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Daniel Craig: Bond Returns!

Daniel Craig: Bond Returns!

Daniel Craig keeps it cool as he arrives at the Sunset Marquis hotel on Saturday (January 15) in Hollywood, Calif.

There’s some good news for the 42-year-old English actor and James Bond fans.

In a statement from MGM, the production company for the James Bond series, production of the 23rd Bond film will soon begin after a brief hiatus. Filming is expected to start in late 2011 shooting for a November 9, 2012 release. American Beauty director Sam Mendes has already signed up to direct the next installment of the British spy action movie.

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222 Responses to “Daniel Craig: Bond Returns!”

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  1. 26
    Amy Says:

    Daniel Craig is the best Bond EVERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!
    I want to see three more…..Just saying.

  2. 27
    Teri Says:

    craig is a brilliant bond. so glad his bond is back!!

  3. 28
    Next Bond Girl Says:

    All right, Wills.
    Could Daniel Craig’s next Bond Girl be his new leading lady Rachel Weisz?

  4. 29
    Next Bond Girl Says:

    Sky Movies Bet.
    Weisz in Double-0 heaven?

  5. 30
    second that Says:

    Next Bond Girl@ 01/18/2011 at 1:04 am

    did you also notice in that link that apparently Emma Watson is thought to be in the running for a role in bond 23. i like Emma, but at 20 isn’t she too young? maybe in three or four years.

  6. 31
    Daniel in LOVE Says:

    I agree with second that. Why add her name to a list? What are the o**s that she’ll win? Pleeeeeze! She’s but a child.

  7. 32
    stand by idly Says:

    WH is wide of the mark. Sam Worthington was the top on list of next Bond. As you see, WH make money hand over fist. LOL

  8. 33
    Fio Says:

    Awwwwww, thanks for the pics, JJ!!!!! Daniel’s extraordinary; sexy’s not in it!! Grrrrr… You know he looks fuller in the shoulders/chest. Look, you can see his bulging muscles. I think he is getting a rush of motivation cuz Bond23 was officially announced.

    And I guess his hair whorl on the head is hard to handle. So it’s hard to give a smooth to his hair.
    Hi, Guinness
    “Fio is gonna be happy tomorrow!”
    Yeah! Thanks. To see Daniel is the record of the best and happiest moments of the happiest and best mind :)
    Hi, Mendel
    “but oh, what a grumpy face!”
    Yeah, same as usual. When he doesn’t want to laugh, he hardly ever smiles. Love it :)
    And to 244 at pre thread
    Thanks for the vid. Gee, I was mistaken about it. Sorry. Oh…the air was surcharged with tension. Fincher looked like nervous at first but gradually got more relaxed.

  9. 34
    Fio Says:

    Movies/TV’s 3R’s 01.18.11: Lindsay Lohan, Jersey Shore, Kate Gosselin, the Octomom, More,-Jersey-Shore,-Kate-Gosselin,-the-Octomom,-More-.htm

    From Bill Murray holding up Ghostbusters 3, Ridley Scott canceling the Alien prequel and Ian McKellen returning to Middle Earth to The Simpsons *** parody, Snooki being Snooki and more, 411′s Shawn S. Lealos breaks down the Right, wRong, and Ridiculous from the week in Movies/TV!

    Welcome to Week 82 of The 3 R’s for the Movie/TV world my name is Shawn S. Lealos and you have entered my world.

    This is my last week to write this column. It doesn’t really seem like it has been 19 months since I started writing this column. I wrote the first ever Movie/TV 3Rs column on June 30, 2009, only three weeks before my son was born. In that first column, I talked about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen making $382 million in its first week, the Oscars expanding to ten Best Film nominees, David Fincher talking about making a Facebook movie and a new trailer for a movie called Inglourious ********.

    Over the last year and a half, I have ripped on Lindsay Lohan, Jersey Shore and Jon and Kate Plus Eight pretty harshly. The column is a fun one to write and I hope I have been slightly amusing while pointing out how ridiculous Hollywood can be while also giving you some pretty cool “Right” moments along the way as well. I know a lot of commenters don’t understand this is an opinion column and get mightily offended when my opinion does not coincide with theirs but I have learned to live with that.

