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Gerard Butler: Art of Elysium Gala 2011

Gerard Butler: Art of Elysium Gala 2011

Gerard Butler attends The Art of Elysium‘s 4th Annual Black Tie “Heaven” Charity Gala on Saturday (January 15) at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor is part of the celeb host committee, along with a handful of other stars including Rachel Bilson, Kristen Bell, and Kate Bosworth.

The day before, Gerard grabbed a few drinks to go from Birds Cafe/Bar in Hollywood.

On Thursday, Gerard also suited up the Bulgari party benefiting Save the Children and Artists for Peace and Justice.

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186 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Art of Elysium Gala 2011”

  1. 1
    Nuts Says:

    Woo hoo! Looking good!

  2. 2
    Gerry Says:

    What’s up with his hair?

  3. 3
    athena Says:

    looking great.

  4. 4
    Canera Says:

    Looking real good

  5. 5
    Sasha Says:

    He cleans up well

  6. 6
    Nuts Says:

    ‘nuf said

  7. 7
    please Says:

    he really is attractive.
    Glad to see him out tonight.

  8. 8
    Raven Says:

    I think what Hmmmmm said on the last thread deserves to be bumped over here. But I willl add. Gerry, eat something. Don’t become one of those bobble head q-tips.

    Hmmmmm: “He obviously knows his looks are what sells, but he’s still a rebel about it. Like refusing to shave his neck. I’m sure he knows some don’t like that, but he’s just stubborn enough to stick it to them. Mr. Butler’s little rebellion against what’s expected of Hollywood elite. He’s a hoot. An original. That’s what I like about him.”

    And I think he’s much happier in his old ragged Colorado T then in any designer suit. How many countries and places has that thing been to? Cheap Scott. Penny proud, pound foolish.

  9. 9
    opinion Says:

    Even in photos with his old flame Eva Mendez he looks like he wants to run. Could this life finally be getting to him?

  10. 10
    A Fan Says:

    He’s screaming inside.”Get me out of here.” I think we may be witnessing a G meltdown.

  11. 11
    so Says:

    where are alan and david lurking? They need to be there to keep reminding him of the money. He obviously wants to break free.

  12. 12
    sukar Says:

    He looks wonderful, but why is his hair long? For a role or something?

  13. 13
    sukar Says:

    He looks wonderful, but why is his hair short, is it for a role or something?

  14. 14
    Old Mia Says:

    It’s like someone forced him to show up. I don’t think this is in his heart,

  15. 15
    Old Mia Says:

    Sukar. LOL.

    Long, short. Whatever.

    I looked it up today and you are seven hours later then us on the east coast.

    I saw all the trouble in Cairo on the news last week. Hope things have calmed down. Religion has been a problem since time began.

  16. 16
    question Says:

    did he have a relationship with Eva Mendes at some point?

  17. 17
    sukar Says:

    @Old Mia:

    It won’t calm down with the way the government is handling it. Super idiots is what they are.

    I just miss his hair short. But he looks great.

  18. 18
    dude Says:

    He is starving himself for fame. He was the hotty in TUT, Loved his body. So you don’t think he’s vain? You don’t turn yourself into an aorexic twit because you are not caught up in the Hollywood junk. There was no one more beautiful than Butler in Beowulf. I think he actually ate back then. Scarfing up the muffins on the viking ship.

  19. 19
    interesting Says:

    Before the red carpet there was this photo on Twitter of him just arriving – Alan not far behind

  20. 20
    Old Mia Says:

    @sukar: I saw Murbarek on TV apparently trying to stop the crazy stuff. But who knows.

    My daughter and her husband have only two more years left in Europe, so I was hoping this was the year we would finally go to Egypt for a vacation. She has friends on base who went there last summer and they were very happy with the experience. And they took litlle kids along. How things change in an instant.

  21. 21
    interesting Says:

    Hot, Hot, Hot
    there are many motifs in GB’s life lately that reminisce of James Bond. Maybe it’s in his future or maybe something very similar to it.

  22. 22
    interesting Says:

    Hot, Hot, Hot
    there are many motifs in GB’s life lately that reminisce of James Bond. Maybe it’s in his future or maybe something very similar to it.

  23. 23
    sukar Says:


    I think he is very bitter about those Barbados photos, and now he is going into the other extreme. It’s sad actually.

  24. 24
    question Says:

    wasn’t Mubarak’s son suppose to take over at some point?

  25. 25
    question Says:

    wasn’t Mubarak’s son suppose to take over at some point?

  26. 26
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    G looks like he was just dug up from the grave ….. and wishes he were back in the coffin

  27. 27
    sarah Says:

    @interesting: Oh yes. Alan. He’s the buggest sucker up of them all. His whole dam.n career has been built around gerry. He would be absolutely nothing without gerry. Loyalty has to stop somewhere,

  28. 28
    sukar Says:


    There has been talk about this for the past five years, but Mubarak announced three months ago that he is planning to contest the presidential elections in 2011, which means that his son, Gamal, is out of the race at the moment. But I believe that sooner or later Gamal will become the president, unfortunately.

  29. 29
    question Says:

    and what about the Muslim brotherhood, aren’t they fomenting much the troubles and the angers?

  30. 30
    what? Says:

    @question: Last thing I saw was Mubarak was happy cause the kid got good grades. This isn’t a dynasty. There are elections. Help. Sukar. ?????

