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Angelina Jolie: Sony Pictures Golden Globe After Party!

Angelina Jolie: Sony Pictures Golden Globe After Party!

Angelina Jolie hits the Sony Pictures Classic Golden Globes Party on Sunday (January 16) at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 35-year-old actress mingled with Sony Pictures Entertainment Co-Chairman Amy Pascal at the bash and also hung out with director David Fincher and producer Cean Chaffin.

David picked up the award for Best Director for The Social Network!

Earlier in the evening, Angelina walked the red carpet with partner Brad Pitt in a gorgeous emerald green Atelier Versace gown.

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Credit: Neilson Barnard; Photos: Getty
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  • DarkEmpress

    that colour looks gorgeous on her. She should wear colour more often!

  • Shakira

    I love this color on Angelina.

  • Lucky Charm

    Love this color! Angelina looks lovely.

  • Lucky Charm

    I love this color! Angelina looks lovely.

  • jane fonda tweet

    Janefonda Went to Sony party. HAd good talk with Angelina and Brad. My feet hurt!

    Jane is out partying and having a good time, LOL

  • dani


  • purple poet

    That’s right Angelina. Schmooze with the industry big shots. That’s how she’s fooled everyone to thinking she’s such a powerhouse movie star when she would be nothing without her private life being in the spotlight.

    She shouldn’t have even showed up there. She knew the Tourist being nominated was a joke. Why the hell would you show up to a place where you know they only want you there not for merit but because they want a sighing of you and your man on the red carpet? Shallow. The Tourist best comedy of the year when it was ripped to shreds? A joke! So glad Ricky Gervais ripped them a new one!

  • Lisa

    She is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dubya Bush

    Angelina is a stupid annoying tramp.

    Hehe, you can’t vote my comment down!!

  • SHUT UP PP!!!

    #7 that is!

  • ajpfan

    HOw cute is that. I think DF is one of the hottest looking director out there. If people magazine do sexiest directors he will rank in the first three if not #1( I was thinking that since I saw him with brad on the red carpet at the CCOBB permiere ) I know nothing about the producer woman so… but she looks a lot like RR-P.
    AP and angie great pics. I think AP is one of those leader women (CEO’s, presidents etc..) out there among men dominatd postion.
    OK it is time for me to sleep now lol I was here since what 7-8pm stragiht? whewLOL

  • Gem

    Let’s put your private life in the spotlight “purple poet” and see how exciting it is. I guess you need to get one first though… loser.

  • jane fonda tweet

    @purple poet:

    Have you lost your da#n mind!! Angie is friends with AmyP who backed her in Salt. All nominees are honored and show up, including JDepp who was also nominated for The Tourist which has now made $160 mil plus and counting.

    Now slither back under your rock!!!

  • Catsup

    Absolutely gorgeous! Brad and Angie are such a fantastic couple together.

  • momgelina

    In these pictures the dress looks more turqoise. I liked it. It’s not the best she’s worn but certainly not the worst. She should be the least of the talk fashionwise. Did you see the getups some of the actresses had on. What happened to Sandra Bullock?

  • JP FAN

    That green gem Angie is wearing is gorgeous. Brad always .looks like a fashion icon in his TF suits.

  • Angie Baby

    Sexy Hot Beautiful Angie is making me more than hot.
    Brad you lucky sucka.

  • wtf

    @purple poet: that doesn’t even make sense. you sound really mad that she showed up to show her respect. it obviously irks you to see her with her head held high after the insults thrown at her and the camera crew sure did pay a lot of attention to Ms. jolie. Johnny showed up for Tourist and Alice in Wonderland and pitt sure did look happy to be at the globes.

  • jane fonda tweet

    @Dubya Bush:

    That jealous huh? Too bad you have such a sucky life but you deserve it. Calling a warm hearted loving loyal woman you don’t know squat about nasty names cause you are a total loser.

    Angelina’s life is great because good things are bestowed on good people.

  • Brad The Dad

    Brad loves his Angie alwways has his hand on her butt.
    Look at Angie in that sexy green dress. That would stay on long when they get back to their room.

  • QQQQ

    Don’t worry hen, AJ doesn’t have to Smooze. Amy Pascal CALLED AJ to off her a Bond girl role which AJ turned down. She called back two yrs later telling AJ she got her Bond role which was SALT. Amy is working her butt off to get things together for AJ to STAR in Cleopatra. So old f*rt, dont worry about AJ every thing is going great for her career wise.

  • jane fonda tweet


    Sandra did her job as always but she did not look her best. Understandable.

  • momgelina

    @purple poet:

    People want to be around her. The camera men will have a lot of explaining to do tomorrow.

    I can understand the facination. Most of the time all we get are the made up tabloid stories about her. That’s for a certain type of person. Fans are thirsty for authenticity. That’s why these events are cool when A&B attend.