    However, as a professional freelance writer, my time has gotten sparse lately and I have had so many new clients and assignments that I can’t devote the time needed to put together a beefy 3R’s column lately, giving it the love it so richly deserves. So, as a result, I am stepping down and handing it over to someone who can devote more time to it than I have available. Starting next week, Porfirio Diaz will be taking over the column.

    For one last week, I am going to lead you on the magical journey through the Right, wRong and Ridiculous of the Movie/TV world and see if we can bring this down in a blaze of glory.

    Without any further ado, here is…

    James Bond rises from the MGM ashes: The MGM bankruptcy has hurt a lot of movies. For one, it almost killed The Hobbit but, after that movie gained new life there was still one major franchise left dormant. James Bond, one of the world’s greatest movie franchises with 22 theatrical releases, has been sitting on the shelf since the studio filed bankruptcy. This sucked because it was starting to get really good again. Daniel Craig shot new life into the arms of the secret agent and the last two movies were pretty damn brilliant.

    The new James Bond movie has been announced and the great news is nothing has changed. Daniel Craig is coming back as Bond and Sam Mendes, who was in talks to direct the movie before it got shelved, is going to direct. The movie also has a release date – November 9, 2012. One good thing about the delay is it has allowed Craig to play Blomkvist in David Fincher’s American remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and star in Jon Favreau’s very fun looking Cowboys and Aliens. And now, he is going to be James Bond again. How freaking cool is that?

    Also in the news is the casting of Michael Sheen in the movie as a possible bad guy. I hear rumors that he might be the head of Quantum, and if so I can’t think of a better actor for the role. There are also rumblings he might play Blofeld, but no insider info has been released on any major news site yet, so that is all speculation.

  10. 35
    HeathyFTW Says:

    grooovy shades

  11. 36
    opinion Says:

    I see absolutely nothing good looking about Mr. Potato Head.

  12. 37
    Joe Scott Says:

    Life imitates art.

  13. 38
    Lili Says:

    Why does he always wear jeans/pants two size too small? Tight crouch wrapping is not sexy and it calls for attention and trying too hard.

  14. 39
    Libby Says:

    Not being rude but those glasses reminds me of fly eyes….Lol. Other than that he looks incrediably disinterested and grumpy. Someone said here that he is going to have hell with the paps…that’s right and sadly it will be to much for him.

  15. 40
    From Paris with Love Says:

    Come on 178 cm (5’10) is not short. He is so sexy daaaamn, he wears clothes so well.

  16. 41
    Libby Says:

    I don’t think that daniel is at all 5’10″, he seems a tad bit shorter than that, maybe 5’8″,5’8″ and a half……

  17. 42
    Me Says:


    Estimate the height of the vehicle is is next too and add what is missing you will get a better idea of how tall he is.

  18. 43
    201 Says:

    Libby @

    Thats where Rachel comes in, support again, shes announced shes moving back to UK to support him. Hes disappointing when it comes to things like this, by now he should be able to stand on his own two feet, but hes done it all his life.

    Rachel I hoped you would be a bit different in his life.

  19. 44
    201 Says:


    Apparently hes got all the say on Bond 23, so hes hoping we see Miss Moneypenny and ‘Q’ and how they came into the story and all the new ‘gadgets’,hope they change cars too, Daniels own Audi Sports was more swanky.

  20. 45
    201 Says:


    Apparently hes got all the say on Bond 23 and he wants to complete the story, so hes hoping we see Miss Moneypenny and ‘Q’ and how they came into the story and all the new ‘gadgets’, hope they change cars too, Daniels own Audi Sports was more swanky.

  21. 46
    guinness Says:

    “…crotch wrapping…” that is awesome! Oh, like wearing your bagging pants down to your knees so that your underwear, boxers at that!, shows—-yeah, he should start wearing THAT style. btw—why wear pants if they are down to your knees anyway? and if your underwear is going to be showing anyway, why not have red, silk boxers instead of granpa cotton boxers ! gawd don’ t get me started.

    hi feeeoooh! he IS bulging… i noticed something about his upper arm area and neck too!!! (not really, but hey!)…maybe he quit smoking and is being snarky already…but, Britons are always crisp and a little wound tight in the USA anyway, correct? (enter: Ricky Gervais. wow–is he NOT getting asked to host the oscars next year or what? damn, were his comments taken out of context? Even Tom Hanks AND Tim Kelly did a nasty quip back at him—and both of them were comedians at their start. ) maybe Robert D Jr needs to get over himself at being such a serious star–talented, yes. stuck up and conceited and not remembering from whence he came from? ahhhhh

    right, Dan’s Danness. Dan, you are a stallion in a race of fools at hwood.

    help. i got nothing……. ~night mendel—we may be cross-posting!!!!!

