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Gerard Butler: Art of Elysium Gala 2011

Gerard Butler: Art of Elysium Gala 2011

Gerard Butler attends The Art of Elysium‘s 4th Annual Black Tie “Heaven” Charity Gala on Saturday (January 15) at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor is part of the celeb host committee, along with a handful of other stars including Rachel Bilson, Kristen Bell, and Kate Bosworth.

The day before, Gerard grabbed a few drinks to go from Birds Cafe/Bar in Hollywood.

On Thursday, Gerard also suited up the Bulgari party benefiting Save the Children and Artists for Peace and Justice.

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Credit: John Shearer, Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Nuts


    Holy Bazinga. This InStyle party is legit. Spotted Heidi Klum, Seal, Bruce Willis, Gerard Butler, RPatz, Morena Baccarin, the BBT cast… 1 minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

  • Nuts


    Holy Bazinga. This InStyle party is legit. Spotted Heidi Klum, Seal, Bruce Willis, Gerard Butler, RPatz, Morena Baccarin, the BBT cast… 1 minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

  • Old Mia

    @louise: What a hoot. I was at work the last 10 hours. And I think there is enough history here to prove that. At least two years. Louise, go blow.

  • CC

    Hey Red! have a great vacation and stay safe.

    I agree that the Butler looks better in video than in photos. And its probably because he has sexy accent and you can’t hear it in a picture lol. And yes he has an irresistible charm. But then sometimes he says pretty dumb things lol

  • whatever

    Boy should be sick of these gross people by now. What a bunch of stupidioholics. You are an actor. You pretend to be someone else. Big deal. You look good. You aren’t performing brain surgery. You look better than them. So what? Actors have been bottom feeders for a long time. Butler is playing on his looks. Debate me? Well, why so thin?

  • louise

    I was talking about last night, Mia, not the last 10 hrs.
    “go blow”? you used to be a decent person

  • Fffyt

    @whatever: Only thing to talk about is his looks. Please give us a great performance…once.

  • so

    @Nuts: It’s legit. He’s at a party. Give me a break. You all need to calm down. He can go to a party. He can be a host. He can live. He can breath. I don’t expect you to ever get it. He’s a player. He got himslelf from Lucy Sullivan to the big time. Only took him 10 years. But whap, he did it.

  • @so

    If you’re not interested in the photos at these parties then why are you here miss high and mighty? This thread is about the Vogue party and the next thread will probably be about the InStyle party. So …. why are you here if this is beneath you?

  • Nuts


    Uh…the “It’s legit” comment was by the tweeter, not me.

  • jimie

    Well. From a queen. Sorry, he’s straight. Cry. I have gaydar. This baby is not on the site. But he could be persuaded. Not gay Disgusting.

  • Nuts

    Another twitter comment:

    @sarahcolonna I don’t know…he said he was standing between Gerard Butler and Christina Aguilla. 4 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to sarahcolonna

  • sukar


    Old Mia and me are “tantrum queens,” are you serious? I’ve never seen a bigger troublemaker than you. You have started fights with all most every single person on this forum (minues your little clique), and you have accused people of doing things they never did (remember making that crap up about me insulting your other and JJ giving you my IP address?) and you have apologized to me several times only to come back and be nasty again. If you practice what you preach, I might start listening to you. And I was simply answering a question that a couple of people asked. You could simply ignore my posts and any other post that annoys you for that matter instead of the queen of the board attitude you have. You have no right to tell people what they should talk about it, especially since you spend hours chatting about stupid irrelevant mindless stupidities queen Manny. Perhaps you should practice the “live and let live,” motto for a while

  • Nuts

    Blurry photo of Gerry at Globes party signing autographs:

  • good try

    @Nuts: You and Mia try. But this is Gerard Butler central. No amount of normal will fly. I want to say more, but I won’t.

  • bingo

    I liked my thumbies. They told me old manny was a nutcase.

  • well

    Butler has done everyone in HW. he looks all sweet at the shows.

  • Neece

    Old A-LIst WANNABE Gerard was invited to the after-party but not the show itself?
    Loser. Even Hollywood’s coked out tools know Gerard is still just an LA wannabe at the end of the day.

  • I second that

    @punta cana:
    “Who is obnoxious Manny person? Know it all”
    Whoever you are, you got it right alright LOL.
    Yes, she thinks she knows it all.
    Unfortunately, she knows nothing – all her comments are stupid like her personality – and she starts fights with people for no apparent reason.
    Bottom line, a major b!tch on fire. One moment she loves Butler and fights any woman purported to dating him, calling her names and what have you, and one minute she hates him and calls him names and what have you.
    To top this insidious behavior of hers, she accused Sukar for the same behavior, which she now engages in regularly.
    So you can also add hypocrite to her repertoire of nastiness.
    Can you tell I can’t stand her?
    Rest assured many on this board can’t stand her.
    She has no manners no graciousness for other people of other opinions, and has the audacity to think she owns this board, how arrogant can one be?



  • I second that

    LOL, me too.

  • I second that

    LOL, me too.

  • she

    what is wrong with all of you? are you bloody lost your marbles?
    ugh just always so disgusting.
    i’m debating about whether to leave this board altogether again.
    I might!