  31. 31
    interesting Says:

    Don’t be so hard on Alan; GB would not keep him around if he weren’t effective. Remember, GB is no fool, no matter what the naysayers on these threads say. He knows what he is doing and is very much in control of his career and his life. Alan has a function and that’s why he has been kept.

  32. 32
    groundhog day all over again Says:

    @Mr. Giggles: CJ did suggest we bury JJ / GB and he is dressed for his funeral, perhaps it is time. farewell gerry. moving on to sturgess, fassbender and whitfield

  33. 33
    egypt Says:

    There was a time I thought Egypt was going to be back as as a real power in the world. That was under Anwar El Sadat. What a magnificint man IMO. Loved him and his family.

  34. 34
    wtf? Says:

    who cares about the frickin middle east, nuke it, for all I care, BUTLER LOOKS HOT!

  35. 35
    well Says:

    Butler hates everything about Hollywood. You can see it in his eyes. But it gets him everything he wants. Money. Power. Money. He sold his soul to the devil.

  36. 36
    YEP Says:


  37. 37
    well Says:

    @wtf?: Idiot. They outnumber us by far. Butler can’t save the world with his looks.

  38. 38
    interesting Says:

    No he didn’t sell his soul to the devil. Someone who sells his soul to the devil does terrible things to others. GB doesn’t do terrible things to others.
    He is in HW because needs it for his business. Hence, he attends their parties and mingles with their ilk, but he gets away from there as fast as he can – in between projects and mingling.
    I think his true home right now in NYC. In the beginning of his career when HW was new he spent more time there until he realized he doesn’t like it much, and he doesn’t feel he fits in with their attitudes and values. Therefore, just because he goes to HW parties from time to time doesn’t mean the guy has no moral fiber. Let’s get things in perspective, please.

  39. 39
    whatever Says:

    He saves my little bit of the world with his looks. Is this a gossip board or a political arena? If we are going there…give my tax dollars to Israel. And if we have to align ourselves with the middle east, Egypt is where to go. They are the most sane in that culture.

  40. 40
    Mass Debate Says:

    @wtf?: And this way of thinking is why our future as a species is well and truly f ucked.

  41. 41
    wtf? Says:

    point being its a gossip thread, idiot, not a political blog.
    outnumber us, wtf does that mean?, oooh shakin in my boots
    Isreal has been kickin their but.t s all over the promised land.
    there are billions of chinese too, want to talk about them here?
    no, just want to talk about BUTLER.

  42. 42
    Mass Debate Says:

    @interesting: But then there’s Victoria’s Secret. ;)

  43. 43
    wtf? Says:

    @Mass Debate:
    as long as we are all fu.cked by Gerard than who the hel.l cares.

    and that should take him …..mmmm……….let’s say 3 more months at his current rate of shaggin.

  44. 44
    maria Says:

    And I just wanted a bit of hollywood gossip tonight! Instead I got the state of the world. Whatever. Isn’t Butler a babe? That should be transferable from culture to culture on here. A hottie is a hottie in any language. LOL.

  45. 45
    The Maharani of Marrakesh Says:

    He looks healthy, fit and content.

    He hates nothing but gets annoyed at having to pose at these events. He must be sick of the blinding flashes and the constant clamor of the paparazzi and the fans who want photos.

  46. 46
    sukar Says:


    Not really. I don’t agree with the policies of the MB and I would be very unhappy if they come to power, but we can’t blame them for the troubles of Egypt. I would say most of the current crisis is due to the governmental policies or lack thereof.


    I am a big fan of Sadat too


    The elections are rigged and until 2005, Mubarak was running against himself. He was the only candidate and voters would just say “yes” or “no,” and I don’t need to tell you what would happen if someone says no.

    Anyway I didn’t mean to turn the discussion to the ME, but people asked questions and I answered.

  47. 47
    Mass Debate Says:

    @wtf?: I’ll admit that there was once a time, in the days of The Stranger and Beowolf when I actually wanted to do dirty, disgusting things to Gerry’s quivering loins, just like you do now, but now I realise that would be to un-original, plus, I actually value my sexual health.

  48. 48
    interesting Says:

    @Mass Debate:
    which means what? Explain!

  49. 49
    interesting Says:

    how politics in Egypt play a big part on a Gerard Butler gossip site. I have never seen anything like it. The man’s fans are more fascinating than he is.

  50. 50
    yogi of yonkers Says:

    he loves the fame game
    the fancy cars and homes,
    the money,
    the parties
    the holidays and jet setting
    the hedonistic lifestyle of the movie biz
    the attention he get’s from the ladies,

    come on he is an actor afterall, a giant ego that needs continuous feeding goes with the territory

    these charity events are just a way to make a celebrity’s guilt a little more bearable
    he is having a blast, he doesn’t need our pity

  51. 51
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:

    Friend jared

  52. 52
    Mass Debate Says:

    @ interesting: 3rd attempt at posting.
    I think that the fashion industry is just as superficial as Hollywood, Gerry appears to spent quite a lot of his time around fashion events, designers and models.

