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Anne Hathaway: Confirmed for Glee as Lesbian Aunt!

Anne Hathaway: Confirmed for Glee as Lesbian Aunt!

Anne Hathaway will make an appearance on a future episode of Glee, confirms co-creator Ryan Murphy.

The 28-year-old actress is expected to play the lesbian aunt of Chris Colfer‘s character, Kurt.

It looks like Anne‘s wish came true. Back in November, she expressed how she wanted to be on the show during an interview on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

According to Access Hollywood, the actual casting happened during last night’s Golden Globes!

“She walked by our table,” Ryan said retelling how it all went down. “We have a mutual friend and I said, ‘Do you really want to do it?’ And she said, ‘I do.’ And I said, ‘OK, we’re gonna do it.’”

Can’t wait!!

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  • Tree

    Jared green hand and red hand ? ?

  • Jime

    Exciting!! :)
    And Chris is adorable, Im so happy for him!

  • Lauren

    Honestly, this show has jumped the shark. Stop with the random guest stars and focus on the story lines.

  • Mary

    I can’t believe Glee won best comedy show. The last season was absolutely horrid, the only bright spot was Chris Colfer.

  • AJNano

    I agree with Lauren, there hasn’t been a huge storyline since. They’re all very small storylines and song themed episodes. A disappointing second season.

  • Elena

    This is so exciting! So happy that glee won best show! They so deserved it! Glee IS the best show! With that said, I don’t know how people can say the second season is terrible. Unbelievable

  • anon

    season one was the best. It’s over now,

  • Maria

    SWEEEEEET! Lookks like alot of A-List celebrities are clamoring to be on GLEE! AWESOME! They deserve all the awards their way! Great show. Great songs. Great cast!

  • Sheamus

    She’s normal

  • Sheamus

    He’s funny

  • Maria

    Congrats to Chris! I got teary with happiness when his name was announced. Did you see how SHOCKED he was when his name was announced the winner? total shockness

  • http://deleted addie

    Really? this show used to be about teens who don’t fit in but they are finding there way and now its all about which A-lister is going to be on it. this is ridiculous.

  • sanjaya

    wow, so it’s that easy to cast other actors? ryan murphy is selling out, focus on your show!

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    Chris Colfer is a one note actor. Are they kidding?

  • Glee is not what it use to be

    Great. Now that Chris won the frickin Emmy, his whiney, cry-baby character will be further push down our throats and will get MORE airtime. Exactly when do these p i s s poor writers plan on showing family for OTHER characters?We keep seeing “Kurt” & “Finn’s” mom and dad. *eyeroll*

  • Emma

    Ok, you know what enough with the guest stars. I don’t understand why Anne is so desperate as to be on that show. Glee needs to go back to its roots and focus on the other kids and their problems, too. I liked that this season focused on Chris, but now it’s overkill, let Amber Riley get her awesome story or Dianna Agron.

  • Jane

    Anne Hathaway is ugly inside and out.

  • Sue

    Well, put a fork in Glee, it’s done. Do they even plan out the episodes anymore, or just stick celebs in for distractions?

    I miss the show being about the actual cast. You know, the gleeks? Whatever happened to them and singing? Now it’s all about gay acceptance afterschool lessons, as if glee’s audience is homophobic, and breakup drama.

    We don’t need to know any more about Kurt. I am so freakin sick of Kurt. The whole show is Kurt Kurt Kurt. I am done with this show.

  • CNXY

    That’s freaking cool.

  • iluvsummer

    glee has no storyline!!!

  • Sonia

    I love Anne Hathaway but this show seriously needs to stop with the guest stars. They’re building plots around guest stars instead of the other way around. I miss the show being about the actual club and the Glee clubbers. What the hell has happened to the show?

    And the fact that she “made” her own character. Is Ryan Murphy going to let people do whatever the hell they want with his own show? Seriously?

    We don’t need another Kurt storyline. We’ve seen a lot of his family life already and he has come to terms with being gay. Give other characters a chance to shine.

    If Anne HAS to be on the show, I’d rather her be cast as Quinn’s sister (I think they’ve mentioned her before and make her a religious bigot, even more than Quinn) or make her related to Tina on the “Cohen” side of the family to explain why Tina hates being Asian so much.

    See it took me like two seconds to come up with a non-Kurt centric storyline. I don’t understand why Ryan Murphy is so challenged that he can’t do this.

  • sheneequaa

    That’s right, Glee is becoming a show made just for celebrities who wants to get promotion, or to “make dreams come true” like this Anna with her character, and I agree with many of you, I’m sick of Kurt, he’s the main character in every episode this season and that bothers me, because there’s so many characters that needs attention (Tina, Mercedes, Quinn, Artie, Puck) even Finn & Rachel are in the shadows when they were supposed to be the main characters of the show.
    Lame writting, even lame music (I’m not fan of the last songs they’ve released).

  • http://deleted lovelydee

    I can’t wait.

  • Shauna

    This show is making me hate Kurt and he used to be my fave. Can we please have something happen that doesn’t involve Kurt being gay, or crying?

  • La

    Though I usually dont mind Anne, infact she’s one of the few RomCom actors that I can actually stand, I dont like this.

    I love Kurt and I think this storyline is quite important, perhaps if there were other stories given along side it, I mean it is an important plot, but if others, like Mercedes were given there own dramas to deal with it would not only be more realistic because everyone has their own dramas but it would help even things out a little bit. I really enjoyed seeing Kurt and Blaine’s relationship and I hope they flesh out Blaine, and I’m going to say, I’d be so happy if they became a power couple like Finchel, because I’ll tell you, I’ve waited for it for so long for this sort of thing to be seen, that yea, it can happen and it just shows a new type of world has finally come. (if that makes sense)

    I think Glee has a scaling problem, Kurt’s storyline is important, I NEED to see it and many others do as well, however, there is a way to have other story lines with the other Gleeks that are equally important, like Quinn and her baby. I’m sorry, not matter how Ice Queen you are you DO NOT give up your child that easily, there have been stories of women who have lost their babies at birth that have just spun into depression, THIS is also a deep story line and could be taken far, I dont know Dianna’s skill, but Im assuming she’s pretty damn good, so I have no doubt she could pull this off. OR the friendship of Artie and Puck and even the issue of racial types with Mike and Tina, these are just as important as the Kurt storyline.

    To me, Anne as much as I love you, no. Let Kurt, Blaine and Karaofsky finish their own storyline and let some others fills your place, Kurt’s storyline doesnt need to dissapear, but random big names LIKE PALTROW (WTF WHY!!?!) need to get out of the way thank you very much.