone but RB wore a color the other woman wore Black or tblack and white. Black Tie when I went to events or wedding that read this mean it not make it an exception to a certain persons rule

  • W.S.A


  • W.S.A


  • J’enAiMarre

    Everybody is getting so jealous. She is beauutiful.

  • the truth

    @J’enAiMarre: Not true no one is jealous are her. She don’t belong here today. She not getting no awards for no work she has done. Don’t know why jj put her picture up in front anyway.That event happen last night. No work or relationship going for her right now.

  • amanda

    Jealous? If I was supposed to be jealous of someone, it would be Natalie Portman, not a loser like Rachel Bilson. Give me a break.