  53. 53
    wtf? Says:

    @Mass Debate:
    never said I wouldn’t triple raincoat the guy
    and besides for the “big” (well let’s hope) event I would stock up on Pen G

  54. 54
    GUIDO Says:

    hello all
    The countdown has started, that’s what, means, photo

  55. 55
    Mass Debate Says:

    @wtf?: I think napalm would be more affective.

  56. 56
    realization Says:

    If you want to be accurate, don’t forget that Egypt gets our tax dollars too. They each get about $2 billion, which was a promise made, by then President Carter, to the 2 nations if they ceased hostilities.
    In other word, by signing the Camp David Accords and making peace, they both get that money annually. So if you stop it for Israel, you need to stop it for Egypt as well.
    Also, as per Sadat’s words, he was the big winner of those peace talks because he gave up nothing, just made a promise to stop attacking Israel, while Israel agreed to give him back the Sinai Peninsula, a land mass three-times larger than Israel proper, which it won fair and square after the Arabs started a war with Israel, and which previous US administrations before Carter’s, urged Israel not to return to Egypt.
    As far as I’m concerned, Carter should never have given any US funds as an incentive for counties to make peace. If they want to make peace, that’s great, but it’s their business, and the US should not “pay” them for it. Carter was such an idiot, he even signed to give the panama cannel to panama 20 years down the road, in 1999. It was originally built by the US with US funds and technology. President Carter weakened US sovereignty in many other instances.

  57. 57
    mold and mildew Says:

    hope you are 5 foot 10 minimum
    brown skinned
    90 pounds maximum
    complete lack of self esteem
    and dumb as dog shite then……

    think that answers why he goes to fashion shows?

  58. 58
    sukar Says:


    Sinai is Egyptian land, you don’t “win” a land lol. It’s not a soccer match and the winner gets the cup.

    But I agree with you about money, that’s not how you make peace. But I really think that Sadat wanted peace and was going to sign the treaty even if there was no money. He’s a genius in my opinion.

  59. 59
    mold and mildew Says:

    sorry last post was to be directed to wtf?

  60. 60
    interesting Says:

    @Mass Debate:
    you’re right, they are the same kinds of people, but i don’t think the man will marry one of those girls in the end. maybe he likes shagging them, but then every man does, so he ain’t different.
    He definitly likes obscure models more than HW starlets, as he doesn’t want anyone in the starlight of HW attached to him.
    Such women carry too much attention for a private man like him. By HW standards, he is private about his love life and he doesn’t air his dirty laundry in pubic, as much as so many others in HW do.

  61. 61
    wtf? Says:

    @mold and mildew:
    nope none of the above, just a white female middle age momma with big thighs and a fridge full of ice cream, dumba/ss

  62. 62
    IRMA Says:

    I don’t want Israel to discuss here,,, Why are political debates??
    want to know more about Gerry!!

  63. 63
    mold and mildew Says:

    geesh tough crowd

    thanks for all the laughs tonight, think i’ll go knit something

  64. 64
    don't feel bad Says:

    moldy, when guido makes the most sense, its time to call it a night :)

  65. 65
    IRMA Says:

    I don’t want Israel to discuss here,,, Why are political debates??
    I want to know more about Gerry!!

  66. 66
    realization Says:

    No, no, no. When you start a war, you have to accept the consequences should you lose.
    Egypt lost the war that it started, Israel should have kept the spoils.
    It would have taught all the trouble makes in the ME to stop fighting with Israel. Israel acquiesces to the Arabs way too much and that’s why there is no true peace in the ME.
    Sadat would have made peace either way, I agree with you on that, because he got the Sinai Peninsula. Why shouldn’t he?
    What did Israel get? A worthless promise to stop attacking it? It still gets attacked by Egypt through its proxy – the Palestinians. So Israel was the big loser. It should have drawn into the negotiations the Palestinians, as well as all Arabs. In exchange for lands that Israel gives to the Arabs, they all have to make peace. Not make a false peace by playing good cop/bad cop by using the Palestinians as the bad cop against Israel.
    We’re in this mess because the US and Israel don’t crack down on the bogus Arab regimes that like to keep the winds of war raging.
    Let’s keep things accurate.

  67. 67
    ;;;; Says:

  68. 68
    ;;;; Says:

  69. 69
    realization Says:

    i agree. we should stop.
    here are some Gerry photos that you might like from tonight.

  70. 70
    je l'aime Says:


    merci beaucoup, tres bien

  71. 71
    Sukar Says:


    Really? So if Lets say Egypt attacks the US and invades Texas, does it mean that it’s Ours now? Get real. Also what did the Palestinians get out of this. They have completely lost their land, there is no such thing as Palestine on the map. In my opinion this is the world’s biggest injustice in modern times, and I don’t understand how the Western world which is built on justice and equality fails to see this?

    Besides Israel has got more than empty promises, look up some of the parts in the Camp David agreement about Israel buying Egyptian gas for peanuts. Egypt had to agree to this crap and more.

  72. 72
    ;;;; Says:

    je l’aime @
    moi aussi j’adore

  73. 73
    Sukar Says:


    I forgot to say that I salute you for saying your opinion politely without insults, a rarity on this forum.

