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Katie Holmes: Sunday at Sunset Marquis

Katie Holmes: Sunday at Sunset Marquis

Katie Holmes is all smiles while leaving the Sunset Marquis on Sunday (January 16) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 32-year-old was at the hotel where she met some friends for lunch.

Earlier this week, Katie took her adorable daughter Suri to a petting zoo.

Showtime’s president of entertainment, David Nevins, recently explained why his network turned down Katie‘s miniseries The Kennedys, which was canceled on The History Channel.

“I looked seriously at it, and thought it was well acted, well made and very watchable,” he said at the TCA press tour.

“What it really came down to was that it didn’t feel Showtime. It didn’t feel like premium cable. It didn’t fundamentally feel us,” he added.

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  • liz

    Xenu’s slave….
    Boring woman!
    Dawson’s creek’s days are definitely over!Too bad!

  • LALA

    Millions and millions and millions of dollars and she doesn’t appear to own a mirror.
    Would someone PLEEEASE help her out?!

  • Dieter

    Love the butt on her’s !!! Just came on it !!!!

  • *~*+*~*

    Scientologists are on my hate list.

  • ????

    her butt so huge but FLAT and her three trunk still there after daily exercise, yuck!!!!!!
    What happen with the hair, dry and uncombed

  • missy b

    Looks great. nice to see her smile.

  • No parties for Katie

    Last year Katie couldn’t go to any awards or awards parties because Josh and Diane were at all of them. This year she can’t go because that mean mean Saturday Night Live had the audacity to make fun of Katie (even though hundreds of stars have been the butt of SNL jokes for the past 35 years and have dealt with it and laughed at themselves.)
    Tom and Katie are the biggest jokes in Hollywood.

  • missy b

    @No parties for Katie:
    Actually katie and tom did go to the W magazine party on Friday night. Yes, the same party that Josh and Diane were at. Wow, she actually managed to be in the same room as her ex that she broke up with 12 years ago. Shocking!

  • Interested

    @missy b:
    Saw pictures of Diane. Haven’t read anything about Josh, Tom, or Katie being there. Can you give us a link?

  • Whoa Girl!!!

    STOP EATING THOSE CUPCAKES!!! You look huge!

  • Katie looks like crap

    If you’re depressed about the awards shows, stay home. Going out looking like this is not going to get you any roles. You look washed up.

  • Ginny

    From what I read Josh and Diane popped in at the end of the night and it doesn’t appear that Tom and Katie were still around.
    I haven’t been able to locate any Tom or Katie photos from the event.

  • missy b

  • lucy2

    I’d give ANYTHING to see Suri’s parents AND Tom in the same shot!!!!
    No wonder Diane hasn’t given up smoking with all of that drama going on.

  • Tears for Fears

    Katie looks like that because she’s been crying for 2 days since Tom made her leave the W party once he heard that Josh and Diane were headed up.

  • it’s robo-bride

    Gosh, Nicole is on the red carpet in a lovely Prada creation. And here is Katie with messy hair, a peasant blouse left over from the 60′s, ill fitting jeans, and what is probably an expensive bag, but on her it looks as tho she picked it up at wal-mart.

  • KC

    Still looking like she has had all life drained from her. The hair is just a mess.

  • honesty is such a lonely word

    What’s with the hair? even people who can’t afford to go to a salon once a month have better hair than that. I think her body looks good here and the outfit is OK except for the black bra.

  • weetabix

    Ann Taylor – Do you still insist that you made the right choice by having KH as a spokesmodel? :P Will sales sky rocket or take a nose dive??

  • lucy2

    HAHAHA Ricky Gervais just told a joke about “those Scientologists that play straight characters”!!!!

  • Jokergurl

    The Kennedy series is being BLOCKED by surviving Kennedy’s Caroline Kennedy daughter and only child left of JFK and Maria Shriver daughter to Eunice Kennedy Shriver. That’s why no network is going to touch it.
    @ Lucy 2 yeah, I saw that, that was pretty ballsy, funny as hell though. Katie looks a mess here :( again…

  • zzzz

    “It didn’t feel like premium cable.” Ouch. That’s a brutally honest statement from Showtime’s president of entertainment-he may as well just say the miniseries sucked! LMFAO!!