  22. 47
    Mendel Says:

    Hi Guinness

    “night mendel—we may be cross-posting!!!!!”

    You called?

    “Yes, great swagger, love the peach fuzzy face–love it rubbing against my thighhhhhhh—*** rated!!”


    “I wonder how he smells….pheremones, ya know. i hope i never get to smell him in real life–I would be afraid of losing my obsession!!”

    Cornflakes :) And possibly Marmite…

    “Everything looks good with Dan
    nekkid. ”

    Yes, yes, yes! Great in leather, but much better in the buff!

    to Fio

    “Look, you can see his bulging muscles.”

    Hmmm, would be lovely to feel them, too *grin*

    to Guinness

    “Oh, like wearing your bagging pants down to your knees so that your underwear, boxers at that!, shows…”

    Did you mean, pulling his pants down to his knees? It’s getting hot in here…

    “right, Dan’s Danness. Dan, you are a stallion in a race of fools at hwood.”

    Oh absolutely, a stallion! Ride on! Yeeewharrr!

  23. 48
    Dan's Fan City Says:

    “Also in the news is the casting of Michael Sheen in the movie as a possible bad guy. I hear rumors that he might be the head of Quantum, and if so I can’t think of a better actor for the role. There are also rumblings he might play Blofeld, but no insider info has been released on any major news site yet, so that is all speculation.”


    Michael Sheen would make an excellent weasely, Tony Hayward corporate a**hole type villain!!

  24. 49
    Amy Says:

    It is OK if Michael is not allergic to cats.

  25. 50
    LL-J Says:

    Daniel Craig Back for 23rd ‘Bond’ Film; Worst ’007′ Movie Featured His Predecessor
    The Washington Post reports Daniel Craig will reprise his role for the next “James Bond” film. Due out in theaters Nov. 9, 2012, there is no word yet on who will be the next “Bond” girl. Brit Sam Mendes will still direct as announced last year.

    The “James Bond” series of films continues to its 23rd installment. The last two have featured Craig as the iconic British secret agent.

    With so many films, it is sometimes difficult to find a best film or worst film. Most of the films are campy with not much in the way of depth. They are certainly great for action and explosions per minute.

    Even so, one “Bond” flick stands out in my mind as being one of the worst James Bond films set to the big screen.

    “Tomorrow Never Dies”

    When Pierce Brosnan took over the role of James Bond, I was pleasantly surprised by first outing in “Goldeneye.” It had suspense, more than one bad guy, a double agent and tons of international intrigue.

    However, Brosnan’s second movie was “Tomorrow Never Dies” and was one of the most horrible plots ever for a modern “Bond” film. The plot was all about headlines — Elliot Carver, played by Jonathan Pryce, is perhaps the lamest Bond villain ever. He sets up a World War III scenario with his stealth boat which sinks a British naval ship and blames it on China.

    Even when Brosnan teams up with a Chinese agent (played by Michelle Yeoh) it still doesn’t solve the film’s problems. All Carver wants is headlines so he can make money on the war. He doesn’t even sell weapons or has a nuclear device — it’s all about making money with the news.

    “Tomorrow Never Dies” made me long for the days of a satellite which captures Soviet and American spaceships. Even a madman destroying the human population of the earth with spores raining down from orbit sounds better.

    Thankfully, this movie had the fortune of coming out the same time as “Titanic” in 1997. With so many moviegoers swooning over the love story on a doomed luxury liner, one of the worst “James Bond” movies in history was buried under the weight of a sunken ship.

    Finding other campy or bad movies in the “James Bond” series isn’t hard. When such a tame thing as headlines is a threat to world peace, script writers have problems. I’m still trying to figure out how and why they thought this script would work for a storied franchise.

    Luckily, Daniel Craig’s reboot of the franchise stepped up the action and intrigue a notch. Pierce Brosnan seems to be a distant memory with Craig’s portrayal of 007.

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