  74. 74
    realization Says:

    Let me correct your crooked thinking:
    if Egypt attacks Texas and loses, and the US wins a part of Egypt as a result of that war, US should keep what it won from Egypt. Do you understand that? You start a war, you pay the consequences, which is how wars are settled since time immemorial.
    Only Israel is stupid enough to not play by the accepted rules of war and acquiesce.
    Regarding the oil, that’s the least Egypt should have done for starting 5 wars with Israel. I’d say Egypt got off cheap. However, Israel is a big loser. Had Israel kept the Sinai, it wouldn’t have to buy anything from Egypt. Egypt should be thankful Israel wants peace so badly it gave Egypt the Sinai in exchange for NOTHING, as Sadat admitted many times.
    This faulty thinking of Israel’s is shared by most western democracies, which is why the terrorists might win in the end.

  75. 75
    Mass Debate Says:

    @GUIDO: The countdown to what? Back to the Future? xo

  76. 76
    True Says:

    I agree with you. If a country starts a war an loses, it should deal with the unpleasant consequences.
    If the terrorists win, the whole world will be in termoil.
    We need to wake up.

  77. 77
    justsayin'too Says:

    Now that’s how I like him- a little more muscle and salt and pepper.
    Who’s the guy in the getty pictures that says guest at the art of elysium. It looks like Ian guffold

  78. 78
    got2know Says:

    @realization: By your reasoning, all the art that the Jews claim was theirs (not to mention the gold, cash and jewelry in Swiss bank safety deposit boxes) prior to WW2 and which they’re demanding from Germany should be the spoils of war for the United States. It should be divided up with other allied nations who won WW2. We should own Japan, not vice versa. We should own Germany too.

    It sounds like the USA is getting ripped off-at least by your accounting.

  79. 79
    Tippi Says:

    Sexy & beautiful !!!!!!!!

  80. 80
    ;;;; Says:

    what a smile!! it is, cute

  81. 81
    sukar Says:


    Gosh you make it look like that Egypt woke up in the morning and decided to send its sons to their deaths just to fight Israel. Israel has occupied Arab lands, including Sinai. Trust me if this was your land, you would do more than fight five wars. (actually they are four; 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973- and the 1956 one was initiated by Israel). I love how Western people think they can tell us where our borders start and end. I guess the “New Map of the Middle East,” is alive and well. And I fail to understand how Israel which is now occupying most of the former Palestine and building new settlements every day (oh and most of the land is not used. I think only 25% of Israel actually has people living in it, but I need to double check that figure). They are complete and total winners. Anyone can see that.

    If the West and the world looses its battle with terrorism it will be because they remained silent about this unbelievable act of injustice and nothing more.

  82. 82
    @sukar Says:


    “Injustice”? It depends on what your religious beliefs are. They fight for land that both think are “theirs” based on their religion. Nothing is going to stop either side from their beliefs – or fighting over it ….no matter what anyone else thinks. It’s Jews vs. Muslems. The End.

  83. 83
    lolita Says:

    @;;;;: Semi, there is nothing better than a genuine smile on his face. He does look good. Thank you for the pics.
    Too all the other posters…thanks for the links…love the one of him standing by the car…it suits him.

  84. 84
    ;;;; Says:

    hello @lolita
    a new video of him

  85. 85
    ;;;; Says:

  86. 86
    lolita Says:

    @;;;;: Semi. THANK YOU!!! I really like the format of that video. I really appreciate the links you send here…thank you again♥♥

  87. 87
    lolita Says:

    @Red October, miss you and your posts…hope everything is well with you…warm regards♥

  88. 88
    angelsrock Says:


    Thanks for the link. I have loved so many of his looks through the years.
    Loved him at 30 and love him at 41.

  89. 89
    DrPiggy Says:

    Looking great as ever!! Love the suit and esp whats in it:)

  90. 90
    Raven Says:

    He seemed to warm up to event as the night went on. At first, though, he looked like a fish out of water.

  91. 91
    so Says:

    when do we find out who the leading lady is in PTF?

  92. 92
    gabby Says:

    I am actually glad he isn’t going to be at the Globe thing tonight. I won’t have to watch or record it. I get sick of the Hw crowd patting each other on the backs. I’ll check JJ for the party pics. Much less painful.

  93. 93
    Harley Says:

    I just read the copy that goes along with the pics. Says he was on the host committee for the event.

  94. 94
    hallie Says:

    @Harley: Climbing the Hollywood social ladder. I didn’t use to think he was that type, but he obviously is. I suppose it’s good for the career.

  95. 95
    redOctober Says:


    Thank you girl! ; D You’re most kind. I’m on vacation so I have no time to post.


  96. 96
    lolita Says:

    @redOctober: Red, Thanks for responding and have a wonderful time on your vacation..♥♥♥

  97. 97
    Vegas Says:

    I think sukar is right about the extreme thin look being a reaction to those Barbados photos. Just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t mean he can’t be hurt by rude remarks, and those pics and articles were all over the place.

  98. 98
    gabby Says:

    @Vegas: If the camera really does add 10 pounds, I wonder how thin he looks in person. For people who haven’t seen him in a year, it must be alarming.

  99. 99
    lolita Says:

    @Vegas: That’s because some people forget that he is just a man with all the human emotions we all have…because of the crazy career he has chosen.

  100. 100
    Heidi Says:

    Several recent articles have alluded to how thin he is. One writer even said he almost didn’t recognize him.

  101. 101
    Vegas Says:

  102. 102
    mold and mildew Says:

    there use to be some real horoscope buffs here on JJ

    I was wondering if I was born June 1 am I a taurus now or still a gemini

    or am I transignal?

