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Gerard Butler: Art of Elysium Gala 2011

Gerard Butler: Art of Elysium Gala 2011

Gerard Butler attends The Art of Elysium‘s 4th Annual Black Tie “Heaven” Charity Gala on Saturday (January 15) at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor is part of the celeb host committee, along with a handful of other stars including Rachel Bilson, Kristen Bell, and Kate Bosworth.

The day before, Gerard grabbed a few drinks to go from Birds Cafe/Bar in Hollywood.

On Thursday, Gerard also suited up the Bulgari party benefiting Save the Children and Artists for Peace and Justice.

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gerard butler elysium 01
gerard butler elysium 02
gerard butler elysium 03
gerard butler elysium 04
gerard butler elysium 05

Credit: John Shearer, Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Friend jared

  • Mass Debate

    @ interesting: 3rd attempt at posting.
    I think that the fashion industry is just as superficial as Hollywood, Gerry appears to spent quite a lot of his time around fashion events, designers and models.

  • wtf?

    @Mass Debate:
    never said I wouldn’t triple raincoat the guy
    and besides for the “big” (well let’s hope) event I would stock up on Pen G

  • http://GUIDO GUIDO

    hello all
    The countdown has started, that’s what, means, photo

  • Mass Debate

    @wtf?: I think napalm would be more affective.

  • realization

    If you want to be accurate, don’t forget that Egypt gets our tax dollars too. They each get about $2 billion, which was a promise made, by then President Carter, to the 2 nations if they ceased hostilities.
    In other word, by signing the Camp David Accords and making peace, they both get that money annually. So if you stop it for Israel, you need to stop it for Egypt as well.
    Also, as per Sadat’s words, he was the big winner of those peace talks because he gave up nothing, just made a promise to stop attacking Israel, while Israel agreed to give him back the Sinai Peninsula, a land mass three-times larger than Israel proper, which it won fair and square after the Arabs started a war with Israel, and which previous US administrations before Carter’s, urged Israel not to return to Egypt.
    As far as I’m concerned, Carter should never have given any US funds as an incentive for counties to make peace. If they want to make peace, that’s great, but it’s their business, and the US should not “pay” them for it. Carter was such an idiot, he even signed to give the panama cannel to panama 20 years down the road, in 1999. It was originally built by the US with US funds and technology. President Carter weakened US sovereignty in many other instances.

  • mold and mildew

    hope you are 5 foot 10 minimum
    brown skinned
    90 pounds maximum
    complete lack of self esteem
    and dumb as dog shite then……

    think that answers why he goes to fashion shows?

  • sukar


    Sinai is Egyptian land, you don’t “win” a land lol. It’s not a soccer match and the winner gets the cup.

    But I agree with you about money, that’s not how you make peace. But I really think that Sadat wanted peace and was going to sign the treaty even if there was no money. He’s a genius in my opinion.

  • mold and mildew

    sorry last post was to be directed to wtf?

  • interesting

    @Mass Debate:
    you’re right, they are the same kinds of people, but i don’t think the man will marry one of those girls in the end. maybe he likes shagging them, but then every man does, so he ain’t different.
    He definitly likes obscure models more than HW starlets, as he doesn’t want anyone in the starlight of HW attached to him.
    Such women carry too much attention for a private man like him. By HW standards, he is private about his love life and he doesn’t air his dirty laundry in pubic, as much as so many others in HW do.

  • wtf?

    @mold and mildew:
    nope none of the above, just a white female middle age momma with big thighs and a fridge full of ice cream, dumba/ss

  • IRMA

    I don’t want Israel to discuss here,,, Why are political debates??
    want to know more about Gerry!!

  • mold and mildew

    geesh tough crowd

    thanks for all the laughs tonight, think i’ll go knit something

  • don’t feel bad

    moldy, when guido makes the most sense, its time to call it a night :)

  • IRMA

    I don’t want Israel to discuss here,,, Why are political debates??
    I want to know more about Gerry!!

  • realization

    No, no, no. When you start a war, you have to accept the consequences should you lose.
    Egypt lost the war that it started, Israel should have kept the spoils.
    It would have taught all the trouble makes in the ME to stop fighting with Israel. Israel acquiesces to the Arabs way too much and that’s why there is no true peace in the ME.
    Sadat would have made peace either way, I agree with you on that, because he got the Sinai Peninsula. Why shouldn’t he?
    What did Israel get? A worthless promise to stop attacking it? It still gets attacked by Egypt through its proxy – the Palestinians. So Israel was the big loser. It should have drawn into the negotiations the Palestinians, as well as all Arabs. In exchange for lands that Israel gives to the Arabs, they all have to make peace. Not make a false peace by playing good cop/bad cop by using the Palestinians as the bad cop against Israel.
    We’re in this mess because the US and Israel don’t crack down on the bogus Arab regimes that like to keep the winds of war raging.
    Let’s keep things accurate.

  • http://;;;; ;;;;
  • http://;;;; ;;;;
  • realization

    i agree. we should stop.
    here are some Gerry photos that you might like from tonight.

  • je l’aime


    merci beaucoup, tres bien

  • Sukar


    Really? So if Lets say Egypt attacks the US and invades Texas, does it mean that it’s Ours now? Get real. Also what did the Palestinians get out of this. They have completely lost their land, there is no such thing as Palestine on the map. In my opinion this is the world’s biggest injustice in modern times, and I don’t understand how the Western world which is built on justice and equality fails to see this?