  • annie

    I like the way she looks….. she looks cute ans sexy…. but let’s be honest here for a moment shall we………….it doesn’t matter what she wears,or what she does, you can’t wait until there is something about Katie, so you can start on her. Really must make your day.
    Amazing how she gets to you. if you don’t like her, why waste time and energy on her……………….give her a miss and concentrate on the ones you like.
    By the way did any of you see the really cute video of Suri and Katie at Popsugar. In that video it’s so obvious that she and Suri are the prettiest mother and daughter, no wonder the paps follow them around everywhere, from set to set ,and camp on their doorstop, around the world. Imagine if Suri liked the paps, and smiled for them what would happen.

  • Romeo

    You’re so paranoid, #7. It’s completely untrue.

    How is it that you keep saying that TomKat is afraid to be seen around her ex boyfriend and co-star without any proof whatsoever, #15? There’s nothing to suggest. Especially when TomKat was seen talking to Nicole Kidmanand Keth Urban several Oscars ago.

    He didn’t say or mean that it sucked, #22. Just that it wasn’t a show for premium cable.

    And how would you know if it’s staged, #23?

  • its robo-bride


    Dear Annie:
    We comment for the same reason you comment. We want to. I’m sorry, but this is an A lister (by marriage true, if she hadn’t married TC she’d probably be a D or F lister by now). She has a fashion line. She puts herself out there as a singer, dancer, actor, fashion designer. Right or wrong, I think many of us expect a little more from an A lister. Like someone who cares a bit more for their appearance. Not talking designer clothes and full make up–but someone who takes some effort with their hair, their make up and choosing clothes that flatter their figure as well as making sure she is clean and observes basic grooming. As a woman, I find it highly insulting that Katie Holmes explains to me that her ever so chic (ha) fashion design is for busy moms and then charges most likely one hundred times what they are worth and goes around looking like a slob most of the time. If she is going to gouge me and others and put herself out there as a designer, then she can darn well dress the part. Victoria Beckham has sold out her hand bag line at $14,500 each — she looks, acts, and is on the cutting edge of fashion—and she promotes her bags. Katie’s line at Barneys and Maxfields deserves to hit the sale racks because she does not put herself out in any way shape or form except to give an interview now and then about amazing textiles and ideas.
    Katie has only herself to blame for the antipathy. She should get herself a good PR image consultant and a fashion consultant if she doesn’t want to be the buttsky of SNL skits and nasty comments about her clothes. But then as the all knowing judgmental Romeo aka Star fox says–she doesn’t care. So if she doesn’t care I don’t care and I am not afraid to say it.


    Way to go Ricky!!!! Thanks for having the b*lls to say what everyone else in Hollywood is afraid to say. Tom and John are as “gay as a box of rainbows” (that’s for that phrase Johnny Weir).
    Ricky is AWESOME!!!!

  • AEP

    Poor cankle pig girl. Not getting ready for a big night of anything but auditing. As they said on Will and Grace, you made your twin beds, now sleep in them.

  • Sunshine

    RICKY GERVAIS IS A GOD! (atheist god ;-)
    Boo hoo for the “gasps” from the Golden Globes attendees. Everyone at home was on the floor in laughter!

  • Stuck@20!!

    Homeless woman in High Heels!!!

  • Sam

    Beautiful woman!!! Lucky Tom!

  • dani


    I didn’t get the impression the GG audience was upset–more like they were shocked Ricky would take on Cruise (who is known to sue anyone who even insinuates he is gay) and the cult which is known for issuing death threats and going after anyone who denigrates them.

  • Lavito

    She looks hideous and is wearing her hair like Suri’s in these pics, a total mess. Her face looks puffy, wonder what’s up with her, depressed, drugs, alcohol, fighting with her crazy ass hubby?

  • annie

    it’s robo bride
    here we are again , you and me saying the same things over and over.
    so lets agree to disagree, because maybe there are times when i agree with you, but most times not, so lets leave it at that
    i know what you’re going to say and i’m sure you know what i’m going to say.
    by the way for whoever is interested, tom and katie were at a golden globes after party, there is a video of them, coming out of it.

  • OG

    She forgot to look like CRAP??? First time I’ve ever seen her look happy to be alive.

  • LA Girl

    This is one of the nicest actresses around here, everyone who knows her agrees. Down to earth, calm, sweet, gracious and graceful.

  • NG

    Dani – I also didn’t think the audience was upset, I think they were shocked that someone comically “outed” John Travolta and Tom Cruise. Its like they all know it but this guy said on live television. And he was definitely targeting Cruise because he said “my lawyer helped me word that joke.” That was a message to Cruise, its a suit free joke. X17 has a video showing Katie walking to her car and one of the papparzzi ask her what she thought about Ricky’s joke about Scientologist and Katie slams the car door.