  103. 103
    Manny Says:

    God this is just sad. I love the look of Gerry in general but to have him come down the red carpet after a man who is groomed better than him with a beard was just unfortunate for Butler. Joe looks smoking IMO. Maybe Butler looks p!ssy because he got shown up…
    I see our Tantrum Queens have returned to the fold. Welcome back Sukar and Old Mia. Next time make your exit quieter and then you won’t look so stupid when you come back with your tails between you legs.
    I’m with the others that don’t want to listen to the politics or the middle east in general. The Middle East is a hot bed of sorrow that I don’t want to discuss in my fun time on a gossip thread. I think that should be taken somewhere else IMO. Maybe you Egypt lovers should form your own chat to discuss such things. Just an opinion here.
    As for my girlies. Golden Globes tonight. Adventures of Captain Underpants. Be there or be square. :)
    Now to Butler…
    Obviously he has been left to his own devices. Some think he looks skinny but I think he is looking a little bloated in the face right now. I’m wondering if we stripped him down if his moobs would be vying for a bro? (Thanks Seinfeld for the reference.) :)
    The man has the nicest hair but is so hair challenged. I mean seriously. What grown man doesn’t know how to comb his hair? Gerard Butler that’s who!
    Again no shaved neck. Not going there… literally. If you have ever kissed an unshaven neck you know it is no picnic. More of an act of love. hehe
    The man does have a penetrating stare. I have to give it to you phannies, now he is at the end of his rope and hopeless in his existence today. Oh please…. Right now he is probably rolling out from under his latest 20-something conquest and getting a little tug and rub. Don’t cry for him Argentina, he is doing just fine.
    BTW had a good laugh at the b!tchfight on the other thread. I come back after being gone almost a week to some interesting entertainment. IMO Stupid won the smackdown because she didn’t get emotional. I didn’t agree with some of what Stupid said but she never lost her cool.
    BTW peeps it is good to see Butler is so not impressed with us here and living his life. Maybe we all ought to take a clue from the dude…

  104. 104
    LucyLu Says:

    Gerry is not scheduled to be at the Golden Globes tonight, but did say that he would be attending the In Style after party tonight after the awards ceremony. Gerry loves a good party, and likely to be attending for professional reasons as well, to make contacts in the business.

  105. 105
    Manny Says:

    Cora – Mine! So Fritz can be part of it. When should we meet up?

  106. 106
    Manny Says:

    I guess that is a blessing to some. I sat and was embarrassed as hell for him at the fauxmancing Butler was trying to pull off with Aniston last year as they presented. They had even less chemistry at the Globes than they did on the screen. Like a -3. :P

  107. 107
    Manny Says:

    Globes start at 8p EST 7p CST 6p MST 5p PST…. in the US.

  108. 108
    Well Says:


    You’ll be tuning in then?

  109. 109
    Manny Says:

    Now here is a face everyone can love.

  110. 110
    Manny Says:

    Sure – Ricky is hosting. Can’t miss that.
    Just thought I was being helpful. :)

  111. 111
    Brenda Says:

    @mold and mildew:
    I may not be a fan of Gerry’s “choices” but I do not think Bianca, Laurie, even Kristy and Alicia were “dumb.” I do think the Brazilian tranny and Martina were stupid but then again, they were not pump and dumps.
    Laurie, not cute at all, was not stupid.
    I am a fan of Ger’s but I am not a psycho stalking freak like most of the other GALS etc.

  112. 112
    Brenda Says:

    I meant that Beatrice the Brazilian Tranny and ugly ska.nky Martina WERE “pump and dumps.” One nighters and he ran for his life so they “talked.” My opinion…

  113. 113
    Cora Says:

    @Manny: I can make it into chat at the start of the show …. 5p PST/8p PST. ♥

  114. 114
    Manny Says:

    I have to agree. Both of them were scratching posts for the Butler’s peen.

  115. 115
    Question Says:

    I probably I agree. But I don’t believe the Martina one at all.
    I agree with MANNY – GB does not look “skinny” at all. Are you guys wearing your bifocals??
    LOok at the thread before this…in his running pants. THAT IS NOT SKINNY IN THE LEAST. He looked fat as heck in TUT and Gamer. No one wants him that way. In LAC he was supposed to look like a dowdy husband and he did.

  116. 116
    she Says:

    what time are the Globes on in the West Coast in Cali?

  117. 117


  118. 118
    CJ Says:


    hello all
    The countdown has started, that’s what, means, photo
    I’m sorry Guido but too many predications by you about Gerry marriages, children and the such in the past not comming true has affected your credibility here…you are entitled to your opinion and predictions of course but no one takes them at face value anymore..or really ever did…♥

  119. 119
    Beth Says:

    As long as he keeps lookin’ good, he can do whatever he darn well pleases.

  120. 120
    Manny Says:

    5p she…
    Whether he looks good or not… he will continue to do as he pleases.

  121. 121
    Cora Says:

    “what time are the Globes on in the West Coast in Cali?”
    5 pm (the red carpet fashions start at 4 pm) ♥

  122. 122
    Manny Says:

    Gee and we only had cinnamon french toast…

  123. 123
    mold and mildew Says:


    i must have missed that one……whew went right over?

    what are you talking about?

    my skinny chic comment is not a poke at GALS nor is the astronomy thing.