    Besides Israel has got more than empty promises, look up some of the parts in the Camp David agreement about Israel buying Egyptian gas for peanuts. Egypt had to agree to this crap and more.

  • http://;;;; ;;;;

    je l’aime @
    moi aussi j’adore

  • Sukar


    I forgot to say that I salute you for saying your opinion politely without insults, a rarity on this forum.

  • realization

    Let me correct your crooked thinking:
    if Egypt attacks Texas and loses, and the US wins a part of Egypt as a result of that war, US should keep what it won from Egypt. Do you understand that? You start a war, you pay the consequences, which is how wars are settled since time immemorial.
    Only Israel is stupid enough to not play by the accepted rules of war and acquiesce.
    Regarding the oil, that’s the least Egypt should have done for starting 5 wars with Israel. I’d say Egypt got off cheap. However, Israel is a big loser. Had Israel kept the Sinai, it wouldn’t have to buy anything from Egypt. Egypt should be thankful Israel wants peace so badly it gave Egypt the Sinai in exchange for NOTHING, as Sadat admitted many times.
    This faulty thinking of Israel’s is shared by most western democracies, which is why the terrorists might win in the end.

  • Mass Debate

    @GUIDO: The countdown to what? Back to the Future? xo

  • True

    I agree with you. If a country starts a war an loses, it should deal with the unpleasant consequences.
    If the terrorists win, the whole world will be in termoil.
    We need to wake up.

  • justsayin’too

    Now that’s how I like him- a little more muscle and salt and pepper.
    Who’s the guy in the getty pictures that says guest at the art of elysium. It looks like Ian guffold

  • got2know

    @realization: By your reasoning, all the art that the Jews claim was theirs (not to mention the gold, cash and jewelry in Swiss bank safety deposit boxes) prior to WW2 and which they’re demanding from Germany should be the spoils of war for the United States. It should be divided up with other allied nations who won WW2. We should own Japan, not vice versa. We should own Germany too.

    It sounds like the USA is getting ripped off-at least by your accounting.

  • Tippi

    Sexy & beautiful !!!!!!!!

  • http://;;;; ;;;;
  • sukar


    Gosh you make it look like that Egypt woke up in the morning and decided to send its sons to their deaths just to fight Israel. Israel has occupied Arab lands, including Sinai. Trust me if this was your land, you would do more than fight five wars. (actually they are four; 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973- and the 1956 one was initiated by Israel). I love how Western people think they can tell us where our borders start and end. I guess the “New Map of the Middle East,” is alive and well. And I fail to understand how Israel which is now occupying most of the former Palestine and building new settlements every day (oh and most of the land is not used. I think only 25% of Israel actually has people living in it, but I need to double check that figure). They are complete and total winners. Anyone can see that.

    If the West and the world looses its battle with terrorism it will be because they remained silent about this unbelievable act of injustice and nothing more.

  • @sukar


    “Injustice”? It depends on what your religious beliefs are. They fight for land that both think are “theirs” based on their religion. Nothing is going to stop either side from their beliefs – or fighting over it ….no matter what anyone else thinks. It’s Jews vs. Muslems. The End.

  • lolita

    @;;;;: Semi, there is nothing better than a genuine smile on his face. He does look good. Thank you for the pics.
    Too all the other posters…thanks for the links…love the one of him standing by the car…it suits him.

  • http://;;;; ;;;;

    hello @lolita
    a new video of him

  • http://;;;; ;;;;
  • lolita

    @;;;;: Semi. THANK YOU!!! I really like the format of that video. I really appreciate the links you send here…thank you again♥♥

  • lolita

    @Red October, miss you and your posts…hope everything is well with you…warm regards♥

  • angelsrock


    Thanks for the link. I have loved so many of his looks through the years.
    Loved him at 30 and love him at 41.

  • DrPiggy

    Looking great as ever!! Love the suit and esp whats in it:)

  • Raven

    He seemed to warm up to event as the night went on. At first, though, he looked like a fish out of water.

  • so

    when do we find out who the leading lady is in PTF?

  • gabby

    I am actually glad he isn’t going to be at the Globe thing tonight. I won’t have to watch or record it. I get sick of the Hw crowd patting each other on the backs. I’ll check JJ for the party pics. Much less painful.

  • Harley

    I just read the copy that goes along with the pics. Says he was on the host committee for the event.

  • hallie

    @Harley: Climbing the Hollywood social ladder. I didn’t use to think he was that type, but he obviously is. I suppose it’s good for the career.

  • redOctober


    Thank you girl! ; D You’re most kind. I’m on vacation so I have no time to post.


  • lolita

    @redOctober: Red, Thanks for responding and have a wonderful time on your vacation..♥♥♥

  • Vegas

    I think sukar is right about the extreme thin look being a reaction to those Barbados photos. Just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t mean he can’t be hurt by rude remarks, and those pics and articles were all over the place.

  • gabby

    @Vegas: If the camera really does add 10 pounds, I wonder how thin he looks in person. For people who haven’t seen him in a year, it must be alarming.

  • lolita

    @Vegas: That’s because some people forget that he is just a man with all the human emotions we all have…because of the crazy career he has chosen.

  • Heidi

    Several recent articles have alluded to how thin he is. One writer even said he almost didn’t recognize him.