  • Thumbelina


  • Framo

    no he hasn’t, scumbag.

  • @ I second that

    and you are the biggest hypocrite of all, oh and I thought you were on vacation, red.

  • CorBlimey

    Where, oh where, have all the grown-ups gone..?

  • I second that

    @@ I second that:
    And Manny, I thought you’re asleep.

  • nosoup4u

    Idris Elba, nominated for a Golden Globe tonight for “Luther” and Tom Hardy, right next to Leo DiCaprio in Inception, not nomitated, but none the less, working in the big league. Might I remind everyone of Rock n’ Rolla. Mr. Butler, no where among them, not even invited, I am not sure how to guage this, but it tells me, he is NOT in the big leagues, not in the wanting of HW. Unless, he changes his game. Let us see what happens with MGP or whatever else he is doing. Disappointed!

  • @ I second that

    @I second that: she is troll, I am O/S like you, can’t blame anyone but yourself scu.mbag, you stir up more crap here than anyone, you always sock once and bring up manny then jump to I second that, if nothing you are predictable. Your fanclub would be so surprised at your true identity.I called you out once and you shut up for a few threads, but now your back. like herpes.

  • my cents

    Gerry looks like he is taking the route of making, producing and/or starring his own movies. He is not going to sit home waiting for some big wig studios execs to knock on his door. He is smart in beating to his own drummers if he doesn’t want to be marginalized.

  • I second that

    LOL there is no end to the lunacy.

  • Beth

    Thought I’d stop in b4 wrk, I’m kinda glad Gerry ditched the GGs and went to the Instyle event instead. . .

    @ Manny

    Don’t think my post warranted a response from you. As a matter of fact, it DIDN’T warrant a response from you.

  • gossiphound

    @Cora: He needs to have L’Oreal make a special product for the sensitive neck, don’t they have something in that line and he can be the product guinea pig/spokesdude or the neck stubble is to hide the double chin which even when one is skinny at a certain age only a plastic surgeon can tighten up, esp if you yo-yo in your weight like Gerry does.

    He’d be a good candidate for laser hair removal, you need thick hair for it to work, but cannot say I have ever heard of a man doing that for neck stubble LOL. That may just be too vain or too metrosexual for a guy. Back hair yes but neck hair, no.

  • oy

    Golden Globes Fashion roundup:

    Sandra Bullock – Worst wig since Sean Connery in Dr. No.
    Angelina Jolie bought her dress at a Barbara Stanwyck estate sale.
    Eva Longoria balanced sexy with classy, which is more than her husband could ever do.
    Sofia Vergara has no choice but to lash those two in place before someone got hurt.
    Alec Baldwin hoped a bow tie would detract from his chins, the smell of booze, greasy hair and arrogance. It doesn’t.
    Nicole Kidman embodied vanilla ice cream. Not a compliment.
    Julianne Moore made us wish for less less less.
    Leah Michelle wore a dress designed by a cake decorator.
    January Jones dressed as the lamp from A Christmas Story.
    Scarlett Johanson resurrected the Bride of Frankenstein as her stylist.
    Halle Berry wore her underwear, which is more than she’s worn in her latest films. A little less middle aged but can be sexy desperation would be refreshing.
    Helena Bonham Carter wore a Jackson Pollack painting as a sarong then stepped in paint cans.
    Catherine Zeta Jones stole a can can dress from the Jolly Green Giant.
    Jane Krakowski’s slit provided easy access to her slit just in case she went into labor.
    Kelly Brooks’ dress was created by the Macy’s Giftwrap Department. Honey, that bow isn’t a counterweight.
    Ann Heche dressed like a used condom.
    Jennifer Lopez wore white. Doesn’t that break a law of some kind?
    Brad Pitt wore his sunglasses at night – like your grandma in Palm Beach after the cataract surgery.
    Jennifer Love Hewitt was ready for a 1968 clamshell themed prom.
    Olivia Wilde embodied ethereal old Hollywood glamour. That woman gets it.
    Tilda Swinton showed why people think she’s Temple Grandin.
    Hayden Panetierre proved that C cups won’t make her tall enough to ride the teacups at Disneyland.
    Christina Aguilera wore a doily from Cher’s house.
    Helen Mirren bested them all without trying, as usual.
    Dennis Quaid is in the house!
    Michelle Williams wore her grandmother’s pre-WW2 curtains.
    Juliana Marguiles was class and grace as always.
    Jon Voight thought a white silk scarf would cover douchey with dashing. He needs a much bigger scarf.
    Cheryl Hines’ dress was completed by the tilesetters from Extreme Home Makeover while she was in the limo.
    Gerard Butler wore his best “Scottish Mechanic Goes to Town” suit and should stop using WD40 as hair mousse.
    Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt = perfection.
    Rickey Gervais as host = perfection.
    Annette Benning proved again why it’s a miracle that Warren Beatty chose her over his other conquests.
    Adrien Brody looked like a Sicilian pizza delivery boy who crashed the party.
    Anne Hathaway found the only dress left after Angelina had her pick at the Stanwyck estate sale.

    The no name actresses did better in style than the high profile ones.

  • Scotty


    Hear, hear I agree. Bring back the old Gerry, he’s been in Hollywood too long and the strain is starting to show. :-(