  124. 124
    Cora Says:

    I think Gerry is looking the best he has in a few years. I love the whole package right now. I agree that he would look better with his neck shaved but I’m wondering if a shaved neck is something he has a hard time maintaining. Some men have real skin sensitivity on the neck and shaving makes their neck very irritated and red. It could be uncomfortable for him to keep his neck shaved for a long period of time. Just a thought.

  125. 125
    i heart Says:

    @mold and mildew:

    i think she meant she didn’t think all of Gerard’s booyt calls fell into your categories but you didn’t call her a stalker? or mention GALS.

    LMAO at transsignal, maybe that is why i feel a little off kilter these days. am i leo or cancer?

    sad to see so much hostility still here

    blessed are the peacemakers

    have a great sunday JJer’s.

  126. 126
    ;;;; Says:

  127. 127
    Cora Says:

    @;;;;: Poor Amy. She looks like she’s having a hard time walking in those shoes!
    Cute photo moment …. “You’re the only one we had the courage to ask”. LOL!

  128. 128
    ;;;; Says:

  129. 129
    Cora Says:

    @;;;;: Wow! In that video Gerry looks very happy to be there. He doesn’t look “over it” at all.

  130. 130
    Fritz loves her Cowboy Says:

    @ Cora and Manny…I’ll be shaking the martinis! :)

  131. 131
    ;;;; Says:

    very handsome,

  132. 132
    Cora Says:

    @;;;;: He does look very handsome. Sometimes I think he looks better in video than he does in stills. Maybe it’s because his personality comes out in video and his personality is a large part of his charm. I’m thinking back to the still photos of the L’Oreal shoot in NYC, standing on the ladder etc. He looked really good in those pics, but when the behind-the-scenes video was posted he looked amazing. Same guy, same day, but he went from an 8 to a 10 when you compare the stills to the video.

  133. 133
    Paisley Swan Stewart Says:


    I agree. Gerry in action is much more attractive that he is in still photos. When he’s animated and interacting with others, he’s irresistible.


  134. 134
    Well Says:


    You were being helpful. I hope you enjoy the show.

  135. 135
    Well Says:


    You were being helpful. I hope you enjoy the show.

    If this posts twice all I can say is that I hope you enjoy the show very much.

  136. 136


  137. 137
    she Says:

    Thanks Manny

  138. 138
    Amber Says:

    @gabby: I agree about the GG awards. Like the same people for the same awards.

  139. 139
    Fffyt Says:

    Family men like Damon, and Pitt are sexy. What is ger afraid of!

  140. 140
    CC Says:

    Butler would have been a perfect Bond. It’s a shame that its not gonna happen.

  141. 141
    observation Says:

    It must be disconcerting for others on the red carpet at the same time as him, when everyone with a camera is yelling “Gerard, look to the left. Hey, Gerard. Gerard. Gerard. Gerard. One more Gerard.”

    Hey, the thumbs are gone, but not forgotten, I’m sure.

  142. 142
    observation Says:

    It must be disconcerting for others on the red carpet at the same time as him, when everyone with a camera is yelling “Gerard, look to the left. Hey, Gerard. Gerard. Gerard. Gerard. One more Gerard.”

    Hey, the thumbs are gone, but not forgotten, I’m sure.

  143. 143
    observation Says:

    ooooops. How did I double post. Mea culpa.

  144. 144
    grace Says:

    @Cora: He does look amazing in video. But many of the stills released did make him look like he was “over it.” Handsome, but not happy. Wonder why they chose those photos? But I think he’s a 10 in both the subdued photos and the happier video.

  145. 145
    punta cana Says:

    @observation: I’ll bet thumbs will be back. I still have not figured out their reason. However, as much as many don’t like them, I found myself reaching for one tonight here. Thumbs? Thumbs? LOL. Who is obnoxious Manny person? Know it all.

  146. 146
    punta cana Says:

    @Fffyt: I see neither Pitt nor Damon sexy and it is nothing to do with family values. Pitt looks bloated and Damon is a blob. Angie looks 50 tonight in that gross dress. Nice color but hideous design. Matron. What a bunch.

  147. 147
    Old Mia Says:

    @Manny: Tantrum queens? Show me a tantrum. I get disgusted at times, and I want to throw in the towell, but then I think again. I don’t think I’ve ever thrown anything that could be described as close to a trantrum on JJ or any place else. And if I enjoy sukar’s perspective, so what? I don’t take it into some private chat place. What I have to say is right here for all to see. From Gerry to Celtic Thunder to Keith Harkin. Judge not.

  148. 148
    Nuts Says:

    WB/Instyle Party is beginning. Getty and Wireimage putting up red carpet photos.

    No Gerry yet.

  149. 149
    louise Says:

    I wish you would take it to a chat room, Mia.
    Spamming the board all night long with off topic conversation is inconsiderate to other posters. Exchange email addresses with sukar or take it to a chat room or any of the hundreds of blogs about religion and politics.
    This is a gossip thread about Gerard James Butler, not your personal diary.

  150. 150
    Fffyt Says:

    @punta cana: Superficial and naive phannies see gb as perfect if he is thin and alone. I prefer him with a love of a family and whatever healthy shape he wants to be in.