  • putry

    oh GOD ! angelina is so Gorgeous

  • Love the JP’s

    Angie’s beautiful so lovely. Her and Brad were meant to be.

  • Love the JP’s

    Angie’s beautiful so lovely. Her and Brad were meant to be.

  • trt

    #7: if you weren’t stupid, I don’t know what else you’d be!

    They wanted her there for show, you say? So, who else could they use as such? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

    Really..You should read what you write. You’re showing how important she is to the life of the party and that’s a bad thing. What other actresses would give to be Angelina. (huh, maybe you’re a wannabe who wishes producers and directors would congregate around you as they do her!)

    Envy…thy color is purple! LOL.

  • Catsup

    Love that green dress . Angie looks so gorgeous and her man Brad turns me on mummmmm yummmmmmy.

    What a beautiful couple!!

  • alex

    The way that green dress drapes over Angie’s sexy shoulders no wonder all eyes are on her.
    Brad has the most beautiful woman at the premier.
    they are so in love ..awwe so cute.

  • just saying

    To the person who laughed when the GG host said something supposedly funny about The Tourist, answer this. Would you find it funny if Angelina made fun of another film in the same manner? Or would you call her names because of that?

    just saying.

  • A and B Fan

    Smashing !! Angie and that green dress just awesome.
    Brad Pitt in Tom Ford is the hunkiest man alve.

  • anne

    Where is Brad’s pic at the party ?

  • cook

    …if it’s funny, I would laugh…don’t take it personally, you weren’t in the film and don’t have anything to do with it…lighten-up and quit being so serious…hahahahahahahahahahaha…

  • Selby

    Angie is a sweetheart and the sexiest woman alive. Brad and Angie together are heaven.

  • trt

    Brad not only looked like a successful movie star with his equally successful movie star wife but he also looked like a hot producer that he is!

    That’s an added attraction right there. Can you imagine a partner who’s handsome, rich and able to make a star of anyone whom he chooses to be in his movies. No wonder they all hate Angelina. She’s also got quite an access to the power source of the film industry. Ask anyone else if they want to trade places with her and see what answer you get.

  • tia

    Oh Brad |baby you make me h.o.r.n.y but so does your lady.

    Georgous couple.

  • jane fonda tweet

    Sony will offer Angelina the world to try to entice her to do Cleopatra. Howard Stringer, Sony Chairmana and CEO is also there. The power in that room, wowza.

    Scott Rudin (producer) and Aaron Sorkin (writer) and AmyP are also behind Brad’s Moneyball film which will be released in September.

  • cook

    …tia, take your hands outta your panties and go to bed…hahahahaha…

  • AJ lova

    AWESOME COUPLE!! Love Angie’s dress. Brad always looks goord.
    Love them together. Fate= they were meant to be.

  • Gem

    A lot of celebrities do wardrobe changes for the after parties. Obviously Angelina isn’t into the superficialness of it all and chooses to just be who she is. Her priorities make her so much more beautiful than she already is… if that is even possible.

  • Celia


  • tia

    LOL Cook how did you know?
    |nevermind.. hahaha

  • sasha

    You are not going to get any chick anymore beautiful then Angie.
    that’s why she is with the Brad. Gorgeous couple i agree.

  • groundcontrol

    LOL! Ya gotta love these ridiculous haterz. They live in their own alternate universe far far far removed from reality.
    Stewing in their own nasty little juices. That can’t be comfortable. Poor disappointed babies. Angelina’ssuccess and popularity just kills them. Tough!
    Where are our thumbs? No one wants to read their garbage and pathetic bitterness.

  • cook

    …tia, for real?…no nevermind…come here…hahaha…

  • tio

    Wow, just find out what make the gown so shinning is actually Swarovski crystals. No wonder she doesn’t have to wear so many jewel to make her so bright, she just wow inside and out. Kudos for her and BP.

  • please say no to cleopatra

    @sasha: why? Brad was not the hottest guy at the globes tonight. he’s an old fart and his eyebrows are sagging.

  • dee

    #7 AJ is a powerhouse movie star. Almost all her movies have grossed $100 million +. She was great in SALT. Ask 10 people who their favorite actress is and 9 will say Angelina. Just hope she’s not wearing long sleeves to conceal track marks. She’s getting scary skinny again.

  • Jen the HAG

    purple poet @ 01/17/2011 at 1:41 am

    What’s the matter LOSER .. jealous that Angelina Jolie was hobnobbing with the powers in HW while your idol MANISTON was hobnobbing with the like of JOE FRANCIS and CHELSEA HO!! bwahahhaha

  • theresa

    Dubya Bush @ 01/17/2011 at 1:44 am

    anyone ever tell you that you are an annoying little cockroach. tell me did your mother take one look at you and decide no more?