  151. 151
    Nuts Says:


    Holy Bazinga. This InStyle party is legit. Spotted Heidi Klum, Seal, Bruce Willis, Gerard Butler, RPatz, Morena Baccarin, the BBT cast… 1 minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

  152. 152
    Nuts Says:


    Holy Bazinga. This InStyle party is legit. Spotted Heidi Klum, Seal, Bruce Willis, Gerard Butler, RPatz, Morena Baccarin, the BBT cast… 1 minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

  153. 153
    Old Mia Says:

    @louise: What a hoot. I was at work the last 10 hours. And I think there is enough history here to prove that. At least two years. Louise, go blow.

  154. 154
    CC Says:

    Hey Red! have a great vacation and stay safe.

    I agree that the Butler looks better in video than in photos. And its probably because he has sexy accent and you can’t hear it in a picture lol. And yes he has an irresistible charm. But then sometimes he says pretty dumb things lol

  155. 155
    whatever Says:

    Boy should be sick of these gross people by now. What a bunch of stupidioholics. You are an actor. You pretend to be someone else. Big deal. You look good. You aren’t performing brain surgery. You look better than them. So what? Actors have been bottom feeders for a long time. Butler is playing on his looks. Debate me? Well, why so thin?

  156. 156
    louise Says:

    I was talking about last night, Mia, not the last 10 hrs.
    “go blow”? you used to be a decent person

  157. 157
    Fffyt Says:

    @whatever: Only thing to talk about is his looks. Please give us a great performance…once.

  158. 158
    so Says:

    @Nuts: It’s legit. He’s at a party. Give me a break. You all need to calm down. He can go to a party. He can be a host. He can live. He can breath. I don’t expect you to ever get it. He’s a player. He got himslelf from Lucy Sullivan to the big time. Only took him 10 years. But whap, he did it.

  159. 159
    @so Says:

    If you’re not interested in the photos at these parties then why are you here miss high and mighty? This thread is about the Vogue party and the next thread will probably be about the InStyle party. So …. why are you here if this is beneath you?

  160. 160
    Nuts Says:


    Uh…the “It’s legit” comment was by the tweeter, not me.

  161. 161
    jimie Says:

    Well. From a queen. Sorry, he’s straight. Cry. I have gaydar. This baby is not on the site. But he could be persuaded. Not gay Disgusting.

  162. 162
    Nuts Says:

    Another twitter comment:

    @sarahcolonna I don’t know…he said he was standing between Gerard Butler and Christina Aguilla. 4 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to sarahcolonna

  163. 163
    sukar Says:


    Old Mia and me are “tantrum queens,” are you serious? I’ve never seen a bigger troublemaker than you. You have started fights with all most every single person on this forum (minues your little clique), and you have accused people of doing things they never did (remember making that crap up about me insulting your other and JJ giving you my IP address?) and you have apologized to me several times only to come back and be nasty again. If you practice what you preach, I might start listening to you. And I was simply answering a question that a couple of people asked. You could simply ignore my posts and any other post that annoys you for that matter instead of the queen of the board attitude you have. You have no right to tell people what they should talk about it, especially since you spend hours chatting about stupid irrelevant mindless stupidities queen Manny. Perhaps you should practice the “live and let live,” motto for a while

  164. 164
    Nuts Says:

    Blurry photo of Gerry at Globes party signing autographs:

  165. 165
    good try Says:

    @Nuts: You and Mia try. But this is Gerard Butler central. No amount of normal will fly. I want to say more, but I won’t.

  166. 166
    bingo Says:

    I liked my thumbies. They told me old manny was a nutcase.

  167. 167
    well Says:

    Butler has done everyone in HW. he looks all sweet at the shows.

  168. 168
    Neece Says:

    Old A-LIst WANNABE Gerard was invited to the after-party but not the show itself?
    Loser. Even Hollywood’s coked out tools know Gerard is still just an LA wannabe at the end of the day.

  169. 169
    I second that Says:

    @punta cana:
    “Who is obnoxious Manny person? Know it all”
    Whoever you are, you got it right alright LOL.
    Yes, she thinks she knows it all.
    Unfortunately, she knows nothing – all her comments are stupid like her personality – and she starts fights with people for no apparent reason.
    Bottom line, a major b!tch on fire. One moment she loves Butler and fights any woman purported to dating him, calling her names and what have you, and one minute she hates him and calls him names and what have you.
    To top this insidious behavior of hers, she accused Sukar for the same behavior, which she now engages in regularly.
    So you can also add hypocrite to her repertoire of nastiness.
    Can you tell I can’t stand her?
    Rest assured many on this board can’t stand her.
    She has no manners no graciousness for other people of other opinions, and has the audacity to think she owns this board, how arrogant can one be?

  170. 170


  171. 171
    I second that Says:

    LOL, me too.

  172. 172
    I second that Says:

    LOL, me too.

  173. 173
    she Says:

    what is wrong with all of you? are you bloody lost your marbles?
    ugh just always so disgusting.
    i’m debating about whether to leave this board altogether again.
    I might!

  174. 174
    Thumbelina Says:


  175. 175
    Framo Says:

    no he hasn’t, scumbag.

  176. 176
    @ I second that Says:

    and you are the biggest hypocrite of all, oh and I thought you were on vacation, red.

  177. 177
    CorBlimey Says:

    Where, oh where, have all the grown-ups gone..?

  178. 178
    I second that Says:

    @@ I second that:
    And Manny, I thought you’re asleep.

  179. 179
    nosoup4u Says:

    Idris Elba, nominated for a Golden Globe tonight for “Luther” and Tom Hardy, right next to Leo DiCaprio in Inception, not nomitated, but none the less, working in the big league. Might I remind everyone of Rock n’ Rolla. Mr. Butler, no where among them, not even invited, I am not sure how to guage this, but it tells me, he is NOT in the big leagues, not in the wanting of HW. Unless, he changes his game. Let us see what happens with MGP or whatever else he is doing. Disappointed!

  180. 180
    @ I second that Says:

    @I second that: she is troll, I am O/S like you, can’t blame anyone but yourself scu.mbag, you stir up more crap here than anyone, you always sock once and bring up manny then jump to I second that, if nothing you are predictable. Your fanclub would be so surprised at your true identity.I called you out once and you shut up for a few threads, but now your back. like herpes.

  181. 181
    my cents Says:

    Gerry looks like he is taking the route of making, producing and/or starring his own movies. He is not going to sit home waiting for some big wig studios execs to knock on his door. He is smart in beating to his own drummers if he doesn’t want to be marginalized.

  182. 182
    I second that Says:

    LOL there is no end to the lunacy.

  183. 183
    Beth Says:

    Thought I’d stop in b4 wrk, I’m kinda glad Gerry ditched the GGs and went to the Instyle event instead. . .

    @ Manny

    Don’t think my post warranted a response from you. As a matter of fact, it DIDN’T warrant a response from you.

  184. 184
    gossiphound Says:

    @Cora: He needs to have L’Oreal make a special product for the sensitive neck, don’t they have something in that line and he can be the product guinea pig/spokesdude or the neck stubble is to hide the double chin which even when one is skinny at a certain age only a plastic surgeon can tighten up, esp if you yo-yo in your weight like Gerry does.

    He’d be a good candidate for laser hair removal, you need thick hair for it to work, but cannot say I have ever heard of a man doing that for neck stubble LOL. That may just be too vain or too metrosexual for a guy. Back hair yes but neck hair, no.

  185. 185
    oy Says:

    Golden Globes Fashion roundup:

    Sandra Bullock – Worst wig since Sean Connery in Dr. No.
    Angelina Jolie bought her dress at a Barbara Stanwyck estate sale.
    Eva Longoria balanced sexy with classy, which is more than her husband could ever do.
    Sofia Vergara has no choice but to lash those two in place before someone got hurt.
    Alec Baldwin hoped a bow tie would detract from his chins, the smell of booze, greasy hair and arrogance. It doesn’t.
    Nicole Kidman embodied vanilla ice cream. Not a compliment.
    Julianne Moore made us wish for less less less.
    Leah Michelle wore a dress designed by a cake decorator.
    January Jones dressed as the lamp from A Christmas Story.
    Scarlett Johanson resurrected the Bride of Frankenstein as her stylist.
    Halle Berry wore her underwear, which is more than she’s worn in her latest films. A little less middle aged but can be sexy desperation would be refreshing.
    Helena Bonham Carter wore a Jackson Pollack painting as a sarong then stepped in paint cans.
    Catherine Zeta Jones stole a can can dress from the Jolly Green Giant.
    Jane Krakowski’s slit provided easy access to her slit just in case she went into labor.
    Kelly Brooks’ dress was created by the Macy’s Giftwrap Department. Honey, that bow isn’t a counterweight.
    Ann Heche dressed like a used condom.
    Jennifer Lopez wore white. Doesn’t that break a law of some kind?
    Brad Pitt wore his sunglasses at night – like your grandma in Palm Beach after the cataract surgery.
    Jennifer Love Hewitt was ready for a 1968 clamshell themed prom.
    Olivia Wilde embodied ethereal old Hollywood glamour. That woman gets it.
    Tilda Swinton showed why people think she’s Temple Grandin.
    Hayden Panetierre proved that C cups won’t make her tall enough to ride the teacups at Disneyland.
    Christina Aguilera wore a doily from Cher’s house.
    Helen Mirren bested them all without trying, as usual.
    Dennis Quaid is in the house!
    Michelle Williams wore her grandmother’s pre-WW2 curtains.
    Juliana Marguiles was class and grace as always.
    Jon Voight thought a white silk scarf would cover douchey with dashing. He needs a much bigger scarf.
    Cheryl Hines’ dress was completed by the tilesetters from Extreme Home Makeover while she was in the limo.
    Gerard Butler wore his best “Scottish Mechanic Goes to Town” suit and should stop using WD40 as hair mousse.
    Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt = perfection.
    Rickey Gervais as host = perfection.
    Annette Benning proved again why it’s a miracle that Warren Beatty chose her over his other conquests.
    Adrien Brody looked like a Sicilian pizza delivery boy who crashed the party.
    Anne Hathaway found the only dress left after Angelina had her pick at the Stanwyck estate sale.

    The no name actresses did better in style than the high profile ones.

  186. 186
    Scotty Says:


    Hear, hear I agree. Bring back the old Gerry, he’s been in Hollywood too long and the strain is starting to show